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Found 8 results

  1. It’s 74. 74 challenges. *insert Count* 74 Cycles of varying levels of having my shit together-ness. As it looks like I’m not quite finished languishing, I’ll be continuing on my slow roll toward better habits (yet again) and going the simple route. Goal The First Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition Keeping up with macro tracking has proven to be too much in the realm of effort for my brain again, so I’ll be edging toward that way again. Gotta hit those things side-on. Actual macros have not changed in ages, though off the top of my head I can’t remember what they are. Maybe I need to re-institute weekly weigh-ins for a little kick in the pants. We shall see. Aside from that, eat in a way that doesn’t kill my GI system, with a mind toward more veggies in my life, and not over eating. Or at least limiting the over eating, since I *still* can’t control myself around Indian. Goal The Second Movement in a way that feels good and does good. Zoom yoga 2 - 4 x a week as the schedule allows - as many classes as the schedule permits. The goal here is at least 1 functional-based class, 1 joy in movement class, and 1 handstand practice class. Keep the TRX straps up during the day - on yoga days do squat pull sets of 10 every time I pass the straps; on non-yoga days do at least 2 run-throughs of my full-body set per day + squat pull sets. Go for walks on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday in the sun; Sunday in a mall. Goal The Third Fulfillment. Do something to feed myself each day, be it something with digital art, graphic design, or one of my physical crafts. Something. Also: keep up with the social media stuff for DH’s Twitch thing & my blog. Also chucking redecorating and Spring cleaning the apartment in this slot. I’m tired of looking at our shit and tired of having the shit we have shoved in drawers that I literally never see. Since the move is off, I need to find a way to make this place annoy me less for the next 13 months. List Of Fulfillment Work with the dogs on some sort of training goal Digital art tutorial Digital art freestyle time while listening to a podcast Big projects on my Animal Crossing Island Creating images for WTFGaming Instagram & channel banners Taking pictures for Gastography Instagram Creating, writing, photographing & publishing recipes for Gastography Finding a way to include more food content on Gastography Instagram feed Creating & posting Pins for Gastography recipes Lucet cord making Tablet weaving Sashiko embroidery The quilt project I’m supposed to be doing but have put off because it’s a pain to find fabric Lace crocheting And that’s all I can think of for the moment; I’m sure there are more things. We also need to plan some sort of getaway - a staycation is fine; as long as it involves the dogs at the boarder + suitcases. When things open back up a bit here (i.e. we won’t have to stay in our room if we visit one of the resorts here that are still hella expensive even with zero amenities open), we shall make that happen. We’ve got at least a semi-portable setup for DH’s Twitch channel, so we can at least stream our Bad Game on a Saturday from the “road” if we don’t want to take a week off in this early stage with like 6 followers. We had intended on doing that for our anniversary in April, but (light) lockdown happened, amenities closed and some of the less bonkers places were reclassified again as COVID hotels. I mean ... we *could* have gone to the resort offering massive iftar catering all Ramadan for their private villa rental residents ... but we are not spending $1,000 a night for anything, let alone a villa in a resort with no amenities open. Hellz to the no. Even if we had the money. That’s ridiculous. Or, the brand new water park hotel - with the closed water park and nothing else open. That’s an option. Yeah. My ass is not getting into a pool in this weather, let alone going to a just-opened water park in the middle of a pandemic. That may or may not be dodgy. It’s a Hilton, but .... I don’t really trust it. We did hear something about more travel bubbles for vaccinated people flying Qatar Air opening up - Georgia is on the list, as are Turkey, the Maldives, and Greece. Out of those, Tbilisi Georgia is tops on our list for being affordable, pretty and having great food. Greece is definitely on the list as well, but they’ve got their own drama to deal with at the moment - I have no idea how they got on the travel bubble list, and from what I’ve been seeing (from @DarK_RaideR and others), I worry that that’s going to be a shitshow for them. Maybe Tbilisi is less of a mess? I don’t even know what we would want to do on vacation, at this point. Eat in a restaurant. Be in a Western city with modern Western morals (i.e beer, democracy(at least ish) & side boob). Drink a beer on a terrace. Look at some old shit; hike a bit ... Which, tbh, is what we generally do on vacation anyways. We’re not ones for doing crowded and popular things unless those things consist of walking around and not interacting with other people that aren’t chatty shopkeepers. Mostly just ruminating, there - it’ll be at the bare minimum a month before we can even contemplate leaving the country, and then it will be a 99% chance of DH flying out for work with a 15% chance of me being able to follow for Week 2 of his trip like we were doing. We will lightly contemplate, but actual firm planning is a recipe for those plans being immediately cancelled.
