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Found 4 results

  1. Are you interested in getting some gymnastic skills? Does this look familiar? We call it a "melting cartwheel" (term originally coined by @Elastigirl and/or @elsfaire), and we're working on making them less melty... together. Join us for support and all sorts of fun play time!
  2. No, not that weird stuff! I'll dress this up later, but here's the basics for March: 1) Need more running. Find more running. Do more running. It's starting to warm up, the trees are turning red (which means the spring buds are coming already!) 2) Use the NerdFitness Yoga program like, at least 2x/week. More if possible. It's really quite manageable. I just need to do it. My flexibility is really lacking and I need to loosen up. 3) Lift more heavy things, at least 1x/week. 4) Write more than twice in the month. BONUS: I met up with my brother last night, who has been doing circus training (particularly strong man stuff, for him) with my little sister (an aerialist and all-around performer). I was talking about my need to get off the ground and loosen up and learn what I'm capable of, and he suggested that I come with them to their circus gym and learn some tumbling from one of the trainers. This was such a fantastic idea that I'm going to do so, probably at least every weekend in March, and start to get comfortable with what I'm capable of now that I'm approaching a normal weight. BONUS THE SECOND: I was going through my music folder the other day (not my music library, but my personal music folder) and realized that I have very few actual recordings of myself, despite having all the tools to do so. There are a couple from 2010, one from 2012, etc. I've decided to start a project where I'm going to record myself and my guitar for five songs every couple of years, just to start getting an idea of how I'm changing over the years, musically speaking. I'd like to complete this project by the end of April, so I'm going to work on this and try to get at least two of the tracks completed and the third one started. My song list for this project is: Vertical Horizon - The Man Who Would Be Santa Parabelle - No One Looks As Good As You In That Trapt - Only One in Color 10 Years - So Long Goodbye [unheilig - Als wär's das erste Mal] - still subject to change, but I think I can do a pretty rockin' acoustic version of this So that's going to be my March. More endurance, more strength, more Kung Fu, more flexibility, and... tumbling. Maybe somewhere in there will be some time to breathe? Yeah, probably not. :/
  3. Main Quest: Become My Own Hero In my last challenge, I assembled a ragtag team of freedom fighters to stand up against their oppressors, who happened to have the support of the galaxy-renowned peacekeeping and security contractor “The Beast of Eschatonâ€. We won the battle, but there is still much to do before we win the war.... In light of its recent defeat and the news that our rebellion has acquired backing and new weapons from a group of fabulously wealthy and equally anonymous donors, the BoE has called in reinforcements from off-world to wipe us out. We’ve managed to hack their database and get some intel - it’s not much, but what we’ve seen isn’t pretty. These guys are good - real good. A straight-up spec-ops team, armed to the teeth and covered in kill-silhouettes. It’s kind of flattering, really, if you think about it... Anyway, it’s going to take tactics, preparation and a whole lot of nerve to pull this one off. Let’s take a closer look at what we know about the enemy, and how to deal with them. tl;dnr Artillery Ape: Prop-free skills training sessions, 2x/week Gatling Raptor: Prep 1+ build/week for Repubrick.com Phantom Mantis: Mindful Coffee 7 days/week. The S.W.A.R.M.: Complete all HabitRPG Dailies 7 days/week. Yeeeeaaah, this is how we roll. Let’s get versatile!
  4. DinoBytes here once again for a fourth challenge. I may have taken a hiatus from posting results to the community for a few months, but I have not at all reduced my activity level. Just for an all around update on my progress; I have successfully attained a press to handstand (working on making it a straight arm press right now it is bent arms only), I have developed a silks routine for performances which I would like to improve upon, I have taken many leaps and bounds in learning to perform in the Roue Cyr wheel (I will make a post about my personal growth, difficulties and other technical aspects and frustrations explained in an easily understood format later) My flexibility has improved tremendously (not necesarily immediately apparent to an observer, however I have pushed past many obstacles with this flexibility growth) I will be posting photos and videos for your viewing pleasure and to provide visual for all of these boastful claims as well (have no fear) I hope to update my page consistantly at the very least weekly, however there will always be life to get in the way... the best way to be encouraging to me is to simply post a little check up blurb should I be late in posting for a week. Also, ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS YOU HAVE!!! I am a true introvert at heart but I love to push my limitations and I am in no way reserved about my love of circus so you can actually HELP me by expressing your curiosity about all the crazy apparatus and things I do! (what a great way to fulfill both objectives) this also will help me be more clear to begin with because all these terms and phrases have become so familiar I sometimes forget what "normal people" understand . Here is my challenge summary and grading criteria! goal 1: perfecting Silks routine: Practicing routine and expecially smooth flow and transitions during each practice (thrice per week unless performing) A = complete full set of tricks 3x per week B = 2x per week C = 1x per week F = < 1x per week goal 2: Purchasing all paleo fuel. But free food should never be denied. Especially home cooked/baked A = 7x a week B = 6x a week C = 5x a week D = 4x a week F = 3x a week goal 3: spinning in Cyr, slacklining, and hand balancing practice A = all three elements recieved some attention/practice B = two elements were practiced C = one element was practiced F = none at all Life goal: Become an AFF 'A' licenced skydiver by completing all skydives at or above the safety and control standards of the airfield. A = 1 jump/element passed per week B = attempted C = no practice/jumps due to cancellation F = no practice or jumps my starting stats: age: 21 height: 5'3" weight: 138 Feb 16th body fat percentage: 19.64% Feb 17th (likely to be inaccurate) waistline: 79-83cm Feb 17th (this is flexed-relaxed measurements) (these will be updated later this week) I am so excited about this challenge already! take this journey with me and be inspired!
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