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  1. It was a cold morning on the 24th of February when it came, his first Assassin assignment came. He woke up in his apartment bedroom, which was a part of a large training academy he shared with the rest of the assassin tribe, typically 3-4 assassins per house. He woke, stretched his arms then noticed it: a neat envelope which was half way through his letter box, which simply bore his name in gold writing: Bambamty. Upon opening he knew what it meant, this was his first Assassin task, everything up until now had been training, practice. But this time was different, if he messed this one up he died, game over. The letter said: Dear Bambamty, We write this letter to you was we believe you are the write candidate for the task at hand. In 6 weeks time, the ogre's plan are gathering, and will likely march to war, you must stop it. Kill the leader Yuzgrut, and bring his head back to camp. Only then will you be a fully fledged member in the noble rank of the assassins. The elders. Breathing heavily he read over it twice, this was going to be the hardest task of his life. He knows he can't kill an ogre through strength, so he draws up a plan to hone his agility, his balance, and his skill, then immediately sets to work. Translation. For this challenge it wont be about weight loss for once, as im approximately the weight id like to be! However, the thing I'm lacking at the moment is some serious agility, balance and co-ordination, so ill need to work on those i think, whilst trying to lose fat (and remain at the same mass) Main quest. For my main quest, id simply like to be in the best shape ive ever been, a little vague i know. But theres no one huge goal i want to be working to, so ill break it up into sub goals! GOAL 1: To get close enough to kill an ogre with my bare hands ill need to have exceptional balance, and to train this i intend to be able to do a free standing handstand by the end of the challenge, so ill be doing the 28 day handstand challenge AGAIN, as im very close to doing this. (+2 DEX, +1 STR) GOAL 2: Another aspect of my life i need to level up in order to complete my task is my agility and co ordination. For this one it'll be a fun one ive been doing since September, but not nearly enough! I aim to do minimum 3 hours a week juggling practice, including the 2 hours on a Thursday with the club, if i can successfully do a 2 diabolo sprinkler by the end, challenge succesful. (+2 DEX, +1 CHA (for the social side)) Goal 3: 20 pullups! Im about 4 weeks into my 20 pull up challenge, so intend to keep going, will need to commit at least 3 times a week to this! (+2 STR) SIDE QUESTS. My first side quest is to commit to a calisthenics routine, not sure how im going to split it up, but itll probably be something like Monday: Chest, triceps, core Tuesday: Back, biceps Wednesday: Big bike ride on wednesdays so no chance of any real calisthenics, might do pullups on weds too Thursday: Chest, triceps, core, Friday: Back, biceps Saturday: Legs, Sunday: Rest. +1 STR, +2 Con (fitness = staying alive),+1 STA Side quest two is to again eat as clean as possible, no strict grading to this one, just grading each week and see how it goes. +1 CON My final side quest is to complete 5 weeks of swimming lessons (embarrassing i know, but i cant swim!) This could be vital, as who knows what terrain is waiting for me on my way to kill the ogre leader. +1 STA Thanks for reading guys, as always ill try and update often. With a weekly round up each Sunday evening! Hope you liked the narrative, its nothing amazing as i suck at writing stories, but it sounded cooler in my head! :L Good luck to all my fellow rebels!
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