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  1. My dear Bagginses and Boffins, and my dear Tooks and Brandybucks, and Grubbs, and Chubbs, and Burrowses, and Hornblowers, and Bolgers, Bracegirdles, Goodbodies, Brockhouses and Proudfoots... In keeping with the official zero-week mini-challenge, I will be continuing the March toward Mordor, with the hopes of reaching Bree by the end of this round (135 miles). Accepted modalities of travel: 1. Walking (of course) The goal is for at least half the miles to be actually traveled in the preferred Hobbit manner. 2. Borrowing a bike pony from Tom Bombadil (with limits) I want to save this for if I am having trouble meeting my mileage goals, particularly since the mileage will be a significant increase from my current level by about 50%. No more than 37 miles permitted in this mode (from Tom's house to Bree). 3. Using a MAP After some internal struggle, I decided that my bodyweight-style workouts (MovNat Adaptive Practice -- see what I did there?) can count toward some of the miles. They typically involve climbing, jumping, crawling, balancing, amd other skills a hobbit might use to say, carry a heavy pack, scramble into a ravine to avoid a ringwraith, or climb out of a barrow to escape a barrow-wight. I can typically walk 3mph, so since this counts for movement over rough terrain with a heavy pack, I will count 2 miles per hour of MAP. This will likely add up to 6 miles per week, or 36 total miles. Second goal: Stay out of Farmer Maggot's crops (aka stick to calorie goals). I seem to do well with calorie restriction for a few days, and then cravings (or social events) hit me like a pile driver. I want to set a caloric goal of 1400/day for the challenge and stay within that guideline +/- 50 calories. Goal Three: find some place quiet where I can finish start my book. I plan to attempt NaNoWriMo this year, which means I need to spend this challenge in writing prep (character profiles, worldbuilding, and maybe *gasp* an outline). I want to spend a minimum of 2 hours per week WRITING, split up however is convenient. Research, however necessary, does not count, because I tend to research for years without writing a word. The Road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began....
  2. Hi. I'm Stronkey Kong. I've been on NF for 9 years now. I am still fat big. I will probably always be big... but I think I can choose what kind of big I am. I tried a bit of running this summer... it didn't really work out. Walking was good, but I kept hurt my calf the more I tried to run. I'm just too heavy for my leg muscles at the moment. I need to get some daily cardio in though. I am actually 290 lbs. right now. I'd be freaking out a little bit, but I've been lifting weights and following Greyskull LP. I shot up about 5-10 lbs since I started that. I haven't really changed the way I've been eating, as far as I can tell, so I'm thinking it's because of 'da pump.' My muscles should be retaining more glycogen and water at they repair and grow. For a variety of reasons, I've been eating a mostly vegan or 'bad vegan' diet. That is, mostly plants and almost no meat or dairy, though, I let myself indulge in cravings a couple times a week, and don't nitpick minor animal based ingredients... hence 'bad vegan.' Most of the time it's because I didn't prep, and I went for convenient options. It's hard to go over on calories when I plan ahead and keep it healthy, but when I get lost in the mid-week chaos, and/or have available junk food, I can go off the rails and undo any calorie deficits fast. I've also been spending a lot of time thinking about the next move(s) in my career. I have a good, well paying job, and am staged to be out of (extraneous) debt within 3 years. Though I still need to work about 45 hours/week on average to meet those goals. And, when that 3 years is up, I want to be moving on to something new. Preferably something where I can be my own boss, and do something creative... don't we all... I've been thinking a lot about writing again, or failing that web development... but since I prefer writing and have three years to go, I might as well see if I can start getting words down and get a novel out. Goals: Daily Cardio -- walking, stationary bike, heavy bag, jogging (if/when that becomes possible) GreySkull LP -- stick to the program ( 'plug-ins' optional) Bad Vegan Meal Prep -- buy/prep meals for the work week and avoid snack/junk food Write a Novel -- Write daily I have everything I need in order to get these goals done. Including a power cage and workout buddy: I also live near a bike path for walking/biking/jogging. I have the stat. bike in the living room, and a heavy bag in the basement. Meal prep just takes some time on Sunday, and organized grocery shopping. All I need to write is a computer, a desk, and some time. That is a lot, though, and as I mentioned I work 45 hours a week -- Noon-10 pm (ish) M-R, Noon-(as late as 8pm) F How will I do it all? Get organized and follow through with my plans. Plans: Daily Cardio -- first thing in the morning (fasted even) (about 10 am) GreySkull LP -- Lift M, W, F, every evening when I get home from work. T,R are for stretching and ab work. Sunday is rest. Bad Vegan Meal Prep -- Get a hold of that vegan casserole recipe list and make one every Sunday. Make a grocery list every week and stick to it. Meal prep every Sunday. Write a Novel -- Write every evening from 1-2 am. Sit at the computer, open my novel, and type away. (not sure which novel yet ) Preliminary stuff: Yes, I saw the mini-challenge... I'll be doing the walking, but I saw some things posted about other stuff involving posting things somewhere, and was like meh, I'm not gonna bother. On Wed. Sept 13, I'm taking the day off of work to attend an online writing class with my local writing center (meet some local writers, connect, get advice). After that I will definitely be hacking away at writing and tracking word count. Until then I'll mostly be plotting, outlining, and sketching scenes. Reviewing old material. Etc. But I'm gonna put an hour or so into that every night until the class. The following weekend, Fri-Sun, I'm going up to Wisconsin to visit friends, eat cheese, and drink beer. So I'll miss those days on the schedule but whatever. It's fine. After that weekend, I will be back on the mostly straight and mostly narrow path of walking, lifting, eating plants, and writing.
  3. That's right! This challenge began exactly on my 36th birthday! And because I'm a sucker for resolutions, I've often enjoyed making birthday resolutions as well as New Year's resolutions. It's just another way to mark a year, right? So I'm extra in love with a challenge starting on the exact same day Most of my birthday resolutions this year have to do with stuff other than what I normally put here, but for the sake of kicking everything off together, I'm going to try my best to put it all here in a way that will make sense with these challenge formats. Quest One: Move! I don't think I've had a proper workout in close to a month now, primarily due to the school year starting back up. I'm working like crazy just to keep my head above water and the World Languages program progressing. In order to not backslide horribly, my goal is to just get 5 workouts in - theoretically and hopefully once a week, but if I end up doing all 5 on the last 5 days, well, okay. I know myself well enough to know that's a real possibility! Also I have another ultrasound coming up on September 29th which might end up restricting my exercise again if all goes well (walking is still okay though). Quest Two: Fuel Well Even more critical than usual when I'm working this many hours! I have a few goals here: Task One: Stick to one Diet Coke a day. I'm mildly grumpy about this, but I've done it every day since Sunday, so I might as well stick to it. It's better for me anyway... Task Two: Stop buying so much breakfast! I've resorted to buying breakfast WAY too often lately, and it's both not good for my health and also stupidly expensive. My goal here is to buy breakfast only 5 times (or less!) during this challenge. Options from home include frozen muffins (I make a big batch and freeze them for later so they're always reasonably fresh), cream of wheat in my giant thermos, egg wraps, and if I'm really desperate, cereal in a bag. I also have a box of instant oatmeal at work as a backup plan. Quest Three: Manage Work This is the giant thorn in my paw right now. I have 4 preps (classes I have to prepare a lesson for daily) as well as an additional advisory-type class that needs infrequent prep work. I am also in charge of my department social media, spearheading the expansion as well as the honors program plans, and run two extracurricular activities including all fundraising, bookkeeping, community events, etc. Task One: Post on the department Instagram at least once a week, ideally highlighting each class at least once during the challenge. Task Two: Complete a rough outline for at least one unit in each course (which are all 7 units in total). Currently, I have: 2 rough units for Spanish 2 - next one barely started outlining 1 rough unit for Spanish 3 - next one has resources gathered but nothing else 1 rough unit for Spanish 4 - next one has resources gathered by nothing else 6 rough units for French 1 - next one barely started outlining 0 rough units for French 2 (the next class to add in the expansion) - no start at all yet Now, do I know that my rough outlines don't translate perfectly to detailed daily plans? Absolutely, no battle plan survives contact with the enemy. But having these done greatly reduces my planning and resource-gathering time when it is "go" time, not to mention they make me look awesome to my boss and my boss' boss! Task Three: Gather information and resources from other districts and Jeff City and present my best argument to my boss about why she should support us implementing DELE certification. Task Four: Implement Hispanic Heritage Month school-wide activity via advisory classes, begin planning and preparing Día de Muertos ofrenda Task Five: Language study of my own: 5 intermediate or advanced Dreaming Spanish videos Japanese practice every other day (I went back to katakana because holy bejesus am I bad at that system) 1 DELF A1 practice test (should be easy as heck, but I haven't used my French extensively in several years so I'm starting low) Quest Four: Make Time to Play Two weekends ago, my husband and I made a pact to take an entire 24 hours off from school work...and then we found ourselves sitting around the kitchen table, staring at each other, talking about how hard it was not to be grading right then and how we weren't really sure what to do with ourselves. However, it is also true that an entire school year at this pace is a surefire recipe for burnout. Task One: cut out all the skirt pieces for my ruffled wrap skirt. Should I get further than that? Yes, but I'm starting slow - here's to hoping a low bar will help me get things done! Task Two: decide on layout for log cabin blocks from completed quilt block swap. I only have 16 though and feel like I'm going to want/need more... Task Three: bum around at least once a week. That means comfy clothes, often some kind of snack or drink, and something not very mentally taxing, even if it's only for 10 minutes. It might often be a YouTube video or TV show, favorite book in English (my favorite living author released a new book back in June and I own it but haven't even opened it yet!), a non-frustrating bit of handsewing or embroidery, could be a fun bit of baking if I'm feeling more energetic, even just daydreaming for a moment - whatever works to get me some mental downtime!
