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Found 1 result

  1. I decided to make a space program themed challenge because I've been playing Kerbal Space Program for years, I recently finished reading The Martian, and space is fun. To further cement the idea that a space program themed challenge belongs on NerdFitness, I present evidence that Steve moonlights as an animation model for KSP. The similarities are uncanny. I wanted this challenge to be difficult, worthy of being compared to humanity's efforts to reach into space. I will do all the hard things. This challenge is a squat-leaned challenge. Squats are my weak point, and weak points require special attention in space programs. I do not want my squats to be my faulty o-ring. I will be building a rocket. I intend on reaching the moon. While so many specific measurements can be accumulated to evaluate the potential of a spacecraft, they can all be compiled into a single end-unit that makes space travel route planning so easy. Delta-v is a unit used to describe a craft's ability to change its velocity. I will be using this unit to evaluate my rocket, and my challenge. Me, my rocket, the earth, and the moon are not the only things that exist in the universe. Both competition and collaboration have historically driven space venture arguably more than rockets themselves. And specifically on competition... Matty idolizes Widowmaker sets. Between his Battlelog and his recent challenge thread, 'Widowmaker' was mentioned 33 times. He was so passionate over achieving a bodyweight widowmaker set, he blew chunks of brain matter right out his nose before he even got there! Matty is a much better squatter than me, but I will show him how to do BW Widowmakers correctly. CurlBrogo idolizes the concept of SquatEveryDay even more than Matty does Brain Hemorrhages. There seems to be no way to search for the terms 'SED' or 'Squat Every Day', but if I were to extrapolate the number of instances of these terms on the first page of his last challenge across the total number of pages in his last three challenges, I think it would be over 100. Ive never tried this before, but lets see if I can rock it. I'm still sore that he hit 1000 lb big3 before me, but in the grand scope of things, that is like Sputnik and Yuri, I'm gonna do Apollo. I heard MissMarissa wants to sleep early, wake early, and lose weight for this challenge period. I suck at all of those things! Challenge accepted! My planned rotation:Squat every morning except Saturday-Squat Jumps morning of or morning after heavy squats-Widowmaker, otherwiseHeavy Evening A: DL + OHPHeavy Evening B: Bench + UpperbackHeavy Evening C: Squats + LatsSun-Thurs A-B-C rotation, optional rest night Mon, Tues, or Wed.Friday rest nightSat full body (includes squats) Just gonna keep it simple here... Fitness to Delta-V conversion Initial 100 m/s delta-v I am starting with a pitiful rocket with only 100 m/s of delta-v. Basically, I saved up my farts for a year and sealed it in a steel drum. Assuming my shitty rocket can expel this fuel and accelerate at constant rate for a duration of 10 seconds, I will achieve a Thrust to Weight ratio of about 1.02, and I will rise about 10 meters off the ground before my fuel runs out. I will coast upwards another fifth of a meter before taking a sharp turn and a short, speedy fall back to my backyard lawn. Dont worry, I would be wearing a helmet. Each Widowmaker Set adds delta-v = (w-155) x r / 10, ex. 205x20 = 100m/s, 210x20 = 110m/s, 205x21 = 105 m/s Each Widowmaker set will allow me to add real rocket fuel to my shitty rocket. I will of course be upgrading my fuel tanks accordingly. SED multiplies accumulated delta-v by 1.03 per day Everyday I SED, I will be increasing the work capacity of my shitty rocket through the fuel efficiency of my liquid engines. As I increase my ISP across all of my rocket stages, I will ultimately be able to stretch my fuel into a greater delta-v. Efficiency is king. REP PRs at 8 reps or under on any big4 set multiplies accumulated delta-v by 1.01 Efficiency is not king. Increasing my acceleration potential will allow me to minimize the effects of atmospheric drag and gravity drag during take-off, minimize the effect of gravity drag during atmosphere-less landing, and maximize the GAINS made off the Oberth effect. A great way to increase acceleration is to increase thrust. Rep PRs on my power lifts will allow me to build more powerful engines. Bed after midnight before work, multiplies accumulated delta-v by 0.95 Timing is everything. Missing a launch window can be disastrous. Most mission profiles depend on celestial objects being at certain places at certain times, and those fuckers are always moving. Even a two body mission like from Earth to the Moon depends on how the launch orbit lines up with the moon's orbit. The Earth is tilted and we launch from Florida instead of the equator. While correcting this inclination is necessary, it costs delta-v! How much depends on how bad the inclination is. And how bad the inclination is depends greatly on when we push the big red launch button. Putting it off until the next day will cost me valuable delta-v. End of challenge weight loss, multiplies accumulated delta-v by 1.1 cumulatively per pound lost, ex. 10 lbs lost; (1.1)^10 = 2.5937 multiplier The other half of acceleration is mass. The same thrust will push a lighter payload further and faster. As Mark Watney knows, the most effective way to build a faster rocket involves hacking away useless weight, like the pressurized hull, life support, and flight controls. If I lose weight before launch, I will enjoy the benefits of extending my mission's delta-v budget. End of challenge big4 1rm test, multiplies accumulated delta-v by two times percentage gains per lift, ex. 5% gains across board; (2*1.05)^4 = 1.4641 multiplier SRBs are fucking powerful. Spacecraft typically use them to get a huge thrust boost during the first half of the launch. It allows the craft to escape the dragsoup we call atmosphere and the gravhole we call earth sooner and affords the craft more delta-v post-orbit. 1 rep gains on my power lifts will afford me to fish some SRBs out of the ocean and attach them to my rocket. Even old spent NASA SRBs are really fucking heavy. A list of some trip Delta-v costs assuming perfect aerobraking maneuvers.based off of this DV porkchop map 42.51 km/s delta-v = round trip to surface of Venus (dat atmosphere)35.73 km/s delta-v = round trip to surface of Mercury25.14 km/s delta-v = one way trip to surface of Mercury21.3 km/s delta-v = one way trip to surface of Pluto18.31 km/s delta-v = round trip to surface of Mars17.2 km/s delta-v = round trip to surface of the moon15.51 km/s delta-v = round trip to low Venus orbit14.66 km/s delta-v = one way trip to surface of the moon13.76 km/s delta-v = round trip to low moon orbit12.94 km/s delta-v = one way trip to low moon orbit12.6 km/s delta-v = one way trip to surface of Mars12.21 km/s delta-v = one way trip to surface of Venus So here are my quests of all the hard things... Fitness Quest I will try to plan a respectable mission profile with the delta-v budget I earn by -Squating Widowmakers -Squating Every Day-Every workday morning. Squat jumps to replace widowmakers day of and morning after heavy squat nights. -Making Overall Strength Gains -Losing Weight -Sleeping Life Quest 1 Ask a girl out! I will evaluate my efforts and success in terms of elective 'collaborative' elements of my mission profile. If I'm partying down in zero-g drinking the all the secret Ruskie vodka on the ISS and making music videos with Commander Hadley, I did well. If not so well, maybe I'll just stay on the moon. Life Quest 2 Learn Chinese! On July 18th, I started learning Mandarin. You never know when shit might hit the fan and being able to decipher the buttons in a Chinese knockoff space station might be your last but only choice for survival. That is a seemingly random hypothetical situation, but it sounds familiar. This will be pass/fail. Pass if I stay on it, fail if I quit. I have no doubts about this one, as I have already started the awesome habit of practicing and studying Mandarin whenever I get enough free head space to start brooding over some fucked up shit at work. So far, my mood has been much improved, and I learned a fucking ton of Mandarin. And finally I will forgive my lateness to bed tonight. This had to be posted.
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