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Found 3 results

  1. I fell off the internet again. I do that time to time, it's fine. Usually due to traveling, which I am not doing for the next month, so CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I could write for days, because I am a verbose motherfather, but I'll bullet these. I have a big project coming up to overtake the next 7 months, it's called #SpaceJunk, and it's a filmed puppet show. I hope to spend my free creative time building the puppets and set pieces for that show. There's no way I'll be done in a month, I want the build done by mid January, but I also want to travel to Japan for New Year's if I can swing it. So I am hunkering down, which saves money, and building puppets, which doesn't save money, but doesn't spend it either. Oh! I figured out what my "and more" is. To help me get to Japan I need to apply for a special scholarship, but this involves writing a letter to a Japanese sensei and asking to come and study with him... in Japanese. Not my best language (though I am not hopeless, but I am super super basic). So where was I? Number 1. SpaceJunk building. Number 2. Scholarship Application. Number 3? Oh. I want to be vegan. I've been vegetarian for half my life now, so it's not a huge shift, but I am curious how cutting out eggs and dairy will affect my energy, health, etc. I'm not going to be an ass about it. If at someone's house for dinner, etc, I'm not going to demand a list of ingredients, etc, just sticking to the basics. But at my house, it's animal-free. Let's see how this goes. Really, it's mostly just cutting out eggs and cheese for me, which I don't do much of anyway, but it'll be nice to pay more attention anyway, can't hurt, right? and Number 4. Running. I passed someone on the street today running and I miss it. I want to get back into it. I think twice a week is a fair start, three if I can swing it. I have so little free time. Maybe I'll even commit to once a week in the morning, see if I can become a morning run person (I really love the idea of that, but I SUCK at the follow-through there... so... let's make it part of the challenge!) Okay, that's about it for now. This starts tomorrow! I'm excited. I like being excited. Hearts and Stars!
  2. Hello, nerds! I'm back. Was it more than a week since last challenge? Has the new challenge not even started? Who cares! I am IN IT. Let's cut to it, because time is money... or time... it's precious valuable life existence being wasted as I type meaningless banter, Morty! MEANINGLESS BANTER! That's who I have become. I am a productivity machine and Lady-Rick ala Rick and Morty. No, not really, I have been working on (slash chaneling) a Rick Sanchez puppet for Dragon Con (nerdy geek-fest coming up Labor Day weekend), and that is primary goal number one: GET IT DONE. Well, done is a bit strong of a word, but this guy involves facial mechs, just so I know that I can do it, since one of my dream life goals is building and working props and puppets in TV and film (technically I am already doing that on the side, but I mean full time, forever and one hundred years film and TV art department!) So goal one is just working on puppets, not even Rick constantly, just anything, I attended the National Puppetry Conference in June and it rocked my socks (I made a movie, some of you saw it! I can post a link later when I need a pick-me-up!) and reminded me what I can get done when I focus. 1) BUILD. CREATE. ART. Okay, now more health oriented goals, of which I have two. 2) DRINK UP. As is... I am trying Soylent. Yup, figured I'd toss some dollars to the genius nerds who made drinkable food with a clever name. But really, I have become unexpectedly fascinated with caloric intake numbers, and time management. (This is where we get into TIME TRAVEL, which is what we are all doing... only in a very linear un-exciting way.) We only get so much of it (time), so I am stream-lining some of it where I can: like breakfast! or lunch, which I am at work so... drink up. This stuff is portioned out pretty much exactly what I need, and I am using it for breakfast and lunch, but eating real food for dinner, I'm a vegetarian so lately I've been making peanut/sesame kale and whatnot and it's amazing and that's that. I also signed up for my friend's Blue Apron trial, so I'm curious about those... really this week there's a Vietnamese rice stick thing and I am fascinated by those, so time to learn how to make them. Then drop the trial methinks, because money is a thing, and I am a clever chef. Oh, the point of this goal is to keep track of caloric intake, but also to see how well a Soylent powered me works in the harsh environment of the real world. 