  4. Hello, and good evening! I've made some progress since I started challenging myself in May. First step was walking daily to build the habit of getting up to exercise. Second step was incrementally improving my bodyweight exercises from a single set to three sets. Third step was maintaining three sets with a slight increase in difficulty toward standard forms. And though I will keep track of any continuation of my body weight exercises, I want to try emphasizing solely (pfft) walking for week zero, just to see how far I can go without divided efforts. I started off this week by going on a walk this morning with my friend who accompanies me on occasional park walks. I tracked 5,800 steps for a distance of 2.9 miles. I'll be using the Éowyn Challenge (.net) for tracking my small accomplishments over the course of this week/challenge, so to start it off: I left Bag End, went around the west end, and jumped the hedge. I passed through the gate into a lane and headed west. I left the lane and followed the hedgerows south. Nowhere near Rivendell, let alone Mordor, but I'm out on the road, and I'll take it 'til it takes me where I need to go. My current goals for this challenge are: 1. Walk daily (considering doubling to morning and evening to find out if walking after work brings some relief) 2. Track my distances on Éowyn Challenge to see how close to Rivendell I can get by the end of the challenge 3. Add color (I'm gonna make like Merry and Pippin raiding Farmer Maggot's veggies, to make sure I'm including veggies at least once in my daily routine) Thanks for joining me for the journey, and I'll see you all on the road to Rivendell. Sincerely, Maerad
  5. I've decided to embrace RangerBrain and enjoy some variety as well as maintain a consistent core of practice. Base: Log food and activity in WW's app Do SOME sort of workout daily Participate in the NF Walking challenge All of the base goals are on a spectrum of success, and any activity that is an improvement on the slough of despair and inaction will count as success. Fun: The Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos is the inspiration for daily activities and/or study. Every day, I'll do something that would fit within the focus of the 5 Strixhaven University colleges. More about that will emerge as the challenge progresses, but I will be taking a pottery class (throwing on the wheel) during the challenge. Since this is a fairly light semester, I MAY also write some fanfiction as I go.
  6. This is mostly a productivity challenge. But I'm trying to make it fun, too, because if it isn't fun I won't do it. I'm 55 years old. If I'm not grown up enough to do non-fun things by now, it probably isn't gonna happen - but most things can be made fun, right? I love my job. Seriously, my job is absolutely amazeballs: it suits my ADHD need for constant variation, makes good use of the education I recently finished paying off all those bloody loans for (!), and puts me in daily contact with some of the best people in all of peopledom. In short, a perfect fit. Every rose has its thorn, every pro has its con. The price of my insanely awesome work flexibility is a complete lack of STRUCTURE. Which for me means that some days I get a whole great large lot of things done. And some days (even weeks) I do absolutely nothing, and there are no external consequences for giant chunks of unproductive goofing off. But there are consequences for my mental health. When I look back over several days of bullet journal and realize that I have accomplished nothing, the 'why even bother' and 'what exactly is the point of anything' monsters inside my head get loud, my brain starts to itch, and depression looms. Blech! Fact: there is always work that I can do, and that actually needs to be done. But much of it is work that can be procrastinated until right before a major inspection or something. Basically filing, organizing, filling out reports. The boring bits. The easy easy easy to procrastinate bits. Secondary fact: I talk a lot about wanting to spend more time on my creativity - more drawing practice, more fiction writing, more pathetic attempts to learn contact juggling for klutzes. Key word there is "talk." What I actually spend time on is YouTube videos, Zelda Breath of the Wild, and internet shopping for things I don't need. So this challenge, I am having an honest stab at timeboxing. I can't get too restrictive with it, because my schedule does vary and my inner bratty brat will rebel with vengeance if I try to plan out every moment of a day. I'm keeping it stupid-simple: I've gone into Google Calendar and blocked off a one-hour chunk every day for "Focus Work" - tackling any paperwork that I have that I want to procrastinate, actively researching new teaching and classroom management strategies, reviewing curriculum for needed updates. And then another one-hour chunk for "Creative Work." If I have a meeting or an evaluation during those chunks, I can move them to wherever in the day they fit - but when I'm in those boxes, I'm in. As in Do Not Disturb. I am Doing A Thing. This time is for THIS. In other news, I've been involved in the NF 5 day walking challenge, which I am planning to expand into a 30 day walking challenge. I fell off the regular workout bandwagon again (seriously, I've been on and off it so many times I should have strong legs by now just from the step-ups!), so I'm starting over with GMB Elements 3x/wk. My workouts over the past two months have been at a construction site on Saturdays, mostly doing weighted carries with large pieces of lumber or bags of cement. Not bad, actually, but I do need more than once a week, and the heavy framing is done now. *I work for the U. S. Military at a leadership and communications school. The school is actually taught by active duty military personnel who have a lot of experience with leadership and communications and the other military topics, but little to no experience in the art and science of teaching. E.g. how to structure a lesson, choose a teaching strategy, build engagement and interactivity into a classroom, all that stuff that I went to school for. (I have an M.Ed in Educational Leadership). Besides the dullsville administrative tasks listed above, I get to help the faculty prepare for each new lesson they take on, certify them to teach it, evaluate them in the classroom and give them steering guidance, conduct a lot of faculty development. And a huge part of my job is just walking around, chatting with faculty and sometimes students, in the "how's this curriculum workin' for you, what do you need, how can I help?" line of chattiness. And I get to kind of choose my own schedule, so long as I'm available when they need me to evaluate them or go to a meeting and all my reports get turned in quarterly.
