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  1. Part way through this challenge, we will be vacationing at Disneyland and Joshua Tree National Park.Which means I get to ride the Incredicoaster. My Incredicoaster Challenge: Looking forward I've stopped writing down my daily and weekly plans, I want to start that again Climb to the top of the hill: Cardio, Continue walking, no real goal, just get some in, if I'm not rowing that day do a bit more walking Rowing: I want to finish the 24 day zone 2 and 5 rowing challenge goal is 2 days a week zone 2, 1 day a week zone 4 or 5 VIew from the top Strength train 3-4 days a week. This is fairly easy for me, I like strength training Going Down Work on looking incredible in my shorts for my trip Follow Eating Skills Good : Track in MFP 3 days a week, keep within my range Better 4 days a week, including a weekend day Best: Best days a week including a weekend day The Loop I don't like the upside down part of the coaster. I also don't like drinking lots of water. But some things are just part of the ride. This challenge I'm just going to track my water. Drink my big glass in the morning, and then track the liquids I drink. Any liquid counts (except alcohol) I will track in the Fitbit app. Good: track 3 days Better track 4 days Best track 5 days Side quests: Finish staining fence Begin preparing the garden for winter To do list for final vacation plans frames for pictures Other notes: On vacation I will not be working on my challenge goals. I will be enjoying my vacation. And probably getting in oodles of steps. The only real goals I have for eating during vacation is to eat slowly, and savor the moments.
  2. Not long after slapping in the above placeholder photo, two of those angelfish started laying eggs on the leaves of one of the Anubias plants in the tank and beating the crap out of any other fish that came close, not to mention darting across the tank to harass the other two angelfish. So I go the breeding pair out of that tank and set up a 10 gal on the fly and yadda, yadda... they ate their eggs. <sigh> But now I know I have a breeding pair of angelfish. Time to move on. ====== Hi. I am Stronkey Kong. I've been on NF ten years. Lately it's church etc, and fish tanks that are getting me off the couch and not stuffing my face so we'll roll with that. This challenge will be a combination of a lot of the usual: a nutrition goal, a bed time routine, a morning routine, an exercise routine, and a fish tank based LUYL. When does life stop getting weirder? ========== Goal 1: Bedtime Routine-- In bed by midnight. I get home from work around 10:30 pm. That gives me an hour and a half to: feed the cat feed the fish feed myself (a small snack) change clothes, wash up, brush teeth evening prayer go to bed by 12 am. I can read in bed if I don't feel like falling asleep right away, but that's it. Goal 2: The point of goal 1 is to fix my morning routine. Get up at 8 am. Morning prayer. Feed fish/tank maintenance. Exercise Breakfast Read scripture Study Ukrainian or Greek Goal 3: Exercise Mon-Sat MWF = walk or something light TRS = KB, Ringfit, or jogging Goal 4: Ditch the soymilk and fake veggie meats. It's our liturgical calendar that has brought out this one. There's a lot of fasting in Orthodoxy, mainly in the form of giving up meat and animal products. My eating habits have veered toward vegetarianism, and so I have a lot of soy products around, so much so that it makes fasting not really feel at all like fasting. I don't really have to give anything up, I'm just switching the days where I eat tofu and veggie sausages. I should feel like I'm sacrificing something, and on fasting days I should always be at least a little hungry. Also, veggie stuff can be kind of expensive, and it's debatable whether its really all that healthy cuz it's processed yadda yadda, and I tolerate real dairy well enough. And there was recently a big study on diet that found that whole fat dairy was actually protective in terms of longevity (not counting butter). So I'll eat meat, milk, and cheese and just limit myself to tofu on fasting days... tofu is not a meat replacement, just ask a carnivore. LUYL: Breed Fish, Grow Plants, Make Money This goal will practically do itself as I require little added motivation to do this hobby. But I'm at the point where i need to tune it up and turn it around so it doesn't just become a money toilet. I have a couple of orders of plants, fish, and hardware coming. After that I need to stop spending and start focusing on growing and marketing and come up with a legit plan.
  3. I'm not real bright and there's a lot I don't know, but there are a few things I've figured out. - I like a bullet list - Exercise is good for me, in the long and the short term. So I should do that. - I'm a planner and a perfectionist. If I don't have some kind of plan to execute, I won't do anything because little bits of here and there don't feel worthy to me. Whether that last one is factual or not doesn't seem to matter. My feeling about it is so strong that fighting against it has yielded no fruit. Therefore, I need an exercise plan. It has to be simple because I don't have a lot of time for such things, but if I have a plan to work I think I can make it work. The thing I will attempt this time will be walking. I like walking. The rhythm is soothing and it makes my muscles feel good, and it gives me quiet time to myself which is very lacking in the rest of my day. Let's make a walking plan - Sunday - there is usually time for a walk in the evening between the various activities. - Monday - I'm going to have to cut out another activity, that I was thinking about cutting anyway, but I am okay with doing that and making it work. - Tuesday - This is a no-go. By the time I get home from activities, it's bed time, and staying up late to exercise results in too little sleep. - Wednesday - I can make this work, if I'm very diligent and intentional about it. Possibly a treadmill might be involved. - Thursday - No-go again. There are always things going on and I can't squeeze them around to get a walk done. - Friday - hit and miss. We often but not always have things to do Friday evenings, but some fridays I have the day off of work so I can make that work. - Saturday - similar to Friday. If I'm actively looking for a time to take a walk, many times I'll be able to get it in, but not always. So where are we? 3 more or less sure days, and two solid maybe days. So 3 - 5 walks per week should be possible. I'll try to report here most days whether I've walked or not. I think I'm going to try to track how many walks I get in each week. I think that's about it. Happy Challenge everyone!
