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Found 9 results

  1. Staff choreography to music Pre-challenge Goals: 1. Find a song to do my choreography to. @mu , any ideas? Really, anyone though, I’m up for ideas. 2. Find easy tricking videos Challenge goals: I would like to find some easy tricking moves to learn to work into the staff spinning. I feel like I may be biting off more than I can chew because I've never done any tricking let alone working it in with a stick in the way. I’m still going to be counting my staff workouts, aiming for 6 out of 7 days, and hopefully working on the choreography for at least part of each session. I’ve never done any sort of choreography for anything ever so I’m up for pointers! Food strict on work days I need to stop eating pepperoni and cheese on a tortilla for every meal. Like. Seriously directly this moment this behavior needs to stop. I’m starting this right now, no waiting for the official challenge to start. To go easy on myself (and also my budget, because as much as I’d LOVE to be paleo or especially keto again- I felt so good!- it’s just not plausible on 57 dollars a month.) I’m going to eat 1. Varied 2. Vegetable-full 3. Grain-free Meals on every day that I work. That means 4 days a week: no tortillas, at least 2 meals per day must contain vegetables, and lunch must consist of more than one food item (use my bento box to its fullest! Pack meats, veggies, and starches or fats. Some main dish with sides like tomatos or black olives or apple slices. Variety! I’m going to die of malnutrition! Moar Types of Food!) On the three days that don’t work I will allow myself to eat whatever the heck I want, which may end up being tortillas with cheese and pepperoni, but I’m hoping the other 4 days will start breaking my single-fooded obsession cycle. Stretching with ENTIRE routine every day at least 15 minutes I need to stop skimping on the stretching. Commit. Pre-challenge goals: Re-visit my stretching routine, make any changes I feel I need to, and make a timer app with all of the stretches I want to do. Take "before" pics for splits and shoulder stretches. Challenge Goal: Do the FULL timer every single night. Take "after" pics at the end. I think I'm gonna cap it at three goals this time, as I feel these will take up a lot of my time and energy to do correctly.
  2. Hi everyone! This is going to be my first challenge on Nerd Fitness, so I'm pretty hyped for it. I've been feeling too down, too out of shape, too mortal, now it's time to CHANGE! Stop Having Crap Technique Mastering Technique! 1) Cartwheel Mastery (2,000 Cartwheels) I've been trying to work on my Aerial but to no avail (I kinda just keep falling...), so I figure a likely reason is that I have not yet really mastered the cartwheel. The same way that I managed to land a tornado kick by just spamming roundhouse and crescent kicks over and over and over again, I can likely have a much better time learning an aerial if I have the cartwheel completely down. So by the end of these four weeks, I'll have done 2,000 cartwheels, and hopefully be on my way to this in future challenges: 2) Butterfly Kick Mastery (2,000 Butterfly Kicks) Another trick I've been working on is my butterfly twist. Similar to the above situation, a butterfly kick is the prerequisite to a butterfly twist, and if my butterfly kicks aren't top notch, then I probably won't have a decent butterfly twist either. At the moment, my b-kicks don't look too great, and I definitely have flaws in my form. The only way I learned to execute a good roundhouse kick or crescent kick was by practicing them over and over and over, so by practicing the butterfly kick 2,000 times in these upcoming four weeks, I should be set, and on my way to this in future challenges: Stop Feeling Weak Build Beast-Like Endurance! 3) Back into Pushups (1,000 Spiderman Pushups) I used to be a lot better at pushups, but finals took a toll on me and now being home for the summer has been very unmotivating, especially given how much my parents shelter me, so I'm quite a bit out of shape. I will work on doing spiderman pushups every day, just to get back into the swing of things before heading back to college. (Spiderman pun not intended but I chuckled when I realized) 4) Handstand Endurance (Hold a Wall Handstand for 60 Seconds) Handstands are feats of balance, endurance, and mental resistance. My longest free handstand thus far has been 10 seconds, and my longest wall handstand around 30, I believe. In these four weeks, I will work up to a consistent 30, and then a consistent 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, and finally 60 second wall handstand. From here, hopefully I can move off the wall and improve my handstands overall Stop Having a Cluttered Mind Conquer My Mind! 5) Getting Back into Meditation (5 Minute Daily Meditation) I used to be able to meditate for about an hour and a half at a time, but that was around a year ago; I was 17 and I had a bit more free time outside academics. Over time I just abandoned the habit, but it's time to get back into it. I have time now, during the summer, so I'll make it a habit again before academics takes over, and keep it this time. 5 minutes of daily sitting meditation. And that's it, my first 4-week challenge, I look forward to it and to feeling just a bit less mortal
