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Found 2 results

  1. To be the greatest thief of all time I have to do what the greatest have done, makes sense right? Malek Yes Malek is one of the Greatest thieves of all time because he never got caught and he was always stealing something, two very important things for a thief to do. To be more like Malek I need to get his focus, but instead of stealing I will be using his focus to record and track my food and water A=perfection 42 3 points B=Good effort 30plus 2 points C=Acceptable 20 plus 1 point Dick Turpin Dick Turpin and Black Bess were legendary for there ride from London to York, a ride I will recreate on my Bike London to York 280 K =174 miles! I am sure I can do it, but how FAST that is the question A=One weekend 3 points B=One Week 2 points C=Two Weeks 1 point Robin Freaking Hood Takes from the Rich and Gives to the poor, gotta love this thief I ride with a group that hands outs burritos and food to homeless people around the Memphis Area and this is my Robin Hood Goal A=Ride more than once every week for the 6 weeks 3 points B=Ride at least once a week 2 points C= Anything less than once a week 1 point
  2. My Main Quest: Become an Apprentice in the Order of the Keepers Current state: Kid on the street, running messages and picking pockets to keep my ribs form meeting my spine. (Not literally, but you understand, the usual beginner stage) Has anyone played or remember the Theif series? I loved those games so much and that is why I make so many refrences to it. For those who don’t know what I am rambling about, the Thief that I am referring to is Garrett who basically is like Etzio from Assassin’s Creed but doesn’t kill, only breaks into places and steals whatever valuable they have. Trust me, the games are really good even though the first one is now 16 years old. The story is what makes it so good. Specific goals: 1. Keep a handstand for 20 seconds. I will practice it every day for at least 5 minutes – The 28 Day Handstand Challenge. (I started doing them from 1. February and till now, 16.February, my longest stand is 11 seconds and I hope to beat it in 6 weeks and am slowly working my way up to 60 sec. Plus a thief needs great balance and hand strenght to climb those castle walls) 2. Read 250 pages of the Java Object-Orented Problem Solving book and try to do all Self-Study Exercises. So that is about 6 pages per day. If anyone is educated it the Java language then please tell me because I have some questions about the meanings of some of the terms. (An Apprentice needs to be educated in the languages of the system) 3. Complete all the subjects till the third checkpoint in gold, in the Duolingo German language course. (An Apprentice must also be albe to speak to foreighners and invite them to join the Rebellion) My motivation: I want to finally learn a language, both a computer and a national and at the moment I am the farthest that I have ever been with both of them and this time I will NOT give up and start over. I will continue till the end. As for the handstants, again I tried it when I was younger and failed, but my admiration for the ability to do it remained the same so I now want to learn that also once and for all.
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