  4. Briefly, a Who I Am: I'm a 44 year old American woman living on a 10 acre woodland property in rural England I call Owlshire with my partner and 5 y/o son. I work in gamedev, our son is home educated (by ourselves and outsourced help), we have a bouncy adolescent golden retriever pup, a flock of plucky rescue hens, and as a family we enjoy nature and gaming. We moved to Owlshire not quite three years ago in the midst of the Global Pandemic/UK Lockdowns and we're still trying to find/form our tribe of fellow misfits and geeks. This challenge looks a lot like the last one, but with more travel. I turned 44 at the end of the last challenge, and my intention is to embrace the unknowns of our unique and quirky life and not worry so much that just because something changed that everything is "bad" or "wrong." Because it isn't at all! It just doesn't look quite what a past me thought it would look like! We are living an off-the-road-most-traveled adventure, and here be dragons. Dragon Form Building my strength and stamina and getting a sleeker dragon shape. Continue to aim for 80,000 steps a week. My weight at same or lower by the end of the challenge. Also, reduce snacking. This has become a real problem, I'm nibbling on something between nearly every meal and I'm not even hungry. I suspect it started as stress eating and has now become a habit I need to break. Dragon Wings Exploration and adventure at home and beyond. I have two overnight trips known for this challenge: A two day business trip to London. A three night trip to Devon for pleasure (my annual "Mum's holiday") There are some more in discussion but not yet defined. I decided not to do the cruise I was pondering last challenge, as it was causing me a lot of stress to decide on and figure out, and the whole point was a holiday plan that didn't stress me out. I haven't yet decided when or what I'll do instead. I also need to set up arrangements for trips which will happen later this year: Dragon Heart Vision, community, and mental health. Update Vision Statement One things I realized during the last challenge is that I was feeling out of sorts because life had deviated from The Vision. But actually, life was going in good--even great--directions. I'm still walking toward the same Mountain, it turns out; I'm just approaching from a different route. So I'm updating The Vision. I'm still working to align it and make the verbiage pretty rather than just a bunch of haphazard bulletpoints, but I'm already feeling better. Complete the Vision 2023 Update. Be more social Reach out and arrange things with local people. This includes with my family! Arrange regular games and outdoor activites with Enting Arrange regular date nights with Mr. Spirituality/Pagan Studies Spend more time on spiritual activities. It always ends up the first things sacrificed when things go sideways, and that's probably when I need it the most! For this challenge I'm focusing on lessons and learning as part of the pagan groups I'm in because it's easily measurable and pleases my inner Hermione Granger. Complete 3 lessons (including the one in progress) for my coven. Reinvestigate the Hearthkeeper's Way (ADF) to integrate in my practice. Dragon Horde Taking care of Owlshire, creating a comfy place to live. Continue the decluttering project. Look after my autumn garden. There are pumpkins!
  5. The realm where humans live, Midgard is neither freezing nor fiery, and is balanced between chaos and order. It is surrounded by a sea in which lives the world serpent Jormungundr, and the only magic is that of nature and humans. I have a lot of fatigue, distraction and avoidance at the moment, and have not yet seen any improvements in energy from the exercise. Art and other projects seem out of reach at the moment. Alas. But what does Kratos do when he is injured or tired and cannot run? He walks. What does he do if the most direct path is blocked? He goes around. So in this challenge, I will do what small amounts I can in the four areas I identified. I have added a fourth category to address my recently increased weight and walking pains. Strength: Workout & Walk. I will continue with the rowing programme, as written. This is my priority, and may in fact be the reason for my current tiredness. It could take months to see improvements in daily energy, so I just have to stick at it. On non-rowing days I will do easy weights or a longer morning walk as my workout. I am training to train; that is, my goal adaptation is the ability to handle a higher workload. Walking adds to my volume without greatly increasing fatigue. It's also a very Midgardian/human activity. To increase volume further I will add short afternoon walks as well. Stoicism: Reframe & Read. I started well last challenge because of my mindset, but I didn’t make said mindset a formal part of the challenge. This time, I will try to tame my avoidance by framing difficulties and unwanted obligations as a form of mental training, and renew my commitment to choosing my own attitude each day. Hopefully avoidance can become acceptance. A good time for this is with the first cup of tea. It will be reframing tea. I will also read a single letter by the Midgard philosopher Seneca each day, and take notes. Spirit: Prayer & Practice. I will continue my morning prayer, but a shorter version without meditation, since I am low on motivation. And for the evening practice I will do the “somatic experiencing” exercises that the fatigue clinic prescribed for me, which are about feeling safe, present, and bounded in one’s Midgardian vessel. There’s no good time for this because I never feel like it, but I’ll set a timer for 4pm. Structure: Freedom and Form. The distraction addiction seized some ground these last few weeks. I was exhausted when I returned from Hamburg, but I also started using Mr Harriet’s old laptop, which has no internet blocks on it. I will reclaim a small amount of freedom back by avoiding the internet between 7-9am, with a block. I know it’s not much. Hopefully I’ll add more next challenge. In addition, I will take care of my Midgardian form by choosing between hunting/ gathering or textile maintenance daily. Sustenance: Menu and Measure. I plan to drop weight to help with fatigue and foot and knee pain. And also because I gained 7.5kg after returning to a mixed diet from carnivore, and I cannot pretend that all of it is glycogen and water weight. Also, my aching feet don't care if they're carrying water or fat; it's too much. From previous failed attempts I have learned many lessons and I believe I now have an idea of how to proceed. I’ll note daily whether I followed my eating plan. I’ll report weekly on my weight, how well I stuck to the plan, and whether the plan felt reasonably easy and sustainable. If not, the plan has to change. Walk on!
  6. I was on the fence about starting this one now. On the one hand, I do want to add more of a narrative flair to my challenges, complete with characters, a story arc, etc. On the other...well, the idea machine just ain't working right now. I don't want to let my writer's block get in the way of building some healthier behaviors, so I'll start with just my mini projects for now and will build in the narrative stuff later once I have the time to sit down and come up with some better ideas. So here goes: Mini projects: 1. Clear headed: No beer until Saturday the 29th. 2. Reconnaissance: Every day, until Saturday the 29th, go for a walk somewhere. No minimum distance. 3. Lore: Do 1 hour of work reading on Sat the 29th (so it must be done on Sat. The goal is to get me accustomed to doing little bits of weekend work.) 4. Well supplied: Finish organizing garage. (The garage shelves are finished. Now, I just need to put the garage back together and get my things in their new home. Might also use this time to brainstorm some new construction projects.) 5. "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot": Daily minimum 5 minute piano noodling each day until Sat the 29th. I've got an event I'm going to on Sat (nothing major-just a hangout with the bros), so that will be my day to update mini project progress.
