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  1. A New Year, A New Beginning 2016. I can't believe we are here already. With a new year and a chaotic end to my 2015, things have come to the surface that has really made me WANT to reevaluate my life. What it is, what it isn't, what I have and don't have, but most especially, what do I really want. I know what I want, I want to be happy. Can't phrase it any other way, I want to be truly, blissfully, uncompromisingly happy with my life. And with these new 4-week challenges, this will be a perfect challenge to get myself in a better place before my 39th birthday How am I going to do this... let's figure this out: 1. Redesign the Breastplate -- OK, I know I've attracted some perv nerds so get your heads out of MY gutter LOL This goal is going to focus on working on this junk food gut and get that work helping me form my exercise habit. I'm going to focus purely on upper body workouts instead of trying to go with both halves this time. Three times a week sounds like a solid amount of time each week to work out, as for the variety of those workouts, those are coming. Ok, let's be real!! Three times a week I've been trying to do since challenge one and I have gotten varying results. But has a habit actually started.... not so much. So we're going to go this route. Since I decided to participate in the Assassin Mini, that's where I'm going to start. I need to fully try to participate in the Mini for the four weeks (to be decided by special tribunal). Pass/Fail 2. Lighten the Gauntlets -- With big, bulky gauntlets it's hard to grab onto things like proper liquids for drinking. The holidays and visiting my parents does sometimes lead to poor drinking habits so I need to get back on that. So this is a straightforward goal, get more water in, keep more of the crap out. 64 ounces of water minimum daily consumption and all other drinks need to be avoided, especially the deceptive ones that look like they are no calories but are full of sugars and such. 3. Ventilate the Helm -- Having the brain overheat doesn't lead to thinking very clearly. So we need to get this helmet ventilated so that I make fewer poor choices with my eating habits. At this point, I think I'm just going to map my intake with MFP, if something else comes from that I will integrate it now or next challenge. 4. Bracing the Leggings -- I need to get moving this year. In so many ways. Moving physically, moving mentally, moving emotionally, and moving for my happiness. So, for starters, this challenge, I have one and only one life goal, to use my legs and get myself out of the most toxic relationship that I have. I'm reminded that there is so much more in the universe and what I am and have been experiencing since my late 20s is highly toxic. It must be cut out of my life immediately. This will be a straight up pass/fail goal. Now, where is my hammer and anvil?!?
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