  2. Okay so I had it all worked out... then I went back and re read one of my favorite bloggers posts: You Manage What You Measure-Fitness Edition and stumbled accross this article from Inc: 12 Things People Regret Most Before They Die Largely I know what I need to do to get to where I want to be. I know I need to care more about what I eat, I need to gain strength (in injured areas and over all) and I need to start doing things because they matter to me, they're things I want to do and not care so much about what everyone else thinks! Also 2017 was a year of not feeling great, being tired a lot, and a lot of doctor appointments because of these things. Hoping this is the year we get things figured out (have a follow up with my doctor on the 26th, we'll see how that goes) So: You manage what you measure- Will probably be tracking more on google docs than on here day to day, but used Thriftygal's generic resolution chart and added my own. 2018 Goal Tracker Make a to do list: I have a note book, I am a some what a bullet journal person, Kind of do my own version of it, but it only works if I use it. Between work, life and school starting up again I know I need to get back in the habit. Got a smaller notebook so it would fit in more bags I have, not sure on the size, should know by the end of this month. Weekend to do lists- Can make on off Friday's for the weekends, Saturdays on working Fridays. Take Vitamins: Not hard, just need to Water: I've had this off and on in challenges since I started. Super easy check off when I track, I seem to hardly drink water when I don't track Food experiment: Less sugar- hopefully less headaches and feeling better? Normally I"m not a huge sugar person but this holiday season has been pretty bad, and so have the headaches Reading/Mediating: Do one of these every day, or both! Oddly in challenges past this has been one of the hardest things. First book of the year is going to be "Start" by Jon Acuff, then probably followed up by his book "Finish" and Michael Hyatts Your Best Year Ever (noticing a theme?) Cleaning: If I do one small thing every day it means less time on the weekends with hours and hours of cleaning = less work and cleaner house = less stress because of dirty house Movement: The goal is 25 sessions over 5 weeks. to count it needs to be at least 20 mins if it's yoga or otherwise 30 mins. see note below about movement Weigh in: Not super worried about the weight in some ways, but it is a way to track progress. I'll be tracking it on my fitness pal. but weighing in to make sure it's on a downward trend. This also might tie into tracking food at least a few times a week, but that is TBD. Side Hustle: Thinking about getting an Etsy store up and running, doing salt and sugar scrubs, might branch out to a few other things depending on the status of sewing. Did a bunch of scrubs for Christmas Sewing: This is somewhat dependent on me getting a machine up and running, but I would like to do some sewing once a week, it's relaxing and I have some projects I want to work on: see note below about sewing projects Movement notes: A lot of my working out isn't a set program at least for now, but would like to get in some of the following. I do start phsyical therapy for my back on 1/2 but have fallen out of pratice with my knee rehab stuff too. Physical Therapy- need to keep up with the home program Walking- Normally twice a week with my mom Gym time- Would like to go 1 x per week to work on TRX stuff and cardio home workout- P90x, P90x3, Nerd Fitness Yoga, bike trainer, basically there's options bike ride- would like to get 2 weekend rides in during the challenge Swim- Gym pool will be open, but looking like no club swim this month. I also want to get back into moving more at work instead of sitting for hours on end. I sit at a desk a lot, so I want to start getting up and moving more. Main things to do are push ups using the desk, balance work, dips on the chair. Ideally I'll be doing some sort of movement every hour, just working on reminders/tracking. 2018 movement goals: do an unassisted pull up swim 50 yards of butterfly without stopping Sewing stuff: Some of my "sewing time" at least until I figure out what is up with my machine, or learn how to use the other one, might be getting ready for some costuming projects. Ren Faire is coming up, and finally going to do my Rebel Legion and 501st stuff going. Most likely Jawa since I can use for both, and the female tusken raider looks complicated. But I have been going back through my pilot costume research and Jedi research as well. Some of it will come down to costs as well (I know there is quite a bit for the Pilots I would have to buy)