  3. Yay! A new challenge! This one's going to be a little rough on me because I'm going to try to tackle something head-on that i've been skirting around for years. But, fun goals first Helicoptero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk3PRt9GHsM By golly I'd like to land this trick by the end of the challenge. I was working on it at gymnastics class last month, and the gym has a few weeks off in the summer, and i'd REALLY LOVE to go back to class in mid august and show my coach LOOKEE. It may not be possible but i'm going to give it my best. I feel like I'm physically strong enough for it but I'm missing something in technique or flexibility. Smaller-step, measureable goals: 1. Do a bridge every day (because I'm 100% sure my shoulder flexibilty is not where it could be, and is possibly what's holding me up) 2. Practice cartwheels on both sides at least once a week 3. Video progressions for analysis Why it's a challenge: I can't seem to get my brain around rotating horizontally. When I start to spin I keep going into a tuck to do a flip and its like...no....you are spinning not flipping.....stahp Why I want to do it anyway: for fun and profit Daily stretch This used to be a habit but in the last few months it's fallen out of my routine, and it really, really needs to come back 1. Use my timer app to create some stretching routines 2. Choose one EVERY DAY to do Why it's a challenge: I keep forgetting and then being in bed like....no, not getting up again. too sleepy. Why I want to do it anyway: I'm growing stiff, I'm no where near my splits anymore, and I'm much more prone to injury if i'm not bendy Getting over myself Ok, so this is more of a mental health goal than a physical health goal, although it's got physical health side effects. I've been trying to figure out for a while why whenever I had a cooking element to the challenge, I would either fail that portion or I'd make it, but then immediately after the challenge was over, I'd lose all progress. First step is admitting you have a problem right? I finally got around to admitting to myself that I have a ton of anxiety over cooking. More than just… “I’m new to cooking and I don’t know what to do” anxiety, but like “I’m hardcore nauseated at the idea of doing this and i’m so nauseated that I probably won’t be able to even eat it when i’m done” kind of anxious. bit of a ramble, feel free to skip: TL;DR I’m pretty certain I’m not going to make any major progress with cooking if I take huge bites of things. I’ve got to take baby steps and get super comfortable with individual stages before I move on. I am literally not comfortable with boiling water. That’s how cooking 101 I am. I have successfully cooked things like stir frys and eggs and bacon but they have mostly been accidents, I couldn’t tell you why it turned out edible or why my burnt up disasters went bad. I don’t know the variables. Cooking 101: Learn to boil water. How long it takes, what it looks like when it’s boiling, what point you’re supposed to put the food in. Go to my friend’s house to learn to cook 2 things. I have a friend who is no pressure who is an excellent cook. I’m going to ask her to help me learn to make two very simple recipies. Why it’s a challenge: All of the above Why I want to do it anyway: I can’t live healthily off samwiches and I can’t continue hating to cook like this Goal 4: Motorcycle permit + registration I got a motorcycle this year, and I'm so excited about it!!! Now I need to actually get it on the road and useable! 1. Study motorcycle manual 2. Schedule permit test 3. Get bike insured 4. Get bike registered 5. Get bike inspected Why it's a challenge: I keep forgetting to study. Also to get it inspected I may have to do some more tweaking to the bike itself, I won't know until he looks at it if there's anything not fully up to snuff. Why I want to do it anyway: In a word? Nyoom
  4. Howdy everyone!! I'm coming in halfway for a mini challenge because I don't really feel like waiting for the next challenge before getting myself in gear (and writing it out with you guys always helps ) and because the goals I have planned for next challenge require a little prep work. 1: Rehab the Neck!!! A few weeks ago I started learning the Helicoptero move, and I'd like to finally land it after next challenge. However, this week, I slept like a moron on Saturday night and gave myself the worst crimp in my neck. I haven't been able to even turn my head let alone work on any sort of cartwheel-esque moves. Plan of action: Remove offending head and footboard: the bed is too short for me, which meant my head and feet would touch both ends, causing me to squash my neck up on the headboard in my sleep. This was how I woke up the day I ruined everything. Get to chiropracter to re-align anything I threw out of whack Heat and stretch this thing until it feels 100% ready (do not want to be injuring the neck, nope nope nope.) Why it's a challenge: I have to call the chiropracter (AGGGHH phone calls), remember an appointment, and make sure not to be over-eagar and damage myself. Why I want to do it anyway: Because it's my frelling NECK. Where important nerves go. 2. Figure out when and how to cook in this house I'm starting a Whole30 on July 1st, and I'll really need to be able to cook for myself. Plan of action: Speak with my mother to determine when she'd like me in the kitchen. Find cookware Perhaps talk her into doing Whole30 with me. Why it's a challenge: My mother is very possesive of her kitchen and doesn't like me cooking in there or using her pots and pans, doesn't want me making noise after 7pm, and doesn't see why I can't just eat whatever the family is eating every day at 6pm on the dot. Why I want to do it anyway: I can't always eat what she cooks, I'm actually allergic to some of it. Also several nights a week I'm not home before 6pm and thus miss my window of opportunity for dinner. 3: Actually prep for Whole30 This is sort of a continuation of the last one but the last one is more of a mental challenge and this one is more of a practical one. I need to actually have food to eat for the upcoming month. Plan of action: Make a list and go grocery shopping like an adult Plan what i'm going to bring to work so I don't skip lunch. Why It's a challenge: Since changing jobs, I'm quite low on funds. Buying a whole separate set of groceries from my family is going to require planning. When I lived by myself, the fridge looked like that picture at least once a week. That needs to change. Why I want to do it anyway: I need to have something to eat for July. And if I don't plan it well, it's not going to happen.
