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  1. Because not all Disney princesses are damsels in distress, and anyone who knows me can tell you that I am the exact opposite of a damsel in distress. Hi again! I’m blkhole24601, or Vicki if you want a real name to work with, a former Scout who is learning the graces of Assassinhood through dancing and maybe someday, gymnastics. My main motivation is because of my night job: I’m an actress in the Denver area and musical theatre is my first love, which is all well and good except I’m not exactly what you’d call graceful. Thus, my focus on dance! I’m also trying to pick up other physical skills (see: handstands, cartwheels, splits, etc.) that will make me more employable. Main Quest: Become a physically adept actress! Quest 1: Mulan - Let’s Get Down to Business [+2 STR +4 DEX +3 TBD] I know Mulan isn't technically a princess, but she's part of the official Disney Princess franchise so... This quest is honestly just a fancy way of saying, “I will exercise five times a week.†There is a regimen I want to incorporate into every workout that I do, and this is the easiest way to be sure that I not only find that routine but also continue to learn/perfect the skills I want to have under my belt by year’s end. So, said regimen: TMNT Mobility and Balance 5x/week [+2 DEX] Stronglifts 2x/week, free-for-all workout 3x/week [+2 STR, +3 TBD based on what I do] Jazz/ballet/tap classes don’t count. Not because I don’t think they’re a workout because I know they are, but because my focus is more on technique than a cardio session. Alternatively, other dance classes will count, and any at-home work on jazz/ballet/tap will also count. Tentative plan for the three other workouts will be yoga, running, and at-home dance work/U-Jam/Zumba, but again, NOT holding myself to this in case of Life. Splits/Flexibility Work 5x/week [+2 DEX] If a minimum of 30 minutes of yoga was completed as the main workout, it will also count towards this criterion. A = all 3 criteria met | B = 2 criteria met | C = 1 criteria met | D = for effort | F = zilch Quest 2: Ariel - Getting New Legs [+3 DEX] To continue my ultimate 2015 quest to quit moving like a graceless lummox at dance callbacks, I’m dedicating myself to 3x/week of dancing, with one of those days being at a jazz/ballet/tap class. Ideally I’d love for this to be twice a week but realistically schedules may not always work out that way. Zumba/U-Jam/anything that isn’t jazz or ballet or tap will not count towards having gone to class but will count towards the 3x/week. [3/6/2015 Adjustment: Weeks 5 and 6 will be excluded from the class requirement as long as I spend one dance session focused purely on technique.] A = 3x/week (A- =3x/week, no class) | B = 2x/week (B- = 2x/week, no class) | C = 1x/week, class | D = 1x/week, no class | F = zilch Quest 3: Tiana - Best Cook This Side of the Mississippi [+1 CON] Okay, so my meals will most definitely not hold a candle to Tiana’s, but I do miss cooking like something fierce. Therefore, I will cook once a week. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s all about starting small. I do hope that cooking more frequently than once a week will come naturally as I get into it more! A = 6 weeks complete| B = 5 weeks complete | C = 3-4 weeks complete | D = 1-2 meals cooked | F = never happened Life Quest: Giselle - Happy Working Song [+2 CHA] I don't care that she's not part of the official franchise, I love her and I love this movie. Part One: Sing 6x/week, just to solidify this as a habit. For a contingency should I not be able to sing for whatever reason (sick, voice needs a break, etc.), as long as I dedicate time towards studying musical theory, working on my audition pieces or The Mikado music (such as solfege work or plucking the notes out on my piano to get them in my head), or researching pieces for upcoming auditions, it will count. [+1 CHA] A = 6x/week | B = 5x/week | C = 3-4x/week | D = 1-2x/week | F = zilch Part Two: And now for a proper adulting requirement. I’m bad at keeping my apartment clean. I’m good at Netflix marathons. So, let’s combine the two! I will clean 5x/week for the length of an episode of whatever on Netflix. If I put in something that’s longer than 20-40 minutes, then I will only dedicate myself to cleaning for the first half hour or so. This should also, theoretically, help me declutter, too. [+1 CHA] [3/6/2015 Adjustment: 2 days a week starting in Week 3, as long as I do one chore in the house, it will count towards this quest. Chores mean putting away dishes, starting laundry, putting away laundry, taking out the trash, cleaning the litter box, etc.] A = 5x/week | B = 4x/week | C = 3x/week | D = 1-2x/week | F = zilch In Summary: 1. Workout 5x/week [+2 STR +4 DEX +3 TBD] 2. Dance 3x/week (Class 1x/week) [+3 DEX] 3. Cook 1x/week [+1 CON] 4. Sing 6x/week [+1 CHA] 5. Clean 5x/week [+1 CHA] (see why I basically HAD to go with a Disney princess theme???) Attribute Point Distribution: 2+ STR | 7+ DEX | - STA | 1 CON | 0 WIS | 2 CHA (3 points from Quest 1 to be distributed at the end of the challenge based upon what exercises I do. Tentatively +1 STA and +2 DEX) Weekly Recaps: Day 0 | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Challenge Complete! Mini-Challenges +1 STR earned +1 STA earned +1 CON earned +1 DEX earned +1 CHA earned +1 WIS earned