  3. So.. Started a respawn thread not to long ago and after searching for my old Daily Battle log (for about 10 minutes) and not finding it here I am to start again! I will probably adapt the form of this many times until I find something like I like, bear with me. Today: 6/4/16 I am still sore from my first TRX work out two days ago and planting the family garden yesterday. Have been struggling with just a general feeling of being sick. Headaches, nausea, and just some general stomach discomfort. I am tired of always feeling this way. I know that a lot of it would be helped with a good change in diet and exercise habits (As I eat some pizza rolls and contemplate what else I will be buying for lunch/dinner tonight at work). I am also sure that I am stressed out. For all of you to know - I will be a first time dad in 11 days or less. The wife and I have a scheduled C-Section on June 15th. C-Section because the baby is big - 8lbs 13 oz was the estimated weight which could be off 1 lb on either side. Current level of fitness: Is there a -2? If this were DnD I would be sitting at a minimum -2 to all stats physical. Stairs are the devil; and that is one flight of them on my way to my car at work. I haven't touched a scale in so long that I don't remember how long it has been, we don't even own one at our house. It is safe to say however that I am a minimum 240 lbs. on a 5'10 frame. I MIGHT be able to fight my way out of a wet paper bag, but it would leave me winded at the end. On a positive note - even though TRX kicked my butt and I only did 45 minutes of it, thats 45 minutes more of exercise than I had done for months before. I enjoyed the trainer and my brother MAY be able to help keep me accountable on going to TRX more frequently, at least until I can get into a routine with it. However I am trying to wrap my mind around how I am going to go to TRX once the kid (Its a boy, and Landon is his name for anyone who is wondering) finally comes. Future goals: This is where I struggle.. I don't really have goals in mind. I have things I know I want, but not a set plan or range for how to achieve them: I want to lose some weight, I want to learn how to cook and then follow through and DO it, I want to get better about mowing the yard so my neighbors don't come murder my family in our sleep, (Jokes on them, I'm building a forest and putting spike pits in thanks to the dogs digging the back yard into a minefield). I want to quit feeling like crap every day. I want to get 'in shape'. As a caveat to the 'in shape' comment. I currently work as a dispatcher for a private security company but I am working on becoming an officer instead. With that in mind I would like to feel like I can take care of myself if emergency situations arise. So.. IF you have managed to read my wall of text and have insights or comments, please feel free to leave them here for me.
  4. Challenge #1 - 2016 Going from Princess to Queen For the last 24 years of being a mom, I have let life, kids and outside influences direct the course of my life. Staring this year, I am taking back the control I have given others & social media (mostly for good things, but still distractions to my life) and setting course to grow myself in three main areas based on my 2016 roadmap here. My life quest is to be a queen! That classy not quite middle aged woman that knows how to carry herself with dignity in every situation. Always having the right thing to say that not only honors the one it is said to, but shows maturity and love in the delivery. I want to physically look the part and dress in pretty clothes that fit well. Seeking ways to gain wisdom that grow me spiritually and mentally. Serving others through specific volunteer opportunities and not just because I can’t say no. Ultimately, I want to be a beacon of light into others’ lives, encouraging and showing them the love of Jesus through my actions towards them and others. I have found over the past NF challenges, I don’t do well setting goals for the entire challenge and need to have flexibility each week so I’m going to create weekly goals under my mini quest categories. These will all be attainable within a week if I plan ahead the day before and stick to the plan! I have no excuse to not succeed. All of my quests will be graded on pass/fail. 100% - weekly prize 90% & under – nothing Each week I will also have a motivating song & scripture to go back to if I feel myself slipping into old patterns of too much time on Pinterest, Facebook, etc.
