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Found 11 results

  1. Trying something new! Hope y’all like it!
  2. A couple of years ago I made a video (NF link) showing lots of ways to modify push-ups to change their difficulty or the muscles they focus on and I got a surprising about of views, so I've made a similar one for pull-up variations. It has everything from bent-knee inverted rows to explosive variations, so if you're interested in more possibilities for pull-up training, hopefully there are some useful ideas in here Also - if you find it difficult to understand what I say, let me know! I can't judge how clear it is (especially to non-native speakers).
  3. I made a video for you guys. Enjoy and get healthy!
  4. Just want to let everyone know I have started putting up instructional videos on my youtube channel so everyone can benefit from getting detailed information on performing all different types of exercises in the gym. I have put up quite a bit now and will be filming more to put up very soon (today hopefully). They are organized in playlists by body part. If you want go check it out search Hodgeapp on youtube and subscribe. I am also available to answer any training or diet questions for you guys in here if you want so just message me or reply to this post and I'll be happy to offer what I can. Thanks guys!!!!!
  5. So recently I've been experimenting with different variations on push-ups, for different training effects, and ended up making a video summarizing the various things you can do to make push-ups easier or harder, or to train different muscles. I think I've included pretty much everything that's useful, except for weighted push-ups, because no-one should need to add weight to a push-up Hope you find something here that you can use for your own training, and apologies for the wind noise you can sometimes hear - the weather's usually quite breezy where I live! EDIT: here's another one I did for pull-ups (2017)
  6. Welcome to the place where I write things For those of you who are new, I'm an amateur gymnast and weightlifter and I intend to spend as much of my summer as possible learning cool bodyweight skills. I also do slacklining and climbing, I'm learning Spanish and I occasionally write piano music. Over the past few challenges (this is my 10th with the Assassins, woo!) I've been working on holding steadier handstands, improving with the gymnastics rings, increasing the weight on the four main lifts, and learning frontflips/backflips, amongst other things. Although I enjoy experimenting with cool physical activities, often I lack the motivation to actually improve at them. So for the next two challenges, I've chosen a special tool - a special incentive - to motivate me to actually learn new skills and gain new strength! I'm going to make a training sampler by September. And of course, if I'm going to make a training sampler, I'm going to want to improve as much as possible so that I can fill it with the best stuff possible So this challenge, I'm going to push the boundaries of my best/favourite skills. However, there's a small complication at the moment that I have a broken toe (I think) so I'll need to nurse that back to health before I can do proper work on the leg-based skills Goal #1: bodyweight skills: the following exercises are good for me but I'm much less likely to do them unless I have some motivation. I intend to do several of these each week: adductor stretches 4 days per week - for deadlift and squat mobilityfalse-grip pull-ups (4 sets / 15 reps total) - I want to tidy my ring muscle-upweighted pull-ups or 1-arm rows (each arm) (4 sets / 15 reps total)plyometric push-up variations (1 good session with warm-up) - I want clapping-behind-the-back push-upssession of pistol squat variations (each leg) (2 sets / 15 reps total)three handstand practices in a weeksession of experimenting with kicking moves (like in tricking - more details when I start experimenting!)The following are cool achievements that I would like to have managed by the end of the challenge: bar muscle-up (yep, including this again haha)ring forward rollring shoulder stand or handstand (hard! although I've never tried...)pretty cartwheel on both sidesparallette L-sit for 10 secondsstatic handstand for 10 seconds10 second handstand walk where I'm control of the direction the whole timering dips +30kg x 3front lever Manx pullback lever Manx pull[Disclaimer: "Manx lever" is a term I made up to describe these since I couldn't find a decent existing name. The leg position reminded me of the Isle of Man ("Manx") flag] Scoring: for the exercises, each week I get +0.25 DEX if I do 3 of the exercises, and +0.25 STR extra if I do 5 or more. Until my foot is healed, I'll accept doing 4 rather than 5 as I won't be able to practise pistol squats, kicks or handstands. As there are 7 weeks, I will ignore my best week when calculating the points. Total: +3.00 For the cool achievements, I'll award +0.25 DEX & +0.25 CHA for each one I manage (maximum 6 - I'm unlikely to get that far!) Total: +3.00 Finally, I'll subjectively award up to +1.00 CHA extra if I do lots of other interesting work towards the training sampler - such as flips, slackline, other experiments. Goal #2: workout plan: usually when I do a workout (strength or skill) I arrive with no plan, and just do things at random. This has its advantages (fun and flexible) but also its disadvantages (unfocused and unproductive). Therefore, each week I'm going to plan a one of my substantial workouts in detail beforehand, and execute it according to plan. Other workouts can be carefree and experimental, but I want to have at least one structured/planned one each week. +3.00 STA (there are 7 weeks, so I'll get +0.50 for each structured workout - except the first such workout won't count) Goal #3: sleep early: similarly, my bedtime has been pushed later and later, so that these days 1am seems like an early night. Really to get at least 8 hours of sleep I should be sleeping at 1.00am at the latest. There are 48 nights during the challenge, so I'll award myself: grade A: 42 nights - 48 nightsgrade B: 36 nights - 41 nightsgrade C: 30 nights - 35 nightsgrade D: 24 nights - 29 nightsTotal: +2.00 CON Goal #4: eat clean: recently I've been a bit