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  1. http://youtu.be/yPq_NVi-TC4 -What will it take to save what remains? Hello Everyone! Wolfie here! It’s time for another challenge and I couldn’t be more excited for my 2nd take over here with the Rangers. Bred as an Assassin, I have become the Ultimate Hybrid now after having defeated the Indomnius Rex and all her glory! I have taken my skills with bodyweight and parkour and decided to finally work towards being good at ALL THE THINGS and Ranger Up for good. I want to extend a HUGE thanks to everyone whom supported me last challenge, it was one helluva “welcome party†to the guild! A little bio about me- I joined NF back in September of 2012 and have loved every minute of being here. The people here are amazing and it’s become a second home for me-something you couldn’t ask more from a community of likeminded nerdtastic badasses. I left NF and came back two separate times. The first time was rough because my wife and I had separated for a year and was on the verge of divorce. Thankfully we were able to work things out and become a better couple for it all. Plus, we ended up having a reunion baby-my 3rd son, Orin (named after Aquaman). I have 3 handsome boys whom I have dubbed “the wolf pupsâ€. They are the loves of my life and I’m thankful every day for them! Then there’s my beautiful wife-where I would be without her, I would NEVER want to find out again. She is a terrific support and wonderful wife/mother. After Heather and I got back together I joined NF again-but this was short lived because we had a new baby on the way and just tons of stuff to work on in order to get our lives back on track. I left again..then came back, with more fire, more knowledge and more NF rebel in me than ever before. And then I joined you guys-the Rangers. What a move I made. I love it over here. Back when I first joined NF, I REALLY contemplated Ranger or Assassin…and ended up going with the latter, but realized mid-way through the last challenge that this is where I was supposed to be! I want to be an OCR athlete. I want to get sponsored one day and be able to provide for my family doing what I love. This will happen soon, very soon. This may seem crazy considering I haven’t even ran my 1st OCR race, but it’s coming up...on ALL HALLOW’S EVE! October 31st I’ll pit my will and grit against the Spartan Beast! I’ve been training extensively for it since the beginning of June and have turned myself into quite the trail running monster. I’ve even dropped a little weight in that time frame. I’m just as strong-but now I’m faster. I still have a lot of work to do, but the challenge is there for the taking! Being this is the last leg of my training before I take on the Beast, I will also be entering the world of The Division. The Division is a next gen game coming out sometime in the middle of next year. It looks absolutely AMAZING. In the game, you will play as an agent of the Security Homeland Division aka “The Divisionâ€, when a deadly outbreak hits on Black Friday, shutting the government down within 5-days! It is up to you and the other SHD agents to save New York City and stop this deadly pandemic. Here’s a little description I pulled from the source: We live in a complex world. The more complex it gets the more vulnerable it becomes. We’ve created a house of cards: remove just one, and everything falls apart. Black Friday-a devastating pandemic sweeps through New York City, and one by one, basic services fail in only days. Without food or water, society collapses into chaos. The Division, an autonomous unit of sleeper agents, is activated. Leading seemingly ordinary lives among us, these agents are trained to operate independently in order to save society. When society falls, we rise. As a solo operative able to work off the grid, I will need to be prepared for the unknown. My mind and body must be stronger than steel. I need to be as flexible and nimble as a cat and my endurance will need to match that of my namesake, the Wolf. A SHD agent does not fear what is ahead, but instead, runs towards the danger. They are willing to risk their lives to save someone at a moment’s notice. However, they do not throw their lives away recklessly-they are intelligent, cunning, and relentless. I will start out as a Recruit and will work my way through the grinder, ultimately preparing me for my first mission-taking on the Glen Rose Beast. A ruthless, 13+ mile course with over 30 obstacles. I have prepared multiple trophies I can earn during this challenge and reaching each milestone will bring me closer and closer to the Beast. With a steady aim and unbreakable spirit, I KNOW I CAN DO THIS. Wolf "Let the Boomstick do the talking."
  2. Hey everyone! This will be my first time setting up a six week challenge outside of the Assassin realm. I wanted to peak over here for a little while because my goals at the moment coincide with what a Ranger is all about. A warrior mixed with a scout-the ultimate hybrid and a perfect blend of strength and endurance! Just like the Indominus Rex- the perfect hybrid killing machine. I'm training to run the Spartan Beast on Halloween this year and want to make sure I'm ready to conquer it with a smile on my face [emoji57]. I've never been the endurance type of guy- I've always loved to build muscle and strength train. Running has never been enjoyable for me but something changed this year. I wanted to start doing these races and testing myself and maybe if I'm good enough at it, go pro. I dream big- anyone who knows me or meets me already knows this but I say why not? Why not go after it if I can? I have a loving wife who supports me and that right there is the the foundation to me going for it.. And the mindset and body I'm creating to sustain the craziness. Right now I follow a Crossfit Endurance workout protocol where I do 4-5 strength and endurance workouts and 2-3 endurance only workouts. I foam roll every day and do a lot of active recovery and full rest days because I know how important rest is. When I go running I usually hit the trails in the afternoon with my family. I can do anything from running hills, 800m repeats, run for 5 min rest for 2:30, repeat until form or pace falters.. Yea, that kinda stuff. But out on the trails, it's a lot of fun. I actually enjoy running then [emoji106][emoji106]. I generally eat really clean say for the last couple days.. I've been eating a LOT of carbs and almost making myself miserable...but I'm a big component of eating solid meals with good protein, lots of veggies and some healthy fats. I think last six weeks I almost ate an avocado a day! Love me some avocado [emoji39][emoji39] My goals will focus heavily on endurance training and taking care of myself. I want to focus on my rest days more than my training days these