  5. Injury adds to the insult as I'm unable to attempt my sub-two hour half this race season. I'm not forgetting about this goal only shifting it the back burner as I work on other goals. Now it is time to take the time to get into better overall shape so I can knock my half-marathon goal out come spring. Quest 1 - Upgrade the body I need to increase my strength! To do so I'm going to go to TRX at least twice a week throughout the challenge, for a total of 12 classes. A = 12-10 Classes (+3 Str +1 Con) B = 9-7 Classes (+2 Str +1 Con) C = 6-4 Classes (+1 Str +1 Con) F = 3-0 Classes Quest 2 - Upgrade the speed I need to increase speed! While I can't run like Steve Austin I can bike so I'll do a bike ride of 3+ miles each week, for a total of 6 ride. A = 6 Rides (+2 Dex, +2 Sta) B = 5 Rides (+1 Dex, +2 Sta) C = 4 Rides (+1 Dex, +1 Sta) F = 3-0 Riders Quest 3 - Maintain the body Need to adjust the diet to build muscles and keep myself going! Need to figure out how to quantify this one! Skipping the 3rd quest for this challenge Life Quest - Upgrade the vision Steve Austin could see with a 20.2:1 zoom lens, me I've got a Canon 7d collecting dust. I want to do 3 photo shoots over the course of the challenge A = 3 shoots (+4 Wis) B = 2 shoots (+3 Wis) C = 1 shoot (+1 Wis) F = 0 shoots
  6. So I had saved up a mountain of cash for a real estate auction and came home empty handed, and to feed my dismay I figured it was time to buy some stuff I had been eye balling for a couple months. EliteFTS Pro Bands in mini, monster mini, and light: I had bought a few of the cheap round bands from Wally World for doing some mobility work and helping with getting off the floor when I couldn't do a raw chin-up. They worked, but being round and linear they were a pain to set up on my rack and they loved jumping off my foot for chins. EliteFTS was running a sale a couple weeks ago so I thought it was time to pick up some real bands. They are 40% off right now, which is an even better deal (ugh). The mini band is awesome for pull-aparts, the monster is about right for banded push-ups and for a burnout set of chins. I did some snatch-grip speed pulls against a light band and it felt really cool. I think in my next cycle I'm going to add them in on squat day for some help with RFP. They feel really good, their stretch seems really consistent, and they are about the perfect length for the things I would use them for. Three pairs ran me $76 and I'm pretty certain they will last a very long time. One caveat, they are made of latex. WOSS Equalizer Suspension Trainer (TRX knock-off): My wife is having a hard time getting herself up to a real chin-up. Inverted rows off a bar in the squat rack are a pain and give a really short range of motion. I also don't have a dip station and laying a pair of barbells across horses is a pain to set up for an assistance lift. I was looking at a pair of EliteFTS blast straps or a real TRX but the prices are pretty stupid for some nylon strap and handles. Looking on Amazon I found WOSS's knockoff of a TRX for $32 and thought it was worth the risk. I am loving it for suspended push-ups and suspension rows. I get a much better pump on my triceps doing the pushups and better ROM and scapular contraction with suspension rows. The cam buckles do appear to dig into the strapping so at some point I might have to replace it. That'll be a $10 eBay proposition for much higher quality strap. Definitely a worthwhile buy. Wei-Rui Fury weightlifting shoes: Be forewarned, I just received them today and it was bench day not squat or overhead press day. That said, as soon as they showed up I strapped them on and walked out to the rack to do some lightweight playing around with them. Wow... These are my only experience with shoes so I have no idea what a "good" pair of shoes feels like, but these feel pretty damn special. The amount of feedback you get from your feet on a deep back squat is really amazing, allowing you to adjust your balance unlike when I squatted barefoot or in chucks. I felt a lot more stable and much more upright on a deep squat. Front squats are effortless in keeping good t-spine extension and a vertical posture. Overhead pressing felt much more stable with no rocking up onto the