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Found 3 results

  1. I think the miles really will take care of themselves this challenge. I don’t have a mileage goal because I’m doing races the next 3 weekends and then will need to recover a bit. But I do have two running goals: 1. [9 week challenge] 50 hill repeats. This one will end at the end of this 4-week challenge. At time of writing I have 24 done and 26 to go. 2. [6 week challenge] 50 strides. This one includes the 4-week period and the “zero weeks” before and after. 30 seconds of quick running, usually done in sets of 4 at the beginning and/or end of a workout. I think this goal is good because it builds some useful flexibility and power into my stride. And some non-running goals: 3. 60 chin-up negatives. This goal is mostly a placeholder to make myself go to the gym regularly, but I'm racheting this up from earlier challenges! I’m going to try doing a few more with each gym session. I’m also going to slowly start adding pushups back in. I miss them. 4. Log calories 5 days per week with daily average below 2300 each week. I need to get back on track here. The higher limit should help, but it’s still easy to go over if I eat junk. 5. Drink at least 1 liter of water at least 20 days of challenge (aiming for 5/week). This also isn’t hard, but I haven’t been doing it. Water I drink while running doesn’t count. Other things: I’m gonna clear out this list: (1) Make vet appointment, (2) Call new doctor, (3) Call drywall repair people, (4) Get one new piece of furniture, (5) Get a massage. These are all things I’ve been putting off for a long time, even the massage. I’m gonna get them ALL done. For most of them, doing the job is its own reward, but as a bonus, if I do them all, I’m going out for sushi.
  2. Hello. I am back. I am training for a 50 k. Which one? Not sure yet, but it will be on trails and it might happen as soon as February. This particular challenge, my training will focus around increasing my total miles of running, as well as hitting the trails. In addition, I would like to continue my mindfulness practice and eat great food. The Goals: 1. Long run every Sunday. Increase by 1 mile each week. Run shorter during the week, if applicable. Get to 13 mile longest run. (4 Points) 2. Trail run every week. In middle of a trail race series every other Wednesday, so I really only have to plan 2 additional events. Can be combined with Goal #1. (2 Points) 3. Meditate for 10 minutes every day. So easy and so hard. Will make this goal very valuable. (12 points) 4. Diet Goal. Maximum Points! Eat healthy 6/7 days per week.No junky sweets, No junky crunchies. Gourmet okay. (24 points) 5. Go to Yoga. Once per week. (4 points) TOTAL POINTS: 46 ***Bonus Points*** For healthy behaviors, to boost my score Get a massage (1 point) Make a friend. Get a new person's number and do something with them. (1 point) Go bouldering (1 point) Hot tub/sauna (1 point) Pretty excited about these goals. They look fun. OKAY GO!
  3. We have so many paths and trails here in Windsor that walking running and biking are obvious choices, so I wonder if there are any others here from Windsor who want to start a club? I live so close to the Ganachtio trail I just have to walk a couple blocks and I'm there. I guess not everybody has that luxury though, but it would be fun to go on walking and hiking meetups. We can go to the opposite end of Windsor and visit Ojibway Park. While its still there anyways, darn them capitalists! Or do the waterfront trail. As I said, Windsor has a ton of trails.
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