next 6-weeks.. This means naps and quality sleep! To motivate myself into the last leg of my training before I take on the Beast I will do my damnedest to survive the hunting prowess of the Indominus Rex. My skills and abilities will need to be at their peak because this predator is the Apex of all apex predators.. And one slip up could mean certain death! Goal #1: Outrun the I-Rex It's bigger than the T-Rex- faster, longer arms, and mixed with one of the most deadly dinosaurs to ever walk this earth, the velociraptor. I will need to be at 110% on top of my game to make sure I can outrun this monster! I did a 5k time trial back on the 2nd or 3rd week last 6WC and was at 38:48. My goal and only way to outrun the Indominus Rex would be to get anything below 30 min by the end of the 6weeks. Possible Points: +3 STA Goal #2: Know thy Enemy Studying the Spartan Race is key. There are going to be 30+ obstacles at the Beast over the course of 13-14 miles. This basically translates to 1 obstacle per half mile or so and that's if they do that- there might be some long runs and then 3-4 obstacles to wear us down. Either way I need to train for the unexpected but also look to obstacles I know will be there- like the rope climb, the spear throw, the tire flip, the tyrolean traverse and the bucket carry. These obstacles are core within Spartan Races and something I can add to my training. Like the I-Tex, whose hybrid monstrosity consists of raptor, t-rex, giganotosauraus, majungasaurus, carnotaurus, just to name a few! I will need to prepare for each part of this Beast as individual predators. That's a lot of teeth!! Practice/simulate the rope climb, spear throw, bucket carry and the tire flip or tyrolean traverse in someway shape or fashion at least x1 a week. Perform 1 obstacle skill 1x a week. More is always welcome. Prepare for natures ultimate hybrid... Possible Points: +2 STR, +3 DEX Goal #3: Don't let Her hear you breath.. Box breathing. 5 seconds inhale, 5 second hold- 5 second exhale, and finish off with a 5 second hold. This was a term and way to increase my lung power and mental stability in a panicked or stressful situation that I learned a couple months ago and think it's an extremely valuable tool to help me take on the Indominus Rex. Also, if I have to hide from it, I will need to be calm and maintain my breath control... I certainly can't have Her hearing me panting because I'm scared out of my mind and about to shiz myself! Practice box breathing x3 a week for a minimum of 5 min. BONUS- practice box breathing during workouts during rest periods Possible Points: +3 CON Goal #4: Avoid the Teeth I have a terrible habit of biting my nails. Like really, really bad. So my goal is to break this effin habit once and for all. This will be my biggest challenge yet but I think I can forge a mental attack that will leave me victorious! And I don't want to get eaten by the Indominus Rex.. That would just be a terrible way of going out.. Super terrible. It takes 30 days to break a habit- do whatever you have to do to make sure you don't bite your nails. I have 3 strikes before I metaphorically get eaten by the Indominus Rex, let's make them count. For every time I bite my nails after the 3 strikes I have to do 30 burpees, which ironically is the amount I would have to do at the Spartan say I fail or can't complete an obstacle. Possible Points: +4 CHA This will be one scary and epic 6-weeks and I can't wait to come out of it alive and better than before! If I can survive the ultimate lop sided battle between the Wolf and the Indominus Rex, then the Spartan Beast is just another obstacle in the path to greatness for me. I hope to make some new friends on the Ranger board and follow along with everyone's craziness over here! I'll do my best to entertain and kick ass this 6-weeks and NOT get eaten by the white death machine known as the Indominus Rex! Starting Stats: Age: 27 Height: 6'2 Weight: 180# Weight goal- No real weight goal- just maintain and get stronger and faster. If I got up to 190#, that would be a-ok with me! Here's my change from last 6-weeks to the start of this challenge (non-flexing): Wolf "Let the Boomstick do the talking."
  3. Hello All, Time to rock and roll again! This time... This time, things will be easier on me cuz I'm not gonna go with a specific workout program. It's just not in the cards for me. Having to worry about a specific program has been an extra stress that I don't need, ha ha. I get my workouts in every week. And I get stronger in the process, so as long as I keep that up, I will be fine. I do have one requirement for my workouts though and that be apart of my goals: Split workouts with an upper body day and lower body day. Baby #3 is gonna be here in a little over a month and I'm so excited to meet him!!! His name is Orin. He is named after Aquaman...yet his name means "pale-skinned" which will probably fit cuz I'm a pale, freckly, strawberry blonded dude and both my kids have fair skin. I cannot wait to meet the little guy! Heather and I are doing better every day and our love for each other and God grow with it. We go to church every Wednesday for our marriage class and than go every Sunday to get filled with the spirit of Christ. This all, in total, has made our marriage stronger and stronger and I couldn't be happier!! I'm changing things up a little and going with my new obsession at the moment. Star-Lord. After researching him at the beginning of the year and reading old comics about him and the Guardians of the Galaxy, I have grown to view him as one of my favorite heroe's. All the way up there with Flash, Animal Man, and Batman. There are certain aspects of his character that I see in myself like that he's funny, witty, unpredictable, brilliant, rebellious, wildly entertaining and one bad mamma-jamma! Plus we shair a similar build according to the Marvel Database. Peter Quill aka Star-Lord is 6'2 175lbs. I'm 6'2 180lbs. Granted he's half alien with a spaceship, an element gun and a team of badasses including a sexy, green assassin, a half-psychotic, talking racoon, a brute force maniac and a humanoid tree who only says three words. Other than that, we are a the same person! LOL..ok maybe not, but close enough. He does have my hair color though.... I am SOOOOOOO STOKED FOR THE MOVIE! Heather and I and a couple friends are going to see it Thursday in 3-D so I'm counting the days, ha ha! I'm glad to be back for another go-round this 6WC, so lets move onto the goals! Goal #1: "The galaxy is gonna need absolute badasses!" Go in guns' a' blazin! Upper/Lower body split. No true curriculum. Just get it done and be beastly about it.When you hit upper body look to add in HSPU, pull-ups, KB press, rope climbs and blast it out the sky! When you hit lower body look to work on front squats, deadlifts (heavy and single leg), pistols, box jumps, and sprints. Make em feel like jello! Also, work core EVERY time you train. A strong core= a strong back. Since I have more time to use the gym now, I will go back to my 4-day a week training. Possible points: +3 STR, +2 STA Goal #2: Fight the sleep alien called, Lacktherof! I've been having issues with getting my "lucky-8" as I like to refer to the 8-hrs of sleep I SHOULD be getting. It's time to battle my sleep deprivation like an ugly alien! I will continue to have this goal so long as I fail it..but this time, I got a cool helmet, element guns and jacket to help me battle it! Possible points: CON +4 Goal #3: Be a charmer, love a little more and keep up the laughter! Instead of 3 fitness goals this go round, I wanna include another life goal. Make my wife and kids laugh more! I have to have a combined 6 15 laughs a day or more (obviously I want more) from being silly and doing goofy things. This can include my sense of humor, tickling the boys, or making silly faces to get my laughs. Possible points: +4 CHA Goal #4: PREPARE for baby #3, Mr. Orin Bell! This 6WC will end right around when Orin gets here so I need to use my time wisely and get stuff prepared for the little guy. I will be working AS MUCH OT as I can over the next 6-weeks so we can have stuff paid off early since I'm taking time off upon his arrival. And since my job doesn't give me paternity leave...I wont get paid for it!! Bastards... ANY WHO! Pay stuff off, get some more cloth diapers, be there for Heather however she needs me to be, and rock and roll as my families Guardian of the Galaxy! Possible Points: +2 WIS And there you have it folks! I can't wait to embark on this journey through the galaxy fighting bad guys and taking name tags! Please join me if you dare to be entertained! Wolf
  4. Back in Black! Actually, I am wearing black today so that works out perfectly! I’m gonna keep this short and sweet for now just to get my goals down and mentally prepare for the next 6-weeks! Enjoy! Goal #1-Stick to the program! This is pretty self-explanatory if you’ve been following me at all. I have workout ADD and jump from one program to the next cuz it’s either to time consuming or I get bored. But I have found a NICE program with this “Minimalist Muscle†from the one and only, Pat Flynn! I have altered the program a little bit to fit my schedule but still have the same components of the program. I started this past Monday, the 2nd and will continue it for at least these 6-weeks. Possible points: +2 to STR, +1 to CHA (CHA for the ability to stay focused on 1 training program, lol) Goal #2-Get in Basketball shape A group of my friends and I will be starting a competitive rec league Jul 13th. Now, I say get in basketball shape cuz it’s TOTALLY different than just being in shape. Guess I’m back on the sprints J haha. My main focus is getting my dribbling skills back and the ability to drive to the basket. My jump shot is pretty much on point right now so I just need to stay consistent with shooting the ball. I need to practice my dribbling skills at least 3x a week and should be on the court at least 2x a week for suicide sprints and other basketball conditioning drills. These two can coincide with one another. Possible points: +3 to STA, +1 to DEX Goal #3- Counting sheep…time to SLEEP, dammit! Self-explanatory, again. I didn’t do too hot with this goal last time so I wanna bring it back for a 2nd go-round. But this time, I will be getting my 8+ hours a week-at least Sunday through Friday since I work during the week and try to workout in the early AM to spend time with Heather and the Pups. Possible points: +4 to CON Goal #4- Re-New Re-New is the marriages program that Heather and I started at our church. It’s a 16-week course and our 1st closed group meeting with our new leaders was last night!! We had been going for over a month doing open groups and all that. I have looked forward to going every week and we had to originally wait for leaders to come available and last night started our 16-week journey to a better marriage! I am so unbelievably stoked for this goal! SO, it’s very simple. Go each Wednesday night, do the required reading and “homework†and let God take care of the rest. Possible points: +4 to WIS So, there we have it ladies and gents! Ready to rock and roll as usual! Wolf
  5. Well, then… Where to start? I wish I had the time to write out EVERYTHING that’s been going on since my sabbatical… But instead, I’ll cliff note it for you guys. For starters, it’s good to be back. I know I’m short two weeks into this challenge, but I don’t mind playing catch up. Back in December, EXECTLY a year from when my wife and I separated, we started to work on things. We are now happily back together and expecting our 3rd child. He/She is due somewhere in September!! Daddy Wolf is hoping for a girl this time around!! Race and Declan are doing great and growing like weeds every second of the day! Decs just turned 1 and Race will be 4 coming up on May 4th! WOW…time sure does fly…it scares the crap outta me how fast this year has gone already. I’ll update more as time goes on with what’s been going on in my world, but I’M BACK, and ready to rock and roll!! No more name changes…back to basics for me as The Wolf. I guess, in my mind, I was always “Wolfâ€. AND, I wanted everyone to recognize me that was still going strong on the boards! I’ve missed you guys and can’t wait to get started!!! AHHROOOOOO!!!! Goal #1: Strength I took some time off from fitness to focus on getting my family back together. I still did my little workouts here and there but nothing too consistent. I just started back strong the last couple weeks cuz summer is damn near here and I gotta get SUPER wolflean this time! I talk like I’m outta shape now… Yes, the nice six pack is still there, lol. I’ve lost some strength in that time I took off and I WANT IT BACK!! The goal-strength train 4x a week in a upper/lower body split. Possible points: +4 to STR Goal #2: Sprints Since my ULTIMATE goal is to build some more muscle, I have cut down on all the cardio that I do. But sprints are a separate monster in themselves. They are terrific for melting body fat and boosting muscle so the goal-Sprint 1x a week, preferably on Wednesday’s. Possible points: +2 DEX, +2 STA Goal #3: Sleep My schedule is hectic these days-so the bulk of my workouts will be done EARLY AM, lol, which means I need to go to bed earlier to be better rested. (It seems this is always on my goal list, haha.) Henry Cavil was required to sleep 10 hrs a night while training for Man of Steel, and 10 for me would mean limited time with my kiddos and Heather. SO, my goal is-Shoot for at LEAST 8+hrs a night. Possible points: +4 to CON Goal # 4: Swanky and the Sex Drive! My 4th goal…to become more swanky! This is an overall aspect type goal but the bottom line for points will have a deep impact on just “getting stuff doneâ€. Two kids is nothing to sneeze at…add in a 3rd where that one and the youngest are only gonna be 18 months apart…BLESS YOU!! This will include getting stuff done around the house, working OT, training friends on the side, playing with Race and Decs, making Heather feel secure and comfortable…ALL the while keeping my sex drive up. With all the stress I’m under, I want to make sure that my testosterone lvls stay at a peak lvl. For my sake and the sake of my marriage lol. This has never been a problem for me, but I like to be prepared. And being extra swanky should keep the sex drive at Shelby Cobra level, haha. Possible points: +3 to CHA Well, folks, that’s all I got for the moment. I hope you guys are excited to see me as I am you?!?!?! Wolf
