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Found 13 results

  1. I continue to struggle -thoroughly- with the same things over and over and over. So again: Selfcare and taking breaks. Kinda boring, isn't it? more soon
  2. Heck yeah, MORE, gimme MORE MUAHAHAHAHA Will update with more concrete info here soonest. So life has me by the belt, and is flinging me about. I have no theme, per sé, but I was thinking about taking a photo of my stash yarn. Still not sure if maybe I'll do that. I have a few WIPs that need finishing, a tiny pi-shawlette that needs a border, a gift (old shale triangle shawl) for a friend that needs some love (stitches and beads), a second sock for my left foot, because unequal foot wear is not fun, first ever woolen sock pair I am knitting for myself (the one pair of cotton sneaker socks, 5-10 years ago don't count as knitting socks for myself). If I can knit size 49 (German sizes are weird, I'm on the phone and too lazy to translate that) for hubby, I can knit some socks for myself. I deserve amazing footwear. A few acrylic crochet toy things I am not looking at right now. I stress knit. But I also am finding the joy in fibres, textures, patterns, colours again. So it's not just my son's physical/mental health problems anymore. Not enough? More. I teach Luebecker Modell Bewegungswelten classes twice a week in an elderly home a half-hour walk from home. Good program, amazing people, good money. I am only training once a week myself right now. But that's way enough. Or it has to be for now. (Tuesday night 630-9pm) I should be focussing on all the things. But I am mostly sitting down at some point in the earliesk afternoon, for some knitting and some thinking. I rarely pull out my bujo, but I shall endeavor to do so more often, for it helps keep track of Schiff, if I don't have to carry it in my head, but have it written down instead. I weigh myself daily, for a nice pretty moving average, but I don't look at it too much. Sadly it's currently going in the wrong direction overall. But I have to breathe and go on. Giving up is not an option. I need to take the time and figure out a few breakfast and supper options that I can eat, do eat, and will eat so I don't have to log every ingredient separately every time. I need to make logging so easy I can't not. That's my plan for some of this month. I have someone coming to my class at the end of the month to give me coaching, which is exciting and scary. But I'll prevail. I have all the things on my plate. It'll be fine. Linkage and pics later today when there's natural light and such. Possibly. Did I mention that it's hubby's bday Wednesday and he's turning 40 and I love him and I actually finally have a gift for him? I am giving him a card, telling him of the weekend with no kids, got the car and day of hiking we'll both enjoy like crazy, may even book a room in advance and stay out and make it a weekend-thing instead of a Saturday thing. Never done that kinda stuff before. I pretty certain he'll love it. Nature, walking, no appointments, no obligations, just an easy 10k walk or something of the sort. Gift on Wednesday, actual walk on the 31.March/1.April-weekend. I'll keep you informed. So that's my challenge posted up. About time, isn't it?
  3. Back in the prehistoric days before the internet Siskel & Ebert's movie review show was incredibly important. We watched it religiously even though we rarely went to the movies. Most of my fitness habits are in maintenance, even if they weren't, February and March are cruel months in Minnesota and in education and I likely wouldn't make further progress. However, I have a few long races this summer - three 40 mile and a 6 hour mountain bike race and a 99 mile gravel race - and my endurance base needs to be a lot deeper. I've been ignoring my endurance because I tend to take it for granted and because long trainer sessions are sooooo boring... For this challenge I'm going to try to accumulate 30 hours of zone 2 training, including zero week. More if I'm able to ride outside. I'll report out on whatever terrible movies I watch to keep myself going.
  4. Balancing the primal side, which thinks simple, base, emotional (sometimes violent) thoughts, and the evolved side, which thinks sustainible, healthy, inherent good thoughts. While both sides can be kind and caring, the flavour and tone of self-talk varies dramatically. I am both sides. I have both sides. And I don't think it will ever fully change, and that's good, because I don't want to lose either of those ways of thinking and feeling. So for the next little bit, which I imagine will be a bit rough in places, I'd like San from Princess Monoké to teach me some of her strength and wisdom. Goal 1 do the work 8h/week (more is better) use timer, and track it, sit down (or stand up) and do the work. Plan classes, workout choreography or find excercises for training goals, study movement apparatus and "hospitieren" (=going to a class as a participant, as a way to observe and learn how people teach their classes) Goal 2 clean your den 15min flylady/day keep tracking Goal 3 take care of you 15 min snack prep in the a.m. good food choices throughout drink water (LOTS OF WATER) move (yoga) /every single frikkin day! And "on the side" I want to be more present on here again, I did well for a bit when I first installed tapatalk, but then I muted it, because I got all these messages of threads I didn't even want to follow and then I didn't get any messages, now I unmuted it, am still not getting updates and overall am a little grrrrr with the whole thing. But I miss ya, so I am going to figure this out!!
