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  1. Hey all, back again Seems like I just get in a mood, and bail on every challenge. I go and start pretty strong, then I'm suddenly it's just like my brain tags out. Then I end up just sitting there. With that, I'm going to still come back to try to fight it out. I even thought about just going with a one goal challenge to get the habits going. It's all going to be the same basic goals I normally have, I just need to get into the habit building. I want this challenge to be pretty fluid. My challenge goal is to get these established into being habits that I just do. I fe
  2. I've been looking for something more fun. I need fun stuff. I feel stagnant lately. And when I thought about it... I realized I have learned things over the past few challenges. Crime is fun. (Thanks, Leverage!) 1990s feminism was amazing and very stylish, and often had a good soundtrack. (Thanks, Voyager!) I miss traveling. Or even going to some damn art museums. (Thanks, pandemic!) When you add all that together, there's only one thing that needs to be said: Do it, Rockapella! For the hottest G-rated femme fatal
  3. 5 weeks 5 goals 1. “Five a day” freggies goal! Been listening to a podcast about gut health, as well as reading other info about how to get more real food in to push out the junk. The podcast gave a very specific 5/4/3/2/1 breakdown that seems challenging but doable: ⏹⏹⏹⏹⏹ Veggies ⏹⏹⏹⏹/week legumes ⏹⏹⏹ whole grains ⏹⏹ fruit ⏹ nuts/seeds 2. Runner 5, report. ⏹ 5,000 steps per day. That’s to the bridge and back, make Sam proud. 3. 5 Noom articles. Aka ⏹“do your homework”. 4. high-5 your friends. ⏹ c
  4. So I've had my Walk to Mordor on hold for the summer, because I got really tired of tracking all my steps. But that hint of fall in the air is making me itch to get out and about, so I'm ready to hit the trails again! (Side note: the Walk to Mordor Adventure Party is currently celebrating the Baggins' Birthday Bash! Come join us for a commemorative sticker) When the Fellowship leaves Lorien, they know that they're quickly approaching the point where they have to decide if they are going South or East but they're not willing to split up yet, so they just drift in the current most
  5. Challenge goals: Walk Meditate Study Bonus: Do logical things when there is emotional resistance. Stardate: Week 0 Day X Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Journal Fitness
  6. We're going old-school this challenge. I am back on my game with 3+1 format, outlines, and checklists. In so many ways, I feel like I'm back where I started in 2012, and I'm taking my cues from the Universe about where my energy and focus needs to be: gym, healing, and my studies, just like my original challenges. Yep, everything else is still here and waiting: finances, legal stuff with my daughter, daily housework and life management. Here's the thing though: I don't care. I mean, I care enough and it will be dealt with as it arises, but it is not my focus, not anymore. I almost n
  7. Morning y’all! For anyone who doesn’t know me I am Rookie. A 31 year old who refuses to grow up and is constantly trying to live her best life 😂 My ultimate goal is to create a functional body that can last for a long time. Part of that puzzle would be dropping 60lbs. I love my 3 dogs, my horse Daisy and painting. So naturally my challenges usually turn into a show and tell. I hope you guys like pictures 😋 Goal: Lose 5lbs > Eat 1800 calories daily > Walk up and down the hill 2 times / week > Work through my “Riding Fear Fre
  8. Basically, I'm tired of Kathryn Janeway not being the most awesome thing ever, so it's time to go back with a rewatch and see if we can change that. This challenge: Captain's Log - Stuff is going on in my life, and I need my brain to work on it, so I will write it all down and create documentation. This is the "pics or it didn't happen" of the thinking process. Starfleet Fitness Training - Does what it says on the tin. Vulcan Meditation - Having Vulcan officers makes this hard to avoid. Ship Routines - Routines are hard, but ships run on t
  9. Hey all, I am back to attempt a challenge. I didn't participate in the last challenge. I ended up bowling in my yearly USBC Open Tournament. This year (and next) is in Las Vegas. I totally was unprepared for it, but did much better then I expected I just didn't have it in me to get in on a challenge too. Life is a bit hectic. I've been struggling. 2018, keto was an absolute awesome thing for me. I've tried to get back to it. Sometimes it seems successful, but then it all comes crashing down. This challenge, I really want to see if I can just eat in a certain calorie range. Though,
  10. Suddenly the machine was wobbling... In a few hours the shops out there were expecting deliveries, and they weren't going to arrive. The government couldn't sit this one out. A city like Ankh-Morpork was only two meals away from chaos at the best of times. Every day, maybe a hundred cows died for Ankh-Morpork. So did a flock of sheep and a herd of pigs and the gods alone knew how many ducks, chickens and geese. Flour? He'd heard it was eighty tons, and about the same amount of potatoes and maybe twenty tons of herring. He didn't particularly want to know this
  11. Well, he we try again. Last challenge things just went off the rails, and I couldn't get myself to get restarted. Car even got stolen haha. Luckily, nothing was damaged. Still a mystery as to how they broke in and drove it. Things have just seemed off with me. 2018 things worked well for me. Everything I seem to get going, I just end up failing out. With all that, I am still going to come back and try doing a little better then last time The goals are always similar or the same. I really just have to get myself in the routine of getting it done again. I'm a
  12. SYRRAN: [My name is] Arev. T'POL: That means 'desert wind'. SYRRAN: Does it. Why are you here? ARCHER: We could ask you the same thing. SYRRAN: I follow the path of Surak in meditation and study. Challenge goals: Walk Meditate Study Bonus: Do logical things when there is emotional resistance. Challenge Tasks Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Walk
