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Found 7 results

  1. Not my recipe... But I made it at Friendsgiving for a bunch of friends (some of who are vegetarian) and it was a huge hit! Slow Cooker Stuffing This recipe calls for chicken broth - I used vegetable broth instead. Notes: As some of the commentors mention- you probably don't need this much broth. Depending on the kind of bread you use and how dry it is, it will vary, just make sure it's moist. I found that when using the vegetable broth it was less flavorful so I added more seasonings than the recipe called for also. I also skipped the 45 minute "high" cook time and went with 5 hours on low instead and it turned out perfect!
  2. Oof ...between the holiday and a family member passing away after battling cancer and traveling for work, any and all progress has halted since Halloween-ish. Since May, the husband and I started lifting heavy 3x a week with karate (Shotokan) one night a week. We had ourselves eating home-cooked healthier stuff nearly each night of the week, then BOOM! Hardly home long enough to let our dog out, let alone cook, eat and lift. So, I'll take this respawn point! Thankfully, I have a goal that's close enough to help me stay focused (hopefully) through the next two weeks, since I've got a belt test for karate on Dec. 14.
  3. I've had a bad 6 week challenge. I went in with determination, I started with a good plan, and I made smart goals. But I know there is not such thing as a perfect plan and I knew that I might not do so hot. But I'm owning up to my slip up and already said this on my daily battle log and 6 week challenge before Steve's respawn post. (I'm secretly psychic like that) There's a lot of reasons I failed so far. The Thanksgiving holiday is the main reason. I guessing thats why most people are here. Because of the holidays I'm having to take care of the family and my grandparents. Plus they have less time at work which means less personal time to workout on the xbox. And with all the taking care of everyone I forget to track what I eat. Don't get me wrong. I don't binge eat and I don't have the stomach for most unhealthy food and drinks. But I'm still going over my calorie limit. You can't outrun your fork. Another reason is college. College is tough. Period. And now with the wonders of the internet, professors can now post online homework and quizzes with due dates at ungodly hour of the night. Say good bye to a regular sleep schedule! Overall the main problem is time management. I've got a regroup battle plan. Rescheduling workouts. Since workout out on the xbox is out the window right now I'm switching to zumba and tae bo videos on my laptop or 2-3 rounds of 7 minutes in hell. Replanning study time. Finals are almost upon us and professors are giving out the last of the homework and quizzes. So more time on campus to finish up. So with a proper on campus study schedule it will be difficult to not make the weekly study quota. Finding a regular sleep schedule. Once study time is better managed more time can go to sleeping. On nights that I don't have homework do I spend at least an hour getting ready for bed. That entails taking my dog to (his) bed since he sleeps on my bed while I study at night, put away all of my books and papers, get ready for the next day, and brush teeth. I'm going to have a alarm that goes off an hour before I need to go to bed so I can get everything out of the way beforehand. Retracking what I eat. Its easy to forget to track what I eat everyday. This usually leads to going over my healthy calorie limit. Plus being in college leaves little money for poor eating choices. The solution to this is bringing a lunch to school. Most of my friends being a lunch on campus with them and the campus provides microwaves in the eateries to accommodate this. Also tracking what I eat the night before would also be helpful, time efficient, and help me in being more accountable and aware of what I eat for breakfast and lunch. As for dinner, I normally have whatever the family makes to I can put that in at the end of the day along with the next days meals. Restocking my inventory for buffs and potions. lunch hp potion. bringing a lunch to campus lets me better control what I eat and a small treat wouldn't hurt. I don't like foods too high in sugar and I consider a small helping of dark chocolate or a yogurt cup a treat. upgrade weapons and armor. One phrase comes to mind when thinking about a better sleeping and studying schedule. "There's an app for that." Having set alarms and apps to make to do list, track sleep, make notecards for studying would all be beneficial to this. And the iPhone's healthkit app managed most of this anyway. Simply getting and using compatible apps helps. strategy guide. I'm battling weight loss right now and this forum is one of the best places I can think of right now that has the best strategy guide. There are tons of helpful post about weigh loss and being healthy in general thanks to Steve. And the community is always so supportive. If there is any problems I have I won't hesitate to ask yall or google.
