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Found 4 results

  1. I tried to find a good gif or even a pic of T H E V O I D but there aren't any. You can't take a pic of T H E V O I D because it's nothing. Just nothing. Interesting that there are gifs of nothing, but not T H E V O I D. This one is close though. I briefly considered making my challenge theme T H E V O I D but that wouldn't be right either. T H E V O I D is not a theme. It's not anything at all. A little like this, but not really. My challenge isn't going to be nothing. It's going to be more challengey than my last two challenges, which were just battle logs. Not that I regret that. There is no regret in T H E V O I D. Like this, only more, and less. My challenge to myself is to become more than I am now. More strong - weight training and pull-ups will happen. More comfortable - my house needs work. More inspired - I want to read something for fun. More peaceful - ukulele will be played. And I realized that T H E V O I D isn't just nothing. T H E V O I D is the potential. It's what isn't there the instant before something brilliant and beautiful happens. Sometimes T H E V O I D is big, and sometimes T H E V O I D is small. But any time we push, and stretch, and grow, even just a little, we push it back. The tiniest flame beats back great darkness. A little hope heals. A little faith moves mountains. And with just a little effort, I am going to conquer T H E V O I D. Here I go.
  2. I'm keeping this super simple. I'm going to try to track calories and stay on my daily MFP target. I'm going to try to run three days per week. I'm going to try to cycle to three days per week. I'm going to try to play my ukulele a little bit each day. That's it. One point per day for each thing I do. 123GO!
  3. Same Bat-challenge! Kinda. This challenge I will: Get at least seven hours of sleep five nights per week Stretch five times per week Practice ukulele with kid #2 twice per week Daily tracking will be in my battle log, and by gosh I really need to start doing the weekly summaries again, to help me keep track of what I'm aiming for! Standard warning: I'm queer, genderqueer, poly, and kinky. I keep this pretty SFW, and anything otherwise will be tagged as such and put under a cut. The photos I share here are SFW, but if you follow any links to my Instagram page, some are a little less so! Enjoy!
  4. Edited to add my disclaimer: I'm queer, genderqueer, poly, and kinky. I keep this pretty SFW, and anything otherwise will be tagged as such. The photos I share here are SFW, but if you go to my Instagram page, some are a little less so! Enjoy! It's time to switch things up. I'm maintaining well at just over 140lbs, even while I was eating whatever on vacation. I'm biking thanks to the nice weather, stretching every now and then, spending time with people who lift me up, and generally feeling pretty good. With that, I'm going to focus on two things from previous challenges. UKULELE and SLEEP. My husband plays electric bass and my older kid has requested to play drums at school next year. Both the kids like joining my husband on percussion (djembe or tambourine) while he plays, and we just got my friend's old drum kit. My younger kid has been writing their own songs, and they both love to sing. My husband did this to our basement yesterday: Isn't it great?? Obviously it's a work in progress, but EEE! Excited! So I've got to really learn how to play my uke after all this time. The goal is to practice five times per week for at least twenty minutes, and to learn four songs, starting with Stairway to Heaven because I love the opening bit. There may be videos. NO PROMISES. Sleep goal is at least seven hours, five nights per week. I may add in a cleaning goal, but I'm worried that will be overambitious.
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