  7. Hey all, it's been a bit. Seems like something is always coming up when I think of starting up a challenge post. I'm late to this challenge, but I figured I would start something anyway. Better that, then thinking I'll just wait till the next one The last couple of weeks, I have been trying to get a little more consistent with a few things like sleep. This challenge I might start off smaller and add to it as I progress. We'll see how it goes. I feel like I'll be keeping it pretty casual. A driving force to me really needing to get myself going. High blood sugar tests. Even on medicine. So I need to get this fixed. Then just in general more family deaths, has made me look back to watching to just be able to live a much better life. Also, things may change some because my wife is getting a knee replacement on the 14th. So bowling and pretty much everything else I do is on pause to help take care of her. I hope to be able to get some things going around that I can continue during this time too. So let's get to it. Goal#1 - If I am too tired, I won't do squat Sleep is so very important. I've been working on it again, but I certainly have had the go to bed at 2am+ too often. I just haven't been getting the best sleep. Losing weight will also help get better sleep. So it will all work together. It's summer, so I don't have to worry about taking the kid to school till sometime in August. I have been enjoying my reading as well, even when I go too late at night haha. My wife also bought a sleep mask for me to help with the light Though it is a pain to have a sleep mask and cpap mask on. Off to read at 10:30pm Off to bed at 11:30pm Goal#2 - Movement For the moment, I want to start off with 15 minutes walk. Hopefully I can still do this while taking care of my wife too. For now, I can start the daily incense in Pokemon Go. It's 15 minutes. Walking around my block takes about 13 minutes or so. That is pretty much what I want as my start. Eventualyl either making more time per walk or adding in a second walk later on. Maybe after a week or so I can also start doing some home workouts in. I know I would be able to have that going while I was helping my wife. First though, I want to try to get walking going. Plus getting back to walking will help improve my mood too 15 minute walk each day. Goal#3 - Tracking foods Part of finding out my blood sugar numbers were really bad, was I looked closer to what I have been eating and drinking. Obviously, I knew getting and eating candy or sweets can be bad. I found I was drinking a powered drink mix thinking it was ok. It had maltitol as a sweetener, and that was spiking my numbers a lot. I was drinking a lot of it too haha. At least I figured that out, and took it out. With the blood sugar numbers, I also considered jumping back to keto. Then thinking maybe more keto with fruit or something. First though, I am going to give a shot at losing weight with tracking calories. Lower calorie higher volume is more what I want. More proteins, more veg and fruit etc. Track food intake each day in Cronometer That will be enough. There is plenty more I want to add in, but I want to just focus getting more consistent in each of these errors. No grading really.
  8. Hey, hey! I'm not quite as fancy-free as these lil meatballs, but my big show is over, I have some fun summer travel coming up, and life is feeling pretty sweet. Last challenge I had goals for each of the core D&D stats. I did well on CHA (music and dance practice) and STR (all the deadlifts and bench presses); reasonably okay on CON (limiting alcohol and tracking calories + protein) and WIS (practicing morning gratitudes and mindfulness), plenty room for improvement on DEX (knee physio) and INT (keeping the momentum going on the research paper I'm supposed to be writing). Still figuring out whether I will focus on areas of weakness from the last challenge or just double down on what I'm doing well at and lean into the spikiness! I guess that's what zero week is for. I can share that by the end of this challenge I'd love to weigh under 150, have that blasted paper submitted somewhere and off my desk, and be moving around more nimbly on the roughed up knee than I can currently. Now how am I going to get there? I'll figure that out soon. Today is good so far, walked doggoes breakfasted, showered, walked to campus good meeting with student A good meeting with student B hiked over to little religious-school campus where the food is better than it is on my campus got trapped there awhile by deluges of rain, but had my laptop with me and made some good paper progress! updated academic society mailing list for the upcoming conference Still to do, zip back over to my campus, specifically the gym strength workout Zumba class at 5! walk or bus home, depending on how legs are feeling food prep That's all for now! Rain looks like it is lightening up (boy did we need it) so I'm going to beetle over to the gym while the getting's good.
  9. I'm Stronkey Kong. I've been on these here forums 'bout ten years. I'm still fat despite a lot efforts to the contrary and after a fruitless vacation at the beginning of last challenge that began with good intentions, I've realized that something deep and fundamental needs to change. That's why after much soul searching and reading, and googling stuff, and then finally going into a church, I am enquiring and actively participating the liturgical life of the Orthodox Christian church. Hence, most of this challenge I will be keeping the fasting rules (as best as I can) for the Apostles' Fast. Then going forward we fast every Wed. and Fri. I'll explain the fasting rules below. No worries. I'm not going to talk about it other than the fasting parameters that will affect this challenge. I know I've done discussions of religion poorly in the past, so I'll spare you all from that again. Also, my manager has re-assigned me to regular night shift again. For 10 months I've been working 12pm-10pm, and I'll be moving back to 3:30pm-1:30am. This is all fine, but going to church on Sunday mornings at 9 am is going to be a bit of a challenge. Not impossible, but it will require extra effort to manage on my part. I'll view it as a weekly "reset day" since if I just let go, I'll tend to drift toward later and later bedtime/waketime cycles. Goal 1: Keep the Apostles' Fast-- Jun 12 - July 12 Basically M, W, and F are strict fast days -- no meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, oil, or wine(alcohol). T and Th -- oil and wine are allowed Sat and Sun -- fish, oil, and wine are allowed The way the church calendar works, we got a long one this year. It will require focus and discipline, but given that I lean vegetarian, this is pretty reasonable for me. Goal 2: Stick to the Sleep schedule Mon-Sat: Wake at 11am , Bedtime 3am Sun: Wake at 8 am, (nap if necessary), Bedtime 3 am (or earlier if needed) Again, reasonable, but I tend to let sleep schedules drift too much and I'm not sure if Sunday morning resets are going to be helpful or upsetting to the rhythm. 🤷‍♂️ Goal 3: Active Morning Routine From waking until I leave for work... or Sundown on my days off, I need to keep doing productive things. I've been doing good with keeping my morning prayer followed by my morning walks. I'm going to try to take things up a notch (but just one notch) on the relaxed fast days and do either some yard work or KB work. But on more restricted days I'll take my morning walk, do some light cleaning around the house, and call it there. Peopling is fine too. Then prayer and scripture readings etc. to fill the time until I leave for work. Just no vegging in front of the TV. If when I get home in the wee hours, I want to zone out for a little bit before bedtime prayer and sleep that's fine.
  10. Listening to this song makes me happy. I watched the video before posting, and it's an awesome vibe. And my goals: 1) Eat 120 grams of protein a day; This works well for me, I plan on continuing it Also; Eat according to my values ( joy, thankfulness) eat slow, pause before getting more food 2) In the morning, sit by the window with the blinds open while reading Bible Bonus: sit outside Double bonus go for a walk 3) Drink 22 oz. of water before morning workout Bonus; Drink another 22 oz during day before dinner- I'm still working on the 22 oz morning goal, so this is still a bonus goal, but I want to try and see if I do it. If I get overwhelmed I will remember to focus on hitting the main goal 4) Strength Military Press 20lb 5 sets of 7 4 sets of 8 (adapted to fit workout plan) Goblet squats 25lb 4 sets of 8 The last few workouts, I've done 3 sets, and once I could do that well, moved up in weight. This time, I'm going to add sets and get more volume in. My plan: I was going to do a 4 day plan; 2 days arms, 2 days legs , with core exercises in the mix. But, I was feeling overwhelmed because of yard work that needed to be done. It makes sense to focus more on the weights in the winter, and less in the spring and summer when I just naturally move more. So, I think I'm going to do 1 day legs, 1 days arms, a full body day with maybe some supplemental arms stuff, and then on the fourth day do a sprint workout on the rower. The spring workout can be done quicker than a bodyweight workout.