  6. I know, I know… I said I wasn’t gonna change my name… Hello everyone, most of you knew me as The Wolf. And now, I am Animal Man! There are a lot of reasons why I changed my name, but one of them has to do with me outgrowing The Wolf. I feel like my skillset would be limited to just one animal…so I call upon “The Red†and the entire animal kingdom for this challenge. Another reason I changed my name is my current obsession with the DC character Animal Man. It has to be the best comic I’ve read, hands down. Not only is the “style†of Animal Man right up my alley, but I can relate to him on a lvl that holds the high regards of my other favorite hero, the Flash. I honestly can’t get enough of Animal Man, and have volume 3 pre-ordered. I’ve read volume 1 at least twice and making my run through volume 2 for a 2nd time! This challenge, I will be dipping into “The Red†and calling upon my fellow animals to assist me. For those of you who do not know what “The Red†is; well let me explain: The Red is a force which connects and pervades all animal life in the universe. It is intended to be the force from which a number of animal-powered heroes get their abilities. I started doing this in real life too…and scary enough…it worked! Anyone who’s followed me knows about my love for sports. I recently got back into softball and this is the 2nd “season†I’ve participated in. Last season I had trouble at bat. I wasn’t keeping my eye on the ball and kept striking out! Naturally, this pissed me off cuz I know my abilities are much more keen than that. The 1st game of this season started out the same. I struck out twice at bat..and looked horrible doing it. This past Monday, I went 3/3 with 2 RBI’s! Before the game I told myself I needed patience… just a little bit of it. So I called upon the patience of the crocodile. This ancient dinosaur can sit still for extended periods of time waiting for its prey and strike without warning! THEN…I reached farther and called upon a creature, which in my eyes may be MORE patient then the croc. I called upon the patience of a trapdoor spider. HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE SOB’s HUNT? It’s incredible! Low and behold, it worked. I remained calm, kept my eyes on the ball, and hit with relentless aggression. I realized, then, that I was more than The Wolf…I had become Animal Man! This 6WC I will be calling upon The Red and it’s abilities to get me to the finish line. I am continuing my minimalist approach to fitness, so of course I will be posting on that throughout the 6-weeks, but my powers will be used for more specific goals this go-round. I’m very excited about this change cuz I think it will reflect my creativity a LOT more and help me stay focused J Character Stats Name: Ryan aka Animal Man Age: 25 Height: 6’2 Weight: 185lbs BF%: 7.5 STR: 15 DEX: 15.5 STA: 12.5 CON: 17 WIS: 12.5 CHA: 12.5 GOAL #1: Strength & Power of the Rhinoceros Beetle: The Muscle-Up The rhinoceros beetle is one of the strongest creatures on Earth. It can lift up to 850x their own body weight. For a human, it would be like lifting 65 tons!! I will call upon the strength and power of the rhino beetle to get a muscle-up. Back when I 1st started here at Nerd Fitness, I attempted a muscle-up and pretty much tanked it. This was ALMOST a year ago today when I constructed my 1st challenge thread w/ NF! I didn’t keep up with the progressions and every movement was ugly and sloppy. But then again, that was a fresh, young, new Wolf. This time around, things will be different. I have the progressions down now and I want to get my 1st HIGH QUALITY muscle-up be the end of the 6-weeks. BUT, to really make use of these new found powers of mine…I would like to knock out 3! Yes, 3 Muscle-Ups! (I realized that I was closer to getting 1 muscle-up then I initially thought.) So I wanna challenge myself! Possible Points: +3 STR +2 DEX Goal #2: The durability of a Tardigrade aka “The Water Bearâ€: Recovery is key The tardigrade, or the Water bear, is considered the most durable “creature†on earth. Straight from Wikipedia: Tardigrades are notable for being one of the most complex of all known polyextremophiles. An extremophile is an organism that can thrive in a physically or geochemically extreme condition that would be detrimental to most life on Earth.[3][4] For example, tardigrades can withstand temperatures from just above absolute zero to well above the boiling point of water, pressures about 6 times stronger than pressures found in the deepest ocean trenches, ionizing radiation at doses hundreds of times higher than would kill a person, and the vacuum of outer space. They can go without food or water for more than 10 years, drying out to the point where they are 3% or less water, only to rehydrate, forage, and reproduce. I will call upon the durability of the water bear to maximize recovery and increase the amount of time I spend on mobilization. I have 2 off/recovery days a week and I need to make sure and get the most out of those 48 hours! I MUST mobilze 2x a day on training days and 4x a day on off/recovery days. Possible Points: +2 CON +1 CHA Goal #3: The fasting ability of an Echidna: Intermittent and Micro Fasting The echidna, or spiny anteater, (OR Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog, lol) is one of several nocturnal, burrowing, egg-laying mammals. It lives in Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea. It is toothless and covered with spines. It has a slender snout and an extensible sticky tongue used for catching insects, such as ants and termites. The echidna can abstain from food for a period that may exceed a whole month without it having the least effect on its vitality. Lack of food does not weaken it. The secret behind this may be that the anteater eats greedily, filling its body with extra fat that burdens it. When food decreases due to an increase in their numbers or during their migration, anteater's involuntarily fast. Hence they lose extra weight and restore their activity. Anyone who follows me knows I’m a firm believer in Intermittent fasting…which is basically “not eating for a while.