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Found 17 results

  1. I want your input on whether the following diet can result in a slimmed down appearence: Breakfast: protein shake (like this one) Lunch: quinoa lentils avocado Dinner: refried beans corn tortillas black olives nutritional yeast hot sauce
  2. I just had my 5th class. It's super fun! However, I'm extremely out of shape. A positive thing, though, it's that I started this to motivate me to exercise, and it's working. There are a couple of things that I'm wanting to do, to get better in my classes: 1. Become Staminus Maximus, the god of stamina. 2. Inject Hulk serum into my limbs, to improve my strength. 3. Get better at eating the right things. Any tips for the kinds of exercise I would be doing, and food I should be eating, outside of class? For perspective, I haven't exercise for a full year, before
  3. Hello! I've just started Muay Thai, a few weeks ago. I was wondering if I could have some tips on strength training, mainly bodyweight stuff? This would be for striking power, but I also would like to just be a stronger person, in general. Help me, Strength-trainers Kenobi, etc., and so forth.
  4. Hi! My names Emily and I'm new to NerdFitness. I'm just want to make easy health choices and turn them into life habits. I've started my first Challenge and would like some tips and encouragement! thanks!!!
  5. Hi guys! I alternate a 3 day routine, 5-6 times a week, (never less than 3 on a bad week). Day One - Arms, Chest & Shoulders Flat bench 25kg (3 sets x 8) Incline bench 20kg (3 sets x 8) Pec Flys 5kg per arm on a flat bench (3 sets x 8) Dips with a resistance band (3 sets x 5-8, depending on strength) Superset: Shoulder Press (10kg) and Dumbell Lateral Raises (2kg on either arm) at (3 x 8) Push ups (3 sets of 8) (1 set being Diamond Variation) Day 2 - Back & Arms Dumbell Curls (5kg o
  6. Hey! I want advice, tips, clever hacks, and we can all share them! I am flying to Japan in a few weeks, and I am bringing ONE BAG, it looks like it's going to be the Ebags' Weekender Convertible 2.0, if you care. And NO PERSONAL ITEM. This means literally EVERYTHING is going in there. For two weeks. So, got any advice? Here's some ideas I've had so far: I'm packing a superlight 60L folding duffel to check for the trip home. I am rolling my clothes. Speaking of clothes, I'm wearing/layering heavier clothes on the trip, and what's in my suitcase are older underoos and
  7. Welcome to the Loft Hey there everyone! I decided to follow a little thread I had in one of my challenges and create a Accountbilbuddies group for Rebels who have creative based quests on their challenges, who like to craft, write or draw in some of their spare time, or who just really like following along artists, writers, sculptors, and various other awesome crafters! I wanted to have a space for people to also hold each other accountable (well...hold myself accountable) for their creative-based quests. Also, I wanted to make a space so I can share some tips on
  8. So I swim a couple of times a week at the moment before work, and I am a proficient swimmer (though not that fast). I was wondering if anyone can suggest any drills or tips to improve my technique, or whether I can improve technique without getting a trainer to actually watch my current form? As a guide, a typical swim session for me looks roughly like this at the moment: 400m Breaststroke warm-up Stretch ~£1k Front Crawl With any leftover time Crawl sprint/Breaststroke set/Backstroke (though rarely; I don't really like not seeing where I'm going). Any and all advice appreciated. Cheers!
  9. Tomorrow I'm starting my diet/less eating plan. I decided to go for mainly fruit, but I would like to have a hot meal once a day. I actually want to make it Paleo, but with a focus on fruit, do you have tips for that? The reason behind this is I tried the Atkins/low-carb diet, but after 3 days I just stop eating and start feeling ill, craving fruit. So, I'm just gonna eat fruit for breakfast, lunch and possible snacks while trying to make myself a healthy, warm dinner. I would also like some nice smoothie or fruity recipes to go with it. So, if you happen to have advices on a fruit-focused
  10. Hello! I am Michelle, online usually known as Renn. I am 19 years old, and I have been quite unhappy about my body for years now. Now that I have gotten medical help for my joint and muscle problems, I decided it was time for a change. So here I am! My goal is to lose 20 kilos/about 40 pounds, a pure loss of body fat and condition improvement - I don't care about muscle. As for now I don't have a deadline. What I like to do: Game - World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Skyrim, Garry's mod, Sims 3, Heroes of the Storm, Pokémon - those kind of things. Mostly PC, although I'm a nintendo fan too. Dog
  11. This may seem kind of nerdy, but hey, this is nerd fitness so what the heck. I myself am not a big fan of superheroes (sorry) so when I read about these things like “be like Captain Americaâ€, although I understand, it’s not really my thing. So I was struggling with the notion of channeling a ‘super’ version of myself in order to get hyped. I realized that maybe it wasn’t my way of doing things. I felt like didn’t have any powers, any abilities, I was just a simple girl, but I could feel the potential. What I needed was someone who believed in me and could tap into that poten
  12. Hi all, What I find most difficult by far in doing dumbbell presses is getting the weights into position, I feel like I have to settle with lighter weights than I could because of this. Are there any tricks that can make this easier? Thanks in advance!
  13. Now that 2013 is over, what small nuggets of knowledge did you learn, re-learn, affirm or basically discover during the year that you can share here? I'll start, for me: Mobility is as important to fitness and resilience as strength and cardio That ladders on lifts are a great way to lift, especially for the average person. Consistency beats intensity in the long run.
  14. Hi there! Ok so my routine does not really consist of muscle building but im geared to that(i still do my cardio and watch my diet). Lately though my friends and I have been arguing on this topic, with one side saying that building muscle for muscle is bs, while the other saying that fat people should build muscle to gain more metabolism=more fat loss. Im stuck at between and im confused here, so could someone help me out?
  15. So, as most of you ladies already know, finding articles on lifting or strength training can be hard to find. And sometimes the ones you find aren't quite accurate or what you were looking for. And then there's articles like this one: http://bretcontreras.com/strength-training-for-women/ Is this guy serious?! Here are some of the 'tips' from this guys article: -Most women think there’s some magic fitness secret out there and therefore try to juggle every fitness methodology under the sun, which results in being mediocre at a variety of things rather than highly skilled in one or just
  16. I actually signed up for NF awhile back but had a lot of stuff come up so I left for a while. I'm back again, though, and am read to go! Here's an abridgment of my story: I was obese most of my life, never exercised, sat down all day, and ate awful (lots of fast food, instant noodles, canned meat, etc.) I tried exercising sometimes, but nothing jived well with me. I moved to a new city and stumbled across an exercise class that, for once, I actually really enjoyed and became gung-ho about exercising. I started doing nearly everything I could including various aerobics, dances, Pilates and s
  17. Oops, originally posted this in the wrong section. Moved it to the right one. Sorry about that!
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