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Found 5 results

  1. I think I'm going to take some time off from challenges, there's just not much of a point for me anymore. Move to a battle log instead. I'm bulking at the moment, have been for a couple months now, and plan on continuing through until the spring. Though I'm probably going to do a 2 week minicut in early December to trim a little of the extra fat off. Workout Log Key: I use a lot of easy to write shorthand in my workout log, which greatly increases the data carrying capability without long written out notes, however it does make it a bit difficult to read without a means of decoding it
  2. This challenge is going to be a little different for me. For the most part, those of us that have been around a while use our threads as a workout/progress log and a place for general chit chat, only vaguely related to goals. Being my 12th challenge now, I'm really out of ideas to be honest. There is very little about diet/routine/life that can be improved, at least in a manner that goals would help. But I do get asked a lot of questions; in pm, in my thread, in other threads, I try to answer them as much as possible, I think using my challenge thread as sort of a Q&A forum would prove to
  3. In every epic quest there is a final decisive battle, where the tides turn and all that remains is mop up duty. The time for that attack has come. Training, planning, logistics, all manner of preparation comes to a conclusion and the operation begins. At 0700 hours on August 19th, we will move out of the preparation phase of the operation and begin launching for the assault. The battle is expected to last many months, it is sure to be perilous with many twists and turns, but it is expected that at the conclusion of the battle, if we are successful, the enemy will be all but crushed and th
  4. Its cuttin time. Next stop: For the duration of the challenge I'll be cutting in the 1.0-1.2 lb/wk area. This is going to be an open ended cut, the object being to cut to the 8% BF area, no visible fat without becoming freaky veiny. And tanning. Lots of tanning. It time to reveal all the muscle I've built in the last year. About 20 lbs worth if my estimates are right. Goals: 1) Learn To Use My Left Pinkie Toe - I have pretty much zero control over it right now, in fact it often goes the wrong way when I try to use it on its own. My right side doesn't have this issue at all. I believe th
  5. Well, this is my challenge thread. I'm bulking now, and will be all challenge, so there's that. Supercharged recovery FTW. This year I'm only going to take progress photos monthly, instead of the middle and the end of the month. Progress should be a lot slower this year; biweekly would be overkill. I'll post the first at the end of January. Current Stats: Race: Corellian Class: Assassin Level: 6 STR: 14.50 DEX: 13.75 STA: 10.25 CON: 9.75 WIS: 17.00 CHA: 13.50 Height: 6'1" Weight: 197 lb Neck: 16.0" Chest: 47.3" Flexed Abs: 32.4" Unflexed Belly: 29.5" Glutes: 40.8" R Bicep
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