  11. Hi Friends! A new challenge and I am so excited to get started! May 9th is my one year anniversary of being on the forums and I have decided to celebrate my commitment thus far by having a jubilee! I have been prepping pages in my Bujo, thinking hard about my goals, and trying to strategize for success. I am celebrating a year of showing up, thinking hard, making changes, and seeing results. My most astonishing result is that I haven't had a serious binge since I started writing on the forums. I've had three smaller infractions, but nothing that I would even compare to how I used to get. I am blown away by this. I feel much more confident with weighing in as data gathering rather than a moral judgement even if I still get caught up with it sometimes. I am looking at capabilities more than scale results to determine my progress much more often. I am less concerned with what others think of the body I have, and no longer preoccupied with what they might think of the strength and endurance I am trying to achieve. Lots to celebrate! And I have lost ~20 lbs in the last year, which isn't nothing. However, I did not lose any weight last challenge. I have not measured so I don't know if there were any shifts there. I will measure soon. I think it came down to two things: I was over carbs about half the time and I wasn't moving as much as I wanted to be despite improvements in both those goals. So this challenge will be functionally a reprise of the last one, focusing more intently on keeping my carbs at 75g or lower each day and getting my walks and workouts in. Because in this challenge we are adding bodyweight workouts! I have been working with The Herbcrafter's Tarot a lot since a recent trip to Regina, and the card Linden really resonated with me. It shows a woven fence made of branches: In the symbology of the deck linden stands for play, childlike engagement, and the beginners mind: The Hija of Earth connects to life with the heart of a child. Using the resources available at hand, the Hija of Earth weaves together their boundaries, identifies and protects what they value. Dedicated to working in an orderly fashion, to laying a solid foundation for future endeavours, the Hija of Earth goes forth without fear, knowing that they are capable of the job they are being asked to perform or the task they have set for themselves. This Hija reminds us that we are enough. We can do this. We are right to believe in ourselves. I feel like it's time to create some firm boundaries around my movement time in a day and make that non-negotiable. I also feel like I need to create firmer boundaries around my nutrition and make sure that I am being good to myself there. To support these goals I had a conversation with Dave about what I wanted to accomplish and he is supportive. We talked specifically about his desires to eat a certain way not jiving with my goals and he has assured me that he will not be hurt or offended if I refuse to have something he wants or brings me. So that eases my mind considerably. Now I need to continue to meal plan and batch cook and stay aware! Specific goals for this challenge so I know what I am measuring against: 1) <75g net carbs a day 2) 25+g fibre a day 3) 5600 steps a day (minimum) 4) NF Beginner Bodyweight workouts every other day starting today 5) Darebee movement snacks every day 6) Bujo chart tracker for things like water intake, dishes, Latvian, reading, etc, completed as much as possible each day My Bujo set up for this challenge: I am not as nervous to start as I have been in some of my previous challenges: I know I am capable of what I am setting out to do. This confidence is pretty cool and I think is the culmination of a year's worth of self-investment. I need to balance knowing I can do the thing with being compassionate when things don't go the way I want them to. I feel I am making progress on that front, too. I hope that I am not being over-confident. But I guess we will find out! If you are challenging this season, I hope you have clarity on your goals and verve to achieve them. If you are resting this season, I hope the rest replenishes you amply. Thanks for being here! ❤️
  12. I'm finishing up my vacation and after some thinking about how I'm living and what my strengths and weaknesses are. I need to focus on simple daily habits. Exercise Breath-work while the coffee brews Morning walks-- take coffee, listen to audio books, and walk around the neighborhood. (Lift barbells or KBs on rainy days). Eating Breakfast can be normal. After that, all meals at work will be one taco (or similar item) at a time followed by a walk around the shop. Reading and writing Do at least one writing activity on the evening-- even a single sprint or some editing. Stretch before reading. Read before bed.
  13. I recently read a tweet where someone said the best era of Doctor Who was when the production team was young, angry, and reading Swamp Thing. Honestly, 100% agree. That was way pithier than the way I said it a month ago to @Jarric , and also that is a real mood. Then I realized that I was also better when I was young, angry, and reading Swamp Thing. I lost my way. I am not the adult version of that person. Why am I not the adult version of that person? I had one job, guys. One job. So I'm doing what any sane person would do in that situation. I'm sticking Swamp Thing, retrofuturist cyberpunk vibes, Doctor Who, and Japanese jazz cafés into a blender and coming up with a challenge. What I'm gonna do this challenge is work on a morning routine. It's gonna be painful and I'll hate it. Welcome to surviving the dystopian future with some dignity intact. It'll also be good for me, and the appropriately mellow use of cool early hours when everyone is asleep, which I need to use now that I'm a retrofuturist jazz hipster with a coffee habit in an scientific-magical eco-horror universe. One half hour of walking. One half hour of meditation. One half hour of making art. That should blast the brain cells with some anti-ADHD juice first thing, and help it chill a little about braining the to-do list later. Then work. And even if I'm too exhausted from lack of sleep to go on living after that, I'll have done the main things for good future decision-making, hopefully. Maybe I'll even get my evening routine back on track. I'll lose sleep at first, probably, but I'm losing sleep now, so I might as well lose sleep the way that involves getting some self-care knocked out early in the day. Yes, that is 90 minutes of new morning routine before work. Fuck moderation, we're doing the thing. No one in a 1980s graphic novel or cyberpunk book ever approached things by making ten-minute incremental changes. I have a reputation to uphold here. An ethos. I'll spend the rest of my time being angry and reading Swamp Thing.