  7. Greetings, Nerds! There is a hint of fall in the air in Pennsylvania today, and I'm thinking about what sort of fitness goals I'm going to set for myself this winter to stay active once my summer adventures come to an end. And so I proudly reveal to you, my quest to master Middle Earth: On September 1st I will be starting my Walk to Mordor. Here is Steve's article on walking, including walking to Mordor with a document to track if you want to follow along: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/walking/. Once the Chin Up Challenge is done, I'll tackle the Lord of the Rings workout, which is awesome, and can be found here: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/the-lord-of-the-rings-workout-one-plan-to-rule-them-all/. The workout is designed to be done in three super sets, which looks insane to me. I'll be doing them as three separate workouts. Lastly, once I'm in a routine with the above two goals, I'll think about adding in some ring work to start working towards a L-Sit and truly become THE LORD OF THE RINGS! Thanks for following along, looking forward to saving Middle Earth with you all!
  8. Hello all! Yup, I pulled my disappearing act at the end of the last challenge again. Whoops? I know, I know. It's becoming a bad habit. Long story short, our attempt at an egg retrieval to start IVF failed miserably and I was both very angry about that and super hormonal from all the meds I'd been injecting into my belly 3 times a day and ended up just kinda shutting down in some ways while I processed all of that. I've been back on my feet for a few days now but was busy cleaning up a few other messes I needed to deal with and getting ready for the school year instead of posting here. Which, on that note, school is coming up fast! My son and husband go back on August 8th but I don't go back until August 15th which is kinda nice. I've been getting more focused on putting curriculum stuff together and we're stopping by my classroom later this week to get some prep done in there as well. This is mostly of importance here for scheduling purposes - it's always a tiny bit jarring to have to shift my schedule back to "normal" at the start of the new year! But I still have a few ideas to help me get my body ready for the next attempt at an egg retrieval (though we still don't know when that might be) as well as to make progress on my general life goals: Quest 1: Move! It remains to be seen if I will be able to start running again this challenge or not - it depends on the results of my ultrasound on August 12th. But seeing as I only made it to barely over 20 miles last challenge, and I'm going to be way shorter on time this challenge, I'm going to aim for 15 miles to start and will bump it up if I manage to hit it early. Quest 2: Eat! I'm still going to cook at least 1x a week but my Diet Coke addiction is starting to reappear - I did a good job of knocking it down last challenge, but I didn't do a good job of keeping up with that while I was in my grumpy hormonal funk. So I'm starting with what I hope is a fairly simple challenge - no more than 3 Diet Cokes every 2 days. Hopefully I will feel good about cutting that down as the challenge progresses but I think one reason I couldn't get it to stick at the end of last challenge was that I was making myself reduce every week, which left me feeling rather reluctant about it a few times. So hopefully slowing that down will help it stick better. Quest 3: Live! My primary life goals for this challenge are going to focus on languages and sewing: For Spanish: 1. finish reading Me llamo María Isabel, read all of Judy Moody es doctora, and start Lety alza su voz 2. write at least 1,000 words (on any topic, for any purpose) 3. watch at least 10 intermediate or advanced Dreaming Spanish videos For Japanese: 4. complete at least 2 kana exercises a day to help shake off the rust For sewing: 5. complete the remaining 10 log cabin blocks needed for the block swap 6. make myself a new wrap skirt for the new school year 7. finish the backing for my son's quilt and get it to a longarm service
  9. Hello my friends! It has been a while. Much has happened. Pull up a chair by the fire and I’ll tell you all about my adventures before I set off on this new one. Well, not all, because that would be a little dull. But my goals are very much focused on Moving Forward, so a brief glimpse back might be in order. Feel free to skip to the goals at the clearly defined GOALS section. I won’t mind If you're reading on, bring snacks. It might be a long one! The title of this challenge sums up how I feel going into this next phase of my life. A warning, none of this is spoilered because I am no longer hiding anything. I have no shame attached to what happened to me and to hide it in a spoiler feels counter-intuitive. However, if it makes you uncomfortable, I sincerely apologise. In May of this year, I faced the biggest challenges of my life. I had to go to court and testify against the man who sexually abused me for years and be cross-examined by his defence. I was not his only victim. All the things I hid away for so long were out in the open. The worst part wasn’t actually testifying. The worst part was watching 2 and a half hours of my video evidence, where I had to go into detail. About everything. I had to pause it an awful lot and had 2 panic attacks before it was over. I am immensely grateful that I wasn’t alone. Another ranger went with me, held my hand and generally stopped me falling apart and doing something… permanent. By this time, my PTSD had reached a stage where, for a very long time, I didn’t think I was going to make it out the other side. I had goodbye letters written out for my loved ones. June and July have passed in a blur. I was *finally* able to get a therapist in place again and began the stumbling path to healing, both from my trauma and grieving Willy’s loss, which hit hard for a lot of people, so I won’t dwell too much on this. Miss you Willes. This gif is for you, the one that makes me think of you and RRDW every time I see it: I also had to deal with the victim impact statement, etc. now that we had a verdict (He was found guilty and just the other week was sentenced. It’s a long sentence, and he has to serve at least 2/3rds of it, a lot of years, before he’s eligible to apply for parole), therapy finally helping to lift me out of the dark place, turning 30 years old, dealing with the mother I cut off trying to force her way back into my life despite being complicit in the abuse… Oh, and I managed to catch COVID after two and a half years of avoiding it at the beginning of July. That was not fun. Luckily, it did not stop me completing my Yorkshire Challenge this weekend (23rd) - 53km of hills, stony terrain, tarmac, moorland and one very friendly kitty cat that I stopped to pet at around 46km but had zero energy to find my phone and take a photo of. I need a lot more training if I'm going to achieve the 100km walks I'm hoping to do next year! Don’t worry. This isn’t a sad story, I promise. I had to go through dark chapters, but we’ve reached the good bits. I am sure of it. Why? Well, for one thing I am no longer suicidal. I realise my power and strength. And I feel like a different person almost. I have so much hope for my future, so much excitement. Because I can be whoever I want to be now. My worst fear is proved false – the world knows absolutely everything about that past, all my ‘secrets’ are out to my friends, and I didn’t lose those people, as I feared. It wasn’t my secret to hold. And now, with renewed strength, and a sense of delight in the world once more, I can go forward and live my happy. Because now I don’t fear life's challenges. There is a confidence that comes from realising – with therapy – that I have overcome challenges harder than anything a person should ever have to. I have faced each one and I have won through every time. Anyway, on to the GOALS! Goal One: Walk from Bree to Weathertop – 110 miles I have decided to restart my In the Footsteps of the Dunedain epic quest. I have been walking a lot but tracking nothing for months. I’ve completed TWO 50km ultra walks without tracking it (RIP my toenail). It feels futile to try and work out where I *should* be, as I’d hit several milestones that would feel a little pointless and restarting from where I was also feels off, since I never actually did do anything for hitting Weathertop. Weathertop IRL felt like getting through my mental health crisis with my life intact, but I’d like to start fresh, with regular tracking, and reclaim the sense of adventure. I’m keeping it to the Challenges though, in serial form. As before, other forms of self-propelled movement will count – hiking, rowing (machine), running (very unlikely!) etc. No horse riding. Namely, because I do not have a horse, nor the inclination to learn to ride properly. I walk around 5km or so most days, so I just need to convert this to miles. And since I now have the ultra walking bug, I foresee 100km hikes in my future and that means a lot more training walks. Miles Walked this Challenge: _ / 110 Goal Two: Stick with the Programme! A few months back, I signed up to NF coaching and it’s great but I’m – not so good at consistency. Yeah, a lot of things happened and the whole court thing really set me back, but my anxiety is getting much more controlled now and it’s time to get back to work. This one is simple – check off every task, trust the process. Quit forgetting the Log my food task. I usually remember around the last bite of food. Daily Quests and Workouts completed: _ / 41 (counting from zero week monday) Goal Three: Devote at least one hour each day to studying Amongst other things, I am currently studying for my MRes (Masters by research) in History and whilst I am not behind, I do need to put in the work. Right now, that’s wading through my source material, and planning out my first chapter. The tasks I need to do for this will vary, my devotion to doing them will not. One hour minimum, and it’s not cumulative. If I do 2 hours one day, I don’t get to skip the next. I have allowed a leeway of 10 days in this challenge for things like weekend events. 1 hour MRes study a day: _ / 31 And that’s it. Simple goals to get me headed in the direction I need to.
