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Found 10 results

  1. While I consider the last challenge a success (at very least a solid "B" grade), I realized something: I need variety. Routine became...too routine. The constant parkour drilling was good, but both my mind and body cried out for a little something else to mix things up. My body ached for the yoga routine I once had but let slip over the summer. My Barbarian Mind cried out for something a bit martial-artsy. I kept my daily meditation routine through the whole process, so that was good. But the bottom line is I need to mix things up a bit. In the spirit of variety, I don't have a ver
  2. I'm upgrading one goal, modifying another, and finding some new stuff for the last two. Generally, I want to get moving lots and to do so in a variety of ways as a break from a tedious season at work, but also to take relatively little time for exercising because I have some time-gobbling responsibilities to fill. 1. Fitness (endurance): Do 265 000 steps (did 250 000 last challenge and progressing towards 280 000 / 10 000 a day next challenge) 2. Fitness (strength): Every week, do three sessions, at least 20 minutes long, of intense physical activity Withi
  3. Hello! I'm back! Also, I've been watching a lot of 30 Rock so bear with me... Last challenge was mostly successful but some of the big takeaways were these: Sleep is awesome. How did I forget that sleep is so great? Breakfast doesn't have to be a huge pain, inconvenient or packed with sugar. Movement is movement. I don't have to spend an hour at the gym to accomplish my exercise goals- I just need to be mindful about getting it in where I can. Meal planning is my friend: spending an hour or two at the beginning of the week to figure out my m
  4. I've been procrastinating posting my challenge because, well, nothing interesting is really coming to me. Things in general are a little chaotic right now. I'm dealing with a fair bit of uncertainty, and some other life goals are getting all the attention. But this is still pretty important to me, so let's get to it. I'll be on land for most of the first half of this one, which is good news because it means I have more options. The bad news is that the first week is in Texas, so it won't be pleasant. Then it's back to Alaska for a few days in the mountains, and then back to sea for
  5. I am moderately fit, but am seeking a workout routine that tones, strengthens, and boosts my level of fitness. I'd like it to include cardio and strength (but I don't want to bulk up, just tone). I like long-distance running, but I don't want to do it everyday. I tried jump roping but it made me feel like I needed to throw up. So, I want a routine with variety. It shouldn't include a bunch of fancy equipment. And I'm a beginner, so I want things that provide a good workout, but that I can do. Also, good warm ups and cool downs. I'm looking for something long term that I can keep up the whole
  6. Watch this space... coming Okay one super challenge coming right up. My last challenge was an entree, a little taster to get me in the mood. I wasn't very disciplined and I didn't hold myself accountable for much. I still see at as a success because I'm in a lot better place than I was motivation wise now. Variety is the spice of life I have been reading Mark's Daily Apple again regularly and I'm a big fan of his exercise philosophy. Of course it is similar to Steve's philosophy of... have some fun!! I have joined a gym near my work and I plan to work my way through all the classes and do
  7. Heyas, im attempting to build my own workout plan to improve my existing one. The thing is though, in wondering if my varied exercises will make me better balanced or hurt my progress. Generally i spend one of each of my three exercise days a week with a completely different goal in mind. For instance, Sunday focuses on a reverse pyramid set, Tuesday is a heavy lifting straight set and Thursday is light, endurance weights. The exercises i use are generally the same every day, but with variations and switching up the order. An example is weighted squats on Sunday, box jumps on Tuesday and body
  8. In my challenges so far the focus has been on trying to master a narrow choice of skills - handstands, backflips and Spanish. I've had some good progress, but there seem to be a few dangers with focusing too narrowly: even the most well-intentioned training can fail to produce success on a specific skillthere's a risk of overtraining (haha maybe not with Spanish, but seriously I can feel I've stressed out my sternum with excessive handstands this year)adding more variety to a narrow choice of hobbies makes it all extra funTherefore, the theme for this challenge will be variety! My motivation w
  9. "I need ya, Deck. This is a bad one, the worst yet. I need the old blade runner, I need your magic." I’ve been into other things for quite some time. I’ve been doing challenges with the Rangers, but now everything’s changing. I have a baby due to be born any day now, and relying on my routines is not likely to be an option. I need to be more flexible, adaptable, energetic- I’ll run with the Assassins this time out. This challenge will be all about breaking out of my routine rut, plus being adaptable to get in workouts between the newborn baby requirements. What can an old blade run
  10. (Look at me trying to keep this short... I'll fail ) How exciting, this is going to be my second challenge. Time definitely flies! Now, immediately onto the good stuff: Goals! 1. Make the exercise fun! You see, I really really enjoy bodyweight stuff. I injured my back though and I'm convinced I'll be busy recovering for quite some time. So that means my favourite form of exercise will be severely limited with which exercises I can do. I'm very glad I found something I really enjoy, but I'll have to find other things I enjoy, too! I will do two workouts a week (they can be the same, bu
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