  14. Hi Friends! Monday is the Equinox, which was a deeply significant night for me when my friend Kriket was still alive. We and our drumming circle would gather with our drums to celebrate the end of winter and the emerging of Bear into the Spring. It was work, to Wake the Bear with the drums, and it was joy to know that the wheel of the year was turning again, taking us into the warmth and prosperity of the green seasons. I've never owned my own drum, always rented or borrowed. This year I decided to invest in a deer hide and white ash frame drum making kit so that I could have the ability to drum for myself. I have daydreams of doing it by my fire in the back yard this summer and they make me very happy. The hide is currently soaking in my tub and I will spend tomorrow afternoon in contemplation as I build my drum. While I don't think the drum will be dry enough to play on Monday, I will still be able to smudge it and offer tobacco on Equinox, which satisfies a very deep yearning in my heart and seems ritually appropriate. Bear has always been a significant figure in my life and now that mourning Kriket isn't such a sharp thing, I feel drawn into Bear's orbit once again. What does that mean for this challenge? Waking the Bear is the cue for Bear to emerge from the den and their winter's rest and re-engage with foraging and motion. In this challenge I will be refining what worked for me in the last challenge as I felt it went well on those fronts. Foraging: I will be focusing on eating my berries, greens, and fish as I try to stay within a carb window of 50-75 grams a day. I have been likely hovering around the higher end of that spectrum or just above for the past few weeks. I would like to dial it in and be more consistent with it. This will require tracking. I have added a box to my Bujo tracker for the daily task of tracking, and I can check it off if I track two or more meals a day. I am currently using Cronometer as my tracking app. Related to this, I would like to be consuming 25-30 grams of fibre a day, and ideally some of that needs to come from leafy greens, not just nuts and seeds as I am mostly gleaning. I have added a tracking box to my Bujo for this as well, and I can check it off if I hit the 25g threshold in a day. To support myself in this, especially with Dave due home April 3, I will be continuing to batch cook my lunches for the week on Sundays and make sure I have what I need for breakfasts for the week as well. I know supper will be the most challenging meal to manage and I am watching out to make sure I don't get in my own way too much there. We may resume our GoodFood subscription once he is home, I am not sure yet. Movement: I did not make my goal of movement last challenge, only tied it. This challenge I am aiming for 16+ days of walking a minimum of 30 minutes a day on the treadmill and a minimum of 5600 daily steps. I have been trying to get this to become a daily habit, but inertia is really getting the better of me. To try to better achieve this I am going to be setting an alarm and getting up at 7 am so that I can walk before work. I have two boxes in my Bujo for this, one for getting up and the other for the walk itself. It's not a deal breaker if I don't get my walk in before work and do manage it in the evening as long as it gets done, but I intend to make this part of my morning routine. The exception to the alarm is Sunday, my day off, where I will let myself sleep until I want to wake up, which is usually around 8. In addition to walking, I have set up a box in my tracker for a daily Darebee routine and will be endeavouring to do something from there each day. My intention is to be using my marigold weights I bought last challenge. I haven't quite worked out where that is going to fit into my day yet, but probably the pre-work period. Last challenge I added a bunch of things to track when we transitioned from February to March and I found that kind of discombobulating. This time around I have set up my Bujo for the full 6-week span of this challenge (zero week included) so that I don't have a sense of lost continuity when we transition from March to April. We will see if this new set up changes anything for me. I hope it helps me maintain a sense of orientation in time (I struggle with that) and a sense of rhythm with my goals. I am now tracking 20 things which feels like a lot. Some of them, like brushing my teeth twice a day, I have integrated surprisingly well. I have a feeling the sticking point will be getting up with the alarm. 😅 Bear emphasizes introspection. I look forward to discovering what I will learn this challenge. Thank you for being here. ❤️
  15. aka "how the hell do we still have over 40 days of school left in this year?!?!?!" Okay, it's only 41. So sue me. But 40 is Biblical for "a really fucking long time" for a reason. Other things happening during this challenge: the end of my grad school semester is barely after this challenge ends (May 2nd) IVF transfer #2 is (hopefully) next week, pending tomorrow morning's test results. My son's kindergarten enrollment night is tomorrow but it's been kind of a big deal around the house because he is absolutely terrified of the transition to elementary school. The boy's soccer and baseball seasons are now officially in full swing, which means 3 practices and up to 4 games every week. My youngest niece will have her 1st birthday party, which is always a bit painful (you know, with the whole infertility thing) but should also be fun - her mom is one of my favorites, so that will help! At the changing of the month, we will be at my husband's curriculum meeting out of town (long story short, our state government is passing stupid laws so now government teachers across the state have to re-do their curriculum and he managed to get on the official committee to lead this which is both super awesome and slightly annoying). And the state camping season opens back up on April 1st so we are heading out for Good Friday-Easter Saturday, as has been our opening tradition for the last few years (though might die next year with a slightly-too-early Easter...we'll see!) Quests for this challenge! Quest One: Movement Dropping the yoga and running for purposes of the transfer, but I do have... 1. walk at least 91 miles total before the end of March 31st (the first check in for my year-long challenge) - I am currently at 79.2 miles 2. Continue the 1+ miles per day (kinda) by the end of the challenge with 29 more miles on/after April 1st I'd like to add a third one, but we'll see. I get really nervous around transfers (when high impact and/or twisting movements become No Good At All) and last time, the injection med made me stupidly angry - and not only am I still on it this go around, but I'm on a much higher dose of it, so...we'll see what I'm even mentally capable of by that point Quest Two: Nutrition I am under no delusions that I'm doing great here. 1. I've started increasing my caffeine consumption again (bad for my overall health and Super Bad for the transfer). This was partly due to exhaustion, partly due to hot coffee/cold soda being comfort items for me during a tough time, and partly because my husband cut down on his coffee consumption but is still making the same amount of coffee every day. To combat this, I am increasing my required daily water to ~24 ounces (3 mugs, more or less) and will be going on a hard caffeine limit after the transfer date. 2. When stressed, I also tend to turn to highly processed boxed food. Frozen garlic bread, pasta meals in bags (or just straight up boxed mac and cheese! I LOVE Annie's white cheddar shells...), lots of sugary cereals, pop-tarts and snack crackers like cheez-its...so my goal is that at least 3 times during this challenge, I will go an entire day without any of that. No boxes, bags, or other packages of highly processed stuff - ingredients that come in packaging are of course okay, like we eat a lot of canned beans for example. This will include non-homemade desserts like Easter candy though! Would like to think I can do this more than 3 days, but let's start low to be safe. Quest Three: Work/Languages Oh, my old friend. How I love and hate this quest. 1. keep up with the weekly department Instagram posts - I think I've said before that this really isn't a "proper" quest anymore, but I keep on forgetting about it when I delete it so here it is again! 2. Rock out in Reckley's class - I have a bunch of tareas and discussion boards left, 2 exams (one opening tomorrow!), 1 essay, and a final project. Currently working on tarea 4 where I am 7 questions deep (out of 17); I also really need to knock out discussion board 3 and 4 ASAP, preferably today/this week 3. Spanish 2 Unit 6 - Putting my curriculum stuff on here seems to also help me get it done, so...let's rock it out. The order of units are changing over the summer but for right now, it's unit 6 (the sports unit). Units 6 and 7 are also a bit shorter due to needing to cut about 8 days from the quarter for finals at the end of the semester, so that should help a little bit too 4. Write ER quizzes up to #45 - I got to #28 last challenge, but the books are getting more complex, so 45 feels like a good start. (Refresher note - these are comprehension quizzes for all the Spanish-language books in my personal classroom library to better support my extensive reading program next school year) 5. Maya Erikson y el misterio del laberinto - I'd love to say I'll finish this during this challenge, but that feels like A Lot. So let's just start with finishing chapter 4 and go from there. Currently on page 77 and chapter 5 starts on page 95, that should not be a huge deal at all (especially considering one of my top reading times is Wednesday night, so I'd love to come on here tomorrow and tell you all I already have to bump it up!) 6. Grading - I don't really have a specific goal here, honestly, because it fluctuates so flipping much, but Lord knows I just need to get on this and hopefully by putting it here, I will start plowing through it a bit better. Currently behind on 3rd and 6th hours the most. Quest Four: Home and Hobbies My other favorite quest to hate because I usually do terribly at it, hahaha. 1. log cabin quilt - I finally got the top (and back!) done during last challenge. I decided it's not worth the cost to send it to the longarmer, so I'm hand-tying the thing. This, however, takes forever and a year, especially given that I am tying it at only 1.5 inch intervals because I might not love the design but I want it to be super durable for camping purposes. Currently about 117 knots in and my goal for this challenge is going to be to get to 450 knots, which will be approximately 1/4 of the overall quilt. 2. dog toys - fix at least 2 of the dog toys 3. garden/yard - I bought some seeds already (for our herbs/annual flowers) but I still need to buy some sort of grass or clover seed and decide how I'm going to move a maple tree seedling...we need to finish cutting down two dead trees, so I want to keep it if I can to help replace those, and then figure out what else I'll find or buy to replace the other one. I also want to at least price out some simple fountains or maybe a bird bath instead? And maybe a garden statue, I really want one of Artemis but that's probably too specific for now given our very tight budget. And my hummingbird feeder broke over the winter too...depending on our weather, some of this might happen at the end of this challenge, but a good bit of it is really just preparations for May.