  5. In my challenges so far the focus has been on trying to master a narrow choice of skills - handstands, backflips and Spanish. I've had some good progress, but there seem to be a few dangers with focusing too narrowly: even the most well-intentioned training can fail to produce success on a specific skillthere's a risk of overtraining (haha maybe not with Spanish, but seriously I can feel I've stressed out my sternum with excessive handstands this year)adding more variety to a narrow choice of hobbies makes it all extra funTherefore, the theme for this challenge will be variety! My motivation will remain to become proficient at gymnastics/tricking and related interesting Assassin skills. You know how in some video games they have those bonus levels, where you just run around like some beserk Supermarket Sweep contestent collecting extra point or lives within a short time limit? Well this challenge for me is going to be like that. I have 43 days and a checklist of items to collect. I'll never get them all, but the challenge is to get lots of them I'm going to have to take it easy with the handstand-type skills, so the minor injury in my sternum disappears rather than becomes a major problem. for that reason, I'm taking a three-week break from anything of the sort. Challenge #1: Make as much progress as possible with a variety of acrobatic skills! Rules: each item selected is worth 0.25 stat pointsthere are 4.00xSTR, 6.00xDEX and 3.00xCHA availablemaximum possible loot: +3 STR, +4 DEX and +2 CHA (and I'll be astonished if I get anywhere near this!)I'll mark each one with an 'X' if/when I achieve the goal __slackline: a friend bought one and so I have an opportunity to learn this! So far I can only balance for a few seconds and taking a step makes me fall off DEX (X) : walk a full 10 metres without falling off CHA (X) : + bonus points for doing this DEX (X) : consistently change direction without falling off __frontflips: currently doing them from a springboard to a crashmat but they look more like a forward roll that somehow avoids the ground, so I need to work on actually jumping before the flip DEX (X) : get some height so these are landed consistently on crashmats DEX (X) : no longer need springboard for this move DEX ( ) ; can consistently land onto the thinner mats CHA ( ) : + bonus points for the item above DEX ( ) : can safely land on thinner mats without needing prep beforehand (only counts if it's safe) CHA ( ) : can safely land on grass CHA ( ) : + bonus points for the item above __hopak: there's this crazy move some Ukrainian dancers do that requires some insane leg strength and I want to learn it: STR ( ) : learn to do this half-decently STR ( ) : able to keep this going for 20 seconds __cartwheel: embarassingly, I never learned to do these, and when I try them my feet only go to shoulder height. Time to learn them! DEX ( ) : some definite progress DEX ( ) : can sometimes do proper straight cartwheels CHA ( ) : can consistently do proper straight cartwheels DEX ( ) : can do these properly on both my left- and right-hand side __round-offs: cartwheels with extra movement! DEX ( ) : decent examples on the tumble track STR ( ) : can do these well on hard surfaces DEX ( ) : can do these properly on both my left- and right-hand side __backflips: I've been practising these for ages and still need a spotter to make it around safelyDEX (X) : any definite progressDEX (X) : no longer need spotters on the tumble track!CHA (_) : + bonus points for the item aboveDEX ( ) : safely unassisted on a hard surface (only counts if it's safe!)DEX ( ) : + bonus points for the item aboveCHA ( ) : safely unassisted on a hard surface without needing any prep beforehandCHA ( ) : + bonus points for the item above __handstands: had myself balancing for 4-5 seconds before taking a break to avoid over-trainingSTR (X) : 5-second holds again after taking a breakDEX (X) : 6-second holdsCHA ( ) : 7-second holdsDEX ( ) : 8-second holdsSTR ( ) :10-second holdsCHA ( ) : + bonus points for achieving 10-second handstandDEX ( ) : comfortably handstand into a forward roll (I only pirouette or bridge flop out of handstands so far...) __front handsprings: I can do poor handsprings on the tumble track. I should learn to do good onesDEX ( ) : considerably improve at doing theseSTR ( ) : have good form and powerful front handsprings on the tumble trackDEX ( ) : become able to do these without the tumble track for supportCHA ( ) : become sufficiently consistent at these that they can be done on grass __backwards walkover: going from a bridge to a handstand and going over the other side... I've never tried this!DEX ( ) : some useful practice of kicking up in a bridgeDEX ( ) : some useful practice of backwards walkovers from a raised position (to make it easier)CHA ( ) : able to do this moveSTR ( ) : + bonus points for doing a backwards walkover __muscle-up: I can do 5-10 pull-ups with good form. Next step is to learn a