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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there, guys. Remember that last challenge? I do. It was great. I didn't show up to put a proper end to it, but the gist is that I kept up my training, ate well, passed the test, kept the job, got to double digits on pull ups, fixed my knee, and botched my writing goal in the process. And, as if that wasn't enough fun, one morning, I woke up, got out of bed and got a real bad case of dizziness for my trouble, which didn't go away until I ate something. I think that's a sign that I've burned the candle down even farther than I thought, and that's not ideal. We got to fix that. No more about morning routines and esoterica. Back to basics - eating well, sleeping well. There'll be plenty of time to get a morning routine again when I get to an actual unit and start on a standard schedule. Up at 0600, work at 0900? Oh yeah. But 'til then... Anyway. We get to some of my favorite fictional badasses in this book. That's right. The Aiel. Fighting Irish meets Native Americans meets Zulus. These are hard, hard people, who will run 20 miles and fight a battle at the end of it, and they will make it look like dancing. You will not find fiercer friends or more implacable enemies. And frankly, I think they're cool enough that I can give the Big 3 a break. Sleep More I've been getting by on less and less sleep, and the authors who romanticize that crap clearly never did it for a living. Goal is 7-9 hours per night, and cutting back the morning routine when necessary to make this happen. Eat More (and better) I... cleaned out my junk food again. Except for the Arctic Zero and Halo Top ice creams, which it turns out are right in the freaking Kroger just around the corner, and not just in Whole Foods all the way away from me. Yes, even the Arctic Zeros are good, if you can find the ones that are 300 calories or so in the pint. Those actually have some flavor to them. I know, right. Anyway, I refigured my caloric intake so that I'm averaging 1800 or so, as opposed to the 1650 I was averaging before. Have I ever mentioned how happy a problem it is to learn that I'm going to have to eat more rice and fattier grass-fed meat? It's true. Train More This is going to be a trickier one to manage until the end of this month. I'm not really wanting to do much more at this point so much as I'm wanting to wave S&S up a bit. So, basically, keep every thing else up, and just go from 2 S&S sessions to 3 per week. My back's loving this load so far - that near-perpetual tightness has finally released, thanks to a fairly steady application of divebomber push ups (another experiment in anti-frailty that's been fun). I think I'm ready to take a step forward and plant myself again. Once the month is over and I'm reassigned to something with reasonable hours... I think I'm going to go back to judo officially. Sensei's been going back to the original dojo, and if I can swing the sleep, I think it'd be a good investment. The only trick to it is, if I keep up with IF, I'd have to manage another day of low food. And while I can make the math work, I just don't know what that's going to do to me. Write Reading and writing. I got a thing I'm working on. I finished Guards, Guards! before I started again (thanks, @sarakingdom!) and the story shows some evidence of influence already. A friend of mine's got me listening to China Mieville as well - he was dismayed when I mentioned I was going through the Wheel of Time and said I needed something good to balance it out. Bastard. But I like how it's shifting my tone, so I'll run with it. I'm going to try to creep my way back to being a part of things around here, now that the worst is behind. But sleep and challenge have to come first. But dammitall, I miss my Nerds. I wanna be back here too.
  2. Hi Folks! Church here, back for the big one-oh! Holy double digits Batman! If you followed along with my last challenge, you know that I hurt my shoulders and was trying to get them back into fighting shape. If you didn't follow my last challenge, I hurt my shoulders and was trying to get them back into fighting shape. Lol. For this challenge I will be drawing a little inspiration from The Wheel Of Time series, because I admire Rand's ability to adapt to his circumstance, accept what he can't change, fight a losing battle and still step into Shayol Ghul to battle the Dark One. 1: Rehab shoulders. Recently I screwed around with some grease the groove pull ups, because anything more than about 4 at a time aggravated my injury, and My shoulders have gotten better, so now I basically HAVE to workout if I want my body to heal enough to be able to workout (crazy huh?). I have a workout that I will be doing, and I will track it, but this is more of a habit (re)building goal. Run 3 days a week, exercise 3 days a week. 2: Adapt to your circumstances. My schedule and available resources don't allow for me to eat paleo, so basically I will just do the best I can with eating healthy. Don't worry about following a certain diet, ALL diets agree that processed foods, pop, chips, chocolate are bad for you. Avoid them! 3: Sleep more. I am currently working 12 hour days, and I travel about 2 hours per day to get there and back, so my time is limited and I end up getting less sleep than I should. 4: Seek the Void. I've tried meditation on and off for a while now, but this time I intend to make it stick. I'd like to be up to 20 minutes a day by the end of the challenge. No stat points awarded for anything because I lost track on them and then stopped caring. Also, I will do my best to do Weekly Reports from my lap top on Saturdays, because Saturday is my day off. All else will be done on my phone.
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