  5. Okay, really quick goals list, then off to do all the things, because weekends are for extra work, because who needs time off? 1 Rest more - take breaks - do yoga - couch time with hubby to watch something or read... do SOMETHING every day! B eat well: veggies/fruit 50+% of a snack or meal: 10x/week Γ work out: 3x per week (2x classes I participate, 1x class I teach, bonus: dance class) plus 3 runs or walks of sufficient length (45+min) д log EVERYTHING and I do mean everything. It doesn't have to be super detailed, but it has to be logged. Do NOT put anything in your mouth (food, I'm talking FOOD!!! perv) that is not noted in your silly little journal. How do you think you will ever fill it up, and consequently get rid of that thing and buy one you really, really like, if you don't write in it? So do it. DOOOO EEEEETTTT. Long weekend ahead, so I gotta get ready Love you, folks PS refugees welcome. Somehow we will make things work.
  6. So I just got done with the Elite 4 and Champ and now I'm trying to figure out which Pokemon to breed and battle... Anyone else in here play this game?
  7. New Challenge I want to do all the things. All the time. But my plate is constantly too full. The plan for March is to make doing-less-but-doing-it-right a thing. This is the last full challenge before I'm here for a full year. I have a lvl 50 25 dream, getting there will require training, training that requires some organisation. Furthermore it encompasses a moderate fluency in at least 2 languages I'm not fluent in yet. Grinding those skills up will have a place too. I'm in the weight room twice a week (if the kids are in daycare or hubby is home), at FKS class twice a week (except late shift week), and at the pool at least once oftentimes twice a week. All of these exercises are fun. It's when I have something come up and I feel a workout at home should happen that the plan is not followed by action. Yoga and walking are not a thing yet either, against multiple challenges to try to implement them. Food was slipping at the end of February. Need to work that over. And while we're at it, I agreed to write a commission for a friend's business. It's obvious I can't post work-in-progress stuff here of things that will be sold as exclusive stuff lateron. But I have a history of being too afraid to write because I know someone is waiting for my words. It's actually my favourite way to block myself. So I said yes, before I could find arguments against it and will have to find a way to be accountable here, without actually giving you any of my writing. Sorry. How is any of this minimalistic? you might ask. That's a good question. I don't know either, but I feel like slowing down is the right next step. We will have a mini, there's stuff that's not going to need 4 weeks of constant effort. Those will be my mini challenge goals. signing up for classes (including all the behind the scenes organisation) will be oneresearch of one fun topic or other will be another. (mead brewing? traveling?)increasing number of lunges and planks every day will be number 3.and 4... I don't know yet.Everything else will be sorted in one of my favourite things: A Spreadsheet. thank you, @Briniel, for the inspiration (yes, I stole heavily from you, but all the formulae are my own doing). Good behaviour on this month's challenge will get me a day in the SPA with a dear friend of mine. Workout, sauna, the whole shebang... (no massage though, that I need to save up more for.) I think it's time for a cut. TL'DR Do less. But do it well. Anyone feel like explaining how to embed this stuff to me? EDIT Picture and music. PS There is a weekend event at a small lifestock zoo not too far from here. Stoneage / Equinox Celebration. We'll be there, the whole family: my mom, the kids, hubby and me. It'll be fun, I'll give you pictures.
  8. Okay peeps - I'm taking the plunge and asking for accountability. I'm hoping there is someone out there who is highly motivated and wants to help someone who is overweight finally shed the weight. I'm stubborn, and I like to do things independently, but the more excited I am about it (which is easy to do) the longer I'm going to stick to it, and a virtual buddy is exactly what I need to help me stay accountable. I can do this both ways, and am a great encourager - but I really need the help. Anyone willing to help me reach that ultimate goal of being a bad ass assassin, feel free to pm or answer here. Thanks you guys!
