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  1. It is finally that time, that I can see the edges of twotopia land. It has been a few years since my last visit. This time, I don't plan to turn back. I'll stay awhile, then take off for an area called Onderland. I may not be able to hit this during the challenge, but I am sure going to try! So far since coming back to Nerdfitness, things have been going well. The last couple of challenges were not 100%, but I learned from them. I continued on. The real hero of my challenges has been Keto. In the past, Whole30 was great for me, but I just was never able to stay with it. Years ago, I had started with a "low carb" approach. This was still tons of carbs per day, but it was working. Keto has been the only thing that has really been sticking with me. 3 times I have been off it since the first. And emergency family trip down sound' That was like a 4 day eat fest with landed me with 10 pound for those 4 days. The 2nd time was a party at my wife's work. Though, it was just that night, and I was back on it. Didn't feel any major effect. The last time was during this last challenge. We headed to New York. About 9 days total of me eating whatever. That gave me a 14.5 pound gain. This one was the harder one to bounce back from. Almost like starting over from scratch. Cravings were so bad one night, I almost gave in. Then two days later, and I was fat adapted again. At least I assume so, because all those candy/chip cravings vanished. There is still my brain saying "oh, that woudl be good", but it is easy to dismiss it as just a little impulse. I think this is why Keto has worked for me. I haven't had these super cravings, and my appetite has been suppressed. I don't always have that constant need to be snacking on food. Maybe that is just me though. So my goals will try to continue to build on the success I am having, and what I want for future goals. Goal#1 - Continue to Keto and IF tracking plus let's add water I think for the most part, I have the Keto/IF/Tracking part down now. Well enough anyway. I want to add a little extra this challenge though. Time to track my water. I know there are some days that I don't drink enough water. I don't have a specific spot I want to hit, I just want to track it. If I am tracking it, then I might be more mindful about drinking too. All tracking will be done in MFP except the IF part. That is will be manually tracked. Scoring: 1 point for tracking Keto/IF and 1 point for tracking Water in MFP each day. 14 points per week total. Goal#2 - Return of the sleep goal I have to have this back again. I have been really off lately. Time to get this back on track. Computer off at 11 pm, then reading until Midnight. Then hit the bed. Hopefully, if I can get this back on track, my body will respond with giving me better sleep overall. I have an alarm set for 11:55 pm. Just to let me know it is time to wrap it up in my book. If I am reading in a chapter, I will let myself finish it off. No "Hey, I read a word on this next chapter, guess I have to stay up to read it" haha. Scoring: 1 point for getting off the computer on time. 1 point for reading, and getting off to bed by midnight. 14 points per week total. Goal#3 - Get up, and Get Going You know, I have these goals in mind, and they aren't all going to happen magically because I am eating Keto. This will probably be the hardest for me this challenge. Every challenge this year, exercise has been the thing to fail on me. I want to do C25k again. So I can run again. I want to do body weight workouts to start building that muscle back up. I even like to get out and walk, because I do enjoy it. I just can't seem to get the walking habit going. I want try getting C25k this challenge. If I can do it, then I will continue going with it. If not, then I need to add in Body weight workouts. Hopefully, I can get in C25k, and start doing body weight workouts as well. That's the hope any how. If I am doing this, then I will have Sunday as rest day. For this challenge, I am going to try to get all of this in. Just building up to each step. Since I know it is easiest to get stuff done in the morning, that will be part of it. Get up, and get going. Week 1 - Hit 6,000 steps a day. (decided to C25k this week, adding in scoring) Week 2 - Hit 7,000 steps a day. (continue C25k here) Week 3 - Hit 8,000 steps a day, plus add in M/W/F C25k or Bodyweight workouts Week 4 - Hit 9,000 steps a day, plus continue M/W/F workout Scoring: 2 points for hitting the step goal. 2 points per run or workout. Total points per week 18 points Goal#4 - Check in, check in, check in Last challenge, I stopped checking in each day. I felt bad for it, and I wasn't out there supporting others like I should be. I was better on my blog, but not where i was earlier. So this challenge is for me to check in each day. I also need to visit others here to see how they are. Plus, I need to get that blog post done each day. Scoring: 0.5 for NF check in, 0.5 for blog post each day. 7 points total per week. Measurements - Week 1 / End of Challenge Neck - 19.29 in / Chest - 51.96 in / Waist at belly button - 56.22 in / Bicep (L) - 16.77 in / Bicep (R) - 16.65 in / Forearm (L) - 13.26 in / Forearm (R) - 13.26 in / Thigh (L) - 27.99 in / Thigh (R) - 27.00 in / Weight - 317.1 lbs / Weekly points Week 1 - 48/53 - 90.5% Week 2 - 35/41 - 85% Week 3 - 0/ Week 4 - 0/ Challenge total = 0/
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