balls of my feet at lockout like I sometimes experience. I pulled yesterday and I'm really not in any shape to give them any kind of try-out deadlifting. Next Wednesday I'll see how they work pulling sumo. I paid $55 for them through Maxbarbell.com. They only have a few sizes of the Fury left, but the other prices on their shoes don't look bad. Luckily they had 9.5s for me. They look and feel cheap, but they'll only spend a couple hours a week being work in my home gym. If you are a Crossfitter they are probably a bad idea due to the cheapness of the upper construction and the stiffness of the entire sole. Split jerking might also be problematic, but I have never tried it in training so take that for what it's worth. Homemade Squat Box: My wife is having a hellish time learning to sit back into her squat better and hitting depth if she does. I had a few hours to myself yesterday so a trip to Lowes was in order. I made the framework out of 2x3s and topped it with 11/32" plywood with a 2x3 support running under the center. It flexes a very little with me jumping on it so I doubt it'll fail from just sitting on it. It's nice and light, 18" square and 13 3/4" tall so she hits about an inch below parallel. After she tried it out for box squats I piled 170lbs of plates on top and used it to do some natty GHRs. I could only do slow negatives but I definitely understand why Wenning, Simmons, Wendler et al all talk so highly of it for building hamstrings. I also used it with a mat draped over it for doing hip thrusts and it felt really good. There you have it. Some reviews on some things I got that if you train at home you should think about picking up or building. On the shoes, time will tell. For now they are something I can definitely agree with the others who lift in proper footwear. You really don't know what you're missing if you're squatting in running shoes, Chucks, or barefoot.
  7. Finally got my TRX Tactical Kit today in the mail and I'm pretty psyched (especially with the military discount I got)! Despite being fairly sedentary off work and command PT I can still rock out 70-80 pushups, 95~ situps, and hold planks and bridges for a few minutes at a time. So I decided I wanted a way to take my body weight training up a level to kick off my NF lifestyle. Now I've done a few workout sessions during command PT (turns out if a Navy SEAL develops something and gets famous for it the Navy likes to have us use it lol) but otherwise I haven't had any serious time logged using this system, though I have enjoyed the couple times I have done it. I was wondering if there was anyone out there who might have one or used one enough to recommend certain workouts or if they'd had exceptionally good results or fun routines with the system. Personally I'm just happy to have something I can take with me when I travel but outside opinions are always nice to listen to when getting something new. Thanks in advance! (If you've done a routine from the guide/app but can't remember it just describe it. I got both of those with my bundle so I'm sure I can find it if you tell me what you did!)
  8. Ok, so i've put together a workout on my newly home made sling trainer, currently in beta, but it's up and hanging! A question is, time or a set number of repetitions? I'm very fond of the time concept, where you push out as many repetitions as possible for like a minute. It also makes it much easier to plan a work out. I was thinking of one minute work, then five seconds or something rest (mainly to change pose) to complete my work out or maybe 12 reps, 3 times? Anyway, here's the exercises i've picked out (All performed with slings, of course) - Chest press - Row - Tricep press - Biceps curl - I deltoid fly - Chest fly - Squat - Hip press - Mountain climbers - Suspended lunge - Hamstring curl - Crunch - Oblique crunch - Plank I'm really trying to cut it down, i'm wondering if chest fly might be a bit excessive, and oblique AND normal crunch, but I guess oblique crunch reminds me of bicycle crunch which does WONDERS for my abs! I'm also thinking of doing a squat/row combo. Basically I wan't few, but effective exercises. Hoping for some help from you guys! -Starfish
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