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Found 6 results

  1. this is just a small victory for me but yesterday i refused free oreo's and energy drinks in town ^^ and i also came home way to late, 9 PM and instead of getting some cheap store food i made my own meal. Fresh spinach, mushrooms onion and steak ^^. These sound like small victory's but with my addiction to food this feels like a huge accomplishment for me
  2. Ok, so here it is. I am making another challenge thread. I've been lovingly cajoled(actually, it's sort of a requirement to be in an accountabilibuddies group) into creating a challenge, and I think, I need to start breaking my REAL live challenges into 6 week, 1 week, 1 day plans. This challenge should have seen me starting in San Diego, but a double root canal(on the same tooth - that is - they tried to do one, and had to put it off for another day, so they still had to do all the same stuff the second day!) prevented me from going. pain, and sick from the antibiotics. but I'm here in C
  3. So for the majority of 21 years of living on this Earth, I have had the WORST digestion of all time; I was a baby with severe colic, struggled to worship the Potty God throughout my entire childhood (ie, going number 2 was a difficult experience, and doctors could not pinpoint the answer as to why, and chalked it up to that oh-so-ambiguous IBS), and tried every remedy under the sun to relieve my problems; I suffered from a confirmed (via stool test) candida infection last summer, got small intestinal bacterial overgrowth early this spring, and am currently restoring my stomach acid levels as I
  4. Okay, so, when I joined the ranks of NerdFitness I weighed about 215 lbs. and wasn't doing anything as far as fitness or exercise is concerned. Today, I weigh about 208 lbs. and I've been mostly successful in following my workout routine 3 times a week! I didn't think it was that big of a deal, but then I realized, oh yeah...I hate exercise! So this is big for me! I should've known it was going to happen, since I'm awesome. This is, in large part, due to the almost immediate support I got from you guys on these forums. The responses here can be quicker and much more uplifting than forum
  5. Shaking the leaves and twigs from out his fraying feathers, the Raven picks himself off the ground, hopping awkwardly into the shadows. Moments later a man emerges, still brushing the fragments of the forest floor from his person. Limping slightly, he walks into the clearing and stares up at the slate grey sky. The spring wind swirls around him, his dark, tattered clothing billowing slightly as he loses himself in thought. Turning back towards the shadows of the forest he whispers to himself, "Never again will I fall." To pick yourself up after the fall can be hard, but I am an Assassin
  6. Spartacus has always been my favorite person who rebelled, apart from Marilyn Manson I am here to rebel against the old me. The me that is not good enough. I am going to become the best version of myself I can. I am a woman who has very low self esteem but I have joined the legions of brothers and sisters at NerdFitness to become a better, fitter and more confident person. True, I am no gladiator, but I will be bathed in the glory of victory. Victory against the fat, lazy, unmotivated, old me. Plus I have full intentions of looking hot naked. But that will just be a bonus Some stuff about
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