lazy with eating sensibly, so I'm going to make a special effort to eat according to my high standards this challenge. In particular, I've been eating too much sugar, and not always at sensible times. Graded subjectively. +2.00 CON available. Goal #5: driving theory: in the UK we need to take a theory exam before taking our practical exam. I'm learning to drive, so I should stop procrastinating this, book a test, study, and hopefully pass. +1.00 WIS for passing before the end of the challenge. Thanks for coming by to see my challenge - I'm hoping to make lots of good progress, and spend lots of time outside enjoying the sunshine And the rest of it updating this giant task list haha. ~~~~~ TRACKING ~~~~~ specific exercises: - grade C- week 0: HLR, PiSq, ExPU ©week 1: FGPU, Add, PiSq, ExPU (A)week 2: FGPU, 1AR, hs2 (F)week 3: ExPU, PiSq, 1AR, hs1 ©week 4: ExPU, wPU, HS3, PiSq ©week 5: 1AR, HS3, Kick, FGPU, ExPU (A)week 6: wPU, hs2 (F)skills achieved: - grade D- 10-second parallette L-sit+ up to one stat point for other work - grade B pre-planned workouts: week 0: YES - weightliftingweek 1: YES - ringsweek 2: YES - ringsweek 3: YES - bodyweight & TODO listweek 4: YES - weightliftingweek 5: YES - field gymnasticsweek 6: () grade A/Bsleep early: week 0: +++__++ (5)week 1: +____++ (3) (8)week 2: +++++++ (7) (15)week 3: __++_++ (4) (19)week 4: +____+_ (2) (21)week 5: ++_++_+ (5) (26)week 6: +++__+() (4) (30) grade Ceat clean: grade C driving theory: passed comfortably grade A
  7. My last challenge was centered around an irresponsibly enthusiastic list of feats of skill and strength that I wanted to achieve. I did actually make good progress, but it hardly scratched the surface of what I intended. Now I've learnt to set more realistic targets, my next challenge is going to be more process-based than success-based. Challenge #1: PRIORITISE SLEEP I demand quite a lot from my body and myself - so the least I can do is to keep it the healthiest state possible at all times. At the moment, the weakest link is sleep. I feel so much better when consistently getting 8+ hours than when I'm getting 7 or 7.5 hours. Therefore, for the next 6 weeks I will go to bed at 00:30 at the latest, giving me at least 8 hours and 20 minutes to rest before my morning alarm. A: 36 times in 42 days (+2 CON) B: 34 times in 42 days C: 30 times in 42 days D: 24 times in 42 days 09-JUN: ++++++_ (6) 16-JUN: ++_++_+ (5) 23-JUN: +++__++ (5) 30-JUN: +++_+_+ (5) 07-JUL: ++++_+_ (5) 14-JUL: ++++___ (4) (grade C) [Note: entry for each day refers to the sleep from the previous night] Challenge #2: TRAINING Two things that have been noticeably beneficial already this year are consistently doing core exercises, and consistently doing pull-up/muscle-up exercises. Other parts of my fitness are currently not limiting factors for anything I'm working on, so I'll concentrate on these for a while and see how that goes. What counts as core exercises? - 3 sets to failure of V-sit sit-ups or leg raises of some description - a gymnastics session involving lots of flipping What counts as muscle-up exercises? - a climbing/bouldering session - 3 sets to failure of appropriate dips - 3 sets to failure of an advanced pull-up variation - 3 sets to failure of pull-down machine I want to be doing one of these 5-6 times per week, so I'll have a slightly silly scoring system for this: - 1 point for doing some mixture of core and muscle-up exercises - 2 points for doing one or the other - 3 points for doing a full amount for core and full amount for muscle-ups A: 70 points in 42 days (+2 STR, +2 STA) B: 66 points in 42 days C: 58 points in 42 days D: 46 points in 42 days 09-JUN: 3 2 2 2 _ _ _ (9) 16-JUN: 3 2 _ 2 _ 3 2 (12) 23-JUN: 2 2 3 2 2 _ _ (11) 30-JUN: _ _ 3 3 3 3 _ (12) 07-JUL: _ _ 3 3 3 2 2 (13) 14-JUL: 3 _ 3 3 _ 3 2 (14) (grade A) Challenge #3: HANDSTAND EVOLUTION VIDEO I've been working on my handstands quite a bit this year, and at the moment my best handbalances are 5-6 seconds and look super unstable. I've been recording some handstand examples when I'm practising, for feedback so that I can learn. My intention is to compile a selection of these examples into an "evolution" video, annotated with training notes. For example, things I'm trying differently and other training I've done, and whether these are helping me balance. Hopefully it will be useful to some people learning handstands, but also it will just be cool to see the evolution. However I need to actually finish getting good at the handbalances first! +1 DEX for staying on my hands for 10 seconds +1 DEX for improving my form irrespective of how long I can hold the handstand +2 CHA for posting a useful video including footage of me doing good handstands (grade A) - see video here Challenge #4: SPANISH I've been learning Spanish on-and-off recently, and it's time now to restart, after a 9-week break. Previously, I was practising 4 times per week (process-based goal) so now I'm going to mix things up and aim to be able to understand spoken Spanish (currently my weak point). I'll assess how much of general conversation I can listen to and grade based on that. A: understand 85% (+3 WIS) B: understand 75% C: understand 65% D: understand 55% (grade F - totally ignored this!) Challenge #5: FEARLESS One major thing that I find is holding me back - especially in gymnastics - is being too risk-shy. For example, freaking out of trying scary moves even when its exactly what I need to be working on. Plus in general life I sometimes find myself avoiding opportunities that are obviously worthwhile risks. So I have an entirely subjective challenge, to be graded subjectively, to break past as many fear barriers as is sensible (Don't worry, I'm not planning to do anything ridiculous). +1 DEX, +1 CHA is the maximum score (for an 'A' grade) (grade C) As usual, I'll update reasonably regularly whenever I have news
  8. Here is my 3x 275lbs squat. My current 1RM is around 295-335ish. I can see that I only went 95% down, so I need to work on that, but any suggestions would be most welcome. Here is my 2x 365lbs deadlift. My 1RM is 385lbs. I think I was tired from squats when I did this cause I didn't get my legs into it. Suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance for helping me bacome more awesome.
