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Found 3 results

  1. I'm just re-starting with bodyweight exercises after a gap, but have never really done tricep dips before. I do tricep dips using a table that comes up to my hip. I am finding tricep dips really painful to do. Not the usual burn but really painful more like a pulled muscle. I found it weird since I have decently good tricep strenth. Have mostly done tricep extensions in the past with no problem at all (can currently do them with a 20pound/ 10kg dumbbell), and swimming with hand- paddles. Any alternatives or suggestions?
  2. Main Quest: Lose 4 pounds Starting: 209.4 pounds Goal #1) Walk/Run 18.6 miles I signed up to be part of a running club. But on a personal level I am going to work on this, very slowly. I am also challenging myself to run in the afternoons as I prefer to run in the mornings (but I’m usually too tired to run!). So my goal is to run with the group on the following dates: April 19 April 26 May 3 May 10 May 17 May 24Stats: +1 STA, +1 CHA, +1 DEX Goal #2) Axe Lifting (5 pounds) and Push Ups So in my past challenges I have tried to do pushups. Real push-ups. Last week my trainer asked me to do a simple triceps’ exercise. I could not for the life of me. Turns out my triceps are too tight. It hurts a lot to even stretch them. So I’ll be working on those now. I believe I can push myself to do the following. Every other day 3 Reps of 5 Push Ups, then every other day 3 Reps of 5 lifts Every other day 3 Reps of 5 Push Ups, then every other day 3 Reps of 5 lifts Every other day 3 Reps of 10 Push Ups, then every other day 3 Reps of 10 lifts Every other day 3 Reps of 10 Push Ups, then every other day 3 Reps of 10 lifts Every other day 3 Reps of 15 Push Ups, then every other day 3 Reps of 15 lifts Every other day 3 Reps of 15 Push Ups, then every other day 3 Reps of 15 liftsStats: +1 STA, +2 STR Goal #3) Hunt more, bake less I am cutting down my carb intake and upping my protein intake. According to myfitnesspal.com my carb intake should be 220g but I will be lowering it slightly to 200g. And then my protein intake is 91g but I will be raising it to 100g. My calorie intake will stay the same (1800 calories). I will take cheats this time not on the calories but on the carbs/proteins 3 cheats 2 cheats 2 cheats 1 cheats 1 cheats 0 cheatsStats: +1 STA, +1 WIS, +1 CON Life Goal) Grooming Working on myself is very important this year. One thing I realized is that I am so scared of taking pictures of myself. I hate when my boyfriend tries to take a photo of me. Everything. I start crying with every photo. So I’m challenging myself, 1 photo a day for 42 days. No cheats. Finish reading FBI Careers 42 Days of PhotosStats +2 WIS, +1 CHA, +1 CON
  3. Hey guys, I just joined and thought I could get a few pointers on where to go from here for my strength training. I've been working up to it for a month or so now. It's mostly bodyweight, with weights thrown in for intensity where needed. It's definintely challenging me at the moment, but there are certain areas I'm finding I'd like to target more. So here's my routine as it stands: Press-ups x20 Split Leg squats with 2x4kg weight x10 Incline Dumbell press x10 (I'm thinking of swapping this out for tricep dips, just dont have a good area to perform these in) Weighted lunges with 2x4kg weight x10 (I have experimented with jumping weighted lunges every second circuit, and these are KILLER, but form is difficult and legs and ass are sore for days afterwards) Lateral dumbell raise 2x4kg x10 I complete that circuit 4 times and follow with 10mins on a rower. And mostly I feel like puking, haha. I feel like I should add something in there to strengthen my back, as I don't really fit much into my core routine to target my back either. And also I'd like to target my triceps and shoulders a little more, I know the lateral raises will do that to some degree, but it really feels like I'm working too much on my chest and biceps and leaving triceps out in the cold. What do you guys think? I feel like I'm strengthening but I want to round off the circuit a little more, any advice or pointers would be great, thanks in advance.
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