  13. I have thought about how to get out of my funk and found an easy cure: new beginnings are what I live for. so today I start a new challenge. the game is to get out of different wards in a hospital, win and move in with the girls or lose and dissolve slowly at "Shady Pines" orthopedic goals: walk a minimum of 30km each week. Do this just like last challenge, by hiking 2 to 3 times with dogs and friend and moving the dog daily. do an early evening session 3x/week of the NF bw circuit or kettlebell workout. I may be alternating
  14. I heaved a sigh and glared at the thick, foul mixture eating through the bottom of my cauldron, aware that the other students were noisily packing up but mostly ignoring them. I was so sure I had followed the directions for Snot Sealing Potion exactly, but whatever mess had burbled up in my cauldron looked more like snot than the clear, refreshing lilac in the book. "Perhaps if you had paid attention to your homework, Elvenword," Professor Snape said languidly behind my head, making me jump and start cramming my books into my bag. "Yes sir, Professor," I stammered, and
  15. Hi, it’s me again! The way that I had this year planned at the end of 2020 went completely off the rails—and it wasn’t exactly in a bad way! But I’m still trying to catch up with all of these major life changes. To summarize: In late November, moved to our dream property, Owlshire. It’s a big, demanding lifetime project with some urgent issues that need addressing to create a strong foundation for future years. Luckily, I wasn’t working (outside of minding the toddler) and didn’t plan to start looking for a job until he started school.... Except in Januar
  16. I have four goals this challenge. - Stay hydrated - Take meds - Go walking - Do kettlebell workouts I’m using Plant Nanny to track my water, and going with their suggestion of how much to drink. I have morning meds to take, and evening meds to take. And a pill container to keep track of them. I’m still trying to figure out the walking goal. But I need to be able to handle all the walking I’ll do once I’m working. For the kettlebell workout, I’m going to do that Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I found one online that starts at co
  17. I'm still here, still putting in the work. Just time to redouble the efforts and keep moving forward. Not going to lie I'm not thrilled with my own lack of interactions of late so I'll be focusing on that with the new challenge. Running remains my main activity cause I've love it. quest 1 - going the distance Didn't get to double digits in the last two challenges but will keep pushing. Running is a high point of my day 90% of the time, so getting to run more is a good thing. quest 2 - limit the booze Still keeping this going - I've been doing a bit t
  18. Tank summoned the Rangers on facebook to participate in the new challenge, so here I am! I posted in my previous unsuccessful challenge that I wanted to pick ONE of these little baby goals to do for a challenge: Daily mini walk Daily movement break during the workday (any movement), or doing the darebee daily dare challenge or a slight variation, a daily "step outside and sit for even just a minute" Daily work on studying Japanese even if it's just a minute or two (I pretty much entirely stopped studying when covid hit a
  19. Big mood right here. With health, with finances, with everything. Quest: Lose 50lbs by Dec 31, 2021 [46 weeks] Progress: 0lbs Sub Quests: - Aim for 1700 calories / day Track calories daily Veggie or fruit with lunch + dinner 1 starch per meal (2 slices of toast, 1 cup rice, 1 cup pasta, 1 medium potato, 1 serving cereal) - 2 extra movements / week Good Morning Workout weekday mornings Cozy Up Sofa Workout once during work day Walks on Saturday + Sunday - Do something creative every day (paint, doodle, digita
  20. Greetings, Nerds! There is a hint of fall in the air in Pennsylvania today, and I'm thinking about what sort of fitness goals I'm going to set for myself this winter to stay active once my summer adventures come to an end. And so I proudly reveal to you, my quest to master Middle Earth: On September 1st I will be starting my Walk to Mordor. Here is Steve's article on walking, including walking to Mordor with a document to track if you want to follow along: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/walking/. Once the Chin Up Challenge is done, I'll tackle the Lord of the Rings
  21. As you know if you’ve been following the Tales of Owlshire, that—quite unexpectedly—I was asked to take on a full time, ~6 month narrative designer contract in January. Although I’d hadn’t been actively pursuing a return to the working world right now, this is career direction I had been hoping to go someday so we seized on the opportunity to make it work. It has rather shaken up our 2021 plans at Owlshire, but as we like to say in the House of Owlshire “a plan is just a place in which manage change.” In any case, now that I’m navigating full time employment for the first time sin
  22. I openly admit I got my title from a YT group whose Bible teachings I'm currently watching. Changed it a little bit, so as not to infringe on their name/title/rights... but this is what my challenge currently in real life comes down to: the good, the nice, the fun. Also... Rocco (my youngest son) is stuck on silly alliteration rhymes (eg. Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers...) and I guess it rubbed off FOR FAITH, FAMILY & FIREARMS Life threw us all kinds of loops this last two weeks, so I have to change my exercise schedule a bit. Still going to do
  23. I’m going to report how many steps I take each day.
  24. After doing well for many years 2020 got the better of me. Heaviest I've ever been and first time over 100kg, I'm aiming to reestablish a walking habit and create a healthier relationship with booze. Limiting my goals so i can focus and get some momentum going. Goals: 1. No alcohol in January 2. Walk 20km a week 3. Avoid obvious sugar Side goal: 1. Complete part 1 of the weight loss pvp Weigh-ins: Start: 101.8kg (224 lbs) Week 1: 99.0kg Week 2: 97.5kg Week 3: 97.3kg Week 4:96.9kg Week 5: 95.4kg
  25. SYRRAN: [My name is] Arev. T'POL: That means 'desert wind'. SYRRAN: Does it. Why are you here? ARCHER: We could ask you the same thing. SYRRAN: I follow the path of Surak in meditation and study. Challenge goals: Walk Meditate Study Bonus: Do logical things when there is emotional resistance. Just three goals this time, but my head is feeling in need of a clear-out and my physical conditioning is feeling blah, so I want to hit those three hard, to see where I feel health improvement
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