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Found 6 results

  1. Jonesy’s Oh, Bother Last challenge was a struggle to find the determination to follow through with my goals. This challenge I'm going to keep it simple. Me, keep things simple, yeah ok but I’m gonna try real hard. At least for the challenge. Haha Fitness : Workout 12 times Health : Meal Plan each week & eat at home at least 15 times Life : Make a reasonable to do list and accomplish at least 4 items Keep it Simple!
  2. Ok, ok, we're not going to be quite up to his level of shenanigans out in the wild, but we'll hopefully be exploring some unfamiliar terrain. We'll be trying out this geocaching-thing. The "we" are again, the boys and I, as I try to up their activity level this challenge round. Due to my choice to take over the gardening the last month and a bit, I haven't had time to really get out there walking or playing or just get out with them that much. With geocaching, we'll be looking for that cache or "treasure" which should be fun, or at least adventurous. HEALTH : DAILY
  3. Jett

    Jym Looks Within

    So, after losing pretty much all progress over the holidays, I spent last challenge slowly trying to get myself back on track. Some things are in maintenance mode: I'm not currently tracking calories, but I have enough of a general sense of how much I'm eating that I seem to be sticking close to 2000 calories a day, most days, which is about right. I'm not weighing myself right now, because I don't want to stress out about it. On the other hand, there are some things that need immediate attention: my wildly fluctuating sleep schedule, staying hydrated, and trying to start working out again.
  4. I'm returning to doing challenges! I gave up after failing challenges and not focusing my goals properly. But I have just finished reading Steve's book and have the motivation to make a difference to my life again! So here we go. Goal: Get to the gym Reason: I haven't been to the gym much recently (thanks to illnesses, injuries and people dying). I need to reintroduce it as a habit in my life. I enjoy getting stronger and want to be able to do awesome things with my body. What: Go to the gym three times a week following the StrongLifts programme to get my lifts back to what I was achieving
  5. So I was thinking through some of the things that I want to do at one point in my life as an extension of this challenge. I came up with this list so far. I am sure there will be more things to add in the future. Climbing 1) Finish a lead climb route 2) Climb outdoors 3) 5.12 4) 5.13 5) V4 6) V5 7) V6 8) V7 9) V8 10) V9 11) V10 Running 1) 52 second 400m 2) 2 min 800m 3) 5 min mile 4) Under 18m 5k 5) Marathon Basketball
  6. Past 6 weeks Milythael and The Wolf have been huge inspirations to me and helped me through a great deal of funk!!! The Wolf inspired me to go from an asari assassin to a wolf assassin and I'm feeling more at home with that. Here's what I'm working on: I've listed my goals in the first image, but here they are again in more detail: 1. Make 1 cookbook meal a week +2 Con, +2 Cha I have a number of cookbooks lying around that I'm not using. In my quest to eat better, and learn to eat more types of food, I'll make 1 cookbook meal a week. It's gonna be made on weekends most likely. I will
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