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Found 2 results

  1. OK, the marathon's over and now I am become Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds, so let's kick off this challenge with my four point plan for destroying the entire contents of the milky way. 1. Devour New York We evil destroyers of civilization always like to start by rampaging through a city with recognisable landmarks, demonstrating how man's puny technology is powerless before the primal power of an avenging monster. In other words, I am going to plan in 2 days of primal eating a week to get a sense of what it's like ahead of a potential w30 attempt (unless I regain my senses) in the following challenge. If I feel the need for some cake, I will eat a big apple. Ho ho, do you see what I did there? 2 days per week = CON 3, CHA 1 2. Outrun the Speed of Light By bending the laws of physics, I will cause time to run backwards, not just a few minutes like that hopeless amateur Superman, but all the way back to the 1980's, age of synth pop and Margaret Thatcher. If that doesn't strike fear into the hearts of puny mortals, I don't know what will. In other words, I will run far and fast. One long run per week in the half marathon range, and at least one short fast run, making sure to stretch thoroughly afterwards 1 and 1, every week for 6 weeks = STA 4 3. Get Off Uranus Swim through the galaxy, like Great A'tuin, but, you know... evil! Swimming, basically. Once per week, at least 1 swim per week = STR 2 4. Shoot Frickin' Laser beams out of my eyes Or failing that, just learn portuguese. Do the laser shooty thing = 1000000000 awesomeness points 1 Decent burst of Portuguese per day for 42 days = WIS 5 And while I'm doing that, play keepy-uppy with the exercise streak, doing one thing per day on days when I don't have a scheduled activity. Pushups, handstands, pilates, slackline... whatevs! I really hope this galaxy destroying thing works out for me. In fact,as I see it, there's only one thing that can stop me...
  2. What you need for one burger: two large mushroom cups 1 tomato 1/4 avocado 1 egg coconut oil salt, pepper and dill Instructions: 1. cut out mushroom stems and dice them up 2. slice tomato thinly, I used 3 slices for my burger 3. heat coconut oil in pan, fry mushroom cups on medium heat for about 2 min on each side, you want them cooked and soft but not to flobby as they will be your burger buns 4. as soon as you flip the cups on the other side, start frying the diced stems (I did it all in the same pan) and the sliced tomato 5. season everything with salt and pepper 6. crack your egg on top of the mushroom stems and scramble. cook as much as you desire. sprinkle with dill (I used dried dill) 7. place one mushroom cup on a plate, layer with a slice of tomato, some egg, another slice, rest of egg, another slice and on top some avocado. 8. eat and enjoy )
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