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  1. Easy Peasy: (Emelan is a tieback to the Tamora Pierce series - @Alanna) Now that I've developed a journaling framework that works for me, I need to use it. Every day. Also, now that I've gotten WAY better at planning in my workouts, my main challenge is eating. I've lost some weight lately from just.... not eating. No good when your main goal is to get stronger! Track something in MFP EVERY DAY. Peeps on MFP feel free to like the "ElvenEngineer tracked for 5 days in a row! 6 days in a row!.... and on". [my handle is ElvenEngineer - feel free to friend me, just say you're from NF] And what is the goal of all this you may ask? What does it have to do with the challenge title? Everything. Everything. Every day I journal I get 1 pt Every day I track in MFP I get 1 pt Every workout gets 5 points (gotta keep up the habit) I'm working on tying specific goals with numbers, but a la @Taddea Zhaan the goals will give me dollars towards my travel savings account. Since I *cough* keep forgetting to open/add to it. Other things that need to escape Emelan (not that it isn't great, the magic is cool, but I want to visit other places!): -Open a savings account to function as a travel savings -report stolen passport found (in true Canadian form, they dropped it in a mailbox so it got returned to me) -check to see if my middle name needs to be on my passport and why it isn't on the newest one? -make sure I can fly with my TWIC card, since my state driver's license isn't TSA compliant as of January 22, 2018 (REAL ID - I'd check if you aren't sure if your state is compliant - half aren't) Handy Map: https://www.dhs.gov/real-id -Buy new travel backpack with either amazon gift cards or travel savings -Get a credit card that doesn't have foreign transaction fees (all my current ones do) ^^ Each of these will be worth 10 points since they're all more labor intensive - the list may also be added to I always identified the most with Sandy, and she's traveled a LOT. Time to follow her example! *fun note about the Circle of Magic books - I think they're the only book I've read where in the group of main protagonists there are MORE girls than boys. Feel free to recommend other books if I've missed some. I've read plenty where there is a girl, a girl and a boy, a boy, two boys and a girl (twilight - ugh), but I can't think of any with two girls and a boy, or in the case of CoM - three girls and a boy! so many female protagonists!
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