3) RUN, MORTY! RUN Oh, am I still doing that? Like I said, I've been drinking energy cut with coffee, and I mocked up an eye mech last night that I get to expound upon once I leave the moneyjob. Also, I am trying to "run" (lots of start and stop 5K training, I am sure, but the point is 30-45 minutes a day of activity). It's hard to do sometimes, to motivate, but I do know that when I do, I feel awesome. And it's been raining on me lately, which somehow feels awesom-er. Hitting that step-goal would be great too, but I'm not going to say it's a necessity this go-round. Okay, health-aside, let's look at more sort of social emotional functional goals 4) GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER and TIME IN CHECK Previous lurkers on my challenges may notice a theme. Funny, when you make art, your house seems to become a cluttered disaster area. I am trying to cull that, I've Konmari'ed pretty hard, but did not make the final adjustments of fixing my house to serve my needs. Hoping to make some strides there with this goal of batcave improvement. Studio-wise I need to build a work bench that's not my fold out cardtable, then affix my scroll saw, bandsaw, vice-I-am-buying-today, and any other hefty tools that are super dangerous on a card table (I've just been using them on the floor which isn't great, but safer for sure. Also want to cull my kitchen, I never quite did that when I Konmari'ed, so I need to. I make pretty darn awesome food, and I am starting to learn to simplify and organize my cabinets... so... I should. Time in check is more divvying up the hours alotted to me after work and on my days off, and making them productive, and relaxing, I know I need to rest too. This is me trying to make a chart, which I've not made yet (but it's July 5, and the challenge starts July 9, so I've got time) and stick to it. It will include time for art/building, running, house cleaning/ordering, and REST. I'm noticing a need or desire to sort of orient myself into a routine or schedule, that I can break out of as necessary, but also fall back on. We'll see how it goes. So, I've babbled on quite enough, now to get back to drinking energy and working at my money job! Any ideas? Suggestions? Running commentary? Requests? And awaaaaaaaaaay we go!
  3. Hello all, I've fallen off the internet a bit, but I am clawing my way back to the forums and just in time for the 4 week challenge! I'm setting out my goals as such (from the nifty worksheet): Put House in Order (Konmari Method) 4 Weeks of Calorie Counting, goal is 1,200/day Zombie 5K Meal Plan for the week, and making one shopping day. I have already started the KonMari method of putting my house in order, but I am hoping I can finish it up in these 4 weeks. My reward to myself (another chore) is to paint my living room when I am done. Hello, Batcave upgrade! I'm also trying to measure my calorie intake. Somewhat as a diet plan, but also because I like collecting information like that, and I feel like I can't help but course correct decision making if I am actively keeping track. Using "MyFitnessTracker" which I saw suggested by someone in the FaceBook Group. Zombie 5K, I'm using the Zombie Run 5K app, and it's time to get back to it. I am on week 3 now, so will be working through the program in the next four weeks. And meal prep/planning. I'm trying to save money this way too, by making my grocery shopping an all at once errand, and not picking up more than I need as the days go on. It should mean more time for running and gardening after work. Monday is my shopping day, with planning going into it on Sunday. That's about it... but really, I'd love some help with accountability. I am thrilled that as I write this the "MyFitnessTracker" pinged my phone and told me I hadn't logged my lunch today... which is true, I've not had a chance to eat lunch today. Planning will help with this, I do hope. Any plans? Ideas? Friendly advice? RECIPE IDEAS? I need all the help and suggestions I can get there, I love them. I'm a vegetarian, if that makes any difference. Paleo-ish, but not super much. I eat pretty healthy already. But recipe ideas make me happy! PS, if you're interested in my big mega plan, I filled out the worksheet here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XHD01rm1i72EPEqmMX8NEBuE3GMinTrkeWV0nxZ0rNo/edit?usp=sharing
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