  16. Organic Programming II: Rind Reveries I have reviewed the Organic Programming principles. This challenge I’m adding some journalling and preparation to sandwich the day. I think this will be the most helpful expansion to my programme because I have a little extra energy and desire to do things at the moment, but I don’t focus it into activities automatically; I need some prompting. Journalling reminds me of my options in the morning, and helps me prepare in the evening so the activity is more available the next day, and there’s less resistance and more inspiration. I’m dropping the dairy during this second month of carnivorous eating to see if it makes a difference to my weight or energy. So yeah, pretty much just eating beef ("Rind") for a month. I’ll allow spices and condiments, though, because I don’t think I can face plain meat at the moment. I’ll be swapping black tea for herbal teas. I’ll use zero week to taper down the black tea and finish off the dairy that's in the fridge. For art and reading I want to focus on the quality of my attention, not the length of practice, since I have noticed distraction creeping in. I'm feeling like I have a tiny bit more interest in doing things, but I also get tired. So extra cooking and science classes are optional, for when I want a little more movement or study. Standard exercises for this challenge: DB weights at home first thing Look at my journal and plan the day 30 minutes focused reading Get properly dressed 2 x 50 minutes focused art Walk after lunch (or after grocery shopping) Prep for next day’s art & reading Carnivore, no dairy. Spices & minor condiments allowed. Overreach for this challenge: Science class in the afternoon, only if desired Cook extra snacks and lunches for Mr Harriet, only if desired Fatigue Management/Fallback Position DBs: do the first rep. Sundays off! Reading: set the timer and try. Sundays off! Dress: brush and rebraid hair Art: set the timer and try. Sundays off! Walk: take a nap if I really cannot face the walk Song: (Rind) Reverie
  17. Hi Everyone! I am having a moment with the colour goldenrod yellow. It's popping up everywhere for me right now: clothes, markers, shiny rocks. I've been looking into some of the symbolism of it and the knowledge feels grounding and informative. In particular, the stone Citrine is coming to mind a lot. Citrine is supposed to be a happy stone for channelling success, creativity, and willpower. It's also supposed to be good for digestion. These are key things I want in the front of mind for this challenge, so I'm going to be keeping a citrine in my pocket to remind me of my goals for the next little while. My primary goals for this challenge are movement and nutrition: -I want to continue trying to get my daily walk in with the goal of beating my 5600 step count on more than 15 days which is what I managed last challenge. -I'm going to try to do one Darebee workout a day. I fully expect these to be limited to upper body stuff I can do at the shop, but something isn't nothing. -I want to explore low carb eating again with a carb range of 50-75 g net carbs in a day and a minimum of 100 g protein. Fat will be a lever to use to help with satiety, but not something I'm going to eat just for the sake of hitting that macro. -I'm going to be trying to deliberately increase my fibre intake over the course of this challenge, with a goal of 25 g a day. This is a little more complicated without grains or legumes, but I've been reading and I think I can do it. Just a matter of affording it; groceries are getting more expensive up here. -I will be tracking my intake with MFP for the duration of this challenge so that I stay honest and on task. I'm not a huge fan of tracking, but the flexibility of low carb vs therapeutic Keto means I need to in order to balance variety and results. This means fighting with it when I batch cook things *sigh*. And I have my daily tracker in my Bujo for stuff like my water intake, fun/dishes/adulting, Tarot/meditation, etc, so that will be happening in the background. I plan to weigh in today and take measurements and then touch base with that again at the end of the challenge to see if the low carb is causing any change. Depending on what I find I may have to restrict my carbs further. I really hope that's not going to be necessary but PCOS is a stubborn disorder. A note about February 10-17: Dave will be home so my eating will be the best it can while still respecting if he wants comfort foods like his favourite pizza, etc, for the short window he is home. I expect to be more lax this week, but not use it as an excuse to go off the rails completely. I think that's it! Hopefully I can keep up with everything I've set out here. I'm hoping my competencies from the last challenge carry over. 😅 Thanks for being here! 💛
  18. Look at me posting on zero week! I want to focus in and start this challenge now, because for the last part of the challenge, I will be on vacation. Goal 1: Looking cute in my shorts: We are heading to Arizona the last part of the challenge, and right now my shorts are snug, so I want to continue the leaning out progress I started last challenge. 1. Mindful habits; eat slow, pay attention to satiety, before I grab a second snack or seconds on food, pause, and think about why I am eating. 2.Track protein; aim for 120 grams a day 3. Weigh myself once a day, measure once a week, look at weekly average for weight 4. Drink water Goal #2 Get strong and fit I have a 4 day split, 2 days arms, 2 days legs. Also fit in rowing , walking, mobility, GMB as time and energy allows. I kind of would like to do a rowing HIIT interval once a week, but will see how that works with the 4 day split. Goal #3 Life 1) Last challenge, my goal was to work on finishing my guest bedroom. That did not happen. This challenge, I will choose a bedside table. Bonus, if I buy a lamp to go with it! 2) Read 2 chapters of Atomic Habits and work on the skills 3) Do the things I need to for vacation prep- first thing to do this week is make a to do list This week: I am going to track my calories in MFP. I did this for the longest time, and got really burned out. I felt like the only way I could maintain my weight was to do that, and I hated that thought. Now, I have practiced more skills to help me maintain, This week, I will track, just to see where I am at. I may choose to track to see if I can hit my goals for one or two weeks after that. Or I may not.