  2. Okay so after taking a break from the last challenge, dealing with all annoying things that had happened during the summer, and trying to figure out what I want to do in life, I'm back for a new start at getting back to exercising (again) and attempting starting a healthy lifestyle (again) unlike all my failed attempts. This challenge, I'm going to try to keep it simple and not over crowd myself with everything that I want to do, but with two or three things that I can focus on for this challenge. Quest #1 Health For this challenge, I'm going to the Ninja Turtle Workout. I like it a lot because it already has a format, there is a lot to do, and seems pretty fun Then on the off days, I'm gonna go running with my friend to build endurance and to just keep my body moving. Also, because I finally have a running buddy and she also is trying to get back into shape, so it's a win-win. Here is what the schedule looks like: Monday: TMNT workoutTuesday: light runningWednesday: TMNT workoutThursday: light runningFriday: TMNT workoutWeekends: restSide Quest: Eat 1 bowl of salad a day. I wanted to work on my diet too, but changing it completely would be intense for me so I'm taking baby steps and possibly next challenge I'll work on my diet. Quest #2 Creativity? I don't know what to call this category so "creativity" is going to be the working title unless someone comes up with a better one or if I remember what this category was supposed to be called. I do these art projects called space painting that I've wanted to get better at because people have been asking me to make one for them, but I'm not confident enough to make ones that I'm happy to give away. Hopefully, I'll be able to use this challenge as an excuse to practice the art. Basically it's just everyday I work on only one skill for that week, and then just add on techniques as the weeks go by: Week 1: mountainsWeek 2: mountains and lakesWeek 3: mountains, lakes, and waterfalls,Week 4: mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and other nature stuffWeek 5: buildingsWeek 6: ringsI know it looks like a lot, but it's really not, trust me. It's not like I'm starting from scratch, but more of using the challenge to help hone my skills to become better. Did I just repeat myself? yeah I probably did. Side Quest: complete five paintings by the end of the challenge. Ambitious I know, but I put it as a side quest so I don't have to stress over it as much. Quest #3 Life stuff The word "life" is so generic to use but it's late right now, and I can't think of a better word to use. Anyway, right now I'm pretty lazy when dealing with adulthood, so why not put it into the challenge so I can get off my ass and do something good while I have all this free time. Here is pretty much what I hope to accomplish: Get a jobMake moneyGet a PS4 before the new maps drop for Destiny (sometime around December) It would be a miracle to get a job within the month (at least this day in age), but I'm putting up because I have a bunch of apps I need to fill out and return and like I said before, I'm lazy so why not put an incentive in front of me? Side Quest: Finish cleaning out my room Also ambitious but at least with cleaning, I've learned you can get a lot done if you do a little bit at a time. Also helps with not being overwhelmed so much by everything. Alright! so that's pretty much what I'm gonna do this challenge which starts tomorrow. I have a really good feeling about this so wish me luck! Let me know if I'm being to ambitious or don't have enough stuff. Anything comments is welcomed and I can't wait for the start! P.S. anyone wanna help me with the stats? I have no idea how to assign points and stuff to my character and the forums confuse me a whole lot. Help is appreciated Grading Scale: Since I have three different quests with three side quests attached to it, I made separate scales because I'm crazy and If I'm not strict on myself, I won't do stuff. Quest 1: Health A- Five days a week B- Four days a week C- Three days a week D- Two days a week F- One day a week Quest 2: Creativity A- 4 days of skills B- 3 days of skills C- 2 days of skills D- 1 day of skills F- no art ever Quest 3: Life Pass: I get a job Fail: I don't get a job Side Quest #1 A- All 30 days B- 29 - 19 days C- 18 - 12 days D- 11- 0 days F- no days Side Quest #2 A- all 5 paintings B- 4 paintings C- 3 paintings D- 2 paintings F- no days Side Quest #3 Pass: Room is clean Fail: room not clean
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