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Found 10 results

  1. I am essentially a beginner and have been doing the 5x5 Stronglifts program for a couple of months. I've hit a bit of a plateau with my overhead press, I'm close to plateauing with my bench press however, I have more to go with my squats and deadlifts. Because I'm plateauing or close to it on a couple of exercises, I have some questions. I have heard of a few things to improve my strength, do you have a preference for one of these (or another preferred option)? deloading then having a run at increasing again 50 reps (any number of sets, just reach 50) at 80% 5x5
  2. SECOND VERSE SAME AS THE FIRST! 1. Do physical therapy 2. Eat gluten free 3. Write good things BONUS - Do things THUMBS UP.
  3. I've returned from the wilderness and am back in society!! If you saw my earlier challenges, you might remember that I quit my desk job in Wisconsin in January and lived in a tent in the desert working for the Arizona Renaissance Festival during February & March. My time as a tent-dwelling nomad has come to an end, and I'm now getting settled in my new home: Portland, Oregon! How overwhelming is all of this? Hella. I'm tired of feeling like I'm "okay" in several areas -- I'm pretty fit, I eat mostly decent, I know a few things... granted, I have high standards and lofty goals, but I r
  4. I'm Orchid! Non-binary FTM extraordinaire! For those who don't know what that means, the simple version is I'm transgender and mid transition from female to male. I'm hoping to build some strength and lose some weight to work on my physique and better achieve that oh-so-desireable masculine form I'm after. Starting weight: 200 lbs (90.7 kg) Goal 1: Build upper body strength Do a friggin' pushup (without knees on the floor) I'm starting from square one on the upper body strength. Gotta start somewhere. One whole pushup without my knees on the ground is the goal by the end of the 6 weeks
  5. Remember when I said I wanted to be a Wizard? Well, Wizards need high INT to perform well, so I better get cracking on that. First and foremost: GRADUATE! FINISH THESIS SHIT BEFORE THIS FRIDAY! Yes, the 27th. Now that that's out of the way, the daily goals will consist of: 1. Meditate for 5 minutes per day, EVERY FREAKING DAY. 2. Brush and floss EVERY FREAKING DAY. 3. Foam roll EVERY FREAKING DAY. I usually do this at the gym since it's a part of our warm-up routine, and there's more room at the gym than there is at home, so I'll leave this one out for this challenge. 3. Lumosity /
  6. A MONK LEAVES THE TEMPLE And so it comes to pass, Machete is exiled from the temple and must now live amongst the the people. He knows little about the outside world; he hears it is a very unforgiving place. Armed with the anachronistic skills he acquired over the years, he must find his way to properly assimilate. This may or may not be his greatest challenge yet. THE QUEST Communicate (+2 WIS, +2 CHA) The hermit's life creates a disconnect with society. The skill of language decreases this gap. Gain 10XP every day in Duolingo Spanish. Remember Your Training (+4 STR) The life o
  7. "Once, long ago, a young man set out from home. He placed his feet on the path and began to walk it. Soon, however, his attentions were stolen not by the beauty and the wonder around him, but the trappings of the world and society. Lured off his path, up onto a platform and set into a wheel that gave him the illusion of constantly moving, yet in truth going nowhere. He labored there for decades. Plodding forward, step-by-step, the wheel ever turning, but nothing ever changing for him. Then one day the man, who had aged from a young man, to one with a weary step, a bent back and a troubled min
  8. I wasn't going to do a challenge, I'm fairly new here and still feeling my way around, trying to see if I feel at home. Then I read through a few challenge threads and realized that there are some goals I should be working toward, and why not see if this is an effective format and an effective strategy for staying on target. Soooo, here goes! Main Quest I love autumn, really, I do, but historically, this is a difficult time for me. I tend to close myself off - I stop communicating well with others, I am more likely to get depressed, and I more likely to get injured. Autumn is when I transiti
  9. Hey-o! Incoming newbie question. Has anyone else started with rack pulls and then moved into deadlifts? I began lifting a little over a month ago and started with rack pulls after researching a bit, figuring they would be easier on my lower back at first (I try to be careful not to aggro an old herniated disk). The rack pulls and squats have done wonders for my overall strength, but I'd like to move up to deadlifts soon. I've been digging around online lately and found all sorts of instructions on how to deadlift properly (yay!), but have found jack-all for how to transition between the tw
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