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Found 3 results

  1. Good morning all! I'm staring 2017 in the face with cup of reheated coffee, cello music on Pandora and the knowledge that today is a good day to do something. My name is Vaereyes. I am best described as a veteran on the rocks with a twist of LGBTQ+ and a dash of Leather. (Sarcasm available free of charge.) I want to start better habits, and being an absolute geek I found Nerd Fitness a few months ago. I toyed with the idea of joining, but ultimately decided I wasn't ready. I've come back once more, with some small goals in mind. I've been playing rugby for about 2 years consistently, and I'm not strong enough to make a tackle or keep on a ball carriers heels as they make it to the try zone. This is due, in large part, to my give a damn being busted. (I'm so lazy, y'all. You don't even know.) I decided that this year I'm going to make that hit, and take someone to ground; and I'm going to channel my inner air elemental and beat that bitch down the field to do it all over again! I also started roller derby boot camp in July of 2016, and I want be proficient enough to make the team. My two epic quests, I suppose, are sports related. My side quests and minor plot points all revolve around establishing good habits. Once I get into a routine it's pretty easy to keep it, but it's the getting into a routine that takes effort! I'm looking to incorporate yoga for flexibility, sprints for endurance (I HATE DISTANCE RUNNING), and weight lifting for power. I think all of these things are going to be complimentary for my needs. I look forward to meeting all of you lovely NF humans! (I leave you with this gif of the fantastic Sam Riegel from my favorite show, Critical Role.)
  2. I know, I know, I'm late to the challenge, BUT, that doesn't mean I'm not on track! Goal 1, clean my food and get my leanz on. I'll try to log here, what I eat daily, just lists of foodz. Goal 2, keep pushing my workout and log my weights here. Current workout Monday leg day 5 minutes stationary bike ~90 RPM, moderate level 3*12 Leg curls 3*12 Leg extensions 3*10 Machine Leg Press 3*(5+5) Overhead Lunges 1*5 Deadlifts or 3*5 Squats (depends how much time I have) 2 minutes slower stationary bike with much heavier level ~70 RPM Wednesday back and shoulders 5 minutes stationary bike ~90 RPM, moderate level 3*10 Front Pulldowns 3*10 Cable rows 3*(10+10) Dumbbell row 3*10 Barbell row 3*15 Dumbbell side raise 3*15 Bent over Dumbbell lateral raise 3*10 Barbell Overhead press 3*10 Front barbell raise 5 minutes stationary bike ~90 RPM, moderate level Friday arm and chest 5 minutes stationary bike ~90 RPM, moderate level 3*10 Decline Dumbbell press 3*10 Flat Dumbbell press 3*10 Incline Dumbbell press 3*10 ez bar curls 3*21 barbell curls (7+7+7) 3*10 isolation curls 5 minutes stationary bike ~90 RPM, moderate level Goal 3, Selfie today and at the end of the challenge along with weighing. Goal 4, we've got a huge contract at work, I need to be prepared for when shit hits the fan. Legend Red - unbolded = not met yet, but week not done. Bolded = not acheived for the week. Green - bold = acheived, unbloded is for goal 4, it's green until I fail one day. Blue are totals Grey is for descriptions Starting Stats Height - 5'11" (5'10 3/4" actually, but I've always rounded up xD) Weight - 227.6 (aiming for <=200) Body fat % - X% (kind of arbitrary, not focusing on the number itself, focusing on getting it lower, either if it's right or not) Caliper measurements (Need to measure) Xmm Chest Xmm Abs Xmm Thigh Xmm Tricep Xmm Subscapular Xmm Suprailic Xmm Midaxillary Xmm Bicep Xmm Calf Xmm Lower back Template for updates 1 - 0/3 - 0/3 - 0/3 - 0/3 - 0/12 (3x Lifts a week) 2 - 0/7 - 0/7 - 0/7 - 0/7 - 0/28 (7x days logging food) 3 - 0/2 - 0/2 - 0/4 (Selfies + weight and measurements) 4 - 0/1 - 0/1 - 0/1 - 0/1 - 0/4 (Good progress at work before the big contract) Goal : Get where I was before, but bigger.
  3. Well, lets see. Its been quite a long time since ive been on here and i can honestly say i dont even know what my weight is anymore just that my pants are getting tight and my shirts are getting smaller. I hit my peak back in mid 2013 while on deployment in afghanistan, 5'7, 190lbs, while squatting close to 400 and running 14 minute two miles. Well deployment ended, some shit happened in the family i took to drinking more stopped working out besides PT got fat and ended up getting booted out of the Army. Now ive been home for 5 months now and im just getting back into a physical job after having a pretty sedentary lifestyle. I dont really know where to start now and cant seem to remember what to do. All i know is i need to get back in shape and soon. so please, any pointers you guys got send em my way. Thank you, -Draken 273 Restarting at Level one after losing my memory card.
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