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Found 2 results

  1. There has been an awakening... OK, so the goals have changed a bit, but that was still fun to make This year, I'm taking on my biggest challenge since joining the Rebellion....becoming a Jedi Knight. To do this, I'll need to complete the 5 Trials of Knighthood. Trial of Skill The Trial of Skill is a chance for the Jedi to prove that he has mastered a particular skill or set of skills. Typically this would be some form of lighstaber combat, though other areas were allowed as well. For my skill trial, I've decided to strive for a one-handed handstand: For this challenge, I'm going to start off easy, with by spending at least 15 minutes per day working towards handstands. Over the next 12 months, I'll progress through wall-facing handstands, reverse handstands, free-standing handstands, etc. I might supplement this with some weighted running, once I can figure out how much Yoda weighed Courage The Trial of Courage tests the Jedi's courage (surprise surprise). It's all about conquering fear and performing bravely. I've had a hard time thinking up a long-term goal with this one. Basically, I haven't got a lot of fears really, though I'm sure once I've self-reflected for a while, I'll come up with a few good ones. I'm going to come back to this at a later date, but for this challenge, I'm going to take on one of the classics: public speaking. I've got to train a couple dozen users at work in a few weeks, and it's been a while since I've addressed a group of people...I'll be using this part of the challenge to make sure I'm prepared and do a good job. Flesh The trial of the Flesh is all about sacrificing to improve oneself. This year, I'm going to be moving my diet to a 100% home-made one, with no more store-bought meals. I'll still allow myself the odd dinner out, etc, but this trial is all about reducing consumption of convenience foods at home. This challenge, I'm going to tart with the big one: soft drinks. I'm a fiend for soft drinks, and I've been drinking way too much coke over the holidays. So, from the 4th, there will be no more soft drinks in me. Spirit During the Spirit Trial, a Jedi is forced to reflect on his true nature, and see his flaws like never before. I'm going to use this trial to tackle one aspect of my personality that has been worrying me: Anger. Having kids can be an exercise in frustration and stress, especially over the holidays. I've been guilty of the odd shouting session, and hate myself for it every time. I'm going to use this year to develop strategies for coping with the stress of being a dad, and find more ways to have a more positive parenting experience. This challenge I'm going to set aside 15 minutes per day for quiet time. Experience has shown that having a calm mind makes stress much more manageable. This is what I will be aiming for. Insight The Trial of Insight is all about learning real-world skills to allow a Jedi to understand and fit in with the non-Jedi world. It can take nearly any form, but for me, I've decided to learn a language. My goal this year is to be able to either have a conversation, read a book, or watch a movie, entirely in....Swedish. Yep Swedish. Don't ask me why, as I don't really know myself, other than I love Nordic Noir and have been watching a lot of Swedish programs these holidays. For this challenge, I'm aiming to develop a vocabulary of at least 200 words. I'll be doing this via a combination of Pimsleur Swedish, a couple apps, flashcards, TV watching, and Duolinguo. I'm targeting the most used 200 words as best I can. So those are the Trials I'll be working on. It's a fair body of work, but I think it's achievable if broken down into chunks. At the end of the year, provided I have completed my goals, I'll give myself the title of Jedi Knight here on the forums, and will build myself a lightsaber!
  2. Hello, my name is Lolavictrola. I has a quest. This is a first draft of what will likely be a "living document". I'll draft and change and add, because I truly believe that our goals should be ever-evolving. 2016 Epic Quest Completing each goal will add x points towards my level ups! STA (Stamina): Athletic goals that boost my ability to move... for longer! STR (Strength: Athletic goals that boost my muscles! DEX (Dexterity): Athletic goals that boost my flexibility and speed! CON (Constitution): Personal goals that boost my career, finances, or similar! WIS (Wisdom): Personal goals that boost my knowledge or experience! CHA (Charisma): Personal goals that boost my self-esteem or add recognition for hard work! Adventurer Goals Walk a mile in under 20 minutes +1 STA Walk a mile in under 15 minutes +1 STA Run a 10 minute mile +2 STA Run an 8 minute mile +3 STA Hike a new trail +1 STA Hike 5 new trails +3 STA Hike 10 new trails +5 STA Do 1 push up +1 STR Do 10 push-ups (can't do one now!) +2 STR Do 100 crunches in a row, no stops +2 STR Sign up for a 5k +1 WIS COMPLETE a 5k +4 STA Take a dance class +2 CON Do a barre class with zero mods +4 DEX Vogue Goals Fit into a size 24 pants +2 CHA Fit into a size 20 pants +3 CHA Fit into a size 16 pants +5 CHA Cover my back tattoo +2 CHA Get another piercing +1 CHA Have a "Dirty Thirty" bday party +2 CHA All About Me Goals Get my own place +5 WIS Get car that's less that 5 yrs old +2 CON Cut my personal belongings in half +3 WIS Go on a weekender by myself +5 WIS Visit Montreal +5 WIS Organize room completely +5 CON Like a Boss Goals Get contract renewed for 3rd year +5 CON Get continuing contract +10 CON Artiste Goals Write 10 new poems +2 WIS Write 30 new poems +3 WIS Get another poem published online +4 CHA Get a poem published in print +5 CHA Finish a rough draft of a nove l +5 WIS Master my antique sewing machine +2 WIS Make a dress +3 WIS Sew a unique design +5 WIS Knit something complicated +2 WIS Sell a piece of art +5 CHA Write a song +2 CHA Master Level Goals (worth more, as they are complex or challenging to complete: Max 20) Get my writing published in major pub +10 CHA Record an album +10 CHA Make over $5,000 on Etsy +15 CON Start my own business +20 CON Buy a house +20 CON Buy a new car +15 CON Get engaged/married +20 CON Earn a black belt in a martial arts disc +20 STA Run a half-marathon +20 STA Get certified to teach a fitness class +10 DEX Visit another continent +15 WIS Become conversational in a 3rd lang +15 WIS Become conversational in a 4th lang +20 WIS Do the ZombieRun +10 DEX Do a split +10 DEX Make Heart & Soul a 501c3 +5 CON
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