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Found 4 results

  1. Day 1 okay so here it is January 1st and I have started trying to better myself yet again. OMG is this frustrating. I have been trying to do really good today on watching what I eat and drink, but here it is 8:35pm and I am STARVING. I have learned today - again - that I need to make sure that I am planning out what I need to eat on a daily basis. I keep looking around my room looking for something to eat. Positive thing is that I really don't have anything in here to eat. But at the same time that is just making me even hungrier. UGH! LOL So even though I am still starving, I think today has been a good day. I haven't had any pop/soda, I have recorded everything that I have eaten, and I am journalling about my day. Well I haven't gotten into my day yet but I am going to because it is super easy. Work today SUCKED!!! You would figure that fast food would be slow on a holiday - which if we were staffed, it would have been, BUT there were only 3 people there today including myself over our lunch rush, which REALLY sucked!!!! The person who was doing all of the drive thru and front counter stuff is a 17 year old kid who has some sort of mental thing going on because he is always doing the "potty dance" but never really has to go. He is also a bit of a flake so it was basically just myself and the other person who was making food. Goals for the rest of the night: Working on my resume - goal is to find a new job by the end of this year. Work on finding exercises/workout plan I can follow here at home.
  2. Hello there, I'm Sacculina and have been reading NF since 2010 or so, been part of the NFA since the beta testing for women only, and even started Rising Hero's during the first month, yet I have not made any lasting improvements to my health. I have found new friends through NF and even had the 20 seconds of courage to start my own group called the Nerd Scouts. I haven't been faithful to NF though. I started to read conflicting articles from The Greatist, MFP, etc which caused information overload. I had intense debates with other medical professionals which required me to start down the rabbit hole of research so I can prove them wrong, but I wasn't doing what I was proslyetizing. I fell victim of stress, burnout, and exhaustion. Mentally, I was not prepared to break bad habits even though I knew what needed to be done. I felt like I was wandering aimlessly with no one to point me into the right direction, my soul wasn't into guiding my corporeal body through the obstacles of life. So what changed? What made me finally get a grip? I'm still trying to figure it out. I adopted my dorky dog, Muggles, in August and he has single-handedly pulled me out of the soul-sucking darkness that was my anxiety and stress. Coming home to him and my husband makes me smile whenever I think about it. He has become my partner-in-crime during late night walks. Even my husband seems much happier. Unfortunately, he is also causes time to spiral out of control. One minute we are out on a walk and then next it's time to go to bed. Add a full time job and cooking. I am restarting NFA today. I will remove all the websites that I feel aren't helping me such as The Greatist, MFP, etc and focus on taking one step at a time. That's the end of my rambling. Have a good day, everyone!
  3. Okay so here I am yet again..... for the third time. I need to be brutally honest with myself - I just have not been trying the last 2 years. I want to take the easy way out by getting surgery. Background on who I am: I am a single mom. I have 2 teenage daughters - one is almost an adult now, the other is fully in puberty. I have what can be a very stressful job in fast good that I am really beginning to hate. I have a boyfriend that I love dearly, but makes me feel like an afterthought at times. I suffer from depression. I am currently homeless but am living with my ex husband and father in law. I am back to where I was when I first tried this 2 years ago. Background on where I want to go in 2018: I want to get back in the habit of eating 90% Paleo - I can't afford to go 100% I want to get in the habit of working out - other than walking while at work - at least 3 days per week I want to get back in the habit of tracking everything I consume I want to get in the habit of journalling daily about my daily success, failures, stresses I want to work on losing weight - ultimately I need to lose 100 pounds. But I will take losing 20 pounds this year and keeping that weight off. How I am going to go about getting to where I want to be: I have no clue at this point. Cut out carbs from my diet. Find a workout plan that fits in to what I have available and schedule Set an annoying notification for my fitness pal to remind me to log my food Come on here and keep up on a battle log Find/buy a scale to weigh myself. Buy a tape measure to track my measurements since I know that the scale lies. Why I failed in the past: I have not been trying. I gave up. I was lazy. There you go. Me in a nutshell. Now to just let the past go and start the year fresh.
  4. I've been here before, and utterly failed...well, kinda. It's best to read this thread: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/32311-must-get-in-shape-must-defeat-kal-el/ What happened after that post: I love my job, Had a severe onset of what I call "black dog days" and turned to food and media. Lost my apartment after losing my power. So, as with any superhero (or villain) I had to overcome a lot before I could even start the goals. That meant, killing some other goals. What have I done since last year? I have gotten a new job that is the closest thing to a dream job that I've ever had. I've also been writing a lot more and am now a wordsmith with several published articles and I'm working on several book projects as an editor and contributor. Financially, still in the hole but I've begun to climb out. So, in many ways, I am way, way better off than I was last year. I'll always have depression and other hurdles, but we got this! So, in that spirit, I am wanting to start my participation in the forums. My problem last year was that I was the "eager beaver" and thus when one part of goal failed, I let the others. I want to combat this by dividing my goal into two sections, kinda micro and macro goals. So, Macro (long term) goals: Start losing weight. No set number, but I want to fit into my swanky clothes that I've kept. So, means going from a 48 waist to a 42, probably about 80 lbs. To the peanut gallery: should I set this for a year? Is that too eager (see post and my own admittance of faults). Keep writing. I got this. I want to make a graphic novel. Get a little more social. Life's kicked my ass, I got stories to tell and think it makes me a good story teller. Micro, what I want to do over the next 30 days. Keep fast food/dining out to once a week (I know, I should cut it out, but this is gunna be hard!) Wake up a little earlier each day, with the goal of being able to be up bright and early at 6am by day 30 (night owl by nature here) Work out three days a week, hopefully including some hiking while New Hampshire keeps me going. Reduce my booze to the weekends. I'm not an alcoholic, but a craft beer fanatic. I know it's not good to drink two beers a night every night while I lead a mostly sedentary life. I think these are manageable, but am I still an eager beaver? Please, I want as much honesty as possible. If anyone want to be my accountability buddy, feel free to also PM me. Cheers all, let's do this!
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