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Found 6 results

  1. In effort to successfully track my usage of the Texas Method I will be using this battle log to document my progress and journal my thoughts. My plan is as follows. Tuesdays - Volume Day Squat - 5x5 Bench Press/ Overhead Press - 5x5 (alternating) RDL - 3x5 Pulldowns - 3x12 (work on building up to pullups/chinups) Thursdays - Light Day Squat - 2x5 (about 85% of Volume days weight) Bench Press /Overhead Press - 3 x 5 (opposite of Volume Day, about 85%) Curls - 3 x 15 Satudays - Intensity Day Squat - 1x5 (go f
  2. It's about 8 weeks to Tough Mudder, and that means doubling down on training. Last month, I got my chest up to the bar for my first pullup in years. This month, I'm aiming to add 40-50 total lb to my main lifts (10-15 each for squats and deadlifts, 5-10 each for bench and overhead presses). I'm also aiming to do some conditioning work; loaded carries, and bodyweight exercises to get my endurance up. Get Stronger: Try out the Texas method for August and September Test 1RMs for all 4 lifts at the end of the 4th week of new training regimen Get Fitter:
  3. Not with a bang but a whimper, Juni0r83’s not so triumphant return So it’s been a while since I was active here. Basically, not since the last lifting competition. And not a lot has changed. I switched from 5/3/1 to the Texas Method of Power lifters. And I’ve gained about 13.5kg. In four months. Yeah I suck. So, the Texas Method has been going really quite well. Which is to say that I’ve finally managed to get my training maxes to line up pretty much with my actual maxes from the last virtual lifting competition (once again, yeah I suck). And I’ve finally found a diet system t
  4. So I am getting back into the gym. I also decided to give the Stronglifts 5x5 app a try and I like it so far. (Although I really need to bump my weights up for a couple things since I'm flying through reps. I didn't know my maxes and so I just went with the base numbers it told me) I dont see see myself continuing SL for a long time though. I workout 3 days a week. Monday and Friday are lifting days and Wednesday I do a spin class for some cardio as well as speed in my legs. As I progress through the app I keep getting the same two workouts. So I started looking for a
  5. So I started my lifting career with Stronglifts 5x5, and it seemed great, except my deadlift was always either equal with, or even slightly below my squat. And I never could seem to get it to progress any faster than that, despite the fact that everyone else (not just here, but pretty much everywhere, with only a few world class athlete's, or half squatters as exceptions) had a bigger deadlift than their squat. I've since moved onto the Texas Method for powerlifters, and do RDL's on Monday for pulling volume. And sure enough, my deadlift keep creeping up, but once again, only at th
  6. New log! Background: Been doing some sort of barbell strength stuff for about 18mo consistently now, from SL 5x5 thru 531 and now TM. Have been (deliberately) eating ad libitum and so got big and strong and fat. Just did my first powerlifting meet and totalled 467.5kg in the 125kg weight class. Midterm goals: Get to a 500+ total. Lose some of this belly. A bit more biking. Methods: Moar Texas Method, I enjoy it - I'm doing a slightly reduced volume flavour to allow my 42yo carcass to cope with the load. Leangains recomposition eating plan (carb cycling, IF) rather than a cut even t
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