†I like to go from one dinner to the next day’s dinner..and that’s usually from Sunday night to Monday night. So, in this regard, I will call upon the fasting ability of the echidna. The goal is to continue my intermittent fasting ONCE a week and Micro fast (basically skip breakfast) 3x times a week. *When I micro fast, I have an 8 hr window to eat. So my 1st meal would be around noon, and my last meal around 8 PM.* Possible Points: +1 CON +2 WIS Goal #4: The forbearance of a Trapdoor Spider: Patience is a Virtue The trapdoor is difficult to see when it is closed because the plant and soil materials effectively camouflage it. The trapdoor is hinged on one side with silk. The spiders, which are usually nocturnal, typically wait for prey while holding on to the underside of the door with the claws on their tarsi. Prey is captured when insects, other arthropods, or small vertebrates disturb the 'trip' lines the spider lays out around its trapdoor, alerting the spider to a meal within reach. The spider detects the prey by vibrations and, when it comes close enough, leaps out of its burrow to make the capture. This goal will cover 2 specific things: My wolf pups and Softball. I need to be more patient in life and stop expecting everything to run at superspeed. With the pups, I need to realize their young…and their lack of patience should not affect my own. I can’t let them “disturb my trip lineâ€â€¦ I love them TOO MUCH! So I HAVE to do better at letting my own lack of forbearance tarnish the cherished time I have with the pups. In softball, you have to keep your eye on the ball. Once the ball gets close enough, with patience, you can smack the hell outta it! I need more patience in my life and I will call upon the forbearance of a trapdoor spider to complete this goal. I will limit myself to yelling at Race for misbehaving or pooping his pants…and always remain calm with Declan, he’s only a baby. No more than 1-2 mishaps per pup for the next 6-weeks because if I can keep that up, it will become something of a habit going forward. And NO MORE STRIKE OUTS in softball! Possible Points: +1 CHA +1 WIS Along with my 4 goals, I also have the 100-day push-up challenge. I’m on phase 2/day 5 @ 150 a day. Phase 3 marks another 50 added and so on and so forth until phase 5 when I’m up to 300!! I also wanted to add a bonus goal: BONUS GOAL: The “Brisk Walk “endurance of a Lemming In the Arctic tundra, over-population and a scarcity of food sends lemmings on mass migrations at high speeds. Researchers clocked one trek of the petite mammals at almost 10 miles a day. For the weak, the pace of the journey is just too much and they are left behind to die. Brisk walking is AWESOME for you. And if you have the means, walk outside. The best times to brisk walk are right after you wake up in the morning, while your body is still in a fasted state and RIGHT after your workout as a cool down. Pat Flynn recommends brisk walking EVERY day and stands by it 100%. I’ve began to feel the positive effects of it and wanted to add it in as a bonus goal to keep myself accountable, so I will call upon the endurance of the lemming to brisk walk at LEAST an hour a day. Possible Points: +2 STA And there you have it folks. The new and improved Wolf is now the unstoppable Animal Man! The only difference this go round is a name change ladies and gents. I am still the same crazy, funny, positive person as before..but I may be even better this time. A good friend on here once said that “If you are not broken yet, you will NOT be broken at allâ€. This is the unbreakable version of me. I hope you all enjoy! A-Man
  7. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! It's good to be back! Last challenge sucked butt for me, so this 6WC is about getting back on track and doing the damn thing! And since I didn't get to lvl up last 6-weeks... I'm very dissapointed... But things are gonna be different this go-round! My name is Wolf, I am a father to 2 wonderful and handsome little wolf pups, Racer and Declan, and I enjoy fitness, superheroes, food, and just being a plain ole badass, lol. The last 2 6WC's have been about becoming, "The Big Bad Wolf".. a feat that I was only halfway able to achieve. A nagging back injury held me out longer then I wanted and I kinda got down on myself. This challenge is about channeling all the BS and TRULY birthing a monster! I realized that one cannot "become" Big Bad...but rather be birthed into the fires of awesomeness! I was going about things the wrong way. I wanted instant results...instant gratification. But somewhere along my journey I forgot about all the blood and sweat needed to achieve what I REALLY wanted to achieve. Tears, optional. I wanted to take my average-ish body...and turn it into the body of a superhero. Someone like, The Flash! I've gone through SOOOOOO many different "inspirational" heroes to fuel my fitness journey: Shazam, Daredevil...BATMAN, duh duh duuuuuuuhn! Lol. But no one holds a candle to The Flash. Never has or will. In spirit...and even some likeness, I could be The Flash. Given my comedic, quick witted side, reddish blonde hair and blue eyes.. The mantle of the Scarlet Speedster could easily be mine... And I truly believe that I would done "the cowl" like a badass! I've already convinced Race to be Kid Flash with me for Halloween, so the goal is by October 31st to be "hero ready". And the best part is... NO workout ADD this time around!! I have a program that I'm starting on Thursday that will continue for the next couple months or so This program is similar to one that Henry Cavill, aka The Man of Steel, went through!!! It's called "Operator Fitness" for the person who needs to be "ready for anything" 12 months out of the year. THIS IS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! I've become an online member to Gym Jones, the same guys responsible for "300" and "Man of Steel". And becoming a member, I get access to all sorts of groovy workouts and knowledge based info that'll keep my fitness hard-on raging for months! (Too graphic? Nahhhhh, I don't think so.) This hardcore gym is full of athletes and overall badasses who eat bullets for breakfast, swallow knives as a post-workout meal, and cook up some dinner w/ gun powder and hint of nitrous oxide for taste!! (Yea..they're that cool, I promise) Just remember the acronym, FYF.. Eff You Friday, lmao! Anyways.... I have access to a ton of training material w/ the limited membership, and plan to utilize every last drop that I can With all that being said, let's move onto the goals! Goal #1: Train like a Hero...Be the Hero! Follow each day of the training as closely as