  10. Well, I am coming back in to try to get the ball rolling again Things have been very much bad, so I could use some win here haha. For those that want to know: With all that, things have been crazy. It just makes me think a lot about how I really just need to get myself into much better shape. Wife and I have also been discussing moving out of California. I need to get a job, but even with that, buying a house seems to never be possible here. We still have a year on our lease here, but I don't think we will be here after that. Family seems to be looking more back to the Midwest area. I have family back that way. Over this next year, I'd love to hit a few goals. I want to run again. I'd like to be able to do a pull up. I need to drop some serious weight too. All this with all the craziness going on haha. To get myself going, here are my goals Goal#1 - Sleep I need to get myself into a much better sleep routine. Not only for my health, but also it's school time again for my youngest. This year is a new school, and we are close by. Still, I'll need to be getting up early haha. I'm going to have to get to bed earlier then I use to. Mostly to make sure I have the best chance of getting some good sleep. I do like reading before I head to bed, so I will be doing that here as well. Off to read at 10pm, then off to bed at 11pm. There are a couple of nights that this might not work out the best. One night is bowling night. Sometimes, I don't get home till 10. Then Friday is usually the day the wife and I catch up on tv shows we watch together. New stuff will be coming out soon, so I expect days of watching after I should be reading time. I think the rule for those two days will have to be read or get to sleep right away. Still aim to get to bed at 11. The weekend isn't a worry for getting up early at least . Off to read at 10 pm, off to bed at 11 pm. 10 points per day, 70 points for the week. Goal#2 - Pokemon Go Go Go I want to get to doing gym stuff, and running. I just need get started a bit slower with how things are so crazy around here. Funny enough, there is a new daily incense in Pokemon Go. This last 15 minutes, and pops up pokemon as long as you are walking. There is a chance to see new Legendary pokemon too (super hard to catch). My son hasn't gone with me every time, but I have been walking each day for the last 4 or 5 days. My goal is to continue doing this every day. Hopefully, getting my oldest kid to join me. Maybe after a couple of weeks, I'll get walking further, but for now I'll stick to this. Walk 15 minutes everyday (preferably using the pokemon go app to catch'em all) 5 points a day 35 points for the week. Goal#3 - Track Eating and Blood Sugars To help getting myself on track, I need to go ahead and focus on tracking my food. I also need to at least test my blood sugar levels once a day. I have been thinking of getting back to keto to get my sugars back in control. That just might be a decision that randomly happens at some point this challenge. I'm just not happy with my current numbers, and I am tired of having to take pills for it. Food wise, I'd like to get myself into the 2500-3000 range. My brain really wants me to go lower to lose weight as quick as I can, but I know I really just need to do the slower grind. Once I get back into more and more exercise, then I will be burning a bit more deficit I am currently in colonoscopy prep. Some limited stuff today, Monday is clear liquids and clear candy I can eat. So I am not worried about this for the next few days. Track Blood sugar at least once a day. Track Calories max 3000. 15 points per day 105 points for the week (week 1 75 points) Goal#4 - Declutter and Spring cleaning all the things I did have a goal last challenge to get through some of my cards and comics. I did actually get through a couple of boxes. Not nearly the amount I wanted to haha. Now with the thoughts of moving, I need to do this, plus all the other things. Really, the first thing I do is probably getting through the cards/comics. Though on weekends and such, it might move to areas of the apartment we attack. Throwing things out, and goodwill a bunch of stuff. 20 minutes a day is a good start. Most likely, I will spend much more time on things, but telling myself 10 or 20 minutes sounds better haha. 20 minutes a day decluttering 5 points a day 35 points for the week. Challenge Points: Week 1 (07/31 - 08/06) - 0/215 Week 2 (08/07 - 08/13) - 0/245 Week 3 (08/14 - 08/20) - 0/245 Week 4 (08/21 - 08/27) - 0/245 Week 5 (08/28 - 09/03) - 0/245 Total challenge points - 0/1195 Measurements: Chest - Waist - Bicep (L) - Bicep (R) - Thigh (L) - Thigh (R) - Weight - And there is the challenge. Good luck to everyone, and hopefully I can be around for the entire challenge
  11. Hi, I'm looking for an android app that will track distance walked, not just steps, and doesn't require/give any information regarding body weight or calories consumed/burned. I'm wanting to improve my health and that stuff isn't conducive to good mental health for me! I've looked but I can't find any that fit the criteria that don't use other apps that ask that info (like Google fit). Thank you in advance for your help ❤
  12. So, I failed so hard at the last challenge, that I am pre-emptively failing at this one now too, starting so late as I am. So since I am starting a week and half in, and I I really struggled to just hit the basics from last time, I am just going to revisit the same goals, as follows: 1) Hydrate!! 2) Walk and Stretch every day!! >>>> Literally how I look when stretching, only less cheerful 3) Log Everything!! Win conditions and loot: Make an effort at all three items each day (doesn't have to be perfect, it's about effort and habit building), and complete at least 2 side-quests to make up for missed challenge days and I will win myself that long coveted sticker for my water bottle. Side-quests (pick two): - Tailor in the bodice on my Landsknecht gown in time for Oktoberfest - Finish cleaning out the garage to make room for the swing set kit being delivered and to make a work out space - take the kids on at least 2 more solo adventures - clean off desk in library - finish writing the fanfic chapter I have been sitting on for 2+ years - finish my embroidery project and applique it to my sleeve - pick a new first day of preschool outfit for the Red Panda Things I need to remember: - I am a battering ram when I want to be! They may be my least favorite siege weapon but the analogy is apt. Cumbersome, unwieldy, but once you get them moving that wall is going to come down. - One day at a time. Before I can even GET to "never miss two in a row", I need to focus on the step in front of me - This isn't just for me it's for my kids. I mean, it's also for me, as my kids really don't care about how I look or feel in a pair of jeans (for now). But I want better for them in their lives so I need to model the habits I want them to have. Just doing it for my own vanity or comfort is never going to be enough impetus. But them . . .they are -If it's worth doing, it's worth doing poorly. Even if I can't do it perfectly, something is better then nothing. - Spite is a perfectly acceptable motivation if it gets me moving
  13. I've been in this really annoying cycle for the past few years. The cycle goes like this: 1 Getting a wake up call about how far my fitness has fallen, 2. Diving into workouts that are too intense for my current level of fitness, 3. Getting hurt, 4. Having to rest for several weeks, to heal 5. Getting comfortable with laziness, and ceasing healthy behaviors. And repeat. Let's just try it again. The goal right now, is just to workout ..... at all. I don't care the schedule, frequency, style, program. Just to workout at some point in the week and to let that build.