muscle up:STR (X) : some decent practice of the different componentsDEX ( ) : learn to do a "kipping" muscle-upSTR ( ) : able to muscle-up with less leg swingingSTR ( ) : able to muscle-up with good form __L-sit: tried this for the first time last week and it's haaard to even do a cheat version... This will be awesome for training my core:STR (X) : 10-second tuck holdDEX ( ) : split-second L-sitSTR ( ) : 5-second L-sit __plyometric pike jumps: jump up and touch your toes with straight legs on every consecutive jump. Excellent leg, core, and active flexibility exercise.STR ( ) : able to do 20 consecutively __powerlifting: in my first challenge I wanted to get to a combined strict press + bench press weight of 100kg, but abandoned this because of an injury. I'm now at 41kg (90lb) strict press and 56kg (123lb) bench press and have a small plateau to fight through in order to accomplish this:STR ( ) : improve at all (98kg total)STR ( ) : succeed (100kg total)STR ( ) : + bonus points for achieving 100kg Challenge #2: consistently do conditioning exercises 5 times per week. I must do 3 conditioning exercises each day for this to count. Suitable examples include:gymnastics, weightlifting, capoeira class etc,pull-ups or variations in the parkcore exercises such as V-sit sit-upsplyometricsanything else suitable (grip trainer doesn't count as I found it to be ineffective)+3 STA: A: 30 times in 6 weeks B: 28 times in 6 weeks C: 24 times in 6 weeks D: 18 times in 6 weeks __Progress: week 1: ___+_++ (3) week 2: +_+++++ (6) week 3: +_+++++ (6) week 4: +_+++_+ (5) week 5: __+_++_ (3) week 6: +_+++_+ (5) (B) Challenge #3: explore food! I eat pretty healthily, and also in huge amounts. Especially vegetables and porridge. However, I don't know how much I actually eat in terms of macronutrients, so I'm going to find out, by tracking everything I eat for a week and calculating the following macronutrients: carbs (all)carbs (sugar)fatsproteintotal caloriesI'm also going to experiment with Intermittent Fasting to see how that works. There are several ways of doing it, so I'm going to briefly try two contrasting ones, and report back with my experiences. +1 CON, +1 WIS: track macros A: accurate track for a week C: something less that is still useful to me tracked macros on 01 May - 07 Mayanalysed it for conclusions and posted results to this thread (A) +1 CON: try IF A: try two ways C: try one way tried "skipping dinner" fast on 30 Apr - 01 May (19 hours, successful)tried "skipping brunch" fast on 9 May - 10 May (14 hours, didn't work so well)tried "skipping brunch" fast on 16 May - 18 May (16 hours, felt lame afterwards) (C+)
  6. Any trickers on here? I thought some of the traceurs might have cross-trained a bit in this for some of the the more extravagant movements. Edited so it doesn't say truckers. That's a very different thing!
  7. Hey guys! I'm fairly new on the forums, but i just wanted to make sure as many people as possible knew about the upcoming parkour jam in a couple weeks. The current community in Tennessee is growing by leaps and bounds (pun intended) and we usually hold at least one jam each season with a different city hosting every time. There are concentrated groups of practitioners in the Nashville, Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, Fairview, Cookeville, and Knoxville areas just to name a few. If you want to find a community to get stronger and progress in, go ahead and check out this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/273954675347/ We would love to see you at the Spring Jam! Event details are here: https://www.facebook.com/events/546349148816278/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming. Don't stop moving, rebels.
  8. I was wondering if there were any trickers here on NF? Or perhaps people that have done a bit of creative forms training?
  9. Hi! This is my first true blue attempt at joining an online community that isn't a guild in an MMO. I'm new to the Nerd Fitness forums, though I've had my fair share of exercising stints and I'm slowly devouring all of Steve's articles. My goal is to gain strength through body weight movements in order to fling my body through the air in a succession of flips, kicks, and twists. This training stint is going to largely focus on gymnastics training (went to my first adult tumbling class on Monday, loved it!) and hanging rings for upper body development. I like to play frisbee, slackline, read nutrition articles, read books (half fitness, half whatever interests me), and hang out with friends. I dream to have a job doing something involving fitness, maybe involving teaching children, and owning a well kept VW bus. And my name comes from a strip in one of my favorite web comics ("Antics"), though years of biking have had their benefits in the development of my posterior. I'm looking forward to being a part of the community and making new friends!
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