  9. I started going to a 24hour Fitness near me around December 2015 and was awesome for four reasons - 1.) found an excellent trainer who knew about knee injuries 2.) it is located very close to school 3.) I get student discounts on training and membership 4.) a friend joined with me - super helpful! They quit later but I needed that initial push. However, my trainer did not really like that gym very much for whatever reason, and she quit one random week:-( I lost 15 lbs when we were working out together, so I think, something was going well. For some reason, they won't give me my old trainer's notes, and I did not keep track of the workouts we did together Now, they have just found me a newbie who I am having a very hard time adjusting with. She just joined her first gym, is a fresher in college (I feel old around her), has no idea about injuries (I busted my knee and femur few years ago, and some exercises bother me), and I cannot stop comparing her to my ex-trainer. That has resulted in losing motivation to go workout or even thinking about it. (I am sorry for the rant, this is upsetting) Reasons I think I need a trainer: I get intimidated with the chiseled guys and hot gals there who know what they are doing, and I don't have that confidence just yet.I very strongly believe I need someone to spot me for form, or I'll end up with another injury and relapse to the whole no workout for you mode.A scheduled training session makes it hard to skip a workout.Motivation In short, what I need help with is - What to look for in a trainer? Can I get by without a trainer? And if you tell me YES to Q.2, also please tell me how to train without one - without being scared. It is the knee that scares me the most. The NF beginner workout has a lot of stuff that bugs my knee, so that is out. Thanks a lot for reading.
  10. This is an offer to all my fellow Rebels. How can I help? This may seem like it is more for the Epic Quest section, but I thought it would pertain most here. My goal is to start an online business featuring a 'program' or brand related to nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. This program is unique and thematic (I won't reveal my secrets just yet), with the goal being to help members become supernatural versions of themselves. IE- Supernatural, as you are more than what you are- you are something that transcends past normality. You are unique, with a different set of circumstances, goals, and individuality that sets you apart from every person on Earth. In order to accomplish this goal, I am currently seeking out different certifications that will enable me to become knowledgable in these subjects as well hold up the legal credentials to practice them. In the meantime, I want to hear from YOU- How can I help? What services, content, and support would you like to see? If you were to work one on one with a coach, what would you expect from him or her, and what do you want at the end of the day? Tell me, please, so I can better serve you and the future community I wish to build! Yours Truly, The Dragon PS- I am already certified by The American Fitness and Nutrition Academy to teach Yoga (200hr Yoga Alliance Approved program), so that is one area of expertise I have under my belt, in addition to six years of personal yoga practice. My style is based on a blend of fluid Vinyasa flow and deep stretching, intense Yin; I also integrate outside fitness techniques into my practice, such as High Intensity Interval Training and Resistance Training to transform a practice into one focused on either endurance or strength, with an emphasis on flexibility and body awareness.
  11. First of all i sincerely apologize if this is posted in the wrong place. Also i read the rules and i know it said you dont care where i came from just where im going but i really need to tell you it just so you can fully understand. My name is Connor, Im a 15 year old guy going for a dream. I used to race motocross for 5 years. I was pretty decent but would never put in the time and effort i needed to i just took my dad taking me to the races every weekend for granted. i would go to national championships and such and have gotten a few positions off of a top 10 out of 40. i raced up until i was about 9-10 until my parents cut me off and told me it was "Too dangerous". It never really hit me at the time because they told me they would give me $1000 of what we got for my bikes and at 9 that was more money than ive had my whole life so it seemed wonderful at the time. We have no friends or family or anyone who have been seriously injured like they describe is possible. Although i do agree it is dangerous its became hypocritical now just towards the sport. My sister is a cheerleader (Which by the way is the #1 most dangerous sport). I have pointed this out but in a joking way my dad said "Well we cant have 2 people in the family doing the most dangerous sports" i didnt laugh. I stormed off to my room and spoke to no one the rest of the night. Me and my dad dont exactly have the best relationship but we are a strong christian family and he is a good guy, he just has a short temper and will yell and name call and tell you that you wont be able to do something without realizing it. Although my dad has, totally calm straight up told me i would never be able to do this. So i cant wait to prove him wrong . I recently talked my dad into helping me pay for a dirtbike. i paid a little over a grand for it and he covered the rest. i told him if he wouldn't buy me one i was going to save up for one myself and thats what i did until he helped me out. So obviously my dad is willing to budge a little when he sees how far ive come and how dedicated i am to it. i have to pay for everything on my bike and anything i want added to it is all me. I do have a job i work on the family