you can. (Don't let lack of equipment stop you!) Simple...but a lot more challenging then one would presume. Once I start posting the workouts you guys will understand how intense this whole thing is! Possible points: +1 STR, +1 CON, +3 STA Goal #2: Achieve 3+ PR's This kind of ties in with the last 6-weeks. I would like to achieve PR's in Deadlift, Back squat, and Clean & Jerk...but there's always bench press, front squat, push-press... Possible points: +2 STR, +2 DEX Goal #3: Contrast showers and the Foam Roller 3x a week Because of the extensive work I'll be putting in on the workout end...rest is more imortant then ever! I must take at least 3 contrast showers a week as well as using the Foam Roller 3+ times to achieve 100%. Time for some proverbial shrinkage... Possible points: +2 CON, +1 CHA Goal #4: SLEEEEEEEEP! Since I've switched positions up here at the job, my new schedule is 6:30 AM- to 3:30 PM. I like it a lot cuz I get to skip traffic either way...but this means I need to be going to bed earlier...especially while training to become a superhero. SLEEP IS #1 for a healthy life..so lets snooze away! Possible points: +1 CON, +2 CHA THAT'S IT!! That's all I got for now...and I'll expand more on it later on, but I wanted to go ahead and get the thread up and running Miss you guys and gals out there in NF land...See ya soon! WOLF
  8. AHHHHHHHHRRROOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Little Red Riding Hood AINT GOT NOTHIN ON ME! Lol! It's good to be back for another 6WC, everyone! I'm pumped-up and ready as ever..maybe even more so then EVER before in my life. I just had a new little boy on 04/05/13: Declan Christopher Bell! (Pics of baby boy uploaded at the bottom!) And I have a WHOLE nother outlook on life w/ two boys! I want them to ALWAYS be proud of me and talk crap to the other kids about how much COOLER I am then their dad, lol, so if I haven't stepped up the intensity yet, now is the time with Summer fast approaching Most of you are probably wondering about the cool little pic I have up above? Does this strange, dark haired man look familiar? I'd hope so, cuz it's the mother truckin DARK KNIGHT himself, Batman. This is completely different from what I originally wanted to do w/ this 6-weeks, but this enlightenment was bestowed upon me... literally, 2 days ago. The Flash has to be my favorite superhero...cuz of his cockiness, humor and quick wit. BUT, The Dark Knight follows extremely close as the favorite...maybe even like the difference in a fraction of like/love for the characters, lol. Do me a solid, if you haven't already; Read that pic VERY carefully. OMG! Yep, you guessed correctly. That is a weeks worth of workouts from Batman, himself. Not Christian Bale, or Adam West, but the actual Bat! Whoa! You're prolly telling yourself... 620lb deadlift..525lb squat... an OFF DAY OF 20-MILES... HOLY HELL! My thoughts, exactly! Hahaha. So why do I have this awesome picture of Batman's workout? It's cuz I'm gonna be doing this workout for the NEXT 6-WEEKS!!!!!!!!! 100% of you are saying there's absolutely NO WAY I could...or really any able man or woman could complete such a rigurous routine without injury..or worse, death by laughing gas... And you're right.. 100% Plus the whole time factor, but thats irrelivant compared to the workouts haha. So, My goal is to simplify things a bit...or a lot lol, depending how you slice it. I'm gonna scale down each day to match my own strengths and design. This "design" of mine, will ulimately change me. For the good? The bad? I wish I knew... ALL I know is, that after this 6WC, I will no longer just be 'The Wolf'. I will have birthed something much scarier..much more menacing...much more terrifying. I pray for the hearts and souls of humanity...that and a little girl with a red hood (Not relating to our very own Red, haha. I got your back sir!) because at this point... there's no turning back. I will become.. THE BIG BAD WOLF! Starting Stats: (This is a first, but I really wanna track my progress) Name: Ryan "The Wolf" Bell Height: 6'2 Weight: Between 175-180lbs BF%: 7.7% last I checked Waist line: 32 Now...onto the goals: Goal#1: Becoming the Batman... NO! Becoming the Big Bad Wolf! His workout is straight suicide...so that's why I'm taking my creative side and doing something different. I cannot squat 525lbs...nor dead lift 620lbs...but I can do some heavy lifting The goal is to take WHAT I CAN DO...and DO IT. I love the fact he has '1 hour of Bouldering' on the Thursday evening schedule... THAT won't be an issue, lol. Yoga, meditation, kettle bells...REALLY? What's not to love about it? This will explore my creative side and test my will more than any workout I've done so far. Keeping the 6-day a week schedule is gonna be tough, especially with Decs and Racer needing their daddy to fight off closet monsters and the dark...but since I WILL NOT be doing EVERYTHING per the Bat's schedule, I'm gonna condense it to 5 days a week. Time to become a superhero! Possible points: +3 STR and +1 STA Reason: The STR is pretty obvious as well as the STA. SO I guess we'll have to see how I fare Goal#2: Slumber in the Wolf's Den...Zzzzzzzzzz *snore* REST! REST! and wait for it... SLEEP! Now to be honest, I don't have TOO much of an issue with this, but it's become a problem the last couple of weeks. With a badass schedule like I'm gonna have ^^^^, rest will become my best friend. I need to be consistently getting around 8hrs of sleep a night. With a new baby and everything, it's gonna be a challenge...but isn't that's what the 6-weeks is for?? Possible points: +3 CON and +1 WIS Reason: My body will need to heal..ALL the time, lol. So CON is the big one here. WIS is added in for the simple fact of sleeping makes you better, period. PLUS, it lowers cortisol, the #1 hormone related to stress... Honestly there are like a million positive things related the healthy sleep, so it's obviously really important. Goal#3: You might as well use what you got, dummy! Battle rope, sandbag, cold steel training weapons, bouldering membership, and soon to be gymnastic rings: Use what you got! I have access to these things all the time. There's absolutely no excuse for not using them week in and week out. Plus, it will all tie into the birth of the BIG BAD WOLF! Possible points: +2 STA and +2 DEX Reason: Stamina/Endurance from training with the weapons and battle rope-DEX for ALL the above lol, especially getting back on the bouldering wall! Goal#4: Protect the Wolf cubs! Little Declan entered this world with a cool attitude and a head full of hair; Race, my oldest is a beast and a handful, SO, I always gotta be on the lookout. I would protect my two boys with every inch of my life...now and forever. So the goal is to just BE WITH THEM. As many hours throughout the week. With Heather, Race and Decs staying over at my mother-in-laws, this will be a big challenge, but no distance will keep me from spending time with my cubs Possible points: +3 to CHA Reason: Let's be honest... I am happiest when I'm with my family. I love working out, eating right, and lookin sexy, but nothing compares to the smiles and warmth of the fam! I am still on the paleo path and eating clean, so I don't plan to change anything about that..just incase anyone was wondering! I will post certain meals from time to time WITH PICS for all my food lovers out there! Once the challenge officially starts, I will begin the intense workouts, Over the weekend I plan to have a breakdown of how I've converted Batman's training schedule to my own. That way it's clear as day and full-proof. I cannot wait to start this challenge and am excited to see what everyone thinks! Questions, comments, and concerns are ALWAYS welcome! WOLF
  9. The Wolf is BACK!!!! AHHHHHHHHHROOOOOOO! Hello everyone As most of you know, 2013 has not been a very kind year to me... SO FAR. BUT, I'm an assassin-warrior who gets stronger with each passing day. I generally have a positive outlook on everything and according to my friends and family, I'm one hilarious mofo! I like to keep things light, have a good time, laugh, workout, eat right, and spend time with my son, Racer. He's my whole world, and I love the lil guy to death! I also have another baby due, April 11th!! I can't wait!! We don't know if we're having a boy or girl but the names we have picked out are: Boy- Declan/Girl- Piper. I'm a HUGE fan of nicknames, so I would call Declan, "Dex's" and than Piper, "Pipsqueek" I've become OBSESSED with MovNat, which is the study of natural movement, and using the 10 principles of movement for fitness/conditioning: Walking, Running, Crawling, Lifting, Throwing, Balancing, Climbing, Defending, Swimming, and Jumping. I've also become obsessed with FOOD. More so than normal..lol. To be more specific, I'm addicted to living a paleo lifestyle when it comes to food. I just finished reading Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution which I highly recommend! It's especially great for people just starting out with paleo or even a healthy diet change. My favorite thing was the 30-day meal plan Robb sets out in the book fixed up with ingredients and cooking instructions for all the meals! THAT was my saving grace and because of that, I became a "Wannabe Chef" SO, my new obsessions will play a BIG role in this next 6-weeks challenge! Along with getting back in the climbing gym and utilizing the cold steel training weapons I have.. OH! And the battle rope, lol. My new love, once I get everything for it, is my sandbag. I got a really good deal on Ebay for it, so, for now, I'm waiting on the fillers so I can start training with it. It can hold up to 85lbs..which is PLENTY for the upcoming months, and MovNat uses sandbags like weightlifters use barbells. I can't wait to start throwing that bad boy around! Listed below are my goals for this 6-weeks: Goal #1: MOVE that body, son! Since MovNat is my main source of my fitness/conditioning, this will fall under the "4(+) times a week" deal. I've already been doing at least that much, but this time will really focus on MovNat as a whole. The goal, is to start writing out my own MovNat workouts, which I have been, but get more creative!! Out of the 4x a week, 2 of those workouts have to be my creation! No if, and's or but's about it. I will post my workouts for ALL to see, judge, praise, or hate on, lol. STR, DEX and CHA will be my main source of attributes because movnat requires an immense amount of strength and dexterity in combination, The charisma part is for my creativity with the workouts and the fact that I noticed it was one of my weaker attributes! I was baffled cuz I'm a super charismatic hombre! Possible points: +2 STR, +2 DEX and +1 CHA Goal #2: Eat like our ancestors.. or ELSE! PALEO! Like I said before, I've become SUPER obsessed with food lately, more than normal, lol. Moreso obsessed with eating a paleo diet. The funny thing about paleo, is its pretty easy to do.. for me, anyway. I've been eating paleo-esque for sometime now..but have just recently over the past month or so cut out bread, grains, and dairy. BREAD... that's been the toughest part to cut away from my diet, which I fully expected it to be. I still have cheat meals from time to time that may involve some bread and some diary, but very rarely. Shoot, I threw away all my bread and grains the moment I realized why I needed to, lol! The goal here is to keep this train rolling and shoot for eating at least 20 PALEO meals a week. Thats 3 meals a day multiplied by 7 days out of the week, This leaves me with 1 cheat meal a week. 1 and only 1. I wanna be strict with myself and show a little discipline, people!!! Call me crazy, but I have felt amazing since switching to a straight paleo diet The other thing I want to do is post pics w/ cooking instructions and ingredients...that way I can SHOW you guys and gals the yumminess that is paleo! This goal consists of WIS and CON. WIS will play it's roll in learning more about paleo and staying on track and the CON deals with how I feel when I eat healthy, paleo meals..which is, like I said, AMAZING! Possible points: +2 WIS and +2 CON Goal #3: Run like the wind, you SOB! Haha. I'm liking the whole process of naming my goals if ya can't tell Running has been something that I always do, but have never really "enjoyed", persay. Besides charisma, my stamina attribute has lacked a lot since joining the rebellion, and I wanted to find fun ways of increasing this attribute. For my warm-ups, I've added in at least a quarter mile run on the treadmill. I would love to run MILES and not partial miles so my goal will be to run at least 3 miles a week. Most of you who know me are prolly thinking, "Wolf, thats way to easy, bro!" BUT, it's a healthy start for someone who doens't enjoy JUST running. One way of getting to this goal will be to add an additional run, weather it be a quarter-mile, half-mile, or even a full one towards the end of the workout...like a pre-mediated burnout! I've been wanting to increase my stamina with running for a whie now, so I figured "why not this challenge?" Why not, right? Possible points: +2 STA Goal #4: Preparation for BABY BELL! This is THE big goal for this challenge! (Bell is my last name, just incase anyone was confused) The new baby is due April 11th, which is right after this 6-week challenge ends. The goal is to PREPARE! And prepare I mean mentally and physically. This will be a challenge in itself because my wife left... which in turn means I've barely got to be there for this unborn, When she was prego with Racer, I got to read books to him, talk to him about all the cool things we would be doing together and even busting out in song so they know their dad is a straight ROCKER! Not so much with this one... I feel really disconnected to this pregnancy because of everything going on, but I'm making the best out of my situation... the best I can, anyway... This will effect my WIS attribute in the fact that becoming wiser will ultimately help me on this journey..that and crap load of luck. I really wish things were different, but they're not, so I will be working on this preparation EVERY DAY. I will be putting $20-40 back each time I get paid in case of an emergency. And on top of that, the money I'll be giving Heather for Race and whatever else they need. I'm not sure how to mentally prepare for this, though... lol Possible points: +2 WIS Bonus Goal: Armed to the TEETH! Weapons training!!!!!!! At least 3 hrs a week of training. This can be done in 1 day, 2 days, or spread throughout the whole week. This will include my dual gladius and my tomahawk/tanto combination. Possible points: +1 DEX and +1 CHA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, there ya have it folks. The Wolf is back for another challenge and I have NO IDEA how it's gonna play out. All I know is... by the end of this 6-weeks, I will become... THE APEX PREDATOR! Wolf
  10. Hello Everyone, I, like many others, have undergone a name change. I am no longer Wolflean...b/c I feel I have achieved "wolf-lean" status and now just maintaining the pelt, lol. I AM THE WOLF! (Too much?) Lol. A lot has happened in the last couple weeks thats gonna make the start of 2013 hard to deal with.... but thank God for my rebel friends and the drive to get better EVERY SINGLE DAY. This next 6-weeks challenge will be my toughest one yet. It's gonna involve a lot of bouldering and getting back into the swing of parkour. Coming up March 8th-10th, down in San Antonio, there's a place called Alpha Warrior. They are a badass onstacle course gym very similar to ANW (American Ninja Warrior) My goal is to travel down there and make a name for myself. They even have elite runs where the winner can cash out some major $$$$! Bouldering for those who don't know what it is, is this: Bouldering is a style of rock climbing undertaken without a rope and normally limited to very short climbs over a crash pad (called a bouldering mat) so that a fall will not result in serious injury. It is typically practiced on large natural boulders or artificial boulders in gyms and outdoor urban areas. However, it may also be practiced at the base of larger rock faces, or even on buildings or public architecture (see buildering). One of the major appeals of bouldering is its relatively scant equipment requirements. Nothing is actually required - beyond suitable comfortable and flexible clothing - and it is not uncommon to see people bouldering with just climbing shoes, a chalk bag, and a crash mat. Bouldering also has a grading system, and here's a quick breakdown: As in other types of climbing, bouldering has developed its own grading systems for comparing the difficulty of problems, mainly because bouldering problems can be much harder than traditional rock climbing routes. The most commonly used grading systems are the Fontainebleau system which ranges from 1 to 8c+, and the John Sherman V-grade system, beginning at V0 and increasing by integers to a current top grade of proposed V16 (Terranova by Adam Ondra and Gioa by Christian Core). Both scales are open-ended at the top, and thus the upper grade of these systems is always increasing as boulderers ascend more difficult problems. Swanky. And there we have our brief history/info on bouldering That way everyone knows what I'm talking about when I refer to sending a V3, lol I figured with the sick 1-2 combination of parkour and bouldering, Aplha Warrior may have met it's match! Bouldering is gonna train my upper body and grip strength to a maximum. Bouldering will also help shed off unwanted BF and give me a nice strength to weight ratio. On the other hand, parkour will do the same. Training parkour, or PK, will increase my overall conditioning and agility. Strength for this will come in various BW exercises and training for parkour in general. My body is gonna go threw some adaption because my training workload will be the most I've had since playing basketball back in Highscool. Which was at least 2x a day, for a total of 4-6 hours of training a DAY. I was younger then, but now, at 25, heading into my prime, I figured NOW would be the time! The Apha Warrior comp asks you to "Prove It". And I shall! Goal #1: Boulder 2x(+) a week averaging 2hrs a session +2 STR and +2 STA and +1 DEX So, the goal here, is to maintain this boulder training for the next 6-weeks. It's very similar to last 6-weeks goal, but with more emphasis on hitting the goal 100% this time. I can always exceed the goal but with the other types of training I'll be doing... I don't know if I'll have the extra energy for a 4th day, lol. Goal #2: Yoga 2x a week +2 CON This goal can be on the same day or seperate days as the bouldering days. Yoga will be SUPER beneficial to climbing and parkour. All the top athletes do it. 'Nuff said. Goal #3: Find time to train parkour at least 2x a week (+) BW routines +1 STR and +2 DEX Bouldering will take up some of my training time, but I gotta stay true to the urban ninja way. Between work and training other people, it's gonna be hard to fit this in with everything else, But I will make sure the weekend days hold true to me hitting this goal... at least while it's still getting dark at 5:30 Goal #4: Fix the Family/Spend as MUCH time with Race as you can +2 WIS and +2 CHA As anyone who followed my last challenge knows, things kinda fell apart for me with my family. So my goal is to do as much work as possible to make things better. If anything, spend as much time as I can with my son, Race. The CHA is added b/c I'm a different person when he's in my life. Especially on days where he stays with me. His little smile makes everything better for me! I left one point out for a reason, haha. It's going to be a bonus goal linked to Goal #1: Bonus Goal: Project at least a V2 consistently +1 STR I'm sending all but 1-2 V0's and around 5-7 V1's consistenly right now. My goal is to push my body into sending a V2 consistenly. If I can project V2's by the end of the 6-week, then I gain the +1 to STR. If not, then I lose my 15th point. Guess I better make it count!!! Finally, got all my goals and stuff ready to go! I know that the next 6-weeks doesn't start until Monday, but I'm getting a jump start I'm super excited about the challenge and can't wait to see where my progression takes me! Thanks for taking the time to read my thread, and good luck to all the other Assassins out there! Wolf
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