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  1. Hi guys! Good to be back after missing two challenges over the summer due to just being too busy! So i've done around 6 months of starting strength, and just finished my first 6 week cycle of Texas methods and loving the strength gains. Main quest: Complete 6 weeks of Texas methods at 3 sessions per week, i'll post my workout routine for this at the bottom! [+6str] These 6 points will be broken down one point at a time by breaking my current PR's for my lifts by 4 weeks worth of lifting? So for example that'd be a 20kg improvement on squats and deadlifts for a set of five etc! Side Quest: To clean up my nutrition, i've been working with food all summer so my nutrition hasn't been spot on, so i intend to clean this up a bit! [+3 con] Target calories for the day: 3000 Protein: 180g Fat: 110g Carbs: 350g This isn't my final Macro target just yet, but it's a guideline that i'll tweak on Sunday on my day off! With this side quest i would also like to lose around 1kg in bodyweight to bring me within 1kg of competition weight if i decide to compete in powerlifting this academic year! Side quest two: Go for Three swims/six bike rides during this challenge. [+3Sta, +1 Dex]. Nothing crazy but as part of my Uni gym i get access to the swimming pool for free, and since taking lessons in the summer to re-learn to swim i need to get practising my technique. Not looking forward to do anything crazy to interfere with my lifting, just something to keep my CV system nice and healthy! No life quest for this challenge as i'm only just back at uni next week, but may add one on later on in the challenge! Current stats: Body Weight: 85kg 5RM Squats: 135kg 5RM Deadlifts: 150kg 3RM bench: 77.5Kg 3RM OH press: 50kg working weight power clean (5 sets of three): 52.5kg Goal Stats: Body weight: 84kg +1 Str 5RM Squats: 155kg +1Str 5RM Deadlifts: 170kg +1 Str 3RM Bench: 82.5kg + 1 Str 3RM OH Press: 57.5kg +1 Str Workout plan: Monday: Squat volume Push movement volume (Bench/press) Power cleans Dips (assistance work) Some tricep isolation Weds: Squat recovery Alternate push movement Maybe some assistance work Friday: Squat intensity Push intensity Deadlift intensity. On volume day, and intensity day i will likely take my camera to the gym to film max effort lifts to ensure i'm keeping up good form, may post vids of PR's as im going in the thread. Thanks for reading guys, looking forward to getting back into the rebellion, will make sure to follow as many warriors as possible!
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