  14. As Julie finished unpacking and settling into her new home, started exploring the nearby landscape, and made an effort to take care of herself, she felt herself brightening again. And the crows watched. She walked home, grocery bags in hand, enjoying the beautiful summer day. It's not the swamp, but this too is a beautiful place. And the crow did say that I would need to spread my wings, so to speak. She smiles to herself at the pun. I'm sure there are lots of weird problems to solve here too. I just haven't found them yet. Though I should probably.... She stopped, taking a seat on the kerb. Her arms ached. She didn't remember groceries feeling this heavy before. She caught a flicker of motion above and to the right. On the big Giant Tiger sign, above the proud declaration that canned corn was but 88¢ this week sat... a crow. She squinted. Was it... what had Master Tun called him... Sparky? She watched as he pecked at the logo. No, just one part of the logo. The eye. Of... the tiger. She laughed as she put it together. Of course, just what she needed! A training montage! She picked up the groceries again and continued home, a spring in her step. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been reading bits of the story I wrote when I first started out on here. I had a lot of fun with it. I'm not sure why I stopped. The story arc I wrote at that time was leading up to the Big Walk I'd been planning, so it would have ended anyway. But no reason for the adventures to stop! In a shocking turn of events, I'm actually going to focus on fitness this challenge. My exercise habits are very lax, I have an itch in the work-on-a-cool-human-trick direction, and I'm still hoping to pull off, if not the walk across Ottawa (might be a bit much with a weeklong event not long before I'd have to set out), some other big walking goal. STR: My annual goal says, more or less, exercise daily and make a list of interesting moves to work towards. Sounds good for this challenge round. Might pick one to work on before I make the list though. DEX: Is also about building a list of skills, and a skill tree to build up to more challenging moves. Let's do it. CON: Walking. Food. Both good. Keep walking every day, unless there's a really good reason not to (like a thunderstorm). My current step count averages at about 5000 steps per day, with wild variance between days I don't work and days I do. Goal: get the weekly average up to 7500/day, and break 10,000 twice a week. Oh, and I'll also need to buy new shoes. INT: Continue on my reading plan. Currently reading Just One Damned Thing After Another. Non-fiction title for the month still undecided. (Mostly dickering between The Border by Erika Fatland and How the World Really Works by Vaclav Smil.) WIS: Continue to work on making scripture reading a daily habit. Trying to link it with my Duolingo, which is a solid established habit at this point. CHA: I have a mental health type book. I think it will be useful. I'm also in an online CBT program. Do something from the book every day (reading or an activity), and the readings/activities my program assigns me. Occ: Respect the work/practice time I have set aside for myself by actually doing them. Art: my paperwork stack is two feet tall, and my try pile is cluttering up my closet. One item from each per day acted upon. Also, daily fiddle practice. @WhiteGhost and my long-planned mini-concert is going to be a beautiful disaster, but I want to hold up my end as best I can. Might pick a goal song this challenge too. Depends on how much of a struggle the daily practice is. Lang: Just keep on keeping on.
  15. Battle for the Shinies The objective of the battle is to gain the mountain and obtain the precious treasures of lifting, writing, painting, walking, cooking and spirit work. The enemies: fatigue, emotional resistance, distraction addiction, hopelessness The weapons: axe of strength, sword of courage, staff of clarity, reflective shield Skirmish Four: Marching and Net Evasion I have repeatedly overstretched my forces in order to broach new territory, which has resulted in me being unable to hold the ground I have taken. I must adapt my strategy to the fact that my army is quite small, and the ponies have rather short legs. What I need to do is move slowly, not attempting to capture new ground before establishing a firm defence of existing territory. I will add one habit at a time, and work on each for a long time, in order to gain the benefits of automaticity. Last challenge I abandoned my more complex goals and just made it my goal to walk first thing in the morning, after feeding the cats but before my first cup of tea. This challenge I will continue walking. Zero week will bring me up to a month of unbroken walks. For the rest of the challenge, I need to get away from aimless browsing. Some sort of internet ban is in order, and I will spend zero week reflecting on this before deciding on the details.
  16. [Preamble] Welcome to Owlshire, a beautiful woodland property in the Forest of Dean, England. I’m a 42 year old American woman living here with my British husband (Mr) and pre-school son (Enting). I work in gamedev and when I’m not doing that, I’m tending to my garden, doing needlework of some sort, writing, playing games (of various sorts), and exploring our local woodlands. However, this challenge will involve a lot of time away from home…. [Challenges] Zero Week we are headed off across the country for a wedding and will be away for 4 days. During Weeks 2-4, we will be headed across the globe to attend my father’s memorial hike in the US, staying a bit extra to reconnect with family and friends that we’ve been separated from due to life and pandemics. And in the spaces in between we’re going to be preparing and catching up on what’s fallen behind at home. … so I’m keeping this challenge very simple. Organize: Keep using the planner every day. I started it again a couple of weeks ago and it’s been so helpful. Keep on top of travel-related organization. This has its own planner… Continue to Mordor: I will aim for 30 miles walked on a week (average). 435 miles left to Mordor… my goal is to reach it by November. Hobbit in Attitude, not in Width: I’m starting this challenge with a BMI of 22. My goal this challenge is to be the same or less by the end of the challenge. I have a longer term ambition to get to 21 BMI, but at the moment I’m focusing on maintenance. I will check in weekly on Mondays or thereabouts, optional when I’m traveling.
  17. Hi All! I did up a brief (re)introduction to myself a few weeks ago over at respawn point a few weeks ago, but always feel weird about starting a challenge late, so didn't do much else, but I'm still in time for the new challenge, so here I am doing the things . . . A very wise (video game) woman once complained about people that "stand in a fire and complain that it is hot". And that is what I have been doing. I complain about how I look. I complain about how I feel. I complain about not being able to keep up with my little hoodlum children. And yet at the end of the day, what do I do but plonk myself down on the inferno of my couch, and add the lighter fluid of ice cream to make the flames just that little bit hotter. So these are my first steps to get out of the damned fire. They may be small, but at least they are something. So, without further exposition .. . my challenges; Goal is to drink at least one of my big bottles of water every day. I know, I know! minimum should be two. But one is better then none, and honestly, once I start drinking water, I always end up drinking more, so better to set my goal to "some" and exceed then to set my goal to "correct" and balk and fail at doing it. Doesn't matter when I do it - I can chug the whole dang thing at 11:59 pm and it will still count. Loot: sticker for my sad, un-adorned water bottle. Why do I want to achieve this goal: hydrate or diedrate, amirite? Feel better, feel less hungry, less headaches, more bathroom breaks, and set a good example for the hoodlums Obstacles in my way: water is gross, tea is delicious Actions needed to achieve my goal; become "that" person and carry water bottle everywhere. Make sure to fill the bottle at the start of the day with tap water from home, which is slightly less awful tasting then water from tap at work. Goal is to stretch and walk at least once every day. I sit too much and everything hurts. I'd love to commit to regular multiple work outs a week. I am not there yet. I want to be, but it took me months to work up to that before. I think I keep failing at my attempts to respawn cause I am trying to jump in whole hog. So lets work on the incremental change. Walks can be any time, anywhere - I lose momentum when I try to "schedule" it for early in the morning, then feel bad about not being able to get out of bed. Bonus points if I take the kids or the dog with me. Streching can be morning or night, or even at desk during the day. Loot: fake hair scrunchie (not at all related to the challenge, but really want one, so yah motivation!!) Why do I want to achieve this goal: More movement, less ouchie. More calories out. Get body ready to eventually start work outs again. Set a good example Obstacles in my way: Sleeping in, refusing to get up from my desk at work, stretches that don't suit my needs, Actions needed to achieve this goal: keep experimenting with stretches till I find some that I really like, remember I've got the world's cutest dog who deserves walkies, set alarms on my phone to remind me to take my breaks Goal is to track all the things. It may seem low-tech and harder to do then keeping it in an app, but for now, track it in my paper planner, just so it's all in one place. If I need to, I can log it in various apps in my phone and then mark it off in my planner. But I should be at least trying to log it all in once a day. This includes tracking meals (which will be put into an app, but then checkmarked off in the paper planner) Loot: order my new planner early (my year resets in September) and include some "splurge" features in it. Why do I want to acheive this goal: There is no point drinking water and stretching/walking if I don't see that I am doing it. If I forget to log it a day, I eventually spiral into not doing it. And if I physically see how much I have eaten, it's easier for me to make the decision to not eat more. I can't argue with cold hard data. Obstacles in my way: taking time to put everything in the planner, data spread across too many apps. Actions needed to achieve this goal: keep planner on hand at all times. swap out current watch that I love but that I don't like the app, with one of my old fitbits I will try to post here regularly-ish with updates. Expect Gifs, anecdotes of the offspring, and maybe even pictures of the dog for she is cute and needs a bigger fan club
