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Found 4 results

  1. There were many requests for a Thundercats theme as I continue Rolling through Awesome cartoon Franchises of the 80’s. Therefore, we come to the ThunderCats. I had a Sword of Omens toy as a child and loved the series. And so we come now to my goals, which should be pretty familiar by now. Panthro: Strength. 10 lift days. Since we are going to a format with a full four weeks I’m adding a lift day. Panthro was the tech guy, he designed the weapons and vehicles, and was also the physically strongest and most skilled warrior. I enjoyed watching him go
  2. So I have noticed that I do the best in challenges if I theme them with nostalgia from my childhood. So: APRIL 2016 -- Thundercats! HOOOOOOOOO! Make a Workout Schedule -- Stick to it Swim -- MTWR 45 to 90 Minutes -- Good Effort For thinking about going swimming FSaSu... +1 Strength Training -- Add a Push Up, Pull Up Progression, and a Squat to what you can do each day Make Sure to Stretch throughout the day (Swim Alternates, just in case of storms or if serendipitous times occur: SCUBA diving or Kayaking, Archery, Disc Golf, Hiking
  3. Su cuy'gar "nerd" vods. Ehehehe...(crickets) ANYWAY! Hey nerds, it's your pal the King of Lame and I was curious if there were any nerds in the area of Tacoma Washington that would want to meet up one weekend and chill, or do random workout-like activities you know. I'm hoping there are some around here and I'm not the only one.(cue A Perfect Circle) If you're in the area, drop a line on here and we can schedule in a way to fit everyone's best chance to meet up!
  4. Mission: Catch Cheetara I happen to have come of age to start noticing girls at exactly the time that Thundercats was a big deal, and so this fast and strong gal was probably my first (non-human) crush. She can hit thirty seconds to the mile, but only for a little while, so I have a chance if I can go the distance. I am signing up for the Scenic City Trail Half Marathon on 26 April 2014. I have been following a very conservative race training plan based on this one (warning PDF file). It started very low-mileage for me, but I am choosing slow-but-steady this time because I have develope
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