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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, guys! This will be my third time starting this journey! The first time I lost weight through self-teaching myself weight training through YouTube and from help on here. I stopped because of college and marching band. Luckily, marching band was so intense that year that the weight I lost stayed off me all through marching season (football season, for those that don't speak music nerd). I started at about 235-240 and ended up at 210-215. I didn't eat bread or pasta and incorporated more veggies/greens and grilled meat into my diet. I felt AMAZING! But I got into a relationship (which is awesome!) but my partner doesn't have the best eating habits, so I picked up the weight again. I was so sad. And now, I'm at 240 lbs and I feel horrible with myself. I wear the clothes that I had then and think "Wow, this is kinda tight. I remember getting these because they fit PERFECTLY just a year ago!" Then I get a bit depressed. I'm willing to start back because of 3 reasons: 1.) My back has been hurting and I know it's from the lack of exercise. I work at a daycare and since majority of my work requires me to bend down to tend to little ones, I need to be fit enough to deal with it and not have pain. 2.) During the time I lost weight, I didn't get as sick as I am now. My allergies basically CORRECTED themselves, even my doctor was amazed! But as soon as I gained the weight back, I started snoring again and I can only breathe out of my nose maybe twice a week. ANNOYING! 3.) It's about that time to really make that change in my life! I'm 22, almost 23. The time is now!! The only problem will be getting over my anxiety to go to the school gym and getting started with weight training officially!! Any words of advice/encouragement/whatevers will be welcomed!
  2. This is mostly a place holder for the scribbly paper based mess that will become my Main Quest and goals. Right now, I'm fighting a virus that has had me feeling low (eating crap) and exceedingly tired (maybe a little feverish too). I am going to go one more round with the adventurers as I'm not quite ready to let go the security blanket and join the rangers just yet. Ok, here goes the edit... Chapter 3: Main Quest: Comfortably complete 100km bike ride. October 20th. I have never ridden this far before. My best this year has been 80km. In the long term I'd like to do the entire Round the bay in a day challenge but not this year! My goals and motivation for this challenge are based around the title of a biography written by the greatest cyclist of the dodgy-est lying, cheating scumbag era there has been... It's not about the bike. ...and it's not. Sure, I have every intention of buying a lighter bike more suited to these rides before I do this but that won't get me over the line. It's about me. My training. My nutrition. My recovery. Goal 1: My training. I have a training plan. The last time I had a plan like this I did sweet FA of it and managed ok. I want to manage better than ok. This ride isn't as hilly as the last long one I did, but I want to enjoy it. That means serious preparation. Well, semi-serious at least. The total I am unlikely to reach is 23. Complete 3/4 of first 6 weeks of training plan. >18 = STR 2 & STA 2 17 = 3 16 = 2.5 15 = 2 14 = 1.5 13 = 1 12 = 0.5 Goal 2: My nutrition. CON 4 & WIS 1 The punitive system I had for this aspect of my last challenge really didn't work for me and the between challenge game over with the rangers got me thinking about why these have happened before... in order to prevent them happening again. So, the food choices remain the same. Good stuff - meat, veg, fruit, nuts, dark choc, dairy (not sweetened). Things that need attention: gluten, processed foods, sugar, alcohol, soft drinks, juice etc. You know the drill for trying to keep it a natural kind of clean... Each time I eat something that requires attention, it must get it by answering the following questions. Day, Date, Time What did I eat: What was I thinking: Describe current feelings - Physical: Describe current feelings - Emotional: What was happening around me: Note any effects of the food: I suspect this is going to be a pain in the arse, which will make mindless eating of crap no longer mindless. Food I reaaaaally felt I needed will provide data for unlocking cue and reward systems with my eating habits thus allowing for improved challenges and success in the future. 100% = CON 4 & WIS 1 90% = CON 4 80% = CON 3 70% = CON 2 60% = CON 1 My recovery. Adding way more cycling to my usual routine of 2 x PT, 1 x TKD & 1 x Yoga will need some attention to recovery. I need to take more care of my muscles than I remember to currently to prevent the painful, groaning zombie walk on waking. Yoga / Stretch / Foam roll / bath or spa after (immediately or next morning after) most exercise sessions. >30 = DEX 4 30 = 3 20 = 2 10 = 1 SIDE QUESTs: Me time Vs Screen time! Could be considered as part of recovery as both these lead to rest/sleep. "School" nights 5/7:9PM - electronic devices to sleep11PM - absolute latest for TV (I don't actually watch a lot but I should prioritise sleep and use catch up if I really want to see whatever is on). This will be easier now the Tour de France is finished but still problematic with the Ashes (although the Aussies should be all out by the time I want to go to bed!!) 30 = 1 CHA for being well rested. READ! 5/7 days15 minutes minimum outside work for pleasure (newspaper/fiction/NF/comics all acceptable if paper based). 30 = 1 WIS for like smartness ya know? There! Chapter 3 begun and publicly committed!!
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