  4. Today marks the beginning of my first week without Boot Camp since mid-October and I am NERVOUS to say the least. I've gotten to the point where I'm "addicted" to the exercise. I use the term "addicted" lightly though because I'm still only doing it three days a week when I should probably be doing 4 or 5. I'm not trying to be down on myself but I know, if I really want to SEE the results I'm trying to see, I need to up my exercise. My food choices are improving and I'm noticing that if I try to eat fried food or sugar, my body really doesn't like it. I have set the goal that for the next few days before we start traveling for Thanksgiving, that I will do my own exercise. I have a subscription to a fitness club that allows me to access exercise videos online so I plan to do some cardio on the treadmill (because we're having strangely cold and rainy weather here in the south) and I will do weights with those videos Mon, Tues, and Wed. They're only 30 min videos so I will exercise those three days to make up for missing Boot Camp. I'm starting to have some food anxiety about Thanksgiving. Our family makes amazing food and I must be in control. I won't deprive myself. I will enjoy myself in moderation. I know there will be great wine options there (because we're bringing them) but I will challenge myself to three glasses or less and have a glass of water after each glass. I do not want to undo what I've accomplished and I need to continue to work on building my muscles because we're going on a cruise in mid-December and I need to be able to use those muscles to help me burn off all the food we'll be eating I'm thankful that these last few weeks have helped me gain confidence and strength and I look forward to 12/2 - when Boot Camp starts back up for another round.
  5. I'm trying to keep a (mostly) Paleo diet during this 6 week challenge, but there is a big hurdle coming my way; OBSTACLE, THY NAME IS THANKSGIVING! What are some good Paleo alternatives to some of the less Paleo-rific foods like stuffing, Hollidaise sauce, etc...? Any suggestions?
  6. I am using NerdFitness (and these challenges) to motivate me to "go big" with my goals. It also happens that there's a simple 5k run (simple... as if I'm ready for a 5k to begin with) that gives me a shot at being part of a world record just by finishing the run. It's a multi-venue race and they're going for the largest number of participants, of which I will be one. With luck, I'll get my name in the (long) list of participants that made it happen. However, a world record is really just an awesome bonus. My personal goal is to actually run and complete a 5k run. Motivation: - Build up endurance, be more active. Challenge:- Run 5k without stopping (with the understanding that the race's start will likely involve some jogging / running in place until the pack separates out some) My intermediate goals to help me achieve this are:1) Train by Running increasing distances, building up to: 3.5 miles at 10 min/mi2) Increase my Steps Per Day Goal to 12k. Meet this goal at least five times per week3) Decrease my weight to 234 by race day (11/28) Side Challenge:- Complete three home improvement projects Yes, I know this is a six week challenge and I've set my sights on a main goal that's two weeks away, but I want to take a crack at this race. If something happens, I'll still have four weeks to scramble to find another race or, I suppose, simply running 5k in one go, outside of a formal race. Starting Stats:WED 11/13/2013 [steps: ???][Max Run: 0 mi][245 lbs] - Didn't have my pedometer.
  7. I saw this and had to make it my primary goal for the current challenge... The Turkey Trot is a multi-venue race on Thanksgiving Day morning. Personally, I'm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but there are other venues in lots of places that are participating. http://www.turkeytrotbr.com/ The coolest part is that you've got a chance to be part in setting a world record... "Runners in Thanksgiving Day races all across the country will be participating, and we need just 116,087 nationwide to break the mark. We are the only participating race in the State of Louisiana and welcome out-of-town registrants to our event, a Baton Rouge community staple. This is your chance to earn a spot in the record books while also serving a great cause!" Not in Louisiana? To find a participating Turkey Trot near you, do a search for "Guinness Gobbler 2013" and look for something nearby.
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