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  1. I was going for an alliterative title, but looking up "holiday" in the thesaurus led me to "event," which suggested calamity -- er, I hope not catastrophe -- not any better crisis -- I give up I also tried "hiatus" as the seed, which brought up caesura -- ah, if only it was a hard "c" coffee break -- which I have a habit of skipping (right, @Chronosus?) Anyway.... Guess that I'm doing on the last day of the challenge?? . . . . . . . Flying to ENGLAND. Move over, Toothless. I'll be in England and Wales for most of next challenge. This will be my first time back in the UK since I finished my Master's there August 2015, and to say I'm excited is a bit of an understatement. So this challenge is going to be travel prep + some more health troubleshooting + further cementing some habits. Goal 1: Develop skills for easy, reasonably accurate scale-free tracking Calibrate my eyes: Practice eyeballing weights of meat and sweet potatoes. Use the scale to determine how far I'm off. Define macro units: One loose tracking method I've used before is to define macro units (e.g., 1 tablespoon of coconut oil = 1 fat unit), convert my main foods to those units, and then just track those instead of counting calories. I need to come up with reasonable units based on my current eating habits, make a list of how different foods roughly translate to these units, and figure out what my targets should be on lifting and rest days. Clearly defining what I need to eat on a day-to-day basis should also help with efficient grocery shopping. Goal 2: Learn KStar's travel tips A while back I spotted some mWODs on how not to be a mobility wreck post traveling. I need to track those down, watch them, and figure out what I can implement so I don't spend the plane rides unbearably uncomfortable. Goal 3: Take a holiday from the fruit Stop eating fruit for two or three weeks and see if that helps me sleep better (proposed mechanism would be by keeping my blood sugar more stable). I suspect I tolerate starches better than simple fruit sugars. Afterwards: can try re-introducing some fruit (especially berries), but limit to 5 servings/week because I don’t need to go to town on fruit. Goal 4: More meditation Meditate at least 3x/week for 20+ min. I'm going to see if fewer, but more focused meditations works better for me than shorter daily meditations, which have been feeling perfunctory. LUYL Goal: Set a schedule Plan blocks of time for my main activities (research, lifting, walking, cooking, etc.) on Google calendar at least a few days in advance. The schedule does not have to be followed at all, though I will try to accomplish most tasks, albeit not necessarily at the planned time. The goal is to consider how I need to plan my time to get certain things done, and to impose some (optional) structure on my day since I don't have much external structure. Continue slowly increasing the amount of time I work each week (though this does not need to be monotonically increasing). Track the amount of time worked so I know if I'm making progress. Work needs to be distraction free (e.g., no phone or Internet surfing), but I'm lifting my 30 min. minimum length requirement from last challenge since I can get a lot done in 15-20 min spurts between chores (laundry, cooking, etc.). I will probably be around even less than usual because of that work goal, so apologies in advance for disappearing! 31 days 1 hr 51 minutes and 40 sec til my flight lands
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