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  1. - - - Her favorite time of day was twilight, where the sun had barely crested down beneath the horizon, lifting one last futile glow of the promise of daytime against the encroaching night sky. The melange of dying gold merging into the comfortable slate-blue atmosphere of whatever bits of daylight were left, giving way to the yawning darkness of space. She found it fascinating and sat, enrapt, small form curled into itself under her fur-lined charcoal cloak, chin resting on bent knees as she just... watched. She watched the sky change before her eyes, the colors dance and fade and darken into nothing, and Shaar was unaware she was holding her breath until she let it out slowly in one low, metered hiss. The vastness of the night sky had always been one of her favorite things; comforting in a way, in its deep endlessness. She could understand why so many people feared the night, why they were uncomfortable with it. But she somehow managed to thrive when the sun was long gone and the cloak of eventide settled about her shoulders, heavy and familiar, like an old friend. She remained motionless for some time, sitting in what could have been considered a quiet reverence, nimble fingers of one hand delicately trailing against the fixtures of bone settled in the wristwrap of her other; mindless, a moving meditation as the motions continued in diligent repetition. Bottle-green eyes remained bright and fixated on the endless expanse before her, slowly adjusting to the darkness as night finally settled in for the long haul. Stars and constellations began to dot the blackness, and a small smile curved her lips as she watched them come to life, one by one. She was waiting for someone, but she sure didn’t mind biding her time this way either. “Hey, stranger.” As if on cue, Shaar heard his voice behind her. She sat up just a bit straighter, leaning her weight back into the cluster of rocks behind her, head tilting just a bit to break her gaze from the sky and allow it back over one shoulder. The Fury approached quieter, much moreso than she remembered, and the thought elicited a crooked smile. “... Revenant been giving you tips on how not to be a bull in a china shop?” An indignant snort as the redhead stepped into view through the trees. “And fuck you too.” His form flickered briefly as he spoke, effervescent, but there was a lilt of a return smile in his words - the man moved to sit unceremoniously at her side, mimicking her posture intrinsically. Shaar smiled a bit wider then, leaning comfortably against her familiar, and they sat in silence for a long few beats before she spoke. “I’m sorry.” “‘S ok.” His reply was almost instantaneous, and the two turned to look at each other, gazes locking for another long moment before The Fury lifted one shoulder in a dismissive shrug. “Weird times, dude. ‘S all good. Really.” There was a subtle emphasis on that last word, and he moved to rest one hand on her knee in kind. Shaar dipped her chin, drawing her hands out from beneath her cloak, one lifting to smooth wayward dark hair away from her face. “Everyone doing ok?” “Mhm. Getting along. Revenant’s teaching Light how to paint. Not quite masterpiece level yet, but..” He continued as Shaar chuckled softly at the mess that likely entailed. “Voice’s... well, Voice. Full of riddles and shit. ... He’s good. They’re good.” The man paused briefly. “But I’m sure you didn’t ask me here to catch up on the family.” Family. That word sat with Shaar for a moment before she shook her head slowly. “.. You’re right. I didn’t.” The reply faded into the darkness of the night sky as she turned her gauntleted right palm up, fingers splayed just so, and as if on command something of a holographic map spread up and out from the crux of her hand into their vision. Bright white dots and lines against an empty backdrop, some larger, smaller, brighter than others, all mimicking the emptiness above them. Some small texts, very foreign and barely opaque, littered what could be the edges of the chart. The patterns reflected brightly in their eyes; his warm gold, and hers cool green. The Fury let out a long, low hum, copper brows furrowing as he watched, Shaar’s free hand moving the map as if it were a touch screen - enlarging certain areas, and shrinking entire galaxies to see them whole. He knew what it was. A trickle of adrenaline danced up his spine as he posed the first question - “Where are we going?” “Don’t know.” Her reply was soft, and he considered it thoughtfully