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Found 7 results

  1. Hey Doodlies, and welcome to a new challenge! This challenge is only open to existing Doodlies, you know who you are! If you're not a Doodlie, I'm sorry this is not for you. This time we're playing hangman. But no ordinary hangman, it's Doodlie hangman! We're having two teams again: Pancakes and Waffles. Sign up here if you want to join. So how do we play? I've got a list of challenges here. Each challenge will earn your right to guess a letter. There is no taking turns. The faster you finish your challenge the sooner you get the right to a letter. If you think you know the word: too bad, you still have to guess each letter separately (you'll just be guessing them right). You work together on completing the challenges. For example: one of the challenges is meditate for an hour. You meditated 10 minutes and one of your team mates meditated 50 minutes. You now have completed this challenge and earned the right to a letter. You win when: You're in team pancake The other team will pick a word of x letters (the words of both teams have twice the amount of letters as there are teammates in the team that guesses the letters). The team that guessed the most words at the end of the challenge has won. If a new team member wants to join mid challenge, or if someone wants to leave the challenge, they may do so when there is a new word to guess. We'll start February 11th (Monday) Until then: - What do we need to change about the rules to make it more fair? - Do you know any more challenges we can add? - What challenges need to change to make them all as equal as possible? - Anything else you like to add? Links: - Challenges list - Sign in sheet
  2. Welcome all Doodlies*!! *I'm sorry - this is a closed group, open to all Doodlies. Once a Doodlie, always a Doodlie. You know who you are. There is much Doodlie lore, with a long and smutty history. We've always dreamed of our own island where we can escape the drudgeries of life and come together to be with our people. Alas, it has been found! Land ho, Doodlie Island exists! Unfortunately, the Breakfast Wars have been rekindled. The pancakes and waffles landed on opposite shores and must battle for the rights to the island. What will we do? Who will win? Ready to Play? Sign up here The Battle for Doodlie Island OK, I am hoping everyone is up for a competition this challenge. If not, the battle can be postponed to some other challenge. But if we are up for it.... here is the gist. There are also a few holes in my idea to fill in during week 0. Orange tiles are pancakes home base, green for waffles. This is a battle for all the tiles on the map. Every 10 minutes of exercise yields 1 unit Cardio units = defense on existing tiles Strength units = offense on other tiles yoga/stretching units = range attacks (range of 3 but extra units can be added for each additional tile) You can not take over another tile with a range attack. Each blue tile has a basic defense of 1,2, or 3 determined randomly The Doodlie Castle has a basic defense of +10 and is immune to range attacks. Each team works to accumulate points/units and then decide where to place them. The map tiles will change color as we battle it out. I don't know if this is a daily battle, weekly, or something in between. Do we take turns? Do we apply points all at once? Also, the map has a few gaps. Throw your ideas out for location names and we can fill in the rest of the map.
  3. We are The Doodlies - aka Accountabiddlydoodlies - aka Miscellaneous Beings Intent on Losing Weight* *This is a Closed Group and only open to current and former Doodlies - you know who you are. Please PM for interest. We Doodlies have experienced a lot of change over the years, yes plural, that we have been together. In the absence of a clear PVP challenge this time around, and the fact that I encountered the Great Yak on my recent travels, I was struck by a bolt of inspiration... It's time to return to our roots. I dug around and found the original accountabiddlydoodlies thread for your reading pleasure. We Doodlies haven't been as active recently so let's start with our original credo: I intend to lose some weight in a healthy, sensible way this challenge. Do you also intend to lose some weight in a healthy, sensible way this challenge? Then let us kick each other's rear ends for the next six weeks so that we stay on track! I think we can forego the introductions so instead of the original questions let's start out with some new ones: 1.) What is your main goal this challenge? We started off joining this group as beings intent on losing weight. Some of our goals have changed. Where are you now? 2.) What do you most want accountability for and what type of accountability would benefit you the most? How can we do to help you achieve your goals? 3.) Are you interested in a PVP this challenge and if so, what type? This, as always, is optional in addition to our regular merry band of supporters. Want to sit this challenge out or do you have a great idea for some competition? Or should we do something completely different?
  4. Welcome to the battle between the pancakes and the waffles This fight is so intense, so passionate that it can only be fought by real doodlies What I'm trying to say is: we don't except any new recruits, I'm sorry. Don't forget to sign up for the team you want to join This round we are doing a scavenger hunt. What is this, you might wonder. Well, we collect items. The team with the most items collected at the end of the challenge (namely March 10) has won. What items do we collect? We are going to make a spreadsheet of this. Because we love spreadsheets. An item can be anything from doing burpees to meditate for a given amount of time. For those in the D&D pvp: the challenges I put in for now are the same as the ones you need to level up your skills. This way it's easier to participate in both pvp's If you think of a fun item for the hunt, please share! May the best breakfast item win.
