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Found 9 results

  1. So... uhm... Life went kinda bonkers for a while there. I was resettling slowly into routines, getting stuff done, then... ...poof. OT nonstop for a while, long story very short there were some personnel changes at my job and I was at first, training a new person to work with me, then doing most of the work period because... people, then became the only person in my position so trying to plan for things outside of work basically became impossible. Fast forward to now - I have a new person in the lab with me, who is so far doing fantastic, and while he's still in training now
  2. ok, so... I'm missing this place! but I'm in a different place that I was. my Exercise program is in shambles, old (good) habits have been lost, and the passion that I try to bring to all my efforts was less so- I need to get it back. and part of that means coming back HERE. telling y'all that I will do better and being accountable to someone for Doing it! ofc, its midchallenge, but there's always a reason to procrastinate... THAT (procrastination) must stop! it must stop today. --- about the only thing to add
  3. (note - I randomly signed in to my 750words account and had no idea what to write, so this is what happened. From there, I decided that I'm keeping a diary and will turn it into a daily log here.) I'm feeling kind of lost and confused, so I'm going to write to help myself figure it out. What do I want? I want to be healthier. I want to lose weight. I want to be strong. I want to look and feel sexy. I want to be better than I am. I feel like a lump right now. Kind of meaningless. That sounds super depressing. I don't think I'm depressed? I'm not
  4. Better Late than Never Challenge #6- September 12 - October 22 Well, its been a while....almost a year if I'm not mistaken, and I considered not even bothering to start anything since there was only 3 or so days left of this challenge, but I figured the "I'll do it tomorrow" mindset was what got me into this mess in the first place so I might as well just buck up and post something for this challenge, and try to continue it through the next. Life got pretty bad for a while, from terrible teaching classes and relationships to family trouble and just about everything in between,
  5. So ... there were work parties ... and then family celebrations ... and then a mini-vacation ... And yeah, I've eaten enough carbs for a boys' football team over the last week. I'm not even going to weigh myself because I'm sure I've gained at least a couple of pounds back. Tonight I review (and revise, if needed) my goals, and tomorrow I start again. I've got this.
  6. Hi! So, I am back (from outer space..or not) atleast hopefully. Moving onwards right? I have gotten my doctor to put me on antidepressants because I couldn't deal with my depression any more. Which is a big step for me. I am attempting to make my UNI work a priority and possibly throw in some exercise. Positive thinking a go! I am so over respawing.
  7. turbo

    Turbo Redux

    So my challenge a while ago, didn't go to well. Distractions were in the air, and was a little overwhelmed with work and other personal things. So, I'm going for a better round this time. For my quest I will keep it somewhat the same. I have been running, going to the gym, and for the first part of quest 3, swore off McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, and any other processed burger joint like that. Sticking to Jimmy Johns if I do go out (and I get an unwich instead of bread). Wish me luck! Main Quest: Lose (35lbs) by New Years 2015.If I can drop the 25lbs by the new year, I will not only hav
  8. Okay, so I didn't really complete my last challenge, so I'm going to just do the same thing again. Hopefully, this time I'm going to build enough bicep and back muscle strength to perform a pull-up. So, here's a copy and paste from my last thread: Training to be accepted as an Assassin’s Apprentice Main Quest: Complete 1 unassisted dead hang pull-up to be accepted as an Assassin’s Apprentice Goal 1: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Borrowing from Daft Punk, an assassin must be harder, better, faster and stronger than those around them. For this I must train to prove my worthiness
  9. Well, as those know who have followed my last few challenges, I've been sucking. I could make up a million excuses, but the short of it is, I lose motivation/get distracted and fade away. One common theme for me is setting these GIANT LIFE-CHANGING goals, doing GREAT at first, then running out of willpower. As I start to suck, I start to fade out when I get sick of telling everyone how much I'm sucking. So this challenge is all about taking those baby steps, or collecting Power-Ups. Obviously, since this IS a challenge, and I need to have four goals, I will be making more than one small chang
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