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  1. Hi all. Respawning under a battle log because this year the challenges have not been working for me. I want to be active on the forums but keeping my own thread up to date drained too much energy from my super-introvert self. Going to use this thread as a home-base to update on my quests and progress, but realistically most of my energy will be focused on checking in with my NF Coach in the app. My hope is that having a low-pressure home base in the battle logs will make participating in the forums less intimidating for me. That way I can hang out in the super inspiri
  2. Welcome to the Scouts Camp! Ever on the move, our camp has relocated from the mountains into the wilds of the jungle farther down the river of NerdFitnessLandia What we will find as we explore this year? What mysteries lie out in the world beyond our camp? Welcome to 2018 ... here's to the future!
  3. One of my goals for 2014 is to complete an Intermediate Triathlon. I feel relatively confident about the running and biking portions, but I've never been a fantastic swimmer. Other than swimming a lot (which I plan on doing this next year as often as I can) are there other exercises, techniques or things that I need to know before I embark on this challenge? What's the best way to approach swimming a mile long distance in open water? I'd be grateful for any tips or suggestions of any kind that you all might send my way.
  4. I have been planning on making a battle log for a while now. I have been in and out of the challenges for 3 or 4 years now. I have enjoyed them but I think for now I am done with them. I used to be bigger into lifting and rucking and then shifted into the world of IRONMAN. In 2017/2018 I finished two full IRONMANs struggled through a couple of GORUCK challenges and generally was not too happy with my fitness. This past year(2018) I have kind of been lazy and not focused much on a goal, I did a few sprint triathlons and a GORUCK light. For 2019 my new game plan is to hit the triath
  5. Hello, hello! It's time for another 4-week challenge! Last challenge went off pretty dang successful! I am hoping to continue that streak with the number of upcoming challenges planned for the month of June. This June I have a few races coming up such as a Triathlon, Spartan Race, and a couple of road races. Last challenge I found that focusing on completing Nerd Fitness Quests ended up being a great motivation for me to follow through with a number of challenges. So this challenge I will be doing the same! Quest Challenges Finish a Triathlon Sprint[POST] Co
  6. Hi, I'm new to NF and am looking for a training partner. I live in Lebanon, TN and am basically starting from scratch with my new fitness lifestyle. I want to complete a triathlon and am interested in finding people to train or workout with. You don't have to be training for a triathlon, any workout buddy would do. PM me if you live in the Nashville area and would be interested! Thanks! - Leiros
  7. WELCOME TO PART II This is a shortened challenge this time, as there is only two weeks left until the triathlon (GETTING EXCITED!). For the first two weeks, my challenge will be the same as part I: Track my food in MFP. Way too hard to eat enough calories, so I'm dropping from 'Active' to 'Lightly Active' to make me feel better Goal is now 1920 Cals + exercise Cals from training Follow the last weeks of the sprint triathlon plan Week 1 - Two 20min swims 45min bike ride 30min run Week 2 - 15min each of bike, run, swim TRIA
  8. Hi everyone! I was very disappointed last year when my last challenge (november) fell apart...I was doing ridiculous hours at work for a few weeks, and didn't have time to keep track of what I was doing and do weekly scoring. I have been lifting still 1-2 times a week, but not tracking food or anything else. And now I find myself in 2017 with only 8 weeks to go until my first full-length sprint triathlon!!! I'm calling this a double-challenge because the triathlon will happen at the end of the next challenge (late Feb), so I'm taking an 8-week look at it. No
  9. Hi I'm going to be aiming for an Olympic Tri in July and do a Sprint in May for practice, trying to figure out a training plan that will work in my schedule: I have the 5-9 hours to be able to train though most will be indoors until summer time, the thing that I'm struggling with is that I have to factor in that my main transportation is by bike and I bike with 80lbs of kid to get to the gym and one day a week is errand day where I bike around 15-25km with them just broken up between stops and how to factor this into training. My bike to the gym is 5km each way again with the kid cargo and th
  10. JAPAN! So for part of this adventure I will be traveling to Japan for a 12 day vacation(11/1 - 11/12). I plan on doing some fitness there and tracking all the walking I plan on doing with my garmin. I will also be posting heavy on here with photos. IRONMAN Maryland did not go well. The swim was cancelled and the bike was only 100 miles. The run was partially through water. Because of this we are now signed up for IRONMAN Texas on 4/22. I need to keep training the 3 disciplines of triathlon whether I would like to or not so that I can finish there. I do plan
  11. Not much going on this challenge in terms of nerd content and games. Sorry no zombies or neighbors to be saved. I took last challenge off and hit kind of a meh period, had a lovely bike wreck and luckily did not break anything(going 18 MPH and the wheel snapped all the way to the left suddenly) but suffered some nice road rash and some general poopy attitude about being so sore and missing workouts. 2 weeks afterwards I was pretty much pain free. I am now only 2 weeks out from my IRONMAN so number one focus is training/diet. I am going to continue my old method of posting daily habits and chor
  12. Doctorake's Final Fantasy In coming off my last challenge I wanted to try something more weekly based as opposed to a daily list of stuff that had really been stressing me out. I want the ability to take a day where I ignore some stuff and not have a penalty because of it. So here I am needing to restore the four crystals and bring balance back into my world. I will have a daily battle and update the day after like I usually do. I will log my 4 areas of focus and see how high of a % I can renew each crystal. Earth Crystal The Ea
  13. ZOMBIES ATE MY RANGERS CHALLENGE! For those that do not know, this was an amazing game originally for the SNES system in which you would adventure through levels 1 or 2 players and gain items/weapons while attempting to save your neighbors. You could die by losing health or by losing all 10 neighbors. I loved playing it as a kid and really need to put it on my retro pie when I get a chance. So I will start with 10 lucky Neighbors/Rangers to be saving. Neighbors: @raptron @Tanktimus the Encourager @DJtrippyT @Jarric @Lifter5 @WorldSpa