farm with my dad and we are very blessed financially. This Dream im chasing is to not only qualify for the Loretta Lynn's national motocross championship but to also win it. I would be riding 250C class (Beginner) Because of the amount of time its been since i last rode. Loretta Lynn's is basically the SuperBowl of Amateur Motocross. Everyone who is Anybody is there. There are massive sponsors there searching for new people to sponsor and everything, its a massive event. I was able to go to spectate with my uncle this year, luckily the class i would have been racing in was riding that day. I went as far as taking videos of how the guys rode and took notes of their speed and technique and afterward even researched them to see if i could get a look into what training they did. However i didnt find much on the training part of it. But i KNOW i can get to that level. To qualify for Loretta's as you must go through 2 qualifiers. I believe its top 8 from an "Area" Qualifier which is in your general area and then you go to a regional qualifier which takes top 8 from the region to Loretta's. On the way home from riding at a friend of mines personal track i talked my dad into letting me attend and compete in the Area qualifier of next year. He said though he wont make any promises depending on how work goes etc. and if i qualify we will play it by ear on what we do. So my training begins... I have been training a few months on my own, Full self motivation no one supporting me just doing it for me training. Although i need help finding a workout schedule to stick to. I have been blessed with a very good Road bike and my own personal gym at home that includes: A BowFlex, Rowing Machine, Elliptical Machine, Upright bike, and treadmill. We are also discussing getting rid of the upright bike and replacing it with a high quality spin bike (Yessssss)! I workout everyday that i can except for sundays, except i do on sundays if i miss a day during the week. I workout for about 1-2 hours just doing random things in no set order or amount. I have also gained about 15 pounds of muscle in this time aswell. ( Im 5'9 145 pounds ) What i need help with: Training Schedule, Help with what i need to work on in general, Some type of goal for my workouts. What you can do to help: I know its asking quite a bit and i have even asked several professionals in the sport who have straight up told me i cant do it and it wont be possible (More to prove wrong..) But It would mean the absolute world to me if i could keep in touch with someone who could give me a daily workout to do goals to set, etc. I also have a Garmin running watch that has gps enabled and i could even send you data from my Bike rides and runs so you can track what ive been doing. I also have the Strava Cycling app if youd like to track it on there aswell. I Just basically need a personal trainer... I deeply deeply apologize that i wont be able to return anything to you for doing such a kind thing. I would love to pay you but with school and not being able to work much and what little money i do have going into the bike its very difficult at 15. I completely understand if you can only help everyone so often and not be like a everyday person and cant keep very close in touch i totally understand. Basically I just want someone to be the first to tell me I CAN other than myself and be willing to help me do so. Because i can and will do it whether i have help from someone on here or not. I would just very very appreciate it if someone would... Additional info: Motocross consists of Core and Cardio. Those are the 2 things you need to build up most. I currently have problems while riding with my forearms getting really cramped up. Also known as "Arm Pump" common with motocrossers. I have a friend who is very very well known in the motocross industry whos on a team and said he will help me with riding speed wise ( sending him go pro videos of me and him telling me where i can improve etc.) He also told me a technique to not get arm pump so i will try that technique next time i go riding to test it out and i will let my trainer ( if i have one.) the results on that. my grandpa said he would let me use our bulldozers, disks, etc. to build a track behind his house. He lives just down the road and once its built ill be able to ride my bike over there and ride just about everyday. He also said he could find me a spare water tank to be able to water down the track so it wont be so dry. (Ill be able to ride more this way) I also run Cross Country as a school sport so i get a large amount of exercise from that aswell. ( Best 5k is a 19:47) I deeply apologize that this isnt well put together and is terribly out of order or if any of this dosnt make sense. I also apologize if this isnt the right place for this aswell. First post on this forum, literally made my account just for this. Please feel free to ask questions, i dont know how PM's work on here yet and i will try and check this as much as i can. I really hope someone will find it in their heart to help me out. God bless.
  12. Hello, NeutralGoodPirate here, I found Nerd Fitness completely by accident and thought it sounded like Steve had a lot of good ideas. About a week later and I have entered the November challenge (my first) and should be updating regularly. Thanks for reading and good luck to all the other newbies!
  13. Okay soooo I know this is a long shot. But I was wondering if any of you powerlifting nerds had ever heard of Brian King. He is a trainer at a local barbell club that I just discovered and am considering joining. Brian King Facebook Williamston Barbell Facebook Barbell Club Webpage The gym is small, but reasonably priced (as are the training sessions) and I'm wondering if it's too good to be true?
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