before posing the second - “What are we looking for?” “Don’t know.” The same response, but he could catch the lilt of a faraway smile in this one as delicate fingertips swiped across the map, seemingly keying in quick patterns at key points to allow a swing to a whole other viewpoint. The Fury sighed, running one hand through his hair as bright eyes flitted from the map to the cosmos above, and then back to her. “Fuckin’ a dude, what -do- you know?” Shaar laughed quietly; a tinkling of silver bells that instantly reminded him of The Light, and it made him catch his breath quickly at the sudden resemblance. “Not much.” There was a wild smile curving her lips as she tilted her head towards him once more, a single dark brow lifted in return. “You coming?” “Wouldn’t miss it.” - - - » Shaar kom Starkru bardic time-mage; of the furious heart, traveler 'twixt the stars FRIENDS!! Did you know, 2021 is gonna be our MOTHER FRICKIN’ YEAR??!?! I’m so hype I can’t even express it in proper words adkslf asfklgsdj lfasjd dasjldas SEE?? We are surviving a Global Chaos Shitstorm and we are going to move forward - TOGETHER! - and show 2021 who the boss is. (Spoiler: US.) Brief introduction for the new friends or otherwise memory-challenged (that’s me big time); hi! I’m Shaar, native New Englander who grew up here but moved away for some time to some places, returning after a long stint in North Carolina 2 years ago. I love it here and can’t envision being anywhere else; for many reasons and after many adventures, this is now Home, and in short time I'm about to move in with my boyfriend (hence forth Aoshi, or Ao) and am 10/10 looking forward to this change. Life has not been easy for me and I’ve seen my fair share of adversity and wildly unexpected struggles but thanks to my sheer screaming willpower - and the humbling support of my friends here - I’ve been able to eventually tackle every obstacle that’s been put in front of me. I love being outdoors and exploring everything the Northeast has to offer, and I’m also a huge fan of horror movies, traveling, cooking, and - video games - something you’ll probably hear a LOT about here, ehehe. Fitness-wise I’ve dabbled in everything, from powerlifting to yoga to boxing, and my current Life Setup (thanks to covid) has me utilizing the work treadmill and weight sets, which honestly isn’t so bad. I’ve had some setbacks, but haven’t we all?? I’m so excited to be here with you all and tackle our goals and succeed and ALSO progress Shaar's story a little bit and write for her... SO! LET’S GET ON IT YEAH?? [roadmap] I’m super into the night sky, and always have been. I do however, struggle to find constellations - weirdly enough the ONLY one I can continuously pinpoint is Orion’s belt which is WILD ‘cause it’s legit just three dots in the sky, like, of all the shapes and chaos mess up there how does that even work? Anyways friends there are APPS that can do this for you, you just fire that sucker up and point it at the sky and BOOM there’s Libra! I’m sure no star traveler but I want to see how much I can see! Try a star finder all (or two!) and share my findings. [phase shift] I am moving on Saturday the 2nd, in true Shaar fashion, a whole 48 hours into the new year. ‘CAUSE WHY NOT? This will take some adjustment on my part, as obviously I’m not used to cohabitating with a partner since the past... 3? Years? Aoshi and I have gotten the house set up already so now all that’s left is to get my stuff in and set up my room. I expect this to be quite a flawless transition to be fair but lots will be different, so this goal is to execute this as effortlessly as possible and report back with my progress. [arcane texts] My Kindle is old and busted (seriously, I have the original Fire, BIG YIKE) BUT - I’ve found that I can use the Kindle app on my iPad! I’ve been jonesing to read more lately, especially once I’ve moved and have a bit more time under my belt, so my goal is to finish one book in my library from start to finish. [culinary charisma] Pulling one of my end-of-2020 goals into this challenge; MORE COOKING! I have a laundry list of things I want to make for Ao and I once I’m in and settled - and the list is ever growing - so my goal for this challenge is to make two sick-ass dinners for us and get this ball rolling! (Also the boy has one of the best knife sets I’ve ever been able to use LORDY LORD I am hashbrown BLESSED~) I'd be honored to have you along for my travels~ 💖 Friends, we go, TOGETHER!!
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