  19. hi! I’m KB Girl, 34, homeschooling mom of two (6&2), dietician, gym owner, kettlebell sport coach, wannabe athlete and amateur food grower. I am very happy with and grateful for all the things in my life and I am also very overwhelmed. I keep a bullet journal to remember all the good stuff, track my goals and hopefully give my head some space/peace. This challenge I plan to keep up with the following; - 4 training sessions a week (+a kettlebell competition on the 26th) - taking my vitamins, brushing my teeth and making reasonable food choices - going everywhere by bike (averaging 100km a week) - reading to the kids every day - using my bullet journal daily And I plan to add the following; - A weekly goals setup for tracking and reporting on things. (food prep, writing my training program, some work stuff, some one-off things, maybe cleaning things) - More evening walks or short hikes with the kids, lets say 2 or 3 a week. - No phone-games around the kids- I tried no phone around the kids before but failed, it was simply too hard, so breaking it down this way. (also I do very stupid things in my chess games when I try to play around the kids) Bonus goal; - spring is coming! it's time to sow the first things inside or under cover so I want to do that We also have a second garden to set up (it's all grass now so there is plenty of work to be done). And I want to set up a new journal specifically to track what needs to be done and what we have done in the garden(s).
  20. I've been in this really annoying cycle for the past few years. The cycle goes like this: 1 Getting a wake up call about how far my fitness has fallen, 2. Diving into workouts that are too intense for my current level of fitness, 3. Getting hurt, 4. Having to rest for several weeks, to heal 5. Getting comfortable with laziness, and ceasing healthy behaviors. And repeat. Let's just try it again. The goal right now, is just to workout ..... at all. I don't care the schedule, frequency, style, program. Just to workout at some point in the week and to let that build.
  21. Hi Friends, The holidays have been unusually lovely in their simplicity. Unexpectedly, my parents weren’t able to join us, which has resulted in Dave and I keeping the quiet ourselves. This interlude has been so restful and soothing. I am looking to maintain this calm centredness after January 2nd, which is when Dave leaves again for his next work trip. He will be gone six weeks so I will be using my challenge to dial in on my goals and responsibilities for that time. Framework for the Year: I have been setting some goals for 2023. Today I wrote up my Level 10 Life spread in my journal. I have never done that before and I think it will be interesting to compare notes this time next year. My areas were: Health (And Fitness), Spirituality, Home, Finances, Resilience, Lagom, Personal Development, and Creativity. For Health and Fitness, I want to walk 2,023,000 steps this year. That works out to 5543 a day. Over is fine, of course. I also want to continue to work on eating 2-3 healthy meals a day with a minimum of snacks and sweets, and drinking 3 of my 28 oz water tumblers a day. I do much better at these things when Dave is away, so hopefully I can get my feet under me solidly during this challenge. For Spirituality I am spending time in reflection every day. Right now I am using the Guardians of the Night Tarot to help prompt reflection and I like that and will keep it up. I am also journalling as I feel called to do which I will also maintain. I am not locking myself into the Morning Pages right now. Writing here and in my book is enough. As the weather gets better I want to invest in gardening as a spiritual practice, but that is months away from this deep freeze. For Home I am focused on tidiness, organization, and decoration. We did so much work to make the house lovely for the holidays that I want to keep that going and fine tune more things. This might include picking paint colours for the bedroom and even getting it painted. Might be easier to do that while Dave is away, although it may not be this particular trip. For Finances I am focused on debt repayment and starting a little bit of savings. I need to talk to Dave about this and get some goals hammered out that he agrees with, even if that is just scheduled AARs when he gets home between trips to review where we are at. We have been focused on clearing debt quite strongly for the past year and we need to continue with that, for sure. I think I want a chart so we can see if our efforts are paying off in a visual way. For Creativity, I want to continue my Photo A Day project on Facebook (I think this is year seven or eight), work on drawing and painting, painting minis, even baking. Anything that invites play. I also want to finish writing Tilly’s story this year, ideally before NaNo so that I can start a new project then. I also want to play some video games when they release: I am waiting on Coral Island and Fae Farm for the Switch. Personal Development includes keeping up with the NF Forums, reading, doing my game prep, and working on Skillshare classes. Lagom, my word of the year, means “just enough”, and I am using it here to reflect on my sense of balance, contentedness, and mental health. And my final category, Resilience, is literally adulting and managing alone while Dave is away because he’s going to be gone something like 7 or 8 months of the next year over various assignments. Am I getting the garbage to the curb? Picking up dog meds? Eating real food? Doing Laundry? Keeping the kitchen clean? I do pretty well with most things (I’d give myself a solid B, maybe a B+) but I know there’s room for improvement. Challenge Specifics (Daily): Walking: 5,543 steps a day minimum. Water: 3x Tumblers. Food: 2-3 balanced meals a day, plus *no* fast food for January. Fun: One thing a day, or more if the adulting is done. Adulting: One thing a day *in addition* to the dishes being done. I think that is it for now? I am really looking forward to continuing my adventures. Thanks for being here. ❤️
  22. Greetings, Nerds! There is a hint of fall in the air in Pennsylvania today, and I'm thinking about what sort of fitness goals I'm going to set for myself this winter to stay active once my summer adventures come to an end. And so I proudly reveal to you, my quest to master Middle Earth: On September 1st I will be starting my Walk to Mordor. Here is Steve's article on walking, including walking to Mordor with a document to track if you want to follow along: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/walking/. Once the Chin Up Challenge is done, I'll tackle the Lord of the Rings workout, which is awesome, and can be found here: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/the-lord-of-the-rings-workout-one-plan-to-rule-them-all/. The workout is designed to be done in three super sets, which looks insane to me. I'll be doing them as three separate workouts. Lastly, once I'm in a routine with the above two goals, I'll think about adding in some ring work to start working towards a L-Sit and truly become THE LORD OF THE RINGS! Thanks for following along, looking forward to saving Middle Earth with you all!
  23. Harriet's Organic Programming: Overview I want to combine programming with flexibility. I like how the JTS programming book explains the principles needed to make programming work (like identifying your priorities, determining what traits you want to cultivate and what modalities/exercises will support them, applying specificity, overreach and fatigue management, etc). It makes programming less mysterious. I want to take a structured approach to my programming this year. But at the same time I need to be flexible because I cannot know how bad my fatigue will be in advance. Hence, organic programming. It’s a sapling, testing where the stone might crumble a little to allow a tendril to anchor. It’s the seed of a planet coagulating speck by speck as each new mote joins and adds its own gravity to the growing core. The principles of my organic programming are within the spoiler. Process for Challenges Reflect on the goals, traits and modalities, and determine either the greatest current obstacle or an area that seems ripe for expansion. Choose what ‘exercises’ could help, decide on something to overreach in (difficulty that seems a little beyond me) but also pick a fatigue management fallback; lower-effort options that will help me maintain instead of giving up completely.