  14. My overall objective really hasn't changed from the last challenge, but I did rearrange things a bit to help myself organize a more efficient and effective plan of attack. I have cut things down to only 2 primary goals, but each involve a lot of moving parts (body parts, mental parts, mechanical parts...). I do have high expectations, but I am also happy working my way up to achieving my goals and potential, no matter the time necessary. Thus far, I feel I have been fairly diligent about allowing myself that time to adapt slowly in order increase my chance of success. And n
  15. Hello I am looking for one or more someones to help me stay on track. I have a tendency to slip if I don't have the accountability that comes with talking to someone. My current challenge is with the rangers and I think that is where I'll stay for a while, but being the same class is no must. After all a group of more than one class tends to do best. The things I am currently working on include: weightloss, training for a triathlon, starting with some body weight training, focusing at work, focusing at home to do the things I want to do, walking the dog more, survival skills (
  16. I've been rewatching Scrubs, and just enjoying myself immensely. So, to indulge my love for the silly gif's, here we go! Scrubs theme challenge! I will be doing a 5 week challenge, starting today, and my biggest focus will be on my very first Sprint Triathlon taking place at the end of official week 2, June 25th! Interns Survive the triathlon (Bonus - time 1:50) At the beginning of the series, J.D., Turk, and Elliot are interns - learning the ropes, going through hazing, trying to fit in and survive. I will be channelling the interns to survive and
  17. Howdy Scouts!! I am making my return to the rebellion after quite a few challenges away and am ready to get back in the good fight with all my fellow nerds. This will be my first as a scout, as my fitness life has taken a drastic turn toward much more endurance activities. That, and I just wanted to see how things are done in the scout camp! Honestly, I have never been a huge fan of running just to run, but have been trying to convince myself otherwise. I have always been good at running, just never pushed myself outside of casual sporting activities. Now I
  18. My goals last round went well, so this round is going to be similar. I have no theme... Goal #1: Train for and execute the June triathlon Bf and I are doing a 3mi canoe, 3mi run, 8mi bike (half distance compared to previous years) 6/5. We need to practice canoeing (the first year we had a disagreement in the canoe), plus normal training. Goal #2: 5 servings veggies/day Still trying to find a balance. Focusing on incorporating more vegetables seems to help squeeze out carbs. Goal #3: Sleeping/Waking routine Having no kids, and really not that
  19. This challenge is basically try and keep on with what I started last challenge, 1. SWIM: Goal is simple, swim every weekday, unless out of town. 2. BIKE, At least one 20k+ ride, MTB preferred. At least two lunch-commutes (5k round trip, on a 16-inch bike), per week 3. RUN, get back to running, or at least walk-run, Goal is two runs per week. 4. Paleo: After a Whole29 (February), I intend to keep on primal/paleo, no cheat-meals, but not get too strict either, goal is no more than 3 deviations per week (or 18 fully paleo meals), deviations must be small and meaningful (worth it)
  20. A day late (yesterday was holiday, so...) My second challenge of the year is go back to basics, and by basics I mean swim, bike and run, oh, and paleo, my first Whole30, which ended up being something like Whole47 went great, lost some weight, felt a lot better and made some food changes that keep on two years later, BUT, some other healthy choices have become less and less common lately, so: 1. SWIM, finally, back in the pool (today was my first of the year): Goal is simple, swim every weekday, unless out of town. 2. BIKE, At least one 20k+ ride, MTB preferred. At least two lunch-commut
  21. Hey guys and gals, I just signed up for my first triathlon, yay! I'm kinda scared. But ok. The distance is Sprint btw, 750m Swim, 20k Bike, 5k Run. I got myself a pretty good training plan together, with about 6 sessions a week (2x run, 2x bike, and 2x swim) My question to you folks is: where would you stick your strength training sessions in here? Right now I'm thinking doing Arms/Upper on a Run/Bike day and Legs on the Swim days (I'm currently doing Arms Mo/Thu and Legs Tue/Fri). Does this make sense, you think? I tried googling when to strength train during triathlon training but
  22. Hello Scouts! After some pretty long pause (last post around April 2014, I think), I am ready to be back here. About four years ago I started this journey to a better version of myself with some degree of success, I stopped smoking, lost a lot of weight and started excersising, one thing led to another and I got into triathlon, which is awesome, then I decided to train to run a half ironman (1.9k swim, 90k bike 21k run), which I did, for my 40th birthday, and although I did finish the distance, I was quite unprepared, so I suffered, big time, and I decided to take some time off, the effort
  23. Hey My name's Ben, I'm 40 years old living in Dorset, England. Married, two kids, I work in data sales and have had an on/off relationship with sport all my life! Last week, out on my bike (after three years of doing sprint and olympic triathlons) I decided to do a half IronMan next year. I'm blogging to share my training experience and experiments, and to have a record I can look back on that is slightly more interesting than my Garmin logs! Who knows, but hopefully I'll also write something that might be useful to other normal blokes trying to keep fit? Anyway, come over and please comme
  24. Well, I am back for my 2nd challenge. I really enjoyed the last one and found out a few weaknesses that I have. My theme for this challenge is "Time to Put Up or Shut Up!" The reason I chose this theme is due to this challenge will end 6 days before my Triathlon. This Challenge is all about being ready and not having excuses. Quest 1: Train for that TRI! The TRI is getting closer each day. I want to make sure I can do the 1500M swim, 40K Bike and 10K run. NO EXCUSES! A - 5+ Workout days each week (Run, Bike, Swim) (30+ workouts) (+2 STR, +2 DEX) B - 4 Workout days each week (Run, Bi
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