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Found 2 results

  1. HELLO. I'm Cody. Since I'm a first-time Druid, allow me to re-introduce myself. I started yoga about two years ago to offset the strain of my job as a baker. Yoga definitely soothes my sore muscles, but I'd hit a bit of a wall, as far as strength and stamina. I've since added Pilates and bodyweight exercises, and am starting to feel a lot better. My first challenge was designed to increase my strength and stamina by increasing my workout lengths, and by tracking my food to make sure I'm getting enough fuel. Currently, my challenge is similar, but I will not be pushing forward as much as I had expected, and will instead be working on maintaining the habits I had started to develop last time. While I passed my first challenge, I had enough of a lifestyle shakeup during those six weeks that I think now is a better time to focus on building a routine, rather than push myself to my limits. And so... Strength of the Bull, Grace of the Cat [+ 2 STR, + 2 DEX] Unlike my previous challenge, I will not be pushing myself for longer workouts this time around. I am still aiming for three sessions per week, but am giving myself a more lenient "45ish minutes" goal. My workouts consist mostly of yoga, with some Pilates and bodyweight strength training. Head over to my Battle Log for full recaps of my workouts. A = 16 - 18 sessions B = 14 - 15 sessions C = 12 - 13 sessions Feast of the Gods [+2 CON, + 2 STA] While tracking my food intake as well as my exercise, I had recently discovered that I am not eating enough to properly fuel my body through my physically-demanding job, my walk to/from work, and my workouts. I was especially lacking in protein. My goal is to pay closer attention to what I eat and make sure I'm giving my body what it needs on a daily basis. I'll be carrying over my goal from last time, which was 70g of protein per day. I'd like to push the number closer to 100g, but it was incredibly difficult last time around, so I am grading on the bare-minimum for now. My non-graded goal is to also get around 2,600 calories per day. A = 38 - 42 days B = 33 - 37 days C = 28 - 32 days Call of the Pack [+ 3 CHA] I have recently found myself living alone, and don't have many (any) friends outside of the internet. Normally, I don't mind having work friends, internet friends, and my partner... but, remove the last one and, well... My goal is to get out and do something among the people at least once per week. I have recently started to volunteer at the local food bank's community kitchen, and hope to continue each week. I would also like to try to get to a yoga class a few times during this 6WC, and find a book club to join. A = 6 or more outings B = 4 or 5 outings C = 2 or 3 outings Breaking the Spell [+ 2 CON, + 2 WIS] While I would like to keep my original goal of meeting or exceeding my Goodreads challenge during this 6WC, I have realized time and time again that the biggest issue I have with not doing the things I want to do (reading, baking, crafting) is that I tend to scroll the internet for ages doing absolutely nothing. I would like to put a stop to that. (Plus, I'm re-reading Harry Potter right now and "challenging" myself to finish 3 - 6 seems a little indulgent.) I've installed an internet tracker, and I will be limiting myself to one hour of non-productive internet time per day. Non-productive internet time includes, but is not limited to; Tumblr, IMDB, Cracked, Facebook, link bait, endlessly checking in on and refreshing NerdFitness, Googling random thoughts I have while reading or cooking, that thing where I read reviews of books and movies to see if anyone agrees with me, looking up fanfiction just to see if a genre exists (it does,) planning vacations I do not intend to take within the next year, reading comments on news articles just to find someone who is wrong, internet stalking the guy who works at the pet food store before remembering that LinkedIn logs visitors, determining how much it would cost to replace the Lego Pirates sets from my childhood, and consulting Dr. Google about every sensation in my body. A = 38 - 42 days B = 33 - 37 days C = 28 - 32 days Grading: In order to "pass" this level, I need to get a C or higher on each of my goals. Reward: I Love Me mug. Because I Love Me. (Must pass with A's and B's.) Progress: Week One Week Two Week Three Mid-Challenge Week Four Week Five Week Six FINAL REPORT
  2. I decided to focus on my assassin side and follow on my quest of being druid assassin. Because I'm the hero of my story. Fitness (Because every great hero needs to focus on their fitness): 1. Parkour practice on the basics because how is one suppose to get great without mastering the not as "cool" stuff. (Sorry that Team America Montage song was stuck in my head again) Practice 2 or 3 times a week (but don't do if it's ridiculously icy out...on second thought indoor training then if icy)Start picking up more cool places to practiceDon't kill myself, especially when poisons snakes decide 'hey this spot'. Please, don't pull that brave bs. It's fun way to the hospital if bitten.Look into a safe thing to store cellphone so it doesn't get smashedRun and lift on your off daysYoga on the lighter of days or if hurt 2. Contortion Be able to do the backward bendLet's see how much I can hypersplit by the end of this challenge (since I mastered straddle and both front splits)Work on getting closer to handstandWork more on shoulderstand (I really want to be her) Social (Because heroes need sidekicks partners): 1. Volunteering Go over to the animal shelter and volunteer 2 to 3 days a week (got to get over how cold it is...dogs don't walk themselves...well they kinda do)Get that form dealt with and finish the processor for volunteering at wildlife rehabilitation center (or the animals will be sad)Don't kill yourself (but cute animals overload is acceptable) 2. Groups Groups Groups Find a groupGo and have a fun timeMake friends (They like being poked right?) 3. Dating Fill out that profileTalk to girls (don't worry about being nervous and thinking every horrible scenery that could go wrong)Possibly go on a date Other (Because heroes always have other goals): 1. Pixie cut (since I still didn't get it) Work out exactly what I want and don't want in my haircutNow pick a damn place to get it done alreadyBe a bad ass and accept that people are secretly jealous of your hair (or just pretend that, which ever is easier) 2. Write for 30 mins (since it's been so long since I've written anything) 3. Plan out my coming out (since my hair and where I possibly am going is going to come into play...so better safe than sorry) (Cake should definably be involved in this matter...everyone loves cake. Can't be upset with cake.) 4. Make a new recipe each week since I've fallen into the lazy cook mode Reward for completing (too lazy to figure out unicorn peso system for self...maybe before Monday): ~Fitbit ~And these bad boys http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/1ce8/?cpg=pi Yay Think Geek So I'm raising the bar again to watch myself suffer, but for good reasons. So let's make this a good one. And I'll become a hero (to myself atleast)
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