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Found 14 results

  1. So time to try again. As I figured out a lot of times before I need to keep this simple in the start. so Week 1 is a warmup and then its a 3 week challenge 1: Successful defend the thesis so I can get my bachelor of physiotherapy. 2: be active in here at least 3out of 7 days pr week in the assassin guild 3: sort and upload at least 5 india pictures pr week in the last 3 weeks of this challenge 4: Hangdstand - accumulate 5 minutes each of hanging and handstanding every day for the remaining of this challenge. @@mu ill try to make you proud
  2. this will be a lot more updated over the days. Goal 1: Allocate time and use it wisely writing on my thesis. Goal 2: at least 2 muscle up, and 2 focused handstand training pr week. Goal 3: Get my habit back of daily meditation, pranayama and arm balance work. 5 minute of each pr day is enough, more is better Goal 4: Get rid of at least one thing that clutters a day on average.
  3. This challenge is going to be split up into two mini-challenges. I will be finishing and defending my masters thesis in the middle week of February, so I don't want to overschedule my time while that's going on, but I also don't want to underschedule once it's done and become a lazy butt. So, finish strong part 1 goals: Finish and defend the thesis: This is pretty obvious, and absolute #1 priority. Languages: I have gotten out of this habit. I will do 5 minutes of Japanese on lunch, and if I don't have to do thesis work, I will do 5 minutes of French or Russian when I
  4. This is basically a continuation of the last challenge, because not much has changed. My main focus in life right now is finishing and defending my thesis in February. Since that doesn't leave a whole lot of time for anything else, I just want to make sure I don't backslide and lose the progress I made over the past years. So, here are my goals: Goals: Flexibility: Finish off 30 days to splits (link). I'm on Day 23, so this should be finished by the end of week 1 at the latest. No followup. Strength: Finish PT (rotator cuff tear), discuss what to keep, moving forward.
  5. In the previous challenge I did the 3 week superhero challenge during my nf challenge. The superhero challenge requires you to check in daily on the website and log your water intake, diet, and exercise. During those weeks, I met my nf goals perfectly. After those weeks ended, I didn’t do so well. Moral of the story: accountability is HUGE!! it keeps you focused on the goal and is something I need to do more of – sooo that’s the plan for this challenge: GOALS: Log food intake and exercise DAILYDoesn’t matter what food I eat this challenge, as long as I log it. When I give myself foo
  6. Hiiiii! I'm going to say right away that I didn't do totally awesome my first two challenges - but if I combine the things I did achieve in them, they add up to approximately one whole successful challenge...so here I am! I'm traveling for the next three weeks, so I can't commit to anything super ambitious, but I still want to aim for things that I can achieve even with the uncertainty and upended schedules of traveling. Some of these goals may be modified for the second three weeks when I'm back home. 1. Go for a run at least three times a week. I'm thinking about probably running a hal
  7. Long story short, my first challenge fell apart a little. And this one is starting a little late. But that's okay! Still hoping to get going on making more people at some point in the not-too-distant future, but it's temporarily postponed because of figuring out some health stuff and also some scheduling stuff. In the meantime, I need to do something about me. I've been feeling kind of gross and unhealthy for a while, and I need to fix that, for me (better health and more self-confidence are always good things - especially because losing weight should help with the potential health stuff I m
  8. Could also be titled: "Naxius gets more INT...again." This is not my official challenge thread, just something for the time in between. I figure that it's best to stay on top of things (at least a little) to avoid slacking on the habits I've acquired last challenge, and to get some more things out of the way so that they won't be stress-bombs and brain clutter during the next challenge. Continue doing: - 1 coffee per day, max - Hydrate a lot - Have salads/vegetables a lot Make the following habits, too: - Do Lumosity Raindrops (3 or more games per day) - 5 mins of mindfulness For Lumos
  9. Hello! I can ramble sometimes, so I'll try to get right to the point here: my boyfriend and I are about to start the whole babymaking thing, and I want to be as healthy as possible in order to provide a good environment for our potential future human. I'm not particularly unhealthy at the moment, but I could certainly stand to lose some weight and eat a bit better, and I've been slacking on exercise lately. [Disclaimer: I'm sure you all get it, but just in case, please don't be offended by my calling babies-to-be parasites. I mean, they *do* live off their mothers' life forces...but they're
  10. Hey! So I'm really new on here, but I was curious if anyone else is dealing with graduate school woes? Has anyone else been through it? I'm writing my Masters thesis at a university in Taiwan and I never realized how awfully isolating it would be. Not only is it hard to make friends in school because everyone else has a job/family/bf/gf/life, but the social life is non-existent. No one seems to care about anything other than their research papers. Not that I can blame them. It's the axe hanging over all of our heads and our advisers are holding it. This loneliness is all-consuming though. I
  11. I won't bother with the txtwall introduction. Long story short, I want to become a Wizard, I multiclass, and I recently got this book and I've wanted to become a mentalist since then, which is probably the RL equivalent to being a Wizard. Unfortunately, I don't have the mental abilities required to accomplish this...yet! So I am developing them here. Druids, Wizards, we all meditate, right? My last challenge turned out to be a fail halfway through. I was going for confidence, which is one of the most important characteristics to have if one wants to become a mentalist. Mine happened to be sit
  12. Third Challenge [ November 11th – December 22th ] Endangered Initiation Part II Actually started this on on Monday, November 4th. So, this challenge will last 7 weeks for me, with the first (unofficial week) being known as Week 0. Where I came from... Where I went after this... BACKGROUND STORY The two old Jedi stood on the high gallery and looked down on the training younglings in the great hall. “He has made some respectable progress, I give you that, Grand Master! But there are still weaknesses in him, that will prevent him from passing the Initiate Trialsâ€, the Jedi
  13. Hello fellow rebellion armies, I'm a skinny-fat Southeast Asian dude weighted at a whooping 60kg and 167cm tall. On level 50, I'd want to be able to be present at any point on earth within 24 hours of prior notice. But that's a really long way to go. Right now I just want to build muscles, lose fats, and take control of my life. On my first challenge, I was able to gain 4.5kg by consuming 2500kcal every day (before joining the rebellion I was only 55kg). However, as I'm still not rich enough to buy "clean food", I managed to get those calories by eating a lot of stuff, even junk foods. I did c
  14. So, hi y'all! This is, how the title already says, my second try to do a full challenge. I had to stop doing my part-challenge last time because I went on an internship in this small cute hospital with no internet access whatsoever. About me: I am 21 years old, weigh 138 pounds, am 5"1. I fear I am rather hobbitlikem but I like elves more. I've started seriously taking care of my health after my BMI reached the frightening 29,9 and I weighted 164 pounds. I am in 3rd year in medical school, which I think is alone enough to classify me as a huge nerd. I am also a huge fan of Lord of the Rings
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