  18. Just heard that Mr_Willes has left us and has passed. I dedicate my thread to his memory! lets be there for each other and do great stuff while we can! This challenge will be a simple one where I learn to be consistent and treat myself well while hopefully not being bored out of my mind. As you probably know I got sober during the last challenge. Im 12 days in and can happily report that I was lucky not to have been physically addicted. I have had no withdrawal symptoms or urges yet. Still, I used drink in a maladaptive way and have for a time been wondering whether life without my daily bubbly could still be an adventure with lots of fun to be had. You know, I used to drink for the buzz. I didnt want one glass, I wanted 4. If I had kept this up and added a little bit more consumption every year( being at a point where I consumed a bottle of bubbly every night) I would probably need 2 bottles of wine in 4 years. I want to stop before I fuck up my good life and my relationships. Im hearing lots of stories in the SMART meetings I attend online, about people having to rebuild their life from zero who dont have friends anymore because they turned into asshats without realizing. I dont like the word sober though and certainly dont want a life that is boring and where I can't enjoy myself. This challenge I want to go on finding the exiting bits of sobriety. A nice side effect of not opening wine at 6pm is that there is way more time in your day. Im going to use it to take a second walk with my dog child every day. Up to now I have done one walk a day ( 4k) where she could run without leash. Thats simply not enough and I have been quite ashamed of not moving Lara enough. She has a garden to play in at least, but I want to do better. So I commit to walking her around noon and in addition in the early evening. Ive already started this and am currently walking about 8k a day. ( which has the great side effect of melting my blubber as well!) Another thing that has popped up in my newly sober brain is that I want to make more effort again to look nice and well dressed every day. I have a ridicioulusly small budget, so I will not be able to buy nice new clothes. What I can do though is make an effort to look nice. I can have fun with nail polish and a tiny bit of makeup?? maybe find some summer clothes in a charity chop? Thing is: I dont want a partner in the near future because I enjoy being single so much.. that resulted in me not trying to impress people. I dressed nice only when I had work or important appointments. Mostly I would just not care much about what I put on in the mornings or if my hair looked nice. Now I feel like taking better care of myself and even though I wear jogging pants often, I can make some kind of an effort to look kinda well kept. goals: stay sober no matter how you feel and find the fun parts of not drinking. Use the SMART meetings 1 to 2 times a day to check in. Work on some worksheets every week, journal through this phase here and on the SMART website. read quit lit as if your life depended on it. It may depend on it, babe! walk Lara once around 1 pm and a second time in the early evening every weekday. You may do less on weekends. One of those walks has to be without her having to be on a leash. Dont worry about anything else ( Fitbit, time, running intervals) except moving your body in a way that feels good and makes you and the dog happy and exited. Try to be in nature as much as possible. Use your cheap monthly bus/ local train ticket to explore more nice places to take Lara. shower and dress every weekday. You may be a slob on weekends if you dont leave the house or get visitors. Try to combine the shitty clothes you have in a way that makes you look kinda nice. have regular mani/pedi sessions. Explore the joys of nail polish and a tiny bit of makeup. If you have enough money go to some charity shops and see if you can find some nice vintage dresses or short pants for summer. you are not doing this for someone else. You may look nice for yourself, darling!
  19. Vetinari sighed, and put down his pen. "Drumknott," he called towards the outer chamber. The clerk entered noiselessly. "Yes, my lord?" he said. The Patrician waved at the papers on his desk. "Take these away. I'm..." He trailed off, and rubbed his goatee distractedly. Drumknott cleared his throat. "Bored, sir?" He gathered up the papers on the desk into a neat sheaf. "One does not get bored of ruling a city like Ankh-Morpork, Drumknott," said Vetinari in a tone that would, in other men, be described as slightly peevish. No one ever described the patrician of Ankh-Morpork as peevish. At least, not if they valued a scorpion-free existence on the outside of the dungeon walls. It was, however, the time of year when a certain... restlessness set in. It was the same every May. One would have to be fairly close to the Patrician to notice this shift in mood, and that was precisely where most people strove not to be. Drumknott noticed. "I have taken the liberty, my lord," said Drumknott. He placed a thin file folder in front of Vetinari, and carefully squared it up. "I thought one of these might amuse." Vetinari opened the folder. He flipped past the first sheet, plucked out the second sheet for further perusal, then the third, flipped past the fourth, and paused on the fifth. "Interesting," he said. "She has been away quite some time, has she not?" "Indeed, sir," said Drumknott. "I understand she will be reporting back to work soon. The Dark Clerks have cleared a desk for her. Do you wish to send down an assignment?" "Oh, I think we should have a very special assignment waiting for Sara Kingdom," said Vetinari. He smiled thinly. A Challynge yn Foure Partes Parte I: Clerking "As a wizard, I must tell you, Havelock, that words have power." "As a politician, I must tell you I already know." I'm reading two books that talk about writing as a mental transformation habit, which I was surprised to find, cuz I've been toying with the idea of "write it down or it didn't happen" as a core principle of thinking through plans and problems - basically, the idea that if you don't make it tangible, you're probably kidding yourself on how clearly and well you really thought it through - and writing as a way of finding out what you're not aware you think, the act of recording as a necessary part of the thinking process itself. The first is inspired by Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way", but brings in more research-based stuff, and the second is one of the researchy books it's based on. So I will be hauling out the notebooks and doing a lot of writing. There will be some basic journalling to clear my head and figure out what I'm interested in these days. There will be weekly (and possibly daily) planning and review writing on sets of questions and stuff, to make myself do the job clearly and fully, and bypass the lack of focus going on. There may even be an experiment with expressive writing as a way of processing and clearing the head of various bits of negative flotsam and jetsam it stalls out on, or has to keep handling. (Doesn't sound like a barrel of laughs, but the science is good.) Basically, a lot of writing. A ton of writing. Parte II: Monking "Time has stopped for everyone but you," said Sweeper patiently. "Actually, that sentence is wrong in every particular, but it’s quite a useful lie." Lately, I've been managing to sleep purely by doing very deliberate physical and mental stillness meditations in bed. It's ridiculously hard. This is not normal for me, at least in recent years, so it's a big sign that my meditation habit needs to come back in a big way. If my brain is buzzing that hard when I'm trying to sleep, it's probably jangling that hard all the time, and that can't be helping anything. So I'm gonna learn how to stop time and get some stillness back with meditation. Parte III: Patrolling Those were the kind of boots Vimes always bought, and wore until the soles were so thin that he could tell where he was in Ankh-Morpork on a foggy night by the feel of the cobbles. This part is simple. Walking. I will patrol my city. Parte IV: Assassining The Assassin moved quietly from roof to roof until he was well away from the excitement around the Watch House. His movements could be called catlike, except that he did not stop to spray urine up against things. Strength and mobility training, for scaling rooftops and