  5. I couldn't have said it better Welcome back to a brand new Doodlie challenge! Here is our sign up sheet (If you're not on the list and you want to be contact @deftona) Here is our pvp thread (Just for the story! Questions, suggestions about the pvp can be asked here) Now all we need is a challenge (I'll update this post with the challenge once we've thought of something) Let me hear your ideas on what we're going to do this challenge
  6. The doodlies are back for a brand new challenge! If you want to be a doodlie, I understand, we are awesome. Contact @deftona and she can put you on the waiting list. We've got two divisions: the griddle, where you are now and the nuthouse. Both waiting lists are under Def's control, so PM here for more info. This round we are going to play battle ships. Links to the important documents: Template scoresheet and rules (on the second tab) Sign in sheet (for former and current doodlies) Don't forget to put the link to your challenge on the sign in sheet so we can find you. Important: If you wish to take a week off from this pvp, say so BEFORE that week starts! I'll adjust the amount of points you'll need to make a hit. Otherwise the amount of points you'll need for a hit will remain the same as stated in the sheet. <EleventyThousandAndThanSomething
  7. This challenge, I'll be doing what I usually do, but with a few important tweaks to help it run more smoothly. Goal 1: Intermittent Fasting One fresh fruit smoothie or juice, up to 400kcal, around lunchtime One meal, up to 1000kcal, in the evenings. Half-hour evening eating window. The idea being that it'll give me less room for error (i.e going over 1400kcal, which is my tried and tested weight loss Magic Number) than my usual 23hr weekday fasts and 16hr weekend fasts, but will also give me a bit more energy during the afternoons when I tend to find myself flagging. +3 CON (I can't get my head round the new XP rules today, may switch next challenge!) Goal 2: 5 Freggies a Day. Enabled in part by the fruit in my smoothie tweak Goal 1. Ideally, make sure the rest of the day's freggies are vegetables. Key to this one for me is always budgeting. I rarely manage a full 35-freggie complement in the week before pay day. The +1 WIS is meant to reflect having successfully budgeted if I pass this goal. +2 CON, +1 WIS Goal 3: Self-Care - Face: Apply day cream in the morning, night cream at night. Face scrub every two or three days. - Creaky bits: Yoga, as needed, when needed. By which I mean 20 mins, every day I don't want to do yoga. And then as much yoga as I like every day I do want to do yoga. - Squishy bits: One pint of water when I wake up, and one pint of water at 6pm. That's the minimum. Extra fluids encouraged, but every day must see a litre of unadulterated water going down my gullet. +2 DEX, + 1 CHA Bonus Goal 4: Acting Waffle Chief-ery JC's taking a break from being Chief Waffle in the Doodlie PvP for this challenge, so I'm keeping his seat warm. (And also making sure I'm more accountable by being responsible.) - Check up on every Waffle every two days without fail. - Ensure that by Sunday night all Waffle scores are calculated and entered. - Pure beast every PvP challenge you can take part in, and make sure that you officially sit out the ones you know you won't get done so that your zero score doesn't drag the team average down. - Avoid going mad with power. +1 WIS, +1 CHA, +1 STA, +1 STR upon successful completion of all PvP challenges only. Otherwise, nil points. Life Goal: Weekly Scavenger Hunt I liked the cultural scavenger hunt I did last month as my adventurer class qualifier, but there was a whole load of stuff that I regret not having included, and I'd included too many repetitions of things. Happier with the variety in this one. Complete 50%+ to pass. - 1 hour of vocal practice - See one new play - See one new film - See one new episode of a decent TV show - Cook one new healthy recipe from a different country - Read and contemplate one new poem - Complete 1 unit of the Khan Academy course "Crash Course in World History" that the Doodlies are working through together. - Pick up litter from the beach. - Find something beautiful and photograph it. - Finish one unfinished craft project. - Complete 1 unit of another online course. - Read one new poem - Read 1+ new chapters of a novel, or one short story. - Read 1+ new chapters of a non-fiction book. - Write one new thing - a poem, a song, a short story. - 1 hour of guitar scales (Just scales. Any extra playing is encouraged but will not count towards total.) +1 WIS, +2 CHA Prep: - House is clean. - Kitchen has protein and vegetables in it - Clothes are ready - Misc. courses and books selected. They include a free course on theropods and birds on Coursera if you're interested in playing along. - Not much to prep this time. Which is quite nice, really. Just need to set aside an hour or so tomorrow, to prep the Waffle sheet and sub to everyone's threads, and do whatever prep I need to do for the first Doodlie PvP week, and that's it!
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