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Found 5 results

  1. A dungeon crawl is a type of scenario in fantasy role-playing games in which heroes navigate a labyrinthine environment, battling monsters, solving puzzles, evading traps, and looting any treasure they may find. I thought this an appropriate theme for this challenge because I often struggle in Sept/Oct as the sun vanishes, the days get shorter and the schedule gets busier. I have pinpointed my trouble areas, now it's just a matter of navigating them. And to quote one of the Twitter folks I follow: The goal of DnD is not to level up in order to overcome a challenge. Its to solve chall
  2. "Your doubts will become your failure. Your failure will lead to anger. Soon, the dark side shall have power over you, and you will welcome it's embrace." It has been some time since I have truly run a challenge with focus, sincerity and commitment. I need to get on game here. I don't need to aim for perfect execution; though that would certainly be welcome- but aim for perfect effort. While the goals are getting monotonous, I need to keep them where they're at until it's my routine life, and not something that must be reached for and tallied. I want to continue to
  3. Has anyone else had a hard time sticking with a certian calorie input sticking to a PMS/period time frame? I'm 5 4, 136, eating 1600+ calories a day, I eat my calories burned during workouts, trying to lose jus a bit of weight at a very slow pace 1/4-1/2lb a week. but every PMS/Period I struggle with hunger.
  4. I'm going on a journey this challenge. Over rivers, through forests & up and down hills to have a great adventure. If I'm going to have this great adventure I'm actually going to have to get somewhere over the next 6 weeks. Goal #1 - Bike 150 miles total (4 STA) - Some short rides with a few longs rides thrown in for variety I'm going to be having to move around a lot over the course of my adventure. So some body weight workouts are definitely in order. I never know when I might need to fight a troll or some spiders so I have to keep in tip top shape. But I can't forg
  5. Hi folks, I've been thinking about getting a kitchen scale, to weigh my food before eating, so I have a better idea of how big some of my meal portions are, especially meats. I have no idea of what 1 oz, 4, oz, 6 oz, of meat or other foods look like, so I thought I'd start weighing them to get a more accurate count of my caloric intake. I track my meals on MyFitnessPal.com (feel free to add me as a friend, if you wish). Do any of you use kitchen scales for weight loss purposes? And if so, what are some brands/models you've had good experiences with? Feel free to "weigh in" with your ans
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