things. The strength training will start with a continuation of the previous challenge's isometric stuff: horse stance (static squat), planks, ITWY exercises, and some bridge. When my schedule gets wrangled into shape, I will try to get some daily yoga before bed, but it's not gonna be a week 1 kinda goal. It was a Guild of Assassins, after all. Black was what you wore. The night was black and so were you. And black had such style, and an Assassin without style, everyone agreed, was just a highly paid arrogant thug. Pure bonus material, but I think some wearing of black and stylishness should get points. A lot of aikido teachers will tell you to focus on elegance, and putting the focus on the process rather than the goal tends to improve the efficacy. I've noticed this with writing, too; a focus on elegant handwriting tends to slow down and smooth the jangly bits in the brain and the content becomes better. Ye Planne The plan is not to jump into doing all of this at once, because I'm currently at very low capacity for getting things done and adding things to my list, but to step up how much I'm doing during the challenge. Some goals aren't even on my list for the initial week or two, and the rest, for the first couple of weeks, I'll be fine with hitting them half the days. Doing something half the days is better than zero of the days, and I'm going to need some time to try to find a good schedule time for them. Wrangling my schedule, especially when it comes to sleep, is turning out to be a big obstacle, so I'm starting by doing just what helps get that stabilized better. Template: Week 0 Day 1 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Meditation Journal Written Plans & Reviews Emotive Writing Exercise Walking Strength Yoga Assassin Style Bonus
  20. Fashionably late to the party… [Preamble] Welcome to Owlshire, a beautiful woodland property in the Forest of Dean, England. I’m a 42 year old American woman living here with my British husband (Mr) and 4 y/o son (Enting). I work in gamedev and when I’m not doing that, I’m tending to my garden, doing needlework of some sort, writing, playing games (of various sorts), and exploring our local woodlands. [Challenges] Two, actually. The first one is a happy event in the Yorkshire Dales in June for a wedding, and the second is a solemn pilgrimage to the Pacific Northwest, USA, to help carry my father's ashes* into his favorite spot in the mountains, as per his request. These both happen during the next challenge, but there's a lot of preparations! * Rise Up The hike into the mountains is steep and challenging. I know because I did that hike with Dad many times as a child and once as an adult. Most of the adults (sisters, nieces/partners…) joining us are not particularly fit for purpose, and there will be four children under the age of 5 as well. It’s going to be chaos and I don’t expect everyone will make it to the top before turning back. I’m not turning back. So I want to make sure my hill game is in order, and also get Enting prepared for a longer, steeper walks since I likely won't be carrying him--I'll probably be carrying other children! This means going out at least twice a week and walking (for example) up our lane, which is a very long, steep climb. (More often is better, but I’m trying to be realistic given other life constraints.) I also want to take Enting with me at least once a week to get him better motivated for walking distances. (He has proven he can walk for several miles, but he often doesn’t want to.) The post-wedding June hike in the Yorkshire Dales will be a bit of a test run to further gauge what we will expect in the mountains and any strategy changes we should consider. Organize We haven't done a family overnight trip (let alone a trip abroad) in 2.5+ years. Setting up both of these trips is a lot of faff! I have some huge to-do lists and files and paperwork and coordination with family, and I'm making my way through them. Keep on it! Reach Mordor I’m 555 miles away! I’ve been wanting to complete this challenge since the early 00s (when it was called the Eowyn Challenge), and I’m sure I’ve been “there and back again” several times over, but I’ve never managed to track the whole thing. I want to finish my walking route to Mordor by November 2022. I’m so close! A Hobbit in Attitude, not in Width At the moment, I'm in a good place with my weight/BMI. I do want to get both a touch lower, but all things considered for this challenge I’m under a lot of emotional stress and I just want to maintain. I’ve got enough other things on. My BMI is currently 22.1, and I'll count this successful if it's the same or lower at the end of the challenge. Admin note: I always start on Week 0, and I track from Monday-Sunday. I’m also useless at actually updating my challenges, but I’m always a better me if I post one.
  21. It's that time of year for me. Time to bowl in the USBC Open Nationals Tournament. This year it is in Las Vegas again. I bowl on June 2nd and 3rd. I always have a blast bowling this each year. This will be my 11th year in a row, 14th overall. This year, at least I have been able to get back out and do some bowling in a league. I won't be a complete mess haha. The only problem I'll have is flying back on the 4th. I'm going to miss some of the Pokemon Go Fest! Hopefully, just like the first hour or so of day 1. I skipped last challenge. I was sick during the first couple of weeks. Had my doctors appointment. Things were looking pretty good, but I was put on even more medicine. I had a choice to get higher dosage on one of them as well. I decided to not do that, and attempt to get my eating in control. Then on Friday the 29th, something happened to our old lady cat. She was 22. She did have some trouble getting around, but still jumped up on the couch etc. The morning of the 29th, she was just a different cat. It was like she had a stroke or something. Would not eat, and was aimlessly wondering around the apartment. Barely would open her eyes up. Could hardly walk. Just seemed like she had no sense of anything. I spent quite awhile with her on my chest. I was trying to give her a place she would feel secure to rest. Spent a lot of time crying. It was pretty clear, it was time. We called to get squeezed in over at a animal hospital. Doctor pretty much agreed there was nothing to be done. So, we sent her on her way. My oldest son is just a year older, so he knew her his whole life. It was quite the hit to us. So yeah, not exactly how I imagined coming into May. I'm kind of all over the place. like sitting here at 2:30 am making this post, instead of getting the sleep I should be haha. Ok, enough bringing things down! Once again, let's try to get things on track. I have Vegas to bowl in, plus I really need to get much healthier. While I was not in last challenge, I decided to start making a goal list. Not so much things to get done now, but as of things to eventually do. This challenge needs to be the stepping stone into getting me headed towards my goals. For those that have followed me in the past, I am sure that my goals will be very similar to ones I have had in the past. Goal #1 - Sleep I always seem to have to get this one established again. It's just too easy for me to stay up till 2 or 3am. My youngest has finally gone back to in person learning at school as well. So now I am having to get up early to get him there and back. In general though, I have too many days that I feel tired and run down from lack of sleep. Since I am getting up early, I need to get to bed a bit earlier then I use to as well. Some nights, it might be harder to do, but we shall see. 10:30 PM, I am to get off the computer or whatever. Then I get off to reading asap. At 11 PM I need to head to bed. If I feel like I am not getting enough reading time, I might get to reading earlier, like 10 PM. I'll see how things feel in week zero, and adjust if need be. 20 points each day. 140 points for the week Goal #2 - Movement This will be a big factor for future goals. I've really done almost nothing. Groceries, or caring water jugs up stairs from time to time. Then bowling once or maybe twice a week. Really, very low activity level. I need to change this. Week zero, my only exercise goal, is to get out and walk each day, No time frame, no step count. Just make an actual choice to go out and walk. I have been temped with adding in some meditation in as well. Like walk out someplace, then sit and mediate. Then walk more. Just something to help clear the head. Though I do get that with bigger walks too. I would also like to get into doing some workouts. Like a Monday, Wednesday, Friday split. I think week 1 I will start this. Probably just some bodyweight stuff to start. I did get myself a pull up bar and resistance bands to do assisted pull ups. I just have to try it out. I also think I want to start in slow here too. Like do at least once exercise from my list. So even if I just do feel it, just do 10 squats or something. I'll most likely do more, but I figured I would have the "do just one" to at least keep me going. It use to work for me back in the day for walking. I'd tell myself "You can give up 15 minutes at least to walk" I hope that I start off with the baby steps, then I can add on more in week 2 or 3. Honestly, just have to see how things go. Walking every day, M, W, F workouts outs (Do at least one Exercise) 10 points each day for walking, 10 points each day for workouts. 