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Found 6 results

  1. Last challenge cycle brought 2 OCRs, a 10k, and a 5k. This cycle encompasses the dog days of summer (and it currently looks like we’ll actually get some summer - NYC is s-w-a-m-p-y), so I had planned on taking it a little easier in August (and by a little easier, I mean 1 big GoRuck + an unspecified number of runs for bling). Of course, now I’m having second thoughts about this “easy†business, and am itching to do moar things. I’m also sad that I only have 1 OCR left this season. It’s a biggie (Tough Mudder in November), but still … it’s not right now. I know, I know â
  2. This cycle's challenges are based off of the feats from the mini challenge exercise for this cycle. More info here. Feats Endurance: Complete: Spartan Sprint + Oakley 10k + Savage Race + Rugged Maniac - DONE WEEK 1 Strength: Improve throughout this season's OCRs + Perform A Single Damn Pull Up Speed: Work on furthering my yoga pose skill set (I'm starting with holding crow for longer + headstands) Combat: Complete the Spartan bodyweight program + continue to work yoga in where I can - Edited to include working with the pull-up bar every week day this week on top of my yoga workouts Heali
  3. A few weeks ago my husband made me watch Legend of Korra with him, and it turns out it is pretty fantastic and I'm super getting into it. She really reminds me of the Buffy. Young and headstrong, fish out of water, one of the few of her kind, has to run around fighting big bads while also finding her own identity. So she is the inspiration for this challenge as I attempt to master the four elements. 1. Earth – Strength and Power Goal: Continue linear progression (5x3) weight training 2x a week, plus Strongman Saturdays 2. Air – Cardiovascular Endurance Goal: Jog/run a total of 6
  4. Looking for teammates for a Tough Mudder in SoCal over Halloween Weekend 2015. Anyone interested? Anyone already going? Prices increase in a week. https://toughmudder.com/events/2015-socal
  5. Still fleshing out my goals for this challenge, but wanted to go ahead and get a thread started. Here's what I know at this point: Fit Goal 1 (STR +3, STA +2) Mud on your face, but not a disgrace: Spartan WOD at least 4 x per week to prep for Tough Mudder / Spartan Run (to be completed in 2013) / Tough Mudder circuit 1 x per week. Fit Goal 2 (CON +3) Water water everywhere and I'm not drinking enough of it: straight water, gallon 96 oz a day (lowered the amount cause hitting a gallon was tough without feeling my eyeballs float) Fit Goal 3 (DEX +3) Bend like a reed in the wind: Yoga 3 x p
  6. I am so glad to have found this site. I've been spending my time between semesters trying to organize my eating and exercising, but A Dance with Dragons, the Hobbit movie, and my near-genetic predisposition to immediately hoard and feast upon potatoes when the temperature drops below 55 have been hindering my process. I used to belly dance quite a bit, and have been beginning to learn Uechi-Ryu karate. While I like to work out on my own at times, I really like the strength and flexibility that comes from doing real things, like practicing kata or dancing. I've signed up on the Adventurer boa
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