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Found 10 results

  1. http://youtu.be/yPq_NVi-TC4 -What will it take to save what remains? Hello Everyone! Wolfie here! It’s time for another challenge and I couldn’t be more excited for my 2nd take over here with the Rangers. Bred as an Assassin, I have become the Ultimate Hybrid now after having defeated the Indomnius Rex and all her glory! I have taken my skills with bodyweight and parkour and decided to finally work towards being good at ALL THE THINGS and Ranger Up for good. I want to extend a HUGE thanks to everyone whom supported me last challenge, it was one helluva “welcome party†to the guild!
  2. Hey everyone! This will be my first time setting up a six week challenge outside of the Assassin realm. I wanted to peak over here for a little while because my goals at the moment coincide with what a Ranger is all about. A warrior mixed with a scout-the ultimate hybrid and a perfect blend of strength and endurance! Just like the Indominus Rex- the perfect hybrid killing machine. I'm training to run the Spartan Beast on Halloween this year and want to make sure I'm ready to conquer it with a smile on my face [emoji57]. I've never been the endurance type of guy- I've always loved to bui
  3. Hello All, Time to rock and roll again! This time... This time, things will be easier on me cuz I'm not gonna go with a specific workout program. It's just not in the cards for me. Having to worry about a specific program has been an extra stress that I don't need, ha ha. I get my workouts in every week. And I get stronger in the process, so as long as I keep that up, I will be fine. I do have one requirement for my workouts though and that be apart of my goals: Split workouts with an upper body day and lower body day. Baby #3 is gonna be here in a little over a month and I'm so excited to
  4. Back in Black! Actually, I am wearing black today so that works out perfectly! I’m gonna keep this short and sweet for now just to get my goals down and mentally prepare for the next 6-weeks! Enjoy! Goal #1-Stick to the program! This is pretty self-explanatory if you’ve been following me at all. I have workout ADD and jump from one program to the next cuz it’s either to time consuming or I get bored. But I have found a NICE program with this “Minimalist Muscle†from the one and only, Pat Flynn! I have altered the program a little bit to fit my schedule but still have the same comp
  5. Well, then… Where to start? I wish I had the time to write out EVERYTHING that’s been going on since my sabbatical… But instead, I’ll cliff note it for you guys. For starters, it’s good to be back. I know I’m short two weeks into this challenge, but I don’t mind playing catch up. Back in December, EXECTLY a year from when my wife and I separated, we started to work on things. We are now happily back together and expecting our 3rd child. He/She is due somewhere in September!! Daddy Wolf is hoping for a girl this time around!! Race and Declan are doing great and growing like weed
  6. I know, I know… I said I wasn’t gonna change my name… Hello everyone, most of you knew me as The Wolf. And now, I am Animal Man! There are a lot of reasons why I changed my name, but one of them has to do with me outgrowing The Wolf. I feel like my skillset would be limited to just one animal…so I call upon “The Red†and the entire animal kingdom for this challenge. Another reason I changed my name is my current obsession with the DC character Animal Man. It has to be the best comic I’ve read, hands down. Not only is the “style†of Animal Man right up my alley, but I can rela
  7. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! It's good to be back! Last challenge sucked butt for me, so this 6WC is about getting back on track and doing the damn thing! And since I didn't get to lvl up last 6-weeks... I'm very dissapointed... But things are gonna be different this go-round! My name is Wolf, I am a father to 2 wonderful and handsome little wolf pups, Racer and Declan, and I enjoy fitness, superheroes, food, and just being a plain ole badass, lol. The last 2 6WC's have been about becoming, "The Big Bad Wolf".. a feat that I was only halfway able to achieve. A nagging back injury held me out
  8. AHHHHHHHHRRROOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Little Red Riding Hood AINT GOT NOTHIN ON ME! Lol! It's good to be back for another 6WC, everyone! I'm pumped-up and ready as ever..maybe even more so then EVER before in my life. I just had a new little boy on 04/05/13: Declan Christopher Bell! (Pics of baby boy uploaded at the bottom!) And I have a WHOLE nother outlook on life w/ two boys! I want them to ALWAYS be proud of me and talk crap to the other kids about how much COOLER I am then their dad, lol, so if I haven't stepped up the intensity yet, now is the time with Summer fast approaching Most of you are
  9. The Wolf is BACK!!!! AHHHHHHHHHROOOOOOO! Hello everyone As most of you know, 2013 has not been a very kind year to me... SO FAR. BUT, I'm an assassin-warrior who gets stronger with each passing day. I generally have a positive outlook on everything and according to my friends and family, I'm one hilarious mofo! I like to keep things light, have a good time, laugh, workout, eat right, and spend time with my son, Racer. He's my whole world, and I love the lil guy to death! I also have another baby due, April 11th!! I can't wait!! We don't know if we're having a boy or girl but the name
  10. Hello Everyone, I, like many others, have undergone a name change. I am no longer Wolflean...b/c I feel I have achieved "wolf-lean" status and now just maintaining the pelt, lol. I AM THE WOLF! (Too much?) Lol. A lot has happened in the last couple weeks thats gonna make the start of 2013 hard to deal with.... but thank God for my rebel friends and the drive to get better EVERY SINGLE DAY. This next 6-weeks challenge will be my toughest one yet. It's gonna involve a lot of bouldering and getting back into the swing of parkour. Coming up March 8th-10th, down in San Antonio, there's a plac
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