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Found 9 results

  1. Clearly I am behind the Ranger curve as there are so many fine challenges already up. I am almost clear of the holiday (I just have to get through tonight and tomorrow) which is good because my level of holiday fatigue is currently summed up here: I toyed with many themes but I failed to make any of them coherent so it's just a list of objectives this time around. Stay tuned for cat gifs and maybe 80's b-boy dancing if you're lucky. Do you feel lucky? Year of Living Trippily: I need to get a mammogram (and probably a physical, too), and I want t
  2. So I've been sticking with cardio as my main form of exercise because of an injury and I've noticed 2 things. I feel like I really need to do something with my hands while riding a stationary bike, besides messing with my MP3 player. Should I buy some weights to use while riding? I don't ride very fast or hard so it could be doable I suppose. Or is multitasking like that asking for trouble? Assuming it even works, I've heard it does and doesn't. #2 How do you guys fight the urge to nap after working out? I've noticed every time that I'm done, I feel incredibly sleepy.
  3. So, I've been coming here for almost ten years. In that time, I've done more than a dozen challenges with the Monks, a few with the Adventurers, one or two with the Warriors, an Assassin run or two, a Ranger run or two... but always coming back to the Monks, due to my interest in MMA, boxing, kickboxing, and all sorts of combat sports. And after ten years, I'm in pretty much the worst shape of my life, and the least parts of me that I never even considered have started breaking down. In no particular order: My beard is more white than black now The old hairline has been
  4. I'm fairly certain that I ended up here at this respawn point, because I stumbled into a PVP area and was shanked in the back by an Imperial Operative. So while I sit here and let the medical droid tend to my wounds, let me consider how I got in this mess in the first place. I think it's important to acknowledge what went wrong without fear of being told you're just making excuses or complaining. The fact is, the situation is what it is and now that we're here it's time to dust off and get ready to move forward. So let's start where it all started getting derailed...
  5. This morning was a huge milestone for me and I wanted to brag! I didn't make it to sleep until about 3am last night (well, this morning I suppose); probably ate something bad and my body voicing its objections :-P. My normal routine calls for me to get up at 5:30 to hit the gym before my daily grind. The OLD me would have readily and justifiably said "nuts to that, we're sleeping in!" But not any more! Today was the first day I purposefully decided to kill that thought and get up and do it anyway. End result: one of my best and most personally record-setting days ever! Feeling tired, ye
  6. Hello all. Old, overweight, super-nerd here. (6' 0", 225 lbs., 58 year old programmer, gamer). I can't believe someone actually created a fitness forum specifically for moi. So starting today I am back at trying to strip off 40 lbs., that I don't honestly need. Though I did spend a lot of effort collecting it. hmmmm..... When motivated I tend to do a good job of moderating the food in-take. I don't "diet" per se, just watch the extra junk food, and eat better. What I need is a better work out routine. I live a long way from a gym. Like a 40 minute round trip to the clos
  7. Hi everybody, this is my first 6-week challenge and one of my goals is to strength train three times a week. I've been pretty proud of myself since I really started to strength train two weeks ago. I've even moved up from 10-15 lb weights! I'm currently doing the Dumbbell Division workout on the NF Academy. The last couple days though have been hard. This is how I felt like after my last workout: Today's workout consisted of deadlifts (3×8), Push Press (3×8), Lunge (3×20) (10 per leg), Rows (Since I can't do pull-ups yet), and Hanging Knee Tuck (3×10), All with 15lb weights, except f
  8. In the words of Obama, I want change. All my life I've been waaaaayy overweight, but now it's time to take a stand. I'm tired of feeling clumsy because of my bodyweight (im 15 and 20kgs over) and I'm tired of finding myself regretting eating a bag of crisps. So, after finding nerd fitness, I've decide that 2014 will be the year that I achieve my (hopefully easy to achieve) goals. But as I've found from numerous amount of times in the past, I can't do this alone, and i am weak in the face of cake and pizza. So I've joined the forums for help and support from local rebels. 2014 should be a g
  9. Hey guys, So this is my very first post here. I've been looking at this website on and off for quite a while, as I've gone down various weightloss ventures in the past. I've yoyo-d a lot with my weight, doing all different things from calorie counting, to GF SF DF, the failsafe diet, and have gained it all back due to emotional stressors/binge eating problems, and probably the biggest one - medications I'm finally on the right track with the binge eating, I feel like I have it under control and haven't binged in a while. I've come around to embracing the paleo way of life, and it's my seco
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