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Found 1 result

  1. Lets start at the beginning... Nope, that's too far in the beginning, lets start at the beginning of this year. I got fat again, I was gyming, but I was getting tired of it, and I needed to do some things around the house. I did some of those things, struggled with others, blah blah blah... But I kept grinding away and constantly evaluating my situation and made adjustments and most of my beginning of the year goals have been met or have been adjusted/delayed to eventually meet my goals. Therefore I'm going to restate my end of year goals and then lay out the steps I'm going to take to meet them. 1: Give praise in the Iron sanctuary. To do this, I must remain mobile and healthy. I know right? And since I'm sacrificing my gainz at the in the halls of crossfit. Wait, that's not how they look... Work Mobility every day to include lax ball to the thoracic area, quads, calves and lats. And do distracted stretches to help my hips and ankles. And the other various stretches my PT says. I have 4 times a day where I can really do this (morning, mid day at work, pre workout, evening.) So I don't have all of these all at once, but break them up and hit trouble spots multiple times if needed. With all that said, I feel the best I have felt in years right now. My shoulders are opening up, my hips are moving better, my ankles move well, everything feels good except my foot. And I don't know what's wrong with my foot... but its not broken. 2. Stop being fat. And I did what I usually did for the last 3 years.. and I didn't lose any weight. I was eating 1950-2050 cals/day. So for the last 2 months I have been reverse dieting and this months goal is to eat 3K cals/day. Reverse Diet has been working well for me so far and I've been still losing weight. Next Month, I will bring it down in a controlled manner and finally start losing fat. Unless I meet this criteria: I go above 235lbs and/or 36" at the belly button. I'm currently at 228 and 35.25". Eating 3k cals/day clean is fucking hard. Must do better. 3: Be better at Crossfit. Train hard, rest when I'm dead. And I discovered that there are a bunch of skills that I suck at or just can't do. Some I'm going to practice these one or more of these skills 5 times a week. Over head squat: I need more shoulder mobility and maybe scapula strength to do this properly, but If I want a 225lbs snatch... I need to learn to get under the bar. Double unders: This is the one skill that is single handily preventing me from Rx'ing WODs. However, with the foot problem, this will be on hold. Muscle Ups: cause when you do one... everyone knows you're bad ass. Handstands/handstand walks: Didn't you all watch Stongman's fury in the Xfit games? I could do some of that... but not the handstand walks, I want to be better. 30" box jumps: Need to be more explosive with these. I can do 24" really easily now, its the next step. *space reserved for other things as I remember I really want to do them* 4. I've been working on prepping for Ragnarok all this year, but I didn't really know why. But now I do. Br0dinsdottir is on her way to reign havoc. So, I have lots of work to do to prep the house. Build various furniture, clean rooms, etc etc... So I will do all the things and maybe do them before the wife nags me to doing them. and of course, still do my gun stuff, like paint my AR.
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