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Found 7 results

  1. CW: Loss, death, cancer, Some of this is cross-posted from blunder-bolt.tumblr.com I have had an account here under the name "Kingclumsy" but combo of forgetting my password and coming out as transgender meant I wanted to change my user name. Bolt451 comes from my roller derby name "Blunderbolt" and my derby number. I used to skate with roller derby teams but a series of deep vein thromboses (bloody clots) left me with mobility problems and unable to skate, let alone take part in contact sports. I’ve got a plan for fitness and I hope I don’t set myself up f
  2. So this morning I woke up, had a sandwich and said bye to my mom as she left for work, and then sat down to play Mass Effect 3 for about two hours. I took a lunch break, had a smoothie, watched some YouTube videos, and my younger brother offered to take me to the gym. "You've gained a lot of weight, so, like, just imagine turning that bulk into muscle." He's 6' tall and lean, and I'm 5'7" short, and lean...ing towards stocky. (About 190 pounds) I declined his offer, but after he left and I finished my pasta, I typed "how to start getting in shape" into google. I was looking for the basics. I
  3. Hello! I've been reading through the NF archives over the last week and finally got around to signing up for the forums. I've never been one to use forums much, but one of my goals is to level up my social skills and this seems like a good place to work on that! Basic info Age: 25 y/oGender: transgender manHeight: 5' 7"Weight: 226 lbs Starter goals level up fitness " " nutrition " " social skills " " bank account I've tried dieting and a variety of fitness programs (C25K, Starting Strength) but have never been able to stick with any for more than 2 weeks because I
  4. So introductions are in order. While my name is not really relevant and quite a personal issue, Bun is fine for now. What is relevant is that I want to mix in exercise into my weightloss program, I'm currently 85kg on 175cm tall and I need to get it down to 65kg or even slightly below that. I'm currently still losing about 0.5-1kg a week, on a healthy diet, cycling and a basic form of HIIT, but I feel like I am going to level out on that. So the solution I guess was simple, since I've moved into my new appartment, I have well over an hour of time to spend on exercise each day, so why not.
  5. I'm Orchid! Non-binary FTM extraordinaire! For those who don't know what that means, the simple version is I'm transgender and mid transition from female to male. I'm hoping to build some strength and lose some weight to work on my physique and better achieve that oh-so-desireable masculine form I'm after. Starting weight: 200 lbs (90.7 kg) Goal 1: Build upper body strength Do a friggin' pushup (without knees on the floor) I'm starting from square one on the upper body strength. Gotta start somewhere. One whole pushup without my knees on the ground is the goal by the end of the 6 weeks
  6. hey everyone. my name is Aiden and i am 28, from minnesota. i am a female to male transgender male who is in the process of changing things in my life. i quit smoking back in july and that has made a huge difference for me but lately i have been gaining weight a lot due to my weird over eating habits. i am in the process of eating better but once i started reading the things written on the site about the diet and ways grains effect your body i realized that i eat an obscene amount of grains and sugars and that is going to be my hardest issue. i also used to be a vegetarian but i love chi
  7. I need grounding. Few months ago I started a hormonal treatment which is changing a lot my inner balance. It is a good change, but still it puts me out of balance. And for a monk balance is everything . I still aim to become a fully fledge assassing one day, but for the moment I go back to my roots, and since I have been a monk all my life before I joined the rebellion, for this challenge I am back here. Grounding is a continuous exercise, a state of mind, so also my goals will be "continuous", more on building the daily habits than doing some heavy training few times. I'll check my "done" on
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