  24. 2022 flew by for me. Unfortunately all the progress I made in the beginning of the year was undone and I’m my new heaviest weight I’ve ever been. The tail end left me tired, exhausted, and out of spoons. But it wasn’t all bad; it was a big year. A few notable mentions for 2022 were: - made some good soup, bread, jam and other canned goodies - got some big house tasks accomplished - got Daisy ❤️🐴 - learnt how to trim Daisy’s feet - made raised planters and grew tomatoes, raspberries and strawberries - car is finally paid off - tried fly fishing - went cross country jumping with Daisy - did fall camping - got Winnie ❤️🐾 - took my first dressage lesson - I finished 5 paintings I’m really proud of and have 2 in progress I had a bit of a mental decline near the end of this year and I still don’t feel 100%. I’m happy to say there have been some improvements. My feet are also still not great but they are a lot better and I’ve been doing small walks with Winnie as part of her training. 2023 Goals - Get work skills up to date - Lose 50lbs - Improve stamina, core, flexibility and balance - Plan wedding - Try agility with Winnie - Continue Winnie’s barn dog training - Continue on improving my look - Paint 1 painting for myself - Keep working on improving Daisy’s feet - Read the Hobbit (started) , Paper Girls, Walking Dead, Gwenpool - Continue making my house a home That’s all I can think of for now. Some of these aren’t very SMART goals. I will try to figure out what I want my 1 year of progress to look like and how to accomplish it. Challenge goals: - Daily Winnie training - Lose 5lbs - Drink 2L water - Practice 12:12 IF - Floss and brush every night - Take pill every night - Cook dinner 5 times a week Other goals: - decide about/arrange Rooks lump removal surgery - finish Dani painting - beat God of War - sign Winnie up for Agility - attend at least 2 social obedience walks with Winnie
  25. Hey all, back to jump in on the challenge. Even if a bit late I turn the big 50 this year in November. I really, really want to be in a better place with my health. I wrote down some goals I would like to achieve on or before my birthday. In the perfect dream scenario, be under 250lbs, able to do 10 pull ups, and running 10k distance. Hopefully, close to getting that under 30 minute 5k. Blood sugar levels are good, and I am off as much medication as possible. Level 50 in Pokemon Go too (very very doubtful) Now these may entirely be too much to try to get to in such a short amount of time. Though I think I can get the running in, or close to it. Pull ups and weight will happen how they want on the journey haha. Level 50 in Pokemon Go sounds like a good idea, but pretty much would not happen. I'd have to ear like 320,000 XP a day. 45-46 took me 8 months haha. Now big goals, but I have to start smaller. Get much smart goals to wok my way to my eventual goals. This New Years hasn't started the best for me mentally, One reason I hadn't posted. It took me to say just do it to get the post going haha. Now for anyone that has seen my challenges before, this shall be very familiar goals. Some possible issues happening during the challenge: We have just changed insurance, so I will have to get a new doctor setup, and try to get an appointment asap. Will need medicine I am sure. I might be really really trying to look for work. Not exactly easy after being stay at home Dad for going on 13 years. Goal#1 - Sleep As always, I need to get sleep in a better place. If I am to do the exercise and losing weight I want, I need to be able to have some recover. Gains made at rest My son is out of school for another week, but I am ready to get things on track asap. For now, the focus is on shutting down things at 10pm. Then get to reading. At 11pm I need to head to bed. I'd like to get it a bit later, but during school times, I need to get up earlier. I want to give myself the best chance to get the rest I need. There may be some nights I do get to bed later. Like bowling night, or the night I catch up on TV watching with the wife. I'll figure those out as they happen. 10 points per night, all 7 days. 70 points on the week. Goal#2 - Food Now this first week, I am just not ready for what I originally had in mind. I also just started tracking again yesterday. I wasn't going to start tracking, but it just kinda was what my brain said to do haha. Week 1, I want to focus on tracking my food. No real calorie limits or anything. In my head I'm like under 2500 calories, but we will see. I've been really thinking of focusing on my real hunger signals. Not the random I just want to eat something. I also want to just start making better choices. I wanted to come into the challenge starting to do a lower calorie higher volume type diet, along with some meal prep. I think that might be more of the focus to start up week 2. For now, week 1 is just to track what I eat. I also am tracking my morning blood glucose numbers week 2 - Will decide later 10 points per day, all 7 days. 70 points on the week. Goal#3 - Exercise It's time to get more active. To start, I am going to walk. 15 minutes a day. Hopefully, I will use the Pokemon Go daily incense as a way to make it fun too. I am also including times when I am out walking in stores with the wife. Like the last couple of days we had been out and doping stuff. I want to run, but at my current weight, it would not be good based on when I did it in the past. After week 1 I want to move to a 2 x 15 minute walk, or a single 30 minute walk. Then continue to start building it up from there. I think I will be ready to start running in about 20-25 lbs lost and if I am getting in the 3 mile walks like I use to. So first goals first. I do want to start working out too. Week 1, it's enough to just walk for me right now. My brain is barely having that haha. I have a pull up bar that apparently can hold a lot of weight. I hadn't opened it yet. It's been sitting here for a really long time. I have some assistance bands too to try to help out for some workouts. Unless I just want to get started in week 1, workouts I will start doing in week 2. I figure some bodyweight with some dumbbells home workouts to start myself up. Then Week 3 or 4 maybe I can also add in the apartment complex gym to get in some weights. Will just have to see how things are progressing. Maybe I go earlier to the gym here if I get my wife going too. Week 1 is just walking each day 10 points, 70 in the week. Week 2 will add more Goal#4 - Downsize stuff I've tried to really get through some stuff, but it hasn't been consistent. I don't want to be like "I have to do 1 hour each day" or something, then get overwhelmed by that. I am making it really small. 5 minutes. If it's just organizing something to prepare for a larger group, that's fine. 5 minutes a day, I can handle that, right? Of course, I will work on things longer then that, but 5 minutes could get me started. Also any days that I have tv watching days, I can always take a box of something of go though it. I've got my cards to organize and get rid of, comics to get all boarded up and gone through to see what I might keep. Then all the other house stuff. I have computer parts and such that I haven't used. Just kept for "Just in case I might need it" Which has saved me a few times, but honestly, I have too much stuff for these new days. Might even go though the DVD/Bluray stuff too. We have plenty that I haven't touched in years. 10 points a day, 70 on the week So there is my challenge. Things may change. My brain is fighting me, but I just need to keep fighting. Thanks to @fleaball for checking in on me too. I appreciate it. I will do my best to stay involved in this challenge, and hope to get to support others Measurements: (Probably coming Tuesday) Chest - Waist - Bicep (L) - Bicep (R) - Thigh (L) - Thigh (R) - Weight - Challenge points Week 1 (01/01 - 01/07) - 0/280 Week 2 (01/08 - 01/14) - Week 3 (01/15 - 01/21) - Week 4 (01/22 - 01/28) - Week 5 (01/29 - 02/04) - Total points -
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