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Found 6 results

  1. In honor of Halloween the Scout mini will be monster themed What? You were expecting this? Nope - we'll be trying to conquer our monsters! so strap on your runners and let's get hunting!
  2. When I started my first challenge, I didn't see the point of battle logs. In my mind i thought you already have your challenge thread, why not just keep that active until the next one starts, then transition over. During my time here people have told me that they use their battle log to keep track of all of the things that would clutter up their challenge threads with too much detail. That made sense but didn't apply to me, i write long and rambling posts and probably give way too much information. A medical condition (gallstones) forced me out of this current challenge cycle, now I'm glad thi
  3. This challenge - elemhh – Slays the slayers. When I set up my profile I decided that my race would be vampire. I have loved vampire stories since I was a kid and when left to my own devices my sleep routine levels eventually has me going to bed around 7am and getting up around noon. Even though there are lots of fandoms I would like to play in, it seemed appropriate that my first two themed challenges be vampire related. So this challenge is me slaying the would-be vampire slayers before they can come for me. Each slayer will represent an area that I am working on. I set my previous ch
  4. Seriously, though. With all things I want to change in my life and all the goals I want to pursue, I feel like there is literally not enough available days in one lifetime. I'm coming at this from a pretty exhausted place. I just recently just a full time job at Leslie's Pool Supplies as an assistant manager. As thankful as I am to have the job after months of a fruitless job hunt post-graduation last summer, it's really kicking my ass and I'm frustrated because my dream is to work on set--not sell buckets of chlorine and test pool water. I think back when I was in school. Studying full
  5. And so a reluctant hero is born…… I have a recurring dream. I’m walking along a midway, clouds threaten the sky, just a few drops of rain intermittently hitting the dirty pavement. I look ahead and see the side of an old circular ride. Something that moves rapidly up and down, around and around, two per car. The muffled screams from the ride settle over the humid air. I notice a pale, thin, brunette carefully following me as I saunter through the ring toss games. Suddenly I become aware that I’m running, running, running from that strange brunette. Because this is a dream, it b
  6. Who are you? I'm a Zoë. We tend to be a local, vivid bunch and this particular one is Gothy and thinks of herself as more of a he. I'm working on making a living with writing, practicing Aikido, figuring out cooking, raising chickens and GMing when I have the time. Somewhere in the there is yoga, cleaning, sleeping and picking up and dropping off an art habit. What's your current status? Um....better. In March I ripped my mcl (the tendon on the inside of your knee) in an Aikido practice. I spent a lot of time off getting back to just walking and went up to basically a size 18 from size 14.
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