  9. Main Goal: Become world champion in kettlebell sport. (shooting for the stars!) Where I'm at: Since joining NF in june last year I went to my first international competition, finished my kettlebell-trainer degree + physical tests, set up a small group training, found 12 people crazy enough to train with me and won the dutch national championships. Unfortunately lately I've been struggling a lot and my challenges have been suffering. Therefore this challenge will be focused on getting back on track! Goal 1: 90% of success is showing up! Though it's been an important step to plan and obsess over my training setup, now it's time to just show up and do the work. #do the work 7 days a week, #get used to RPE for logging, #do handstands for fun Goal 2: gotta make weight! Currently I weigh 72kg but I would like to compete in the -68kg. The challenge will be getting there without going absolutely bonkers/crazy/obsessed. Oh and without sacrificing any training or muscle. The plan; #start tracking intake, #100 grams of protein, #shoot for 1700-2000 calories. Goal 3: consistency and support yo. Best training results coincide with good challenge participation and regularly updated threads. The goal is; #update thread 5 times a week. #use it to log training, not just chitchat Finally got a new phone, it has a slowmotion camera!
  10. THE FIRST ANNUAL SEMI-REGULAR ASSASSIN PHOTO/VIDEO CONTEST Do you like to make videos or take photos? Would you like to be rich have exactly the same amount of money as you do now and famous (in a limited sort of fashion)? Is the idea of earning a shiny badge and eternal bragging rights something that motivates you? If you answered "yes" to the above questions, then you have come to the right place. The Assassins’ Guild would like to welcome you to the First Annual Semi-Regular Assassin Photo/Video Contest! YOUR MISSION Submit a photo, a series of photos, or a video that demonstrates the spirit of Assassin training (bodyweight-based). Be creative! Be humorous! Be unique! Your submission should NOT be a how-to, but an example of the awesome ways you can train with just your bodyweight. Your photo/video can be a demonstration of an entire routine, a particular exercise or skill, or something totally creative and unique (but Assassin-related). YOUR DEADLINE This contest will coincide with the current NF 6-week challenge. Submissions MUST be posted in this thread by 11:59 PM on July 14th (Pacific) to be considered. HOW TO ENTER Reply to this thread with your intention to enter. Reply to this thread with your final video by the deadline. Earn a place in Assassin history. PHOTO EXAMPLES Headstand on the BeachBack LeverSwing DancingPull-upTree ClimbersVIDEO EXAMPLES A Fitness WorkoutKavadlo Brothers - Time Elapsed WorkoutPrasara Yoga - Twisting Dragonfly FlowSpiderman in Real LifeV4 Overhang - Indoor BoulderingExercise, Handstand TrainingFAQs Do you have to be an Assassin to enter this contest? Nope! Anyone may enter as long as they stick with the spirit of the contest - bodyweight training. Is Wolverine as cool in real life as he seems online? Yes. Is Nuala actually a dominatrix? Yes... unfortunately (fortunately?) for Wolvie. I have a contest-related question, where do I post it? Here. How will photos and videos be judged? Submissions will be judged by how well they fit the spirit of the contest. Humor, creativity, and uniqueness are all highly encouraged. How will voting/scoring work? The Assassins’ Guild Leaders will review all submissions and choose three photo and three video finalists. The finalists will be posted online, and we will ask that the NF Rebellion vote for their favorites. The photo (or photo series) and video with the most votes wins! Does dancing/circus arts/skipping count as bodyweight training? Yes. The Assassins are a diverse bunch and have diverse interests. As long as it’s bodyweight based, it counts (e.g. parkour = counts, kettlebells = don’t count).
  11. I've finally worked up the guts to post up my form check videos. Taken today so about as recent as they can be: (Squat at 45kg)
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