100 total points for the week. Goal #3 - Get food under control I really have been struggling on what I should do for my food. I've not been happy with my blood sugar levels. I really don't want to be on the medication I am on right now. I know, I could get myself back in a range I want fairly quickly if I went back to eating Keto. Obviously, I need to lose weight, That can be done doing any real method of eating. I just have to eat less then I burn. Eating Keto doesn't magically just make you lose weight. I felt it did help me though, with cravings and such. Still, I feel like it might not be the best long term for me. At some point I will want potatoes, or popcorn, and pizza. From my previous doctors appointment, I wanted to see if I can eat like I normally have been eating, and see what effect the medicine would have on me. It is better, but I'm not that happy with it. Though, I didn't exactly steer away from eating all the things. This challenge, I'm not going to eat a certain way so much, but I do want to make sure I am eating in a calorie range at least. Funny enough, I think when I did eat Keto, I was also eating more vegetables a better foods then just junk I have been eating. Main point of this goal is to track what I eat. Hopefully, work on better choices of foods to eat too. Lower calorie/higher volume foods and such. Baby steps first, just track and stay in my calorie range. I know there are some days I will just be hungry and want to eat. I want to try to have an upper number to not pass. Track food 7 days a week. 2,000 to 2800 calories. I'd like to range 2200-2500 on average I think. So hopefully, not too many higher days 10 points each day, 70 points each week. There are many other things I want to do, but I really want to keep it much more simple to get me started off again. Here is to getting all the kinks worked out in week 0, then having a really good challenge! Measurements: Start / Finish Chest - Waist - Bicep (L) - Bicep (R) - Thigh (L) - Thigh (R) - Weight - Points: Week 1 (05/08 - 05/14) - 0/310 Week 2 (05/15 - 05/21) - 0/310 Week 3 (05/22 - 05/28) - 0/310 Week 4 (05/29 - 06/04) - 0/310 Week 5 (06/05 - 06/11) - 0/310 Total Challenge Points - 0/1550
  22. Oh, bother. I was not planning to challenge in this round. I thought perhaps I would just lurk and cheer other folks on, because I don't really have a lot going on except "keep doing what I'm already doing." But having accountability and friends to cheer is always good and there are a few things that I ought to probably bother about Walk like Eeyore Walk for 15 minutes every day. Ideally in the evening, with dog. On days that schedule or weather makes that impractical, around the campus at lunchtime or even around the inside of the large academic building. I'm depressed, have been for a while, and I didn't even realize it until I started throwing pity parties for myself about things that simply didn't warrant them. Walking helps. And it's spring, generally nice weather (wicked humid, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), and I have a walk-friendly neighborhood and a beautiful walking path around the campus. Bounce like Tigger Nothing fancy here. Keep doing IS 3 or 4 days a week. There's a fair bit of jumping in IS. Eat like Rabbit A salad a day. I have vegetable ... issues. I don't eat nearly enough of them. I feel much better when I do eat enough of them. There are some I even like. But the easiest and surest way for me to get a reasonable amount of vegetation into my bod is salad, which I both like and find easy and convenient to make. That's enough for now.
  23. Hi. I'm Stronkey Kong. I've been on NF for almost 9 years now. I'm just as fat as when I joined... but maybe a bit healthier overall. I'll take it. Last challenge tanked because of a putative Covid-19 infection, and I spent most of April managing and recovering. I'm at like 99% now though. All the symptoms are gone, but I'm still regaining bits of strength from weeks of barely eating and getting things back in balance. This is my last day off from a week-long (and long overdue) vacation, where I got some gardening done, but not finished, and I still need to fix my bathtub. I recently bought a bass guitar and am (obsessively) learning to play it. I've been playing guitar since I was 13, and can even sit at a keyboard and dink around with chords without getting lost. I have an unpolished knack for music, and I want to start writing/recording my own stuff and maybe join a band for fun at some point. I also bought an electronic drum kit, but that's not top priority. (Nyango Star vid, not part of theme... but I just can't bring myself to delete it) Yeah... I just turned 38, so I might just be getting an early start on a mid-life crisis thing, but I'm just gonna roll with it and have some fun... Playing music is great for a lot of reasons... keeps me active (at least better than TV and video games), it can be a way to connect with other people, and it definitely lifts my mood and keeps me engaged intellectually... but I am getting a little bit obsessed and need to take care of other things. I'm focusing on learning RB and Soul at the moment, so might as well go with a Blues Brothers theme... cuz I've heard them sing more Soul songs than actual blues songs... and whatever, these gifs are fun. GOALS: 1) Plant based diet:: Don't eat like Jake and Elwood Before I got sick, I was eating a '99% plant based diet' and made to a bit past 30 days. It was going very well. I'd lost a few pounds and had zero acid reflux and was overall feeling really good. When I got sick I gave up because I wanted comfort food and couldn't eat much with my sore throat and nausea and lack of taste. Now I'm dealing with upset stomach and acid reflux etc. again. So I need to go back. But I'm going to aim for 90%... meaning 18 or 19 of my meals each week should be entirely plant based. The other 2-3 meals are just allowed to deviate for the sake of flexibility and filling in a few nutritional gaps. 2) Stay Active: I could easily sit around in all my free minutes playing music and watching videos about music. But I need to make sure I get some actual exercise again. For starters I'm going to start going Morning Burpees (with a pushup). I'll start with 5 on day one, and add one every day till I hit thirty. After that I'll do another activity like walking, quick calisthenics routines, and gardening/house work all count. 5 days per week. 3) Fix more than I break and don't leave a trail of destruction everywhere I have a long list of projects and things to do in or around the house. Usually, once I get started, 1 hour can become 3 or 4. Every day I'm off of work make at least 1 hour of progress toward gardening or getting things fixed in the house. 4) Get good at BASS! -- I'm taking online lessons through a self-paced study platform, that also has web forum just like this with practice logs you're supposed to maintain... actually using the same web platform and is almost identical except for the color palate and minor format things... so if I mistakenly just insert a post on this thread about rambling about bass guitar and music theory or whatever, just know that I'm really tired and got my forums mixed up Practice Bass everyday, and post in my practice log. And for fun I'll post some videos of the songs I'm learning. I think the direction I'm heading in is to learn Soul and R&B bass as my focus. So I'll be learning and transcribing (learning by ear) those along with some rock, blues, and jazz gems mixed in there. Maybe I should learn 'Rawhide'
  24. Gunna focus on stuff that I’ve found works in the past (thinking: eating the 5/4/3/2/1, daily walks, not drinking soft drinks etc) with a theme of self love, starting on Valentine’s Day and doing things for myself from love, not hate. Will flesh it out proper but not at 11pm after DnD
  25. Some may say I need to be committed, I say if it includes my own padded room that doesn't sound so bad! I have reached challenge number 70...not all of these challenges went the way I planned, not all of these challenges resulted in me leveling up, All of those challenges have resulted in learning something, even if it's what doesn't work for me. I'm a pretty typical type A, I prefer to do things myself, have a difficult time asking for help and sharing my feelings...the older I get the more I realize this is not always healthy. I work from home, so making sure I have enough movement in my day as well as not eating "all the unhealthy things" is important. Checking in to hold myself accountable is key to this being successful, I don't want to have to post bad news here. I struggle to get enough sleep so that shall remain on the list until it's no longer a struggle. I've been a workaholic as long as I can remember, mostly because of past experience and not wanting to have to count on anyone for things I need. D (my wife for those new here) and I have had many conversations about this. She understands my feelings because she's the same way, but we also know the importance to our relationship for us to be able to depend and count on each other. This is a very long winded way of saying that we need to remember to step away from work and have some fun, riding our motorcycles are a huge part of this for us for right now our every 4 week trips to FL also count towards this. The Plan... Cardio - 8,000 steps a day (includes 30 min on treadmill), and one kettlebell workout a week Update - Post in thread three times a week. Track - Sleep (7 hours a night) and Food (deficit per tracker) Extra - Rides, 5k's, events, and life events go here Done - Not Done - I have a Terrain Race planned in May that I do not want to embarrass myself at, I'd also like to get rid of the 35 lbs. that I put on since the last race I did in Feb 2020.
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