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Found 6 results

  1. The last challenge was derailed by a train of illnesses that my grandson brought home from day care. I managed to power through most of them, but COVID really knocked me on my butt for three weeks. Not surprisingly, my cardio fitness took a hit. Strength gains pretty much stayed even. Coming into the next challenge, I have loose goals, but I want to stay flexible .... really a big part of the rest of the calendar year (2 challenges?) will be in looking for some new tools and strategies .... and recommitting some that have worked well in the past. I am not going to score these challenges. Daily narration is enough accountability. The murder mystery gets to continue and ties in with this theme. 😉 Goals: Lose fat and build muscle. I'm going to ease back into WW. The investigation focus here is on figuring out how to track without burning out on tracking. Success measures: weigh 150 by the end of the calendar year (151.5 by Thanksgiving) and be able to do a pullup with only 20 pounds of assistance (30 pounds by Thanksgiving). I also will probably be changing gyms again. Write a draft of a novel. Yes, I decided to try NaNoWriMo. I want to write a cozy mystery novel with an older female protagonist. I may warm up with the continuation of the Wolves of Langston .... fanfiction. Investigations: Exercise snacks. On the days that LTL is here, it's difficult to get much of a workout in. We can usually get a walk, but strength training ..... those end up being rest days. But, if I have a plan, I could fit in some bodyweight strength training and stretching. Functional fitness (aka CrossFit) without the box. CrossFit.com, WodWell.com, 50 North fitness classes? The social aspect is almost as important as the fitness, but getting hooked and sticking with it without getting injured ..... Join the "senior center" .... which really has much to offer. It has a gym and a pool (and sauna and hot tub ....) and fitness classes and volunteer and social opportunities. As Rebel One has written, it is really tough to make friends as an adult. This is a possible vector. How to inject some fun into logging food intake?? How to create changes that will become habits?
  2. I know the entire NF community--hell, the entire INTERNET--has anxiously been awaiting my return to challenging and here it is. You are all welcome. I started out this year with a lot of enthusiasm and grand plans to have each challenge consist of one goal in each category of gym, food, and home. I think that lasted for ... 2? challenges? then I dropped out of the whole deal for months. After some thought, I'm back and I'm giving myself permission to not feel guilty for not getting eleventy workouts per month or not eating "well" or not cleaning the bathroom 6.7 times per month. I tend to set a lot of what-sounds-like-reasonable goals for myself and then talk myself into not doing them. After 40+ years on the planet, I've also realized that I'm self-destructively stubborn. The quickest way to make me not want to do a thing is to have someone (even myself) tell me to do it. Because I want to do it because I was going to do it, NOT because someone else said something, so then I will specifically NOT do that thing to prove that no one can tell me what to do. Healthy, eh? So, how to reconcile that with the goal-oriented format of an NF challenge? Good question. I don't think that I do. Perhaps that makes this an un-challenge, or maybe the whole challenge is to not continue to set goals that I keep refusing to meet. So if there won't be goals, what will there be? (Ya'll are full of the good questions today) There will be gifs, clearly (feel free to add to the collection) There will be random rambling musings which I will likely immediately forget about even writing and insights that I won't remember having. Probably some kind of workouts--though I seem to not be making time for those currently Likely discussion (or perhaps even photos) of sewing projects, as that's a hobby I've recently picked back up after... 30+ years Mostly this will be an outlet for keeping connected in this community that I've been a part of for so long. To that, I will try to post here on the reg, and attempt to post more (not just lurk and hit the react button) in threads of my fellow rebels. If you've made it through all of that, you are amazing. Welcome to my brain dump space.
  3. So, being forced to limit exercise due to Costochondritis issues (GAHH! Hating this!); this challenge will be posted here: Bricks I will comment in this post (mostly about my self-care routine); but my stats will be in the Monkey Tamers United post as I plan on taking the monkey down & building my wall. My self-care routine includes: 1. Taking time to de-stress using the Stop, Breathe, & Think app. 2. Regular skin care routine 3. Sleep 4. Hydration
  4. I want to enjoy my holidays, the summer, the free time.
  5. Unchallenge time! I'm in a good groove with food and activity. I'm sticking with the No S-Diet, swinging my sledgehammer regularly, and doing bodyweight workouts. I'm hooping, swimming on a nearly regular basis (not laps, but not just messing around, either), walking home from the subway again now that the weather is lovely, and have been starting to lift weights thanks to a handy curbside find and encouragement from a big muscly friend. I'm doing rope on a pretty regular basis as a bottom, and am seeing progress in my stretches and balancing. I'm trying some new stuff to generate some extra income in addition to my day job. I'm too busy to add anything else, and between all of that plus a full-time job, being a parent, and a very, very full social schedule, any extras tend to fall off! So this is an unchallenge. I'll keep up with my battle log (World Conquest) for the daily updates, and will use this thread for general updates in regards to how things are going. If something shiny catches my eyes, I will give it a try and post here about how it went. Things I'd like to try: Climbing/boulderingParkourPoleAerial yogaPartner yogaCool new yoga posesTo see how many burpees I can do in a day/week Things I'm likely to be doing: Playing outside with my kidsPhotographyModellingRope!UKULELE ... MAYBE???Painting my house??Getting a bike and starting to bike to work in MayGardening LET'S DO THIS! Fair warning: I am queer, agender, poly, and kinky. I will warn you if any content or links I share is NSFW, and put questionable stuff behind a cut.
  6. I'm not even going to bother pretending to have a goal oriented challenge or any story this time around. Things to expect from this thread: Ranting and whinging. Possibly pictures or videos of me making an idiot of myself. Things I want to work on: hand balancing, bridges, GMB Fitness' Movement Multivitamin, aerials, buying a car.
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