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Found 2 results

  1. Started a thread in the Druids last challenge and then went back to the Monks. Not sure why since I barely posted in other peoples threads. So here I am in the Druids again.... My challenge: 1- Morning ritual- wake before 7am, meditate 40 minutes, therapy light 30 minutes, breakfast 2- Tai Chi form 3 times spread out in the day. 3- Water Bending. Yup, you heard me. This: Back in the day I learned the first stages of samadhi by watching water falling. Watching water flow stops the internal dialogue and allows your mind to work more efficiently. So I just ordered this and as soon as I get it I will add this to my schedule. 5-20 minutes a day of whats called in Taoism, "Stopping the Water". You gaze at the water and you dont trance out or bliss out. You stay very aware of your surroundings like you are staring at prey without becoming prey yourself. What happens is it feels like time slows and you get a cool visual effect because you are not using your secondary visual cortex anymore. You are using both sides of your brain. Its hard to explain, but it is step one of samadhi or union. Step one is stopping the water, step two is feeling the water flow over you and the third is becoming one with the water. Its not mysticism but a brain biology thing. It sure seems all magical and mystical though.
  2. Just started listening to a Podcast that promotes a morning ritual, called the Morning Miracle. I love my morning rituals and they set up my entire day. School starts at 9:20 except on Thursday when it starts at 8am. Thursday might be my off day. Wake Up 6AM Hygiene stuff and dress in Karate Gi Meditation 20 minutes Happy Light 30 minutes (Diet Dew Infusion, HB Eggs) Mantra- Three Jewels 30 Front Kick 30 Side Kick 25 Front Punch Taka Hyung 1 Pinan 1 Pinan 2 Pinan 3 Two Step 1 Two Step 2 Two Step 3 Two Step 4 Two Step 5 By the end of my six weeks I want to have learned all 10 of the two steps and the next kata called Punjung 1, which is kinda hard. Also I will have added more to the kicking and punching, but I will go by how my arthritis feels. Right now I have no pain, but with movement things change. My three things are all rolled up in this one morning ritual. I kept on this schedule (except the karate) for the past 3 months, but on this school break I have fallen to the dark side. School starts on the 5th and so does the challenge!
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