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Found 7 results

  1. I've just come back from a 7-month amazing travelling adventure in Latin America [details in first spoiler]. But I fail at following my challenges while travelling, so I've been mostly out of the NF scene since 2017 Now that I'm back at home (at my parents' house) it's time to set some fitness goals and start taking them seriously again I miss the gymnastics and calisthenics days of 2014-2015 but my goals have also changed a little since then! [details of my NF journey are in the second spoiler]. One problem is that I don't know what level I am at anymore with handstands, pull-ups etc., so it'll make me go crazy to chase achievement-based goals right now, so I'm just going to focus on getting out there and being active. Goal #1: Move and Train again: I'm stealing this one from Mad Hatter. The aim in to collect as many Mad Hatter Points (MPs) as possible during the challenge by doing various movement and training. 1MP: short unstructured movement (short bike ride, couple sets of push-ups, etc.) 2MP: more substantial workout 3MP: proper serious training, high intensity or with specific drills Hopefully I can do something with 2MP on average every day on average. Prepare to laugh at me as I massively miss this Maximum points available is 60. Goal #2: Assassin Training: And so I can't cheat goal #1 by just doing a billion sit-ups, I want to do each of these types of training at least once: gymnastics rings handstands hurdling climbing / bouldering longer run hill sprints weightlifting 3 points available for each of these (Maximum 20) Goal #3: Wim Hof Method: Some people on the forum (zenLara, annyshay, ...) have been experimenting with the, and I now have a reasonably good understanding of the Science behind it. If you want me to explain a little then just ask, but Wim Hof's (inadequate and inaccurate) explanations are on his website. It basically involves a breathing technique that causes temporary hypoxia, and taking cold showers. Other features in the full course include ice baths, yoga exercises and some meditation guidance. I've just come back from several months in the tropics, so I'll need to get used to coldness again haha... I'm not prepared yet to buy the full course (perhaps soon) but I want to get a regular schedule now of doing at least the breathing and the cold showers. 1 point for a cold shower 1 point for doing the breathing exercise (5 minute total retention as a minimum, so 2-3 rounds) 1 point for every new thing I try based on this method (Maximum 40) Goal #4: Bonus List: I just couldn't do a challenge without a "bucket list" type of challenge, so here are some bonus things I want to achieve in the next month: (8 points) learn Stairway to Heaven on the guitar (8 points) compose a new piano cover (4 points) record this new piano cover (6 points) plan professional project for travel at the end of May (6 points) create and memorize a system for decimal digit memorization (6 points) write 5 new articles on the website I maintain: World Mental Calculation (Maximum 30) And yes, the total points available add up to 150. There's no way I'm getting such a high score, so I'll award 1 stat point for every 12 challenge points. Also looking forward to seeing where the NFers are at after half a year not following you! Good luck everyone!
  2. Hello! I travel a lot for work and as such I am currently living out of a hotel. That being said I try to continue to eat as clean as I can. At home I usually eat fairly strict Paleo, but when travelling I have to be a lot more lenient. I am looking for what proteins I can eat that don't need to be cooked! The only thing I have to cook with at the hotel or the office is a microwave. In the past travelling I bought the pre-cooked chicken and turkey breasts from the deli but I ate them so often that the thought repulses me now! Just hoping to see if anyone has any suggestions for types of proteins that I can eat without having to cook them. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm going to Japan for 2 weeks from 26th February to 10th of March and am looking for general tips and tricks At the moment I'm planing to spend most of the time in Tokyo and ad 4 days in Kyoyto (traveling via night-bus). I already got a contact in Tokyo via my university but would love to hear tips frrom people that have been over there already. I already found a hostel that I like and all the transfers so it's more about general tips and cool nerd stuff (so far I have only schedule the Ghibli-Museum and "Pokemon-Center" for Tokyo). So looking forward for all the information I can get (I'm reading "lonely planet - Japan" at the moment to specify my planing more).
  4. This challenge will be different since my life won't follow at all a regular daily routine. I will travel to a Lithuania for a week and then there is a deadline and another event in Berlin. Anyway, it will continue with a lot of sprints in terms of GTD and a couple of different locations. Move Within every week in my home base, I will run 15 km. Half weeks are counted proportionately. Every extra km will lead to bonus rewards (see section rewards). Every 10 Burpees add 1 extra point Every 20 Situps/Squats/PushUps/leg lever add another extra point Relax Since the whole period will (and already is) quite demanding, it is time for some pampering of myself. Besides spending time at the beach, watching waves and having cigars, I will try to find a good massage or whole spa package. Sprint It is time to get things done: less procrastinating on work finish each day a significant issue you on my todo list write a page of thesis each week (= block 4 h a week for it) Bonus area == .... ==
  5. Hi! I am heading off travelling pretty soon to Southeast Asia for around 5 months (unbelievably excited), and was wondering if anyone had any tips for keeping in shape? I will be moving around too much to get any sort of gym membership so likely going to be relying on body weight exercises there. However between the HUGE change in staple diets and an attempt to keep down costs does anyone have any recommendations on how to make sure I'm getting the right stuff while out there? Also if anyone's done anything like this before I'd love to hear about your experiences/advice! Thanks!! D
  6. Hi everyone. So I am planning to go travelling Asia next summer and am looking for things that I can do or any tips anyone has who has been travelling before. I'm currently looking at going to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Has anyone been there before (or even live there) and have any recommendations of stuff to do? Thanks!
  7. About Me That's right I'm going to Siberia! I just graduated from college last month and I start my new job in September in Russia! I am 6ft and about 147lbs. Because I am home for the summer without a job I have lots of free time that I spend in the house despite the beautiful Minnesota summer days! The theme of this challenge is to prepare for Russia, both physcially and actually getting prepared! Improve Strength My first goal is to be able to do 10 push ups. I have never been able to do a push up, right now I can do knee push ups but I want to be able to 10 push ups in a row. I am going to do 5x5 push ups on my stairs three times a week so that I can actually do a push up! Ideally this will be done MWF but the important thing is to do push ups! STR +4 Improve Flexibility My second goal is do to yoga twice a week for at least 15 minutes. I have very low flexibility and very tight shoulders so that is what I want to work on. I am going to use yoga videos from online and the library to do a basic yoga program. If I do a really long program that still only counts as one! Do five minutes of yoga daily for four weeks. Bonus if I can touch my toes by the end. DEX +2 WIS +3 Take care of myself Floss my damn teeth once a day. I actually need to get a habit of brushing twice a day, washing twice and flossing once. Being at home during the summer makes this difficult because I don’t have a routine or schedule that requires me to brush my teeth before leaving. CON +2 CHA +2 Prepare for Russia! I am moving to Siberia in September so I need to get started early! I am have been huge procrastinator. I have checked out two books about moving abroad from the library and am planning to read them both by Friday. By Friday I will post a list of things that I want to accomplish by the end of the six week challenge. Automatic fail if the list is not posted by Friday! This is list will be set in stone, however if I think up something else and complete it then it can take the place of another item on the list as a bonus! WIS +2 The List Started Finished Get a physical Get my final Hepatitis A shot Get dental fillings Forward my Cornell email account Notify my bank Repair clothing Finish my winter coat Finish overdue presents Apply for a visa Review Russian Read Moving Matters by The International Interchange Institute Update my contacts Get a ВКонтакте account Close my college bank account Where will I live? How can I pay my student loans? How can I transfer money to the states? Which bank will I use? What am I doing with my car? Where will I have health insurance? How much will Internet and cell phone cost? TV? What do I need to bring? What will I need to get in Tomsk? How do I write grants? How do I teach that? How will I teach academic writing? What happens to my drivers license? What happens to my teaching certificate? What is the dress code? Grading: A 90%-100% B 80%-90% C 